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A list of all minor characters from Puella Magi Oriko Magica and it's spin offs Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story and Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer.

Miyuki Nagatsuki


Miyuki Nagatsuki (長月 美幸 Nagatsuki Miyuki) is a friend of Komaki Asako and Akira Namekata who also attends Shirome Academy. She first appeared in Symmetry Diamond as a cameo with Komaki and Akira teasing Oriko, however she doesn't have any spoken lines and is only seen reacting.

Her role and backstory is expanded a little in Sadness Prayer where it was revealed that she and her friends were caught in a building fire where Komaki uses her wish to save them. Miyuki was not informed by Akira or Koito about Komaki's supposed nightlife nor involved in their investigation into the matter. She appears to have taken Komaki's death badly and was later seen delivering a print-out informing of Komaki's and Akira's deaths to Kirika Kure, which was how Oriko Mikuni found out about their deaths.

She shows up one last time at the end of Sadness Prayer meeting up with Koito who reveals to her what was going on with Komaki and Akira and her concerns about Oriko when she learns that she's at Mitakihara Middle School where an attack was taking place. Miyuki manages to calm down Koito and tells her she wants to go with her and find out what's going on as she doesn't want to be left in the dark anymore. The two girls are taken to the school by Oriko's uncle Kimihide where they find Sayaka and Hitomi crying for help after the end of Oriko's battle.

On the back of Volume 4 of Sadness Prayer she is shown to have brown-red eyes and dirty blonde hair.



OrikoSadnessPrayer FutabaProfile.png

Futaba (双葉 Futaba) is a former member of Lina Hitomi's magical girl team hailing from Kazamino City and Mio's best friend. The group had several encounters with Sasa Yuuki, one in which lead to her getting killed. Out of all the members of the group, Mio hated Sasa the most and sought her out in an attempt to avenge Futaba's death at her hands, but fails when she is killed by Kirika. She was last shown in Mai Akane's flashback together with the others.

She only appears in Volume 2 of Sadness Prayer. Like Mio, it's unknown if her name is her first or last one, and not much else is known about her wish nor her powers when she contracted.


Hikari Ayano

Hikari Ayano (綾野 ひかり Ayano Hikari) is Chihana's friend who was killed by Kirika.

Chihana Masumi

ChihanaMasumi img.png

Chihana Masumi (真澄 千花 Masumi Chihana) is a rookie magical girl from Mitakihara Town. She had apparently lost her friend Hikari Ayano to the black magical girl and seeks to avenge her. She is first seen fighting Homura Akemi, assuming she is the black magical girl who killed her friend. However Homura uses her time stopping magic to escape from her, leaving Chihana confused as to how she did it. She mentions the encounter to Kyubey, who mentions that he is unaware of anyone with the ability to disappear. Kyubey selects her to be part of a group to hunt down the black magical girl.

However Chihana runs late on meeting up with the others, and crosses paths with Oriko Mikuni on her way there and assumes she is also a magical girl that's part of the group. Shortly afterward she is then killed by her.

She appears in Volume 3 and 4 of Sadness Prayer. Her wish and abilities are unknown, but she is shown using muskets as her weapon in her battle with Homura. On the back of Volume 3 of Sadness Prayer she is shown to have yellow eyes and red hair.


Mana Hitomi

Lina Hitomi's older, deceased sister. She has a supporting role in Lina's story, but is overall a minor character in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. Lina's wish was to make her mother forget about Mana entirely, eventually leading to Lina becoming a witch.

Sumi Mikuni

Sumi Mikuni.png

Oriko's aunt and Kimihide Mikuni and Hisaomi Mikuni's sister.

Shuuichiro Mikuni

Oriko's grandfather and Kimihide, Sumi and Hisaomi's father.



Kimihide's assistant who run's his errands.

Kenzaburo Yaegashi

Yaegashi profileImg.png

A corrupt politician who was close to Oriko's grandfather.

Kirika's Victims

Three unknown Magical Girls shown to be murdered by Kirika. The first two were shown in Oriko Magica while the third was shown in Sadness Prayer. The third victim could possibly be Hikari Ayano, Chihana's friend.


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