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Megucas celebrating the new year.

Images and art related to the Madoka Magica Online game.

Danbooru comic

Refer to the Madoka Magica Online Fanart Contest page for art recognized in the contest.

Gameplay Screenshots

Fan Art: Earth

Fan Art: Moon

Image Translation
1348279574907.jpg1348279574907-english.jpg Way to go, playah!! You got an SS swimsuit!!

BANG + 500

Listen... Kyoko-chan. If it's a swimsuit only I can wear, it's trash. I've told you this eight times already, haven't I, Kyoko-chan? Are you listening?

Ahh!! We got 10 AP now, Kyoko-chan!! Let's go kill us some magical girls, Kyoko-chan!! We gotta earn back those tickets we used!! Hurry up and prepare your equipment, Kyoko-chan!!

FUCKDAMNSHITCUNTS!! Their parties are all 665666, Kyoko-chan!! The hell! What happened to all the solo magical girls!? The hell's going on, Kyoko-chan!? sdfljksfljlsddfsfd Kyoko-chan!!? alsdkjflksadfjsdlkj jlk ksdf l sdfajlk sf a

1348280030551.jpg1348810570220.jpg Mami-san Eating Gyuudon

Mami-san Sucking the Bone Marrow of a Water Buffalo Mami-san Ordering More Beer

Kyoko-chan... The chances of getting S and SS cards went up, and yet all I'm getting are S cards of the meat girl. The only "Enjoying Summer CP" cards I get are Mami-san's too, aren't they? Kyoko-chan? Hey, Kyoko-chan? A lot of the S Skill cards are Mami-san's too, huh. Now... let's drink our medicine and go hunt some magical girls. Okay, Kyoko-chan? Kyoko-chan...

1348306461970.jpg !

Puh-cawww! So excited

Did you think it was an SS card!? Too bad! It was just Sayaka-chan~!

Pahhhhhh ...huh? Why does she look so happy?

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