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Header image for the Divine Gate crossover.

From 2014/08/21 to 2014/09/15, the mobile game Divine Gate hosted a crossover event with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This event occurred again from 2015/02/05 to 2015/02/19.

From 2015/07/09 to 2015/07/23, Divine Gate hosted a second Rebellion-themed event, featuring Akuma Homura.

The crossover introduced a new magical girl to the franchise, Pia Undo.


The translated story descriptions are copy-pasted here, from this tumblr post and from their entries on the Divine Gate wiki (see the External Links section below), with some edits. Translations are rough and may not be 100% accurate.

Magical girls

Madoka Kaname



"Health committee member Madoka Kaname showed the green-haired transfer student to the nurse’s office. “What a cute name!” Unused to hearing such words and belatedly realizing their meaning, the transfer student blushed deep red all the way up to her ears. “After school, let’s have a welcome party with delicious cake and tea!” Bashfully keeping her eyes downcast, the transfer student merely nodded in response to Madoka’s proposal."



"On her way home, the green-haired transfer student stumbled into a witch’s barrier. Together with her senior, magical girl Madoka Kaname rushed in to save her. “Looks like you found out my secret. Please don’t tell the rest of the class!” Madoka’s trusting smile. The true form of the two girls. Deep within the transfer student’s heart, an indescribable anxiety bloomed."



"Gravely injured by the menacing witch, it appeared as though at any moment the magical girls would be swallowed by darkness. “I want to save my friends!” Madoka’s wish, a stronger wish than that of any other, became an arrow to destroy the results of the gate’s connection of the two worlds, fired toward the darkness-shrouded night sky. Thus the long night ended, and with the breaking dawn came the time for farewells. The green-haired girl hung her head to conceal her tears as Madoka gently embraced her."

Homura Akemi



"Homura Akemi felt uneasy about the existence of another transfer student. In all the many times she had repeated these events, this was her first time experiencing such an irregularity. From the malaise that she felt, there could only be one conclusion. “This Mitakihara is not truly Mitakihara.” The moment that she realized this, the girls’ all-too-brief normal days were over, and they were caught up within the Night of Destruction."



"Her power was unable to interfere with the flow of time in this world. “It doesn’t matter if this is because of a witch, if it’s all a dream, or all just an illusion. I know what I must do: protect my beloved friend.” A night that she could not undo. Having lost its original purpose, her shield transformed into an arrow to pierce the illusions. Magical girl Homura Akemi turned toward the looming darkness and fired her arrow."

Glasses Homura: Normal


"Closing her eyes, she forced herself to remember. The girl who had said that her name was cool. The girl who had saved her life. The girl who had become her friend despite her shyness. And then, disaster. And her wish: “I want to redo our meeting, and this time I want to be the one to protect her!” Homura Akemi once again turned and walked toward her past."

Glasses Homura: Magical


"She repeated everything, over and over. Choosing her lonely path in order to prevent that tragedy, she suddenly remembered having depended on others. Yet the tragedies still repeated. Thus with her heart gradually growing exhausted, magical girl Homura Akemi repeatedly surrendered to her isolation. All for the sake of fulfilling her promise. She would repeat it all, countless times over, always believing that her desired future was still waiting just beyond the horizon."

Akuma Homura


"She remembered the girl. Once, a promise had been vowed. However, her kind and beloved friend broke that promise, and left the girl behind to a place where her hands could not reach. Finally, the girl chose her only option, and with the accumulation of her love did she rebel against god. Calling herself a demon, Homura Akemi's form completely changed. She stared intently at the dark orb, and just smiled quietly."

Sayaka Miki



"The fragrance of tea wafting from her cup. The cake carefully chosen to match the scent of the tea. Supreme bliss. “I oughta thank you, transfer student!” Sayaka Miki’s welcoming words caused the tense transfer student to relax. For a short while, the girl talk blossomed. But when the black-haired girl asked about the transfer student’s previous school, she looked troubled and hung her head in shame."



"The sudden advent of the Night of Destruction. The witches and the darkness rushing down upon them. The five magical girls fought bravely while trying to lead the transfer student to safety. The senior magical girl and the red-haired magical girl stopped to cut down the countless witches. “I can’t just leave her like that!” Magical girl Sayaka Miki dashed back toward the red-haired girl."

Mami Tomoe



"Mami Tomoe poured tea into the six neatly lined-up cups, then brought out the six slices of cake. Having cheerfully agreed to her junior’s proposed idea, Mami’s home had become the location of a lively welcoming party. The joyful time passed all too quickly, and soon evening turned into night. As she saw the other girls off, Mami sensed that in the direction that the transfer student was heading, a witch’s barrier had suddenly appeared."



"“Even as a magical girl, I still have to act as your senior!” Having only just seen her juniors off, magical girl Mami Tomoe now leapt before them. Countless muskets pointed toward the attacking swarm of witches. Repeating her magnificent bombardment over and over, as if she were dancing with her weapons. “Looks like you’re the only one left.” Before the muzzle of her gun stood one deceptively cute, stuffed-animal like witch."

Kyoko Sakura



"Accompanied by the red-haired girl, the green-haired transfer student visited an arcade for the first time in her life. Her rhythmic steps matching the electronic music, Kyoko Sakura danced skillfully. In a good mood after having pulverized that day’s high score, she turned her smiling face to glance over her shoulder. “Wanna eat?” She offered some snacks, and despite lowering her head bashfully, the transfer student held out her hand to accept."



"No matter how many they cut down, the swarm of witches was still endless. “This might be the end,” magical girl Kyoko Sakura muttered, closing her eyes. But hearing the sound of a voice calling her name, her eyes snapped open. Reflected in her eyes was an image of the blue-haired magical girl cutting the swarm to pieces. “That’s not like you, coming to save me or whatever.” Even while cursing at the other girl, a relieved expression still spread across her face."

Pia Undo



"“I wish I could make friends,” said the green-haired girl as she opened the door. When she stepped through the doorway, the noisy classroom suddenly fell silent. Perhaps it was just the sound of the wind blowing through an open window, but something felt pleasing to their ears. “Pia Undo”. The name the homeroom teacher wrote on the board. After school, the modest welcome party. Being able to make small talk with other girls while eating cake. As ordinary as such a thing may be, it still filled her heart with satisfaction to finally have the ordinary days that she had so yearned for."



"On that day, the door that the girl who had wished for friends opened was not merely the classroom door. When the worlds connected, five young girls were caught up in the results. Having finally remembered where she truly belonged, she made her contract: to destroy this false world, and to return her friends to their true world. Her wish became a great roaring wind that carried the newly-born magical girl Pia Undo as she turned to face the Night of Destruction."



"Two worlds that should never have crossed. Because of the gate, their fates became intertwined. And the manifestation of this phenomenon became the girl who kept her demon self hidden within her heart. On the Night of Destruction, the girl from the parallel universe asked, “Can I really become strong enough to help my friends?” With a smiling face, Kyubey answered. “Of course you can!”"


First event, quest 1: Witch of Rose Gardens


"It was a meeting that never should have occurred. A single irregularity within the repeating cycle. The result of this miraculous meeting was the birth of a small friendship, and the advent of the night of profound darkness. From deep within that darkness, one by one the witches were resurrected to torment the girls."

First event, quest 2: Witch of Boxes


"Their enjoyable daily life was already over. The bright afternoon sky gradually darkened toward twilight. However, the usual night sky never appeared. What came instead was the Night of Destruction that should never have been. Thus the girls wielded the power they obtained from their wishes, each for the sake of protecting what they needed to protect."

First event, quest 3: Witch of Scribbles


"A witch that nobody knows, that none have seen or heard of. The result of the entwined worlds is that unknown fears become reality. Should you approach her barrier too closely, you may find yourself playing an endless game of hide-and-seek for an eternity."

First event, quest 4: Witch of Shadows


"The deep night darkness that doesn´t permit existence of light came. The shadow which is gloomier than darkness extends to the step of the girls. There should have been a prayer to the help with full affection. I must greet the daybreak early. The girls are invited to equal death in the name of risking with their own lifes."

First event, quest 5: Mermaid Witch


"The tradegy was caused once by the lovely feeling of a certain girl. The wish of the girl who is in love, the wish who in sake. The memory of the tragedy attacks girls who do not know their fate yet. A performance that doesn´t stop sounding disturbs the heart of one girl and drags it into the bottom of the gloomy deep water."

First event, quest 6: Artist Witch


"In imitation of the figure of the picture which I seemed to look at somewhere, the fear that I seemed to see somewhere attacks magical girls. However, I am never afraid. For the fear of the imitation, I may never plunge a person into true fear. An arrow of the hit magic smashes the fear of the imitation."

First event, quest 7: Birdcage Witch


"The neighborhood is filled with an alcohol smell, and the sound that someone steps on something echoes. A bird cage which appeared in front. The rage that what was turned to girls from that lost object attacked. Even if the witches that raged are getting defeated many times, the night of the parade that does not end, it will decorate the color of fear."

First event, quest 8: Walpurgisnacht


"The despair that was branded on the memory of the girls. It is a tragedy which comes even after it got repeated many times. The memory of the despair becomes the form, the end of the world to the one of the reality. Magical girls seem to be depressed at that night. The girl with glossy black hair wishes the power to break the false world of lies. Even if that means a regrettable separation."

First event, guerilla boss: Witch of Sweets

No story description is available for this unit.

Second event, quest 1: Nutcracker Witch's Minion 1

No story description is available for this unit.

Second event, quest 2: Nutcracker Witch's Minion 2

No story description is available for this unit.

Second event, quest 3: Nutcracker Witch's Minion 3

No story description is available for this unit.

Second event, quest 4: Nutcracker Witch's Minion 4

No story description is available for this unit.

Second event, quest 5: Nutcracker Witch and Nutcracker Witch: Amaryllis

No story description is available for these units.

Second event, guerilla boss: Mermaid Witch

No story description is available for this unit.


  • Each of the girls is associated with an element: Madoka with no element, Homura with darkness, Sayaka with water, Mami with light, Kyoko with fire, and Pia with wind.
  • The crossover events use the movie continuity of the show, as indicated by Sayaka's hairclips.
  • Strangely, Nagisa Momoe does not appear in the Rebellion event.
  • Ultimate Madoka is a separate unit from Madoka. Likewise, Glasses Homura and Akuma Homura are separate units from Homura.


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