Magia Record Episode 17: Are You Okay With That?

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Are You Okay With That?
Magia Record Anime S2EP4 Ending subtitle.jpg
First airing August 22, 2021
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Storyboard Yukihiro Miyamoto
Hiroto Nagata
Episode director Syuji Miyazaki
Animation Director Katsuyuu Shimizu
Syoto Asai
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Akihisa Takano
Syuji Miyazaki
Kiichi Takaoka

Are You Okay With That is the fourth episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


Iroha turned back to herself. Eternal Sakura left message to Iroha that she is waiting for all four of them together here and disappears. Getting back to Mikazuki villa, Iroha sees the room orderless and asks where other people go. Yachiyo replies that they didn't come back since going to memorial museum. They may be ceased by Magius. Yachiyo also questions Kuroe about where they are. Kuroe tells her that she didn't meet any of them. Iroha ask Kuroe how Numu is now and she has many questions to ask. Yachiyo suggests Kuroe to bring them to Hotel Fanthope.

Kuroe leads them into a farm and opens an entrance. At the same time, Amane sisters are getting out. Yachiyo takes on them so that Iroha and Kuroe can enter Hotel Fanthope. The entrance closed. Iroha and Kuroe see a train and get a ride. Iroha asks Kuroe why she join Wings of Magius. Kuroe tells her that she is too weak to defeat witches in Kamihama. In fact, she have already release her doppel several times. Iroha urges her not to depend on doppel. There should be more magical girls from Takarasaki, she suggests Kuroe to find help. Kuroe replies it not going so well. What to do if many magical girls, who are so weak that might die tomorrow, gathers in Kamihama? Iroha says she will try to cooperate with them.

Getting off the train, Kuroe and Iroha see Rena coming. Rena states that she was a black feather until now. She is trying to bring Kaede out. Iroha informs her this way is blocked by Amane sisters. Rena and Kaede turn back to search another way out, with Iroha and Kuroe. Iroha suggests Rena to visit Mitama, but Rena rejects. Kuroe finds something strange on Kaede.

Meanwhile, Madoka investigates a poster with her soul gem in ring form. Sayaka and Homura come here, too. Sayaka complains there's no trail to find Mami. Homura notices the posters are to recruit magical girls into Wings of Magius. But they seem not to be their target.

Irohas pass a room with many spherical containers. Rena says that it is heard that Magius breeds witches here. Kuroe asks Iroha whether she is fear to become a witch. Iroha answers she is sad rather than fear. It's sorrowful to become a witch and be jailed in such a small space until becoming a grief seed. It is not right. An uwasa of soldier bear approaches and attacks them. Kuroe is hit and falls. With her soul gem being reach its limit, she intends to summon doppel to fight back. She is stopped by Iroha however. Iroha clean up her soul gem with a grief seed, and suggests her to connect. They defeat the uwasa, but Kaede seems to be strange. After saying sorry to Rena, Kaede turns into her doppel form and gets out of control. Iroha connects to Rena and fixates the dopple with Kuroe, but the dopple does not turn back. Mitama comes with Momoko. She says it needs adjuster's ability to deal with such situation. Mitama then seals the doppel into a ball.

They enter a room with many spherical containers in it. A signboard writes here an isolation facility of doppel syndrome victims. Mitama put the ball into an empty space and explains it possible to be taken over by her doppel if a magical girl depend on it too much. Here is a shelter for such victims. Momoko questions Mitama if she hide such information. Mitama replies that she already warns them not to use doppel too much. Momoko says that they aren't told how severe the result is, and doubts if it no way but to jail them here. Iroha asks Mitama when will they recover. Mitama says they are healing here, not jailed. She doesn't know when will magical girls get healed, either. Kuroe feels scared, and Iroha holds her hand to comfort her. She then questions Mitama whether she think what Magius doing is right. Mitama replie that why it can't be done if it is not right? These magical girls are at least lucky enough to be alive here. She refutes that is it any better to release them in such state. Rena disagrees, saying it no difference than becoming a witch, and this is not what she expects. Iroha says that she knows the situation those magical girls are since she has the same experience. She had a nightmare in there her friends are hurt and becoming witches. Then a happy but fake world is built by her doppel to conceal the bad dream. Iroha says that she must meet Nemu and Touka to help magical girls.

In the deep space of Hotel Fenthope, Magius are sitting around a round table. Touka and Nemu says it about time to librate magical girls.


See Runes Page.


  • In the anime, it seems that magical girls in Kamihama may be taken over by their Doppel form if they overuse that ability. It is not known whether they would recover. Rena says it is no different from becoming a witch.
  • In the room where Magius raises witches to maturity, three previously killed witches Candy, Rebecca and Stacey make an appearance, suggesting that they were raised from familiars, along with three other unnamed witches.
  • In the Doppel Isolation Ward of the Wings of the Magius, it is confirmed that Konomi Haruna, Natsuki Utsuho and Riko Chiaki have fused with their Doppel and are isolated there. There are also Dopppel forms that resemble Alexandra Kurusu and Yukika Nanase, but no details are available - the resemblance is likely unintended. Mitama Yakumo seems to be responsible for managing this room.


  • In OP this episode, Yachiyo is added. Also in the night train, Yachiyo and Kuroe are with Iroha.
  • The 4 isolated magical girls appear to represent the 4 seasons.
    • Konomi Haruka's 'Haru' means spring.
    • Natsuki Utsusho's 'Natsu' means summer.
    • Riko Chiaki's 'aki' means autumn.
    • Kaede Akino is often unofficially called 'Fuyu' (ふゆぅ). In Japanese, winter is pronounced the same.
  • In the scene where Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka appear, there are posters for the Alina Gray exhibition. The exhibition is held at "Asunaro Museum of Contemporary Art" which probably exists in Asunaro City.


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