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The "Rakugaki Note" is an official illustration book received when purchasing the Key Animation Note Extra at Comic Market 83. It contains messages and illustrations by many staff members involved in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie.


Illustration/Writing Contributor Illustration/Writing Contributor
Rakugaki Note Ume Aoki.jpg Ume Aoki, mangaka, illustrator // PMMM original character design Rakugaki Note Gen Urobuchi.jpg Gen Urobuchi, scenario writer // PMMM series composition and screenplay
Rakugaki Note Junichiro Taniguchi.jpg Junichiro Taniguchi, animator // PMMM chief animation director, ep. 12 animation director Rakugaki Note Hiroki Yamamura.jpg Hiroki Yamamura, animator // character design and chief animation director of "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" "Katte ni Kaizo" etc.
Rakugaki Note Hiroyuki Terao.jpg Hiroyuki Terao, animator // ep. 10, 12 key animation, movie assistant director Rakugaki Note Doroinu.jpg Doroinu, member of Gekidan Inu Curry
Rakugaki Note S.jpg S, member of Gekidan Inu Curry Rakugaki Note Yuya Geshi.jpg Yuya Geshi
Rakugaki Note Ryutaro Minagawa.jpg Ryutaro Minagawa Rakugaki Note Fuyumi Toriyama.jpg Fuyumi Toriyama, animator // ep. 2 animation director, ep. 6, 12 key animation
Rakugaki Note Kazuya Shiotsuki.jpg Kazuya Shiotsuki, animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 3, 9, 10 animation director, ep. 11 assistant animation director Rakugaki Note Tomohiro Kamitani.jpg Tomohiro Kamitani, animator // PMMM action director, ep. 3 animation director, ep. 8-12 key animation
Rakugaki Note Shuichi Hara.jpg Shuichi Hara, animator Rakugaki Note Mika Saito.jpg Mika Saito
Rakugaki Note Akihisa Takano.jpg Akihisa Takano, animator // PMMM ep. 3 assistant animation director Rakugaki Note Takao Maki.jpg Takao Maki, animator // PMMM main staff of layout design, ep. 1, 6 assistant animation director, ep. 1, 2, 9, 12 key animation
Rakugaki Note Koichi Kikuta.jpg Koichi Kikuta, animator Rakugaki Note Yasutoshi Iwasaki 01.jpgRakugaki Note Yasutoshi Iwasaki 02.jpg Yasutoshi Iwasaki, animator // PMMM ep. 9 animation director
Rakugaki Note Takashi Kojima.jpg Takashi Kojima, animator Rakugaki Note Masaaki Takiyama.jpg Masaaki Takiyama, animator // PMMM OP, ep. 5, 12 key animation
Rakugaki Note Yasuomi Umetsu.jpg Yasuomi Umetsu, animator // PMMM ep. 10 key animation Rakugaki Note Nobuyuki Takeuchi.jpg Nobuyuki Takeuchi
Rakugaki Note Genki Matsumoto.jpg Genki Matsumoto, animator in Shaft // PMMM ep. 9 animation director, OP, ep. 3, 9, 10 key animation, ep. 4 second key animation Rakugaki Note Genichiro Abe.jpg Genichiro Abe, main animator in Shaft // OP (the running scene of Madoka), ep. 3, 10 original animation
Rakugaki Note Studio Tulip.jpg Studio Tulip Rakugaki Note Tomoyuki Itamura.jpg Tomiyuki Itamura, animator
Rakugaki Note Yukihiro Miyamoto.jpg Yukihiro Miyamoto, animation directing // PMMM series director, ep. 1, 12 direction Rakugaki Note Akiyuki Shinbo.jpg Akiyuki Shinbo, animation directing, director // PMMM director
Rakugaki Note Shaft.jpg Shaft


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