Madoka Magica Drama CD 4: Summer Magical Girl Training Camp!!

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The set will retail for 5,000 yen (about US$64).

"Summer Magical Girl Training Camp!!" (Natsu no Mahō Shōjo Kyōka Gasshuku!!) is a variety drama CD voiced with the anime's main cast. It was offered (along with other Madoka merchandise products) for sale at its Comic Market 82 booth from August 10 to August 12. There was a limit of four per customer for each set.[1]



"Sally the Witch". Circa 1966. By Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Toei Animation.
  • The witch's name is Paola, an Italian name.
    • Paola is the Italian feminine name of Paul, from the Roman family name Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin.
    • Bona is Latin for "good" or "prosperous". The name was used by Shakespeare for the sister of the French Queen in 'King Henry the Sixth'.
    • There is a 1st-century Roman aqueduct named Acqua Paola (its original name was Aqua Traiana) built by Emperor Trajan.
    • Bona of Pisa (c. 1156–1207) was a nun who helped lead travellers on pilgrimages. She was one time captured by Muslim pirates on the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Bona of Savoy, Duchess of Milan (10 August 1449 – 23 November 1503) was the second spouse of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan and a member of the noble Italian House of Savoy. She served as regent of Milan during the minority of her son 1476–1481.
    • Giovanni Leonardo Di Bona (1542–1587) was an early Italian chess master.
  • Paola may be the second witch mentioned in Drama CD 3
  • This is the first time the Madoka franchise makes a reference to Sally the Witch. Prior to it it was only mentioned in magazine interviews.


  • In this world, all five magical girls are cooperating together to fight Witches. Kyubey states this is unheard of.
  • In the Drama CD, Madoka is wearing a white swimsuit. Back in 2011 Megami magazine printed a Madoka pin up with her wearing a white swimsuit.
    • That said, the swimsuits all five girls are wearing are different from those on the pinup enclosed with the disk itself.
  • The Drama CD takes place during summer vacatio, even though all events in the anime happen during the preceding school trimester.
  • This version of Homura is still sweet, shy, and bashful; she hasn't developed into the cynical, somber, and aloof version from the anime.
  • Kyubey can swim but he is not good at it.
  • Kyouko doesn't know how to swim so the girls are teaching her.
  • Sayaka hates sea cucumbers, so Kyouko tries to have fun at her expense by tossing them at Sayaka.
    • Mami informs Kyouko that sea cucumbers are edible, technically she was wasting food. This makes Kyouko depressed.
  • A cat tries to court Kyubey, thinking it is a cat as well.
    • Kyubey states they are both different species so it won't work.
      • Also he/she/it lacks emotions so it cannot reciprocate.
  • The Witch's labyrinth is an ocean, with plenty of life rafts.
    • The Witch's body is like rubber, so physical attacks won't hurt her.
  • In the Drama CD Mami shouts her attack move as "Legare", which is Italian for Tie or Bind. This was one of her skills in the PSP Game.
  • In the Drama CD, Sayaka is aware of Hitomi's feelings for Kyousuke and she probably has already confessed to him or they are already in a relationship as she mentions, "I wonder if they’re out somewhere together alone… rather than with me… I’m so sick and tired of thinking about that."
  • Kyubey notices that by having the five girls working together they can defeat a lot of Witches within a short period of time minimizing their Soul Gem's corruption. A very efficient method to collect Grief Seeds.
    • Which of course, could undermine his plan on harvesting the despair of magical girls if the method was emulated everywhere.
  • Sayaka makes a mention of Sally the Witch.
  • During the bathing scene, Homura's wet hair covers her face, giving her the appearance of Sadako.
    • All the girls agree that she looks scarier than a Witch.
  • Sayaka asks Madoka if there is someone she likes. Homura shows interest in Madoka's answer.
    • Madoka's response is, "Well, I do think to myself, it would be nice to, one day."
      • Homura: "Oh I see."


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