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New Madoka project announced on November 25, 2011 (JST) by official twitter on a special website. On December 21 the project is revealed to be Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online.


Soulgems can be seen at random when visiting the site. These are the direct links to each soulgem.

Note: This site may reject visitors outside Japan, at least for some areas. See the gallery for the soulgems.

Voice Samples

Currently there are 23 voice samples, all of them new. They are spoken by Madoka Kaname and selected at random when visiting the site. It seems all 23 weren't suppose to be available. Four were available the first day, with more added every day.

The direct links are from to These links may be turned off temporarily or blocked in some regions.

They can all be downloaded here.


Soulgem colors indicate who Madoka is speaking to or about. If it's pink, it's not directed to anyone in particular. Purple - Homura, Blue - Sayaka, Red - Kyoko, Yellow - Mami, Pink - Madoka.

Soul gem Original text Translation
Pink 誰の祈りも、絶望で終わらせたりしない! 1. I won't let anyone's prayers end in despair!
Purple 私もほむらちゃんの事、今でもはっきり覚えているよ。 2. I also still remember you clearly, Homura-chan, even to this day.
Blue 奇跡と魔法で誰かが幸せになるって、とっても素敵な事だと思うよ。 3. I think bringing joy to someone with miracles or magic is a very wonderful thing.
Red 魔法少女は希望を叶える存在にしなきゃね、杏子ちゃん? 4. Magical Girls must exist to bring hope, right, Kyoko-chan?
Yellow 後悔のない祈りって、やっぱり、あると思いました。 5. I thought that a wish without regrets definitely existed.
Pink みんな、私の最高の友達だよ、これからも。 6. Everyone will be my greatest friend, from now on too.
Blue さやかちゃんは、絶対嫌な女じゃないよ。 7. Sayaka-chan definitely is not a bad woman.
Red 杏子ちゃん、祈りが絶望にならないように、私がずっと見ているよ。 8. Kyoko-chan, in order to keep prayers from turning to despair, I've always been watching.
Yellow マミさん、私、ずっとマミさんのそばにいるからね。 9. Mami-san, I've always been by your side, you know.
Pink 魔法少女になるって覚悟に、後悔なんかしていない、これからも。 10. I'll no longer have any regrets about my resignation to becoming a magical girl, from now on too.
Blue さやかちゃんの祈りも闘いも、絶対に無意味じゃなかったよ。大切な事って、さやかちゃんが思ったんだから。 11. Sayaka-chan's prayers and battles definitely weren't meaningless. That's because to Sayaka-chan, they were very important.
Red 杏子ちゃんの憧れた、最後に愛とか勇気が勝つストーリー、やっぱり一番だね。 12. The stories in which love and courage prevailed in the end, which Kyoko-chan yearned for, really are the best, you know.
Yellow マミさん、宇宙の全ての希望のために、私が希望になります! 13. Mami-san, for the sake of the entire universe's hope, I will become hope!
Blue さやかちゃんの人を大切にする気持ち、わたし、大好きだよ。 14. Sayaka-chan's feelings of keeping people important, I, love that.
Red 誰かのための祈りは、きっと一番強い祈りなんだ。 15. Wishes made for others are certainly the strongest wishes.
Yellow 私にとってマミさんは、いつでもかっこいい先輩です。 16. Mami-san will always be a cool senpai to me.
Blue 私、今なら思えるよ。幸せバカでもいいって。 17. Even now, I feel that way. It's fine even if I am a happy idiot.
Red 杏子ちゃんの優しい想いが、きっと世界を希望で満たすよ。 18. Kyoko-chan's kind thoughts will certainly fill the world with hope.
Yellow マミさん、もう独りにさせないよ。これからは、ずっと一緒だからね。 19. Mami-san, I won't let you be alone anymore. Because from now on, we'll be together forever, you know.
Pink みんな、ほんの少しの奇跡、起こるかもしれないよ。 20. Everyone, even these few miracles might occur, you know.
Blue さやかちゃん、また絶対に、一緒に遊ぼうね。 21. Sayaka-chan, we'll definitely play together again.
Red 幸せな夢は、きっとまた訪れるよ、杏子ちゃん。 22. You'll certainly have happy dreams again, Kyoko-chan.
Yellow 魔法少女コンビ、もう一回作りましょうね! 23. Let's create a magical girl combination one more time!


Secret Project FAQ Nov 25 2011.png

Current as of November 26, 2011 (JST)

Q: What's in the new development?
A: The contents in the secret project cannot be revealed now, but they will be announced soon. Please be patient.
Q: When will they be announced?
A: The new development will be announced soon.
Q: How do you announce them?
A: The contents are also secret.
Q: How can I listen to Madoka's voice again?
A: Please click the reload button.
Q: When will you upload new voice samples from Madoka?
A: Although the time is secret, they will be uploaded everyday.


  • Because some of the voice samples seem to be spoken from the vantage point of Madoka Kaname after she made her wish and became "Ultimate Madoka," it suggests the possibility of this referring to some kind of sequel.
  • The voice samples also suggest that Mami and Kyoko are being or will be taken away by Madoka. Notably, there is currently only one voice sample that is connected to Homura.


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