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Kazamino City (風見野 Kazamino-shi) is the city where Kyoko and her family are originally from. It is not mentioned in the original anime or manga, but it is referenced in the Madoka Portable game, the drama CD "Farewell Story", The Different Story manga and The Rebellion Story movie.

Based on comments by Kyoko in the Drama CD "Farewell Story", it is a neighboring city of Mitakihara. This is given more evidence in Rebellion, when Kyoko and Homura try to take a bus from Mitakihara to Kazamino.

It is speculated that this city is where Yuma and Kyoko first meet in the spin-off manga, Puella Magi Oriko Magica.




  • It is unknown where is the exact location of Kazamino City, however, there are some clues as to its possible location. According to the Madoka Magica Portable game, there's a strong possibility that Kazamino City shares a border with Mitakihara City's eastern border:
    • When Kyoko arrives to Mitakihara in the anime series, she is watching over the city from a location that in the Madoka Portable game locations is noted as Observation Tower. On the map, it's located to the east of Mitakihara. In the anime and in the game, it's the place where Kyoko observes Sayaka listening to Kyousuke play the violin on the roof of the hospital.
  • The Madoka game's world map shows that the church is located to the east, either on the edge of Mitakihara City or in Kazamino City. This could mean that Mitakihara and Kazamino share a border within that area of the map. An industrial area is located on the eastern part of the city, which is not far from the Sakura Church. In the game and possibly in the drama CD, the witch and Kyoko both likely came from the east or southeast direction when they meet Mami for the first time.
  • In the Drama CD "Farewell Story", Kyoko arrives from neighboring city Kazamino into Mitakihara, pursuing a witch. It is assumed that not much time has passed and the witch has not gotten far. However, it was far enough that Kyoko mentions she is entering another magical girl's territory in Mitakihara. A teacher indicates that Madoka's class is taking a tour of the automobile factory, which is also where Kyoko locates the witch she's pursuing. One possible location of such a factory would be within the industrial area. The game does not indicate the locations of past events that occur between Mami and Kyoko, as their interactions in multiple locations are shown in one flashback.
    • If this were the case, then at least the northeastern part of the game map would be part of Mitakihara. However, cities typically have more than one industrial area.
  • There is a question of whether Sakura Church is located in Kazamino City. In the anime series, it is assumed that the church is located within Mitakihara. However, Kyoko states in the the Drama CD that she is from Kazamino, implying that the church would be within that city. The game leaves it ambiguous as to its location.
    • Sakura Church's location is affirmed in Magia Record, during the event Homecoming.
    • Kyoko mentions in the game that the church would be in danger of being destroyed by Walpurgis. If this is the case, then Walpurgis's scope of destruction would go beyond Mitakihara and into at least part of Kazamino.