Pia Undo

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Pia Undo
Japanese Name 雲土 ぴあ
Voiced by Unknown

Pia Undo (雲土 ぴあ Undo Pia) is a character exclusive to the Madoka Magica crossover with the Japanese mobile game Divine Gate. She is the Madoka universe version of Divine Gate's original character "Wind Pier" (ウィンドピア Uindopia).

General Info

Physical Features
Age 14 (estimated)
Eye colour Teal green
Hair colour Green
Soul Gem A green gem in the shape of a demon's head on her belt.
Weapon Rapier
Witch Form Unknown
Powers and Abilities Unknown
Wish To destroy the fake world, and to return her friends to their true world. Specific wording is unknown.
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives None known
Origins Unknown
School Mitakihara Middle School Eighth Grade


Pia is a pathologically shy girl who, as Wind Pier, wore a mask to hide her face out of anxiety, and carried around a canister of oxygen for whenever she suffered from panic attacks. Her anxiety and panic attacks seem to carry over in the Madoka universe; in her magical girl form, she wears a mask on her head, reflecting the mask that Wind Pier wears.

"Wind Pier is a young wind demon. In her first appearance she’s extremely intimidating, wearing a gas mask and carrying a large canister of what everyone assumes is poisonous gas on her back. However, it’s soon revealed that a) she only wears the gas mask because she’s so pathologically shy that she can’t bear the thought of anybody seeing her face, and b) that’s not a canister of poisonous gas that she’s carrying around, but rather an oxygen tank that she needs to use every time she has a panic attack. Still, despite everything, she somehow manages to gain entrance into the Executioner Academy, an elite school for demons who want to become executioners, demons whose job is to assassinate “sinners.” Wind Pier does manage to pass her exams and earn the rank of executioner, but her final graduation requirement is to kill 666 sinners, a task which, the last time we heard from her, wasn’t going so well. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though: she’s racist against fairies. Also of note: Wind Pier is her current name, but also the name of her sword, because executioners change their names to match the names of their weapons."

— Quoted from this tumblr post, with some edits.


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Pia's magical girl form.

""I wish I could make friends," said the green-haired girl as she opened the door. When she stepped through the doorway, the noisy classroom suddenly fell silent. Perhaps it was just the sound of the wind blowing through an open window, but something felt pleasing to their ears. "Pia Undo", the homeroom teacher wrote her name on the board. Then, after school, the modest welcome party. Being able to make small talk with other girls while eating cake. As ordinary as such a thing may be, it still filled her heart with satisfaction to finally have the ordinary days that she had so yearned for."

"On that day, the door that the girl who had wished for friends opened was not merely the classroom door. When the worlds connected, five young girls were caught up in the results. Having finally remembered where she truly belonged, she made her contract: to destroy this false world, and to return her friends to their true world. Her wish became a great roaring wind that carried the newly-born magical girl Pia Undo as she turned to face the Night of Destruction."

— Quoted from this tumblr post, with some edits. Note: The translator says that the translation is rough, so this translation might not be 100% accurate.

Powers and Abilities

Pia has wind-elemental powers due to her wish. She wields a rapier as her weapon.

On her in-game magical girl card, she has a leader skill (Wind Rise: Assult IV), an active skill (Pure Wind: Magica), a normal skill (Pure Slash: Magica), and a passive skill (Counter: Magica).


  • "Undo" is written with the kanji for "cloud" and "earth"/"soil".
  • "Undo Pia" is the Japanese romaji spelling of "Wind Pier", though with the "ィ" (i) character removed.


  • The clothing of her magical girl form is basically the same as Wind Pier's clothing.
    • It also looks a lot like Sayaka's magical girl outfit; Pia and Sayaka even have similar weapons. The art of Pia's magical girl form has her only half-wearing her jacket, leaving her shoulders and upper arms bare, making the similarities even more obvious.
  • Her soul gem is in shape of a demon's head, reflecting how Pia is a demon.
  • Due to the fact that she can't stand people looking at her face and has panic attacks, this implies that she has some form of social anxiety.
  • It can be noted that her demon self is not present in her appearance as normal/magical Pia, but it is mentioned in Kyubey's card.


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