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Some stuff I found in some 2ch posts (the spoilered ones at the bottom here)

  • It begins with glasses-Homura singing right off the bat
    • Kyouko's embarassed to be seen in Mami's hand-me-down swimsuit
    • QB plays with a crab and gets pinched
    • A stray cat thinks QB is also a cat and tries to put the moves on him
    • Kyouko hits Sayaka with a sea cucumber
    • Bubble bath time
    • Madoka and Sayaka get afros
    • Glasses-Homura puts her hair down and looks like Sadako, everyone stares in shock
  • Kyouko stripping attempt
    • Kyouko with saw teeth (?)
    • Kyouko wastes food
  • Also, here's the witch that appears.
    • Sayaka accidentally detects it in the ocean
    • Physical attacks bounce off, so Mami ties it up with Regale and Homura burns it to death with a flamethrower

Neuchadjinys 18:03, 16 August 2012 (UTC)

Paola Bona

I been thinking, this is the second witch from a drama cd (not counting Izabel) but the first with a name (there is still no name from that Minotaur witch), is there any other info we can use to make her page? --Mutopis 10:47, 17 August 2012 (UTC)


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Madoka Magica Drama CD 4: Summer Magical Girl Training Camp!!