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A flowchart of events happening in the same time. In order to take advantage of this and prevent Madoka from signing a contract, Mabayu once more invites Sayaka to help with Récompense. While following Sayaka on her daily visits to the hospital, Mabayu gets closer to her wish to "heal Kyosuke" and her 'love' for him. As she talks with Sayaka, who is shaken by Hitomi's confession of her love for Kyosuke, she comes to a decision about her own love for him. However, when Sayaka laments that she is no longer human, she throws away her soul gem and dies, and Madoka becomes a magical girl to save Sayaka. Then, they took on Walpurgisnacht.


Day 1

The broken trust is still stuck in my heart, and...

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki and leaving her with a heavy heart. She gets ready for school and heads straight to Homura's room in the hospital. She apologizes to Homura for what transpired in the last time loop, but Homura doesn't mind since she was able to gain vital information for her mental flowchart of the time loop's span of time. That, and she doesn't want to eliminate Sayaka anymore than Mabayu does. Mabayu asks if they should focus their efforts on preventing Sayaka from contracting as well. Homura doesn't think it would be feasible, and it would be a lot of effort to stay ahead of Kyubey at every single step of the way. However, her main concern is not seeing Madoka upset, so she suggests they stick to the same plan as last time.

Day 11

The bell on the café door rings as Sayaka bids goodbye to the last customer of the day. Sakie giggles pleasantly as she thanks Sayaka for her hard work. She really enjoys having such an energetic girl working at the café. In order to make the best use of the flowcharts they've constructed, Mabayu and Homura will attempt to replicate their actions from the last time loop as much as possible. She was able to successfully get Sayaka to work part time at the café once more. Sayaka asks her why she approached her of all people the other day. Mabayu tells her she figured she would be in need of the money, and would regularly see Sayaka in the CD section. She points out Sayaka's love of classical music, causing Sayaka to fidget in embarrassment a bit. She asks if it doesn't suit someone like her, but Mabayu shakes her head and reminds her people are not what they seem. Sayaka admits she knew it, which makes Mabayu realize she basically agreed with her on it not suiting her personality. She quickly scrambles to come up with a more positive change of topic, so she asks Sayaka if she likes movies. Sayaka replies she likes them as much as the next person, so Mabayu latches on to the topic. She gushes about how much she herself loves movies, and although she doesn't know much about music, she's seen plenty of films on the subject. One of her favorite films in her collection is a biopic on Mozart that won tons of awards. She offers to lend it to Sayaka next time, with Sayaka eagerly agreeing.

Homura and Mabayu are alone in her pendulum room. This time around, Mabayu has been doing very well. Homura asks if it's because her communication skills have improved, but Mabayu shakes her head and assures her it's not. She's the type of person that is always thinking about what went wrong last time so she can avoid that, and if she knows something about the person then at least she has something to work with. She can use that to her advantage and get the person to like them more. Homura tells her it sounds like she's talking about it like it's a video game, but so long as Sayaka keeps liking her more, then they can alleviate some of her potential suffering. This time, Mabayu will take Madoka's place and continue to observe Sayaka's part of the time loop.

Day 14

At café Récompense, a customer asks a glum Sayaka for the bill. When Sayaka doesn't respond at first, Mabayu steps in and rings the customer up. Once the customer leaves, Sayaka half-heartedly bids them goodbye. She notices how downcast Sayaka looks and remembers this happening in the last time loop too. According to Homura's flowchart, tomorrow is the day Sayaka becomes a magical girl. It's possible her lack of energy was due to that. Sayaka forces a smile as she thanks Mabayu for lending her the movie. It was one she'd been interested in for a while. Mabayu breaks down into full movie otaku mode, blathering on about how the actor trained in piano for the movie, and how the music and research weren't as good as it could be but it was still very faithful to the source material. As she's going on about the lighting techniques used, she stops mid-sentence when she finally notices that Sayaka had been staring at her wide-eyed ever since she started ranting. She curses herself for going off like that and quiets down. The only thing Sayaka had thought when she watched the movie was how fate was ironic. Even if a person were to have talent or try their hardest, there's no guarantee they'll be happy. It's too sad. Bad guys should suffer the worst and the people who persevered should be rewarded. Mabayu tries to think of her next move. The last time this happened, she came up with her own theory and ended up with Sayaka distancing herself from her. This time, she empathizes with her by agreeing. The entire world was so unreasonable. If only there were a hero of justice to take care of things, but maybe Mabayu has simply seen too many movies. Sayaka sheepishly grins to herself when she hears the term. She thinks that's not a bad idea, and it sounds just like Mabayu. She thanks her senpai then happily gets back to work, leaving Mabayu confused. She was so sure Sayaka had wanted to be a hero of justice, but if that's not the case then what was it she did she wish for.

Day 15

Sayaka looks around in Kyosuke's hospital room, but he isn't there. When she steps out into the lobby, she runs into his nurse. She recognizes her as his friend, and explains his doctor's appointment had been moved up so he's currently in the rehabilitation room. She thanks them then stalks off. The nurses recognize her as someone who visits Kyosuke often, and mention how difficult he's been to handle. They talk about how he used to be a genius violinist before the accident, but even if he were to recover his fingers would never allow him to play an instrument again. Mabayu overhears the nurses talking, then kicks herself when she learns of the situation. She knew the name, so she'd overlooked him. She should have guessed Sayaka would wish to heal him. When she turns around, Kyubey is sitting there before her. She jumps back in surprise as Kyubey says her name. When he asks what she's doing here, she lies and tells him she's running a delivery. Sayaka finds them and is surprised when she realizes Mabayu can talk with Kyubey.

Down in the hospital lobby, Madoka greets Mabayu and thanks her for taking care of Sayaka, as well as for the delicious cakes Sayaka brings her. Mabayu smiles and agrees with how delicious the cakes are, and how tempting it is to eat them in the middle of the night. At the same time, she asks Homura telepathically what she should do now that she's been discovered. Homura says they can't do anything about that, but rather this might be a blessing in disguise. Last time, Mabayu's lie was the deciding factor in Sayaka turning against them. If they plan to have her join them in the final better, she'll have to reveal herself eventually. While Homura takes care of her half of the plan, Mabayu continues with hers. Madoka points down to the ground and asks what that cat thing is. Kyubey introduces itself to her, glad to finally be able to meet her. According to what he'd told Sayaka, for whatever reason he wasn't able to get close to her until now. But that doesn't matter, all he wants is for her to make a contract to become a magical girl. But Mabayu's not going to let that happen.

Later that evening, Sayaka and Mabayu are talking during their shift at the café. She never would have thought Mabayu-senpai was a magical girl. Mabayu apologizes for having to hide it from her, but Sayaka understands it's not something they can talk freely about nor would anyone believe them. She asks Mabayu what she wished for, since she's a magical girl she must have made a contract. Mabayu shakes her head; even though she's a magical girl, she doesn't remember what her wish was when she contracted. Sayaka is sorry to hear it and considers it a waste. Mabayu agrees, then tells her if she could make a wish now it would be to watch movies from all over the world for free. Sayaka rolls her eyes. However, she does have a clue about her wish. Her mother was a fortune teller who was famous for her accuracy. One day, she realized her own mortality and became depressed for a long time, despairing about the future. But in her last memory of her mother, she looks happy and at peace. So it's possible she wished to take away her suffering. Sayaka looks at her almost sadly. Mabayu had used her wish on someone precious to her. Mabayu tells her that's just what she imagines it must be, she honestly has no memories of making the contract. Although it does bother her that she can't remember much else about it, but it's too much of a mystery. Perhaps she erased some of her own memories of the past, but then what reason could she have had. Sayaka smiles and thanks her for sharing her story.

Day 16

Mabayu, in camouflage, stalks behind a saddened Sayaka as she enters the hospital lobby. As expected, she's come to visit someone in the hospital. On the night of this day, Sayaka first appeared as a magical girl in the previous time loop so she must have made her contract with Kyubey here.

(Same as in episode 4)

Sayaka asks Kyosuke what he's listening to. He tells her it's La fille aux cheveux de lin, and Sayaka correctly identifies it as a composition by Debussy. Kyosuke gives no response, and after a heavy silence Sayaka speaks up once more. She admits she's the kind of person most people are surprised to learn is into classical music, but she's been helping out at a cake shop recently and her senpai there had told her people are not what they seem. None of that matters though, since it was thanks to Kyosuke she gave classical music a chance and was able to really appreciate it. Breaking out of his silence, Kyousuke interrupts with a firm voice. Sayaka falls silent instinctively. He asks her if she's trying to torture him by making him listen to music. She begins by saying she thought he loved music, but he interrupts her. He doesn't want to listen to music, especially now that he can never pay such beautiful music ever again. He slams his hand down on his CD player in frustration. The player snaps, with pieces of it cutting his skin open and causing him to bleed. Sayaka hurriedly grasps Kyousuke's left hand to hold it back as she begs him to stop. Kyousuke breaks down crying in frustration. He holds up his hand as he laments his situation. With a hand like this, he can't even feel pain much less get the fingers to move. Sayaka attempts to console him by encouraging him not to give up, but Kyosuke cuts her off once more. Even his doctor has told him to give up on his dream of ever playing the violin again. Current medical technology just isn't enough and it would take a miracle at this point. Seized by heartrending feelings, Sayaka looks on, determined at last. She cries out, "Miracles and magic do exist!" as she looks up to find Kyubey's silhouette in the window. Mabayu, who had been watching this entire time, realizes that Sayaka must have made her contract for Kyosuke's sake.

Up on the hospital's rooftop, Sayaka asks Kyubey if any wish can come true. Just as she's about to make her wish, Mabayu calls out for her to wait and makes her appearance. Sayaka asks her senpai what she's doing here. She tells her she ended up overhearing her conversation with Kyosuke earlier while she was running a delivery. Mabayu then asks her if she's going to make a contract in order to heal her friend's hand. Sayaka wasn't so sure about her choice. If she had the right to make a choice and someone was suffering right in front of her, she shouldn't hesitate but still she did. Mabayu figures she wasn't convinced, despite hearing him say such terrible things after coming to visit him day in and day out. They both agree it's a terrible situation. Sayaka's face grows concerned as she tells Mabayu that the real Kyosuke would never have said the things he did. The real Kyosuke was always smiling, cheerful, and loved music with all his heart. He devoted his heart and soul to seriously studying the violin. If despair changed him into who he is now, then Sayaka can give him hope and bring back the Kyosuke she loves. Surely Mabayu went through the same thing, watching someone she cares about suffer while all she can do is watch.

Mabayu recalls the way her mother looked and the way she rejected her and Sakie after she saw her own death. It was like she was changed into a completely different person. It was the most painful thing she'd endured and all she wanted was for her mother to return to her former self. It was possible that is what she wished for. Kyubey breaks her reverie, telling her he understands her concern but this is ultimately Sayaka's decision to make so she should respect her feelings. Mabayu apologizes to Sayaka for intruding like she did, but if Sayaka is determined to make her contract, then she and Sayaka can protect the peace in Mitakihara together. She makes her contract and screams as her soul is turned into a gem. Kyubey hands her the soul gem and tells her it's her fate.

Later that same evening, Sayaka and Mabayu are out patrolling for witches together. Sayaka is a little worried since it's her first time, but if her senpai is by her side then she's not sure if that will make her feel any more at ease. Mabayu gives a half-hearted smile at such a 'compliment'. Just then, Homura asks her telepathically if Sayaka ended up contracting. When Mabayu tells her yes, Homura only replies that it's a shame. But in the end, that may not be a bad thing after all since Sayaka can provide extra support with their battle against Walpurgisnacht. Also, since Mabayu is by her side, her burden won't be as heavy which means there will be no reason for Madoka to contract. Homura lets Mabayu, and by extension Sayaka, handle the next witch then goes "radio silent". Sayaka's soul gem picks up the magic signature of a witch nearby. Mabayu asks her to hold on a moment as she transforms. She's going to show her her personal magic, the ability to see the future, although Mabayu is the only one that will end up seeing anything. She asks Sayaka to come closer, then looks into her eyes.

Mabayu nods and, smiling, tells Sayaka she should have no problem winning the battle today. She also tells her the lucky music is "Violin Sonata No.5 in F Major", also known as 'Spring'.

Sayaka begins the battle by playing the song as she tears into the familiars, each note guiding her steps to victory. From what she's learned in her future vision, the best way to make Sayaka stronger is by conveying the appropriate music for battle and at the rate she's going she doesn't even need any instructions from her. Sayaka turns her sights onto the witch next and almost easily tears it apart. She happily reports her victory to Mabayu, and tells her the lucky song really did the trick.

Day 18

Sayaka cheerfully bids goodbye to a group of customers as they leave the café. Mabayu recalls this happened in the last loop as well, but then she had thought it was because she was excited about becoming a magical girl. She was happy because her wish had come true. Sakie calls Sayaka over and asks if this is what she had in mind for the cake she ordered. Sayaka thinks it's perfect and buys it immediately. Mabayu asks how Kyosuke is recovering. Sayaka is happy to report he's doing well thanks to her. Although he still has to go to rehab for his leg, he can now move his hand properly. He even played the violin yesterday! The sound was incredibly beautiful, so much so she knows she didn't make the wrong decision. She thanks Mabayu for encouraging her. Mabayu is happy to have done so. Sayaka gets back to work, leaving Mabayu standing alone. She can tell Sayaka is at peak happiness, but in just 4 days she'll be completely depressed. It'll be like she's a different person. Last time, Madoka had made a contract because of that, but this time around Mabayu is by her side so she can make sure they don't meet the same fate.

Day 22

(Same as in episode 7)

Mabayu, camouflaged, spies on Hitomi and Sayaka as they meet up for a chat at the shopping center's café. Sayaka asks Hitomi why she wanted to meet, so Hitomi takes a deep breath before telling Sayaka she's been keeping a secret from her longtime friends: she's in love with Kyosuke Kamijo. Sayaka awkwardly laughs and acts like it's no big deal. It's not like Kyosuke wouldn't be desirable, nor can she blame HItomi for entertaining the thought. Hitomi looks at Sayaka seriously and asks if it's true that she and Kyosuke are childhood friends. Once more Sayaka smiles awkwardly and calls their relationship inseparable, but then she trails off mid-sentence. Hitomi promises she's not going to lie to herself anymore, but can Sayaka face her true feelings? Sayaka pretends not to know what she's talking about, so Hitomi clarifies for her. She respects Sayaka because she's her friend so she doesn't just want to steal him from right under her. Even she can tell that Sayaka stares at him far more than even she does, so she'll give her the right to confess first. She's going to wait and then confess her love to him tomorrow after school. But she's only willing to wait the one entire day and no more, so Sayaka better make a decision she isn't going to regret and tell Kyosuke how she feels or not. Sayaka stutters but no response comes out as Hitomi gets up and leaves.

Later that evening, Sayaka glumly bids some café customers goodbye then lets out a heavy sigh as Mabayu watches her. She now understands why she seems to suddenly be suffering so much when only 4 days ago she was in such an excited mood. It must have been for the same reason in the previous loop: Sayaka's best friend was secretly in love with the same person she was secretly in love with. She must have felt like she couldn't believe in their friendship anymore, and if she were to suddenly find out Mabayu had been hiding the face she was a magical status then it's only natural for her to furious. What ended up saving her that time from despair was the contract Madoka had made, but Mabayu can't possibly let that happen again so it looks like she's the only one left who can cheer Sayaka up. Mabayu has no idea on how to start; she does know if she reveals she was eavesdropping it would have the complete opposite effect. As she frets on what to do, Sayaka approaches her and asks if anything is wrong since she's been acting so oddly. Mabayu has inadvertently caused Sayaka to worry about her instead. She tries to tell her it's nothing, but Sayaka only ends up seeming suspicious of her. Now it'll be impossible for her to start a conversation.

Down by the river at night, Mabayu mentally kicks herself for not having done anything. She doesn't want to ask what's wrong out of the blue, but then again even Madoka had noticed something was going on with Sayaka. So if she asks her as her friend... a depressed looking Sayaka interrupts Mabayu's train of thought by asking about her ability to see the future. She wants to know if Mabayu's ability can predict mundane things and not just witch battles. Mabayu figures she can, although she's never actually tried it, so Sayaka asks her if she can see what she looks like at this time tomorrow. Considering what Hitomi had said about waiting only one full day, it's obvious what Sayaka wants to know since she clearly can't give up on Kyosuke yet. She begs Mabayu to do it, citing her foggy thoughts as a hindrance to the night's witch hunting. Mabayu happily agrees to do so (if only it would maintain the friendship), and transforms. Before she starts, she warns Sayaka that only she can see the future, and the future she sees is one that takes into account the fact she's seen the future. So no matter what, the future she sees can't be changed. When she asks Sayaka if she has a problem with that, Sayaka sadly replies she's heard all this before. She just prefers to know what the final outcome is so she can brace herself and learn to accept the truth rather than wait and drag it out. Having heard herself, Sayaka quickly backpedals and hurriedly tells Mabayu to forget everything she just said, she doesn't need to know the future at all. She would rather not rely on others, so no matter what happens it'll happen because of her and her actions. She just needs to take the future into her own hands. Mabayu takes this to mean she's going to confess her love, so she asks her if she's really ok with that. Sayaka smiles and tells her she's fine with that since she promised herself she wouldn't have any regrets. Mabayu smiles and encourages her to take her future with her own hands.

Scene 1 (Sayaka)
Sayaka stands alone in the park at night. Hitomi has said she'd hold off for an entire day, so Sayaka is resolved to call Kyosuke that night. She has to tell him that she needs to see him right now. Kyubey appears and approaches her, asking what's wrong. She explains that it doesn't matter how many times she's stabbed or if a bomb goes off near her, she remains completely unharmed because she's no longer human and that's the reality of it. Kyubey nods; so long as the soul gem remains unharmed, a magical girl's body can be repaired with magic almost immediately. Sayaka looks sadly to the ground and remembers that she became an ally of justice, fighting against witches.

At the abandoned factory, Mabayu is going over the events from earlier as they wait for the witch to appear. She agrees that Sayaka shouldn't have any regrets and should confess to Kyosuke with her own words rather than rely on Mabayu's vision of the future. She risked her life to give Kyosuke that miracle.

Sayaka and Mabayu are deep within the labyrinth as they face down HN Elly. Sayaka prepares to rush off into battle, but Mabayu warns her she hasn't seen her future yet. However, Sayaka doesn't care and tells her she's prepared for anything today. She takes off headlong towards the witch and slashes at it repeatedly only for the witch to throw her back violently. It's stronger than Sayaka anticipated. Mabayu is beginning to get worried, she knows Sayaka won't be able to defeat this witch alone. She calls out for Homura telepathically, but gets no reply. If only she knew where Homura was at a time like this. The witch and Sayaka continue to trade blows, but a particularly brutal attack from the witch knocks Sayaka off her feet as she captures her in her tendrils. Mabayu panics as she doesn't know what to do. The only things she can use with magic are small scissors, the borrowed gun, and a bomb she had also borrowed from Homura. The gun won't be very effective, so Mabayu debates using the bomb. Kyubey shows up and urges Mabayu to throw the bomb before Sayaka is ultimately defeated. She understands she should, but she still hesitates. The witch tightens its tendrils on Sayaka as she cries out in pain. Once more Kyubey urges her to throw the bomb before it's too late. Mabayu debates it for a moment before apologizing to Sayaka and throwing the bomb. The bomb hits the witch and immediately unleashes a massive explosion.

Mabayu looks on in horror at Sayaka's mutilated body but Kyubey tells her there's no need to worry. Sayaka stands up and, despite the fact hot lump that tore through her midsection, she felt no pain. If anything, she can feel magical power surging through her. Kyubey tells her she's right, and since she's a magical girl now she's no longer held back by human constraints. Sayaka gets a distant look in her eyes before steeling her resolve. Since she's no longer human, there's no way she can lose to someone like this. She charges headlong at the witch before hacking at it with little to no regard for her own wellbeing. Mabayu watches as she soon begins to overwhelm the witch, yet the way she fought sent chills down Mabayu's spine. Sayaka soon deals a flurry of blows that finishes off the witch for good, causing the barrier to dissipate around them and revealing the abandoned factory once more. Mabayu immediately rushes to Sayaka's side and asks if she's ok. Sayaka doesn't get why she's so anxious until she tries to point out Sayaka's injuries, which have mysteriously vanished. Kyubey informs Mabayu that Sayaka is protected by her prayer for healing. So long as her soul gem remains intact, even being hit by a bomb won't matter much. Sayaka forces a smile and assures Mabayu she can control it so she no longer feels any pain so it's not a problem for her. She detransforms and asks if that's all for today. When Mabayu quietly nods, Sayaka takes off immediately. Mabayu tries to call out and ask what she wants to do with the grief seed, but Sayaka has already left.

Day 23

Mabayu watches from a distance as Madoka greets Hitomi on their way to school. It seems Sayaka is absent from school today. Madoka points out how cold it was last night and guesses she caught a cold. Mabayu is surprised to overhear this, and wonders for a moment if perhaps she hadn't completely recovered after the damage from last night. She shakes her head and focuses on Madoka's conversation once more. Hitomi looks at Madoka seriously and tells her, because Sayaka and Madoka are her friends, that she plans to tell Kyosuke about her love for him today after school.

The sun is low in the sky as a camouflaged Mabayu watches Kyosuke walk home from school. She curses Kyosuke, calling him a womanizing man. These girls are risking their friendship to make their love come true. She asks herself why people fall in love and thus yearn for love. She has to watch this story to the end. Speaking of, Sayaka still hasn't made her appearance. There's no way she would let her chance go like this, but if she doesn't hurry she's going to run out of time. Hitomi approaches him and asks if he'd like to walk home together with her. He smiles and nods as the two begin walking down the path side by side. It seems Sayaka's time has run out completely. Mabayu can't believe this, but she soon hears Homura calling out to her telepathically. She tells Mabayu to hurry and meet her at the footbridge immediately. It seems Sayaka is acting very strangely and Madoka found her there.

Sayaka and Madoka stand on the footbridge. Madoka asks her if she's ok. Sayaka sadly tells her she heard Hitomi was going to confess her love to Kyosuke today, but She lies and says he's nothing more than a childhood friend. Madoka can't believe this and asks her if that's what she really feels. Sayaka answers by telling her she's a magical girl. She fights witches, and in return she gets hit, or cut, or stabbed. Yesterday a lump of iron pierced her stomach, and yet her body is safe and sound and she didn't even feel the pain of it. Kyubey had told her she's no longer human and her body is nothing more than a vessel, a container for her soul. She's no longer human. Madoka tries to tell her that doesn't matter because she's still Sayaka, but Sayaka isn't hearing it. She asks Madoka in turn what she would do if her lover weren't human? Being able to have a relationship, start a family, and have children are all things normal beings would expect but she's can't do any of that anymore. Instead she has a body like a zombie. A camouflaged Mabayu watches on. She can see where Sayaka is coming from. Although she had simply thought a magical girl body would be a little more convenient, it would certainly be a different thing where a relationship was involved.

Madoka reminds Sayaka she made her wish for Kyosuke's sake, made the contract and became a magical girl for him, and yet she has to hide her feelings from him. Sayaka tries to get her to stop talking as the tears well up in her eyes. Soon she's in tears, saying she didn't become a magical girl because she wanted someone to look at her. She suddenly throws her soul gem to the street below to Mabayu's complete surprise. Homura overhears and asks Mabayu what she threw. When Mabayu replies, Homura makes a noise and stops answering. Madoka then panics as Sayaka almost immediately collapses to the ground. Homura suddenly stops time and appears in front of Mabayu, warning her of the danger of the situation and hurrying her. It's possible her soul gem fell onto the back of a truck and got too far away. Mabayu realizes what she means: if a magical girl's main body is actually her soul gem, then that means the body becomes an empty husk when it's too far away.

Scene 2 (Madoka)
Sayaka and Madoka stand on the footbridge. Sayaka is in tears, saying she didn't become a magical girl because she wanted someone to look at her. She suddenly throws her soul gem to the street below. Madoka then panics as Sayaka almost immediately collapses to the ground. She seems to have stopped breathing, so is she dead? Kyubey appears and asks Madoka what's wrong. Stammering, Madoka points out how Sayaka isn't breathing and hurriedly asks if it's possible to save Sayaka by contracting. He's sure that's an easy thing to provide, so Madoka says to Kyubey "Sign a contract with me... Please save Sayaka-chan!"

Homura and Mabayu search the streets below but can't find the soul gem. If it really did land on a truck, then it could have traveled quite the distance by now. They don't have time to waste on this fruitless search. Mabayu suggests they use her future vision. Since fate has been decided, it would save time to simply look into the future rather than guess and keep looking. Either they find it or they don't, but at least they would know for certain.

Mabayu knows where it is: the soul gem is laying in the back of that truck's cargo bed. They retrieve the soul gem and Homura restarts time as they hurry back to the footbridge. Before they can do so, the soul gem suddenly disappears from their hands. Homura curses as she's been beaten again.

Up on the footbridge, a crying Madoka leans over Sayaka as she suddenly opens her eyes. She asks what happened, but Mdoka is only too relieved to see her friend alive and well. Amidst tears she tells Sayaka how she suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. In disbelief Sayaka asks if she made a contract for her sake. Madoka finally smiles as she explains Kyubey told her she could help. Homura glares at the scene before her. Kyubey has deceived Madoka once more. What's worse is there wasn't the slightest actual need for Madoka to make a contract. All she needed was for someone to go and retrieve it, which they were already in the process of doing. Mabayu tells the enraged Homura to calm down. Even if she said all this to them, Kyubey would only shrug and say it wasn't a lie. Homura knows that, but that doesn't make a difference to her. Sayaka sadly asks Madoka why even she would make a contract for her sake. Madoka was only too happy to have done so since it meant helping out her friend. She has no regrets. She cheerfully tells Sayaka they can defeat evil witches together. Sayaka unenthusiastically agrees.

Back in Homura's pendulum room, the two girls silently think over the events from earlier. Homura is the first to apologize for having almost lost her temper, but Mabayu also apologizes for not having looked into the future further. Maybe if she had they could have prevented Madoka from making the contract. Homura tells her they don't have a single second to waste spending it on regrets. At least in this time loop, Sayaka doesn't hate Homura so they can still cooperate in the fight against Walpurgisnacht. Together they'll stand a much better chance then they did in the last loop. She tells Mabayu to being to introduce Homura as her friend, but Mabayu has some doubts.

Day 32

Outside, Walpurgisnacht cackles eerily as the four magical girls prepare to face it head on. Madoka seems worried, so Sayaka tells her it'll be ok so long as they fight together. Homura agrees and reminds them they trained hard for days for this upcoming battle. Mabayu nods as Sayaka asks her what the lucky music for today is. She informs Sayaka it's Mozart's rendition of Dies irae". Sayaka smiles and calls it very much in tune with today's atmosphere before getting serious. Sayaka is the first to rush into battle as both Madoka's bow and Homura's guns offer long-range support. Mabayu watches. She knows what's going to happen after they all attack at once thanks to the vision she saw in the morning but she doesn't seem too happy about it. Homura freezes time as the three of them launch another series of attacks on Walpurgisnacht. Despite knowing how it will go, Homura still tries her damnedest to take down the enormous witch. Mabayu continues to watch, and wonders if perhaps Homura has stopped believing in the future. Time resumes once more but the attack did little if any damage. Walpurgisnacht retaliates and completely knocks out both Sayaka and Madoka in quick succession. Homura is about to rush to Madoka's side but Mabayu holds her back, warning her not to get any closer. It's time for them to go. They keep repeating the same span of time over and over again, and have begun to become accustomed to failure. Homura bids Madoka goodbye as Mabayu bids Sayaka goodbye. Homura turns her shield, then resets time.

Key Points

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  • Day 11: I Invite Sayaka to Récompense to take advantage of the previous time loop.
  • Day 15: Realizing Sayaka's wish was to save Kyosuke, I wonder if I too wished to save my mother.
  • Day 23: Sayaka, who was hurt by the fact she's no longer human, throws away her soul gem and collapses, but is saved by Madoka's wish.


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