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Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion Production Note is a set of two volumes that was first sold in a limited edition version at Comic Market 87 from December 28 to December 30, 2014. It became available to the general public starting February 28, 2015. Each set also comes with a bookmark magnifying glass.

The first volume is 277 pages long and contains:

  • Character Design, page 005
  • Prop Design, page 115
  • Art Design, page 127
  • Imageboard, page 197
  • Special: Ume Aoki Original Character Designs, page 265
  • Index, page 278

The second volume is titled Inu Curry Image Note 2 and contains 233 pages of illustrations and designs by Gekidan Inu Curry:

  • Images, page 002
  • Part A, page 036
  • Part B, page 064
  • Part C, page 094
  • Part D, page 136
  • Part E, page 166

See Rebellion/Synopsis for details on how the movie is divided into parts.

Translated pages

Image Note Page 081: Drosselmeyer's theater box

Rebellion Image Note 081.jpg

The freakshow's Drosselmeyer uses a theatre box and alone tells the children the story of the magical girls. The children, now appearing to be in the story's world, are fantasizing about how lovely the world would be if it were more surreal and filled with violence.

This is not one of the witch's familiars. The witch's unconsciousness is turning the gears, so this is just a hollow mechanical doll. This Drosselmeyer is a doll judge.

We were considering mixing the freakshow's latter half into the background somewhere else but in the end it only showed up in the cafe.

Image Note Page 127: Clara dolls

Rebellion Image Note 127.jpg

Top right:

All witch's barriers and familiars are born from the witch's unconscious. The witch can summon them. Also, if they are not summoned, they will simmer. There are orders they will comply with, and also orders they will disobey. What they are and the witch herself's own magic are not well understood.

Bottom right:


It's shameful Miss Good-for-Nothing.

Shun her and step on her.

Forget about her and spin around.

Sprinkle her ashes in a field and scatter petals.

Redye your clothes and mourn.

From now, from this, it's a funeral procession!

We envy it with these eyes.

We gnaw at the future with these teeth.

Image Note Page 133: Clara dolls

Rebellion Image Note 133.jpg

What is it that you need/lack?

I'm just called Pride (イバリ Ibari). It'd be nice if we could prosper once in a while.

I'm Gloominess (ネクラ Nekura). Forcing smiles tires me out.

I'm Liar (ウソツキ Usotsuki). Is the truth always righteous?

I'm Coldheartedness (レイケツ Reiketsu). I've been thinking about things that are too gentle.

I'm Selfishness (ワガママ Wagamama). Pleasure of my own is very important to me.

I'm Slander (ワルクチ Warukuchi). You easily lock up your feelings.

I'm Blockhead (ノロマ Noroma). Things that don't need to be too hurried, too.

I'm just Jealousy (ヤキモチ Yakimochi). I need love.

I'm Laziness (ナマケ Namake). If I don't get to rest, I'll turn into butter.

I'm Vanity (ミエ Mie). I'm pushing myself to the limit for someone.

I'm Cowardice (オクビョウ Okubyō), but I'm very watchful.

I'm Stupidity (マヌケ Manuke), and despite everything, I won't forget my manners.

I'm just Bias (ヒガミ Higami). Let's change this unsatisfying reality.

I'm Stubbornness (ガンコ Ganko). Don't forget the important stuff.

These vices are Love (アイ Ai)'s supporters.

Image Note Pages 142 & 143: Clara dolls

Rebellion Image Note 142.jpg
See also: Witches Artwork

The children of the false city. Their duty is to be mourners. These dress-up dolls act like they're crying to enliven the funeral procession. The dolls that showed up were Pride, Gloominess, Liar, Coldheartedness, Selfishness, Slander, Blockhead, Jealousy, Laziness, Vanity, Cowardice, Stupidity, Bias, and Stubbornness; the last doll, Love, hasn't come yet. “We were born from the material, and not from the void. The depths of the mortal world are our stage!” Their power is a match for that of magical girls.

Rebellion Image Note 143.jpg

The first to come is Pride. Stepping over Good-for-Nothing's head that tumbled across the bare earth, she boldly speaks for all of them. “How arrogant! You think I'd allow that? This feeling is ours alone.”

The second one is Gloominess. Walking with a tapping sound, she sneers at Good-for-Nothing. “What a Good-for-Nothing! How very unbecoming.” These dolls are only disciples of freedom, and devoted to their lust for it.

The next, the third, is Liar. She offers false tears for Good-for-Nothing's soul. “Alas, Mistress Good-for-Nothing. We are proud of your foolish soul.” These dolls sneer at the foolish and become their allies.

From behind comes the fourth one, Coldheartedness. She stumbles over Good-for-Nothing's head and pouts a little. “Why don't we just cut Mistress Good-for-Nothing into tiny bits so she'll be easier to carry?” If the Devil speaks to these dolls, they will obediently follow her words.

Further comes the fifth, Selfishness, walking angrily. “Has the funeral still not started yet? Didn't I practice so I could be the best at crying the fastest? I won't wait a moment longer!” she huffs. These dolls are someone and no-one.

Coming out carefully is the sixth one, Slander. As usual, nasty things are coming out of her mouth. “Mistress Good-for-Nothing, unfortunately, you've been made into a clown!” These dolls play house with causality determined by entanglement.

At last arrives the seventh, Blockhead. This reticent doll laughs at the witch with her eyes. Unlike the too-serious soldiers, she complies with the witch's orders reasonably well.

The eight to come into view is Jealousy. Spellbound, she looks up towards the sky. “Let's prepare a box. I want to lock that radiance away forever.” These dolls are a collection of material forms. They are not empty.

The ninth one, Laziness, chats while yawning. “How long do I have to participate in this game? Knitting is such a troublesome bother.” She kicks Good-for-Nothing's tumbling head, which was in her way. Since the funeral won't start for a bit, these dolls take a leave of absence and wander about the city for a while.

The tenth to come running is Vanity. She exaggeratedly Good-for-Nothing's head and says a few words, “I wouldn't be able to bear dirtying my cape with your sticky blood!” These dolls ridicule the witch's self-mutilation.

The eleventh, trembling one is Cowardice. “If I am taken into the sky, I won't be able to behead the rabbits.” These dolls have a magic-like power that can realize a complete recurrence.

Walking unsteadily comes the twelfth one, Stupidity. She goes out of her way to go around to everyone, and tell them a story she'd heard from a bird some time ago. “I heard this story from the goddess. She's a beautiful and radiant goddess! I'm sure she'll love us too.” These dolls only want things within reach.

The thirteenth's footsteps are Bias'. “Let's have a wonderful funeral procession someday like ones I've heard about in stories. Let's bury a lot of beautiful girls and cute animals together.” These dolls have powers not inferior to those of magical girls.

And then comes the fourteenth one, Stubbornness. Pointing to the earth, she rejects the sky. “The depths of this mortal world are our stage.”

So, the mourners have gathered. They were pretty slow, but it's alright. The night has not ended yet. The night will never be ended again.

This time is
Long before they knew of that light, long before they lost that light,
This place is merely the eve of the festival. Good-for-Nothing's Eve.
There is nothing left to do but wait for the funeral.

Here and now alone there is the snow-white charming and good goddess. This girl respectfully being able to cross over at this late hour will leave a very deep impression. But nothing can be done. Shouldn't she not fail to notice this tiny detail? Coming here to rival her magical girls are the theatre troupe of this mortal world. We cannot help being human. Even if you destroy sadness and anger, mankind cannot help but despair. The bones furiously advance with fury. Only her melancholy washes her entrails. Anyway, instead, we'll even manufacture a lot of those who are fit for you, if you wish. Then won't you grant us your forgiveness?

Image Note Page 198

Rebellion Image Note 198.jpg

When Sayaka materializes, the rose garden witch's familiars along with other souls in the cycle stuffed fragments of themselves inside Sayaka's bag to help out.

Out of all the magical girls who had become a part of God, the ones that Homura knows have the mission of a huge event like an instant awakening from a long, long dream.

God Madoka's Banner: Slightly modified from the witch of salvation's crest from the PSP game.

Sayaka: After the mermaid witch's appearance, God Madoka's mark appears on her cape.

Image Note Page 218

Rebellion Image Note 218.jpg

Upper right: Earcuff

HOMULILLY - Witch name is written on the torso region.

Upper left: Dark orb

Alternate form (worn only on left ear). Has the ability to quietly whisper information gathered by the witch's servants to Homura.

Bottom left:

As it is similar in nature to a witch, the dark orb will occasionally walk about on its own. It does listen to orders, but it isn't something Homura can leave unattended.


  • Laziness' phrase on page 133 is a reference to Little Black Sambo. At one point in the story, Sambo, to appease three tigers trying to eat him, gives each of them his umbrella, shoes and clothing. Each tiger thinks they're the best looking one, and then chase each other around a tree. They run so quickly they melt into ghee (butter). Sambo's mother then uses the butter to make pancakes. This story is referenced briefly during the scene where Homura and Madoka are having tea at Mami's apartment, and Bebe becomes dazed. Three tigers circle around her head before a bubble with "Ghee" written in it appears and is followed by an image of pancakes.


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