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Knowing that Kyosuke's injuries would not heal, Mabayu vowed not to let Sayaka sign the contract. She was confident that she could win her trust. Using her repeated experiences and what she knows about Sayaka's nature, Mabayu guides Sayaka, who is unsure about the contract, towards not signing it. However, when Kyubey makes it known that Mabayu is a magical girl, Sayaka becomes indignant and becomes a magical girl as well. Mabayu is disgusted with herself for manipulating Sayaka with her friendliness, but when Homura tries to make fun of her, she unleashes her feelings on Sayaka, then disappeared to challenge Walpurgisnacht.


Day 1

Time stacks up and hearts drift away.

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki. She's made her decision. She gets ready for school and heads straight to Homura's room in the hospital. She apologizes to Homura for what transpired in the last time loop, but Homura tells they she did her best. They go over their guidelines for this time loop: Mabayu will dissuade Sayaka from making a contract. Homura is a little surprised to hear this coming from her. Mabayu has thought it over and come to the conclusion that it's not worth having Sayaka as a potential ally in the battle against Walpurgisnacht, especially considering how poorly it went for them last time. They're going to need a different approach for the battle against that witch. Homura has two questions for her. The first is what will happen to Kyosuke since his hand will never heal if Sayaka doesn't contract. Is she prepared to accept the responsibility of that? Mabayu understands it was an unfortunate accident, but if hoping for a miracle leads to an even greater tragedy than he should accept his fate. Homura is about to ask her second question but Mabayu has already thought of that. This time she plans on dissuading Sayaka as her friend. With what she knows now, she's sure to win her trust.

Day 11

The bell on the café door rings as Sayaka bids goodbye to the last customer of the day. Sakie giggles pleasantly as she thanks Sayaka for her hard work. She really enjoys having such an energetic girl working at the café. So far their reenactment of the previous time loop has been going well. Sayaka asks her why she approached her of all people the other day. Mabayu tells her she figured she would be in need of the money, and would regularly see Sayaka in the CD section. She points out Sayaka's love of classical music, causing Sayaka to fidget in embarrassment a bit. She asks if it doesn't suit someone like her, but Mabayu shakes her head and tells her it really suits her. Sayaka always seemed to be enjoying herself when she would listen to the CD previews. Sayaka giggles sheepishly at the compliment, so Mabayu asks her if she's free after their shift. She may not know much about music, but she loves movies and she knows the perfect movie that Sayaka would love: a biopic on Mozart that won tons of awards. Sayaka says she's heard of it. Mabayu cheerfully asks her once more if she has some free time. Sayaka hesitates slightly before saying yes. Since the mall is so close by, she can swing by her house and pick it up. Sayaka asks if it has to be today with a less than enthusiastic look on her face, but Mabayu is persistent. She promises to meet her at the mall after their shift.

At the shopping mall's café, Mabayu is dismayed to learn she was referred to as that "UFO person". Sayaka chuckles and admits her first appearance left a strong impression on her. Mabayu swears she really saw something that time, but Sayaka just laughs. She tells Mabayu she doesn't have to sulk about it, and she won't hold it against her if she does end up getting any mysterious messages from outer space. Mabayu makes a face and asks if she really wants her to send Sayaka a telepatchic message. Sayaka is a little taken aback as Mabayu insists she can. She's not really going to do it, but she knows this is the best way to get Sayaka to like her.

Day 14

At café Récompense, a customer asks a glum Sayaka for the bill. When Sayaka doesn't respond at first, Mabayu steps in and rings the customer up. Once the customer leaves, Sayaka half-heartedly bids them goodbye. Mabayu knows this is the point at which she was pondering whether or not to contract with Kyubey. She decides now's the time and takes the plunge. She goes up to Sayaka and asks her if she has time to hang out after work today. She has a coupon that's about to expire, so she wants to know if Sayaka would like to have some tea with her.

Inside the shopping mall's café, Sayaka thanks Mabayu for lending her the movie. When asked if she's seen it yet, she tells Mabayu she has as it was one she'd been interested in for a while. Mabayu asks for her impressions. Sayaka admits she might not like this movie that much. Even if a person were to have talent or try their hardest, there's no guarantee they'll be happy. It's too sad. Bad guys should suffer the worst and the people who persevered should be rewarded. Those are the kind of stories she prefers. She apologizes if she offended Mabayu when she notices her reaction. Mabayu looks concerned and asks Sayaka if she's worried about something. If she wants people to be rewarded for their hard work, then something must have happened in her life to make her feel that way. Sayaka is a little surprised at this and tells Mabayu she has surprisingly sharp senses sometimes. Mabayu attributes this to her late mother who was a fortune teller. As a result, Mabayu has inherited some of her powers and can see into the future a bit. She promises she's serious about this and offers to read Sayaka's future. Sayaka isn't so sure she wants her fortune read since she doesn't believe in that kind of stuff, but to her surprise Mabayu agrees that fortune telling is an irresponsible matter. Either it happens or it doesn't, so she doesn't have to believe in the results of fortune telling. If she feels like she's too close to talk with her friends, then maybe she can be honest with a fortune teller who's a complete stranger. The point being talking it out helps to clear your mind or collect your thoughts.

Sayaka hesitates, then venture sto tell her she has a childhood friend. This friend of hers was a genius violin player since he was little, and it's thanks to him she gained her appreciation for classical music. However, he had an accident and his fingers may never move the way they used to. Mabayu listens sympathetically as Sayaka goes on. The most painful part is he's lost the will to live and has become a completely different person. She presents Mabayu with a hypothetical situation: if he were to go overseas for a really expensive surgery, he might be able to get the movement in his fingers back to the way they were. If Sayaka had the means to pay for this surgery, would it be ok to just give it away to him? Mabayu gives it some thought before answering. It's certainly a difficult question, and if she were to go through with it their entire relationship would change although not necessarily for the better. She relates it to the main character in the movie they just saw. If the MC were to suddenly go deaf, he would be freed from his curse and could then live happily ever after. She can already guess what Kyosuke is probably thinking: he's been passionate about the violin since he was little and it's the only thing he knows how to do. Is that really a happy way of life? If he loses the ability to play violin and all he can do is complain about it to everyone around him, then what he really needs is the courage to live without the violin. Sayaka asks her if this is her fortune, but Mabayu apologizes. It wasn't so much fortune telling just now as it is one of Mabayu's mother's sayings. Sometimes, Sayaka gets the feeling her senpai can see right through her, then cheers up and thanks her for the valuable advice.

Day 15

Mabayu lurks the hospital corridors in camouflage. She tried her best to dissuade Sayaka, but that doesn't mean she can let her guard down. She'll have to use her magic to hide herself properly. Sayaka looks around in Kyosuke's hospital room, but he isn't there. When she steps out into the lobby, she runs into his nurse. She recognizes her as his friend, and explains his doctor's appointment had been moved up so he's currently in the rehabilitation room. She thanks them then stalks off. Mabayu knows how stubborn Sayaka can be, so it won't be an easy job to convince her. Kyubey appears and the two being to converse. Kyubey is clearly intent on contracting Sayaka, so all Mabayu needs to do is push her a little more.

Later that evening, Sayaka and Mabayu are talking during their shift at the café. She asks Sayaka if she was at the hospital today, since she saw her while she was out making a delivery. She then asks if she had gone to see a certain childhood friend of hers. Sayaka nods sadly. Although she had gone, she wasn't able to see him since he was in rehab. Mabayu wonders who it was she saw then. Sayaka asks if this is about Madoka but Mabayu shakes her head. It was her other friend, the one she often sees her chatting with in the mornings. Maybe it was yesterday when she saw her at the hospital. Sayaka's face falls as she asks if she meant her other friend, Hitomi. Mabayu looks worried and asks if she said something she shouldn't have, but Sayaka tells her it's ok.

Day 16

Madoka greets Hitomi on their way to school. Sayaka soon catches up to them, but something seems to be wrong. When Madoka asks if she's feeling ok, Sayaka forces a smile and brushes it off. She apologizes for being late, and urges them to hurry to get to school early. Madoka and Hitomi are silent as they watch Sayaka take off in a rush. Mabayu, who was walking a short distance behind them, watches as everything goes down. She must have been concerned about them. Last time Sayaka didn't find out about Hitomi's feelings for Kyosuke until after she'd made her contract, which precipitated her tragedy. This time Mabayu was able to warn her beforehand.

Kyousuke breaks down crying in frustration. He holds up his hand as he laments his situation. With a hand like this, he can't even feel pain much less get the fingers to move. Sayaka attempts to console him by encouraging him not to give up, but Kyosuke cuts her off once more. Even his doctor has told him to give up on his dream of ever playing the violin again. Current medical technology just isn't enough and it would take a miracle at this point. Mabayu recalls that at this point in the last time loop, Sayaka had cried out, "Miracles and magic do exist!" But there's no way she can let her say it this time.

Up on the hospital's rooftop, Sayaka calls herself disgusting before asking Kyubey if what she's really looking for is something in return. Is it really possible to sacrifice yourself for someone else's happiness without getting anything in return? Mabayu watches in camouflage. She understands the turmoil Sayaka is going through. If she asks for the miracle and earns brownie points with Kyosuke, then that would be like cheating and kicking down her rival Hitomi. She doubts Sayaka would be able to gof or that kind of move. She nods in response to Kyubey. It's true she doesn't necessarily have to tell Kyosuke it's thanks to her that his hand is working again. She's also certain Hitomi will make him happy, though she says this with a pained expression on her face. Mabayu's eyes widen; she hadn't expected that sort of angle. It might be a good idea if she can accept the weight of what she's doing, but it's definitely bad for her to make a contract.

Mabayu calls out for her to wait and makes her appearance. Sayaka asks her senpai what she's doing here. She tells her she ended up overhearing her conversation with Kyosuke earlier while she was running a delivery, and how she must have heard the most terrible things. After that, she saw Sayaka head up to the rooftop alone, became worried, and followed after her. Now's the time for all her friendship points to be put to the test as she attempts to dissuade Sayaka from contracting. Sayaka apologizes for making her worry. She could see what she was thinking when she saw Sayaka go up on the roof alone. Kyubey pipes up and says he's here too, but Sayaka tells him to shut up since Mabayu can't see him. Kyubey looks straight at her and asks why Mabayu keeps pretending like she can't hear him. Sayaka's eyes go wide and she gets a haggard look on her face. She asks Mabayu if she's a magical girl. Mabayu tries to play dumb by telling her they're not in some kind of anime, so she has no idea what she's talking about. Even as she says the words, even Mabayu can tell it's so obviously a lie. Sayaka shakes her head. She had thought Mabayu was understanding of her feelings, and very kind to her but now she can see that it was all just a lie. It was only thanks to the power of magic. Mabayu had mentioned she could read fortunes, so that must have been her magic power. She'd been using it from the beginning with the intent to control her feelings. Mabayu tries to protest but to no avail. Incensed, Sayaka turns to Kyubey and demands he make her wish come true right now. Mabayu tries to tell her to stop, but Sayaka cuts her off and demands she be left alone. Mabayu tries to say she can't leave her because she's her friend, but this only causes Sayaka to glare at her more angry than ever.

She yells as she tells Mabayu she is not her friend, leaving Mabayu stunned. She doesn't use her magic to deceive someone and make them suffer. She's going to use it to save someone. She makes her contract and screams as her soul is turned into a gem. Kyubey hands her the soul gem and tells her it's her fate. Mabayu falls to her knees and screams in despair.

Scene 1 (Homura)
Homura waits in a dark, abandoned building. She calls out to Mabayu telepathically but there's no response. She should have contacted her by now if she had succeeded in preventing Sayaka from contracting. Still, that doesn't mean anything. She stares as Hitomi and others stand around in a daze. Homura realizes it's about time and gets to work. First she needs to recover that agent.

Elsewhere, Sayaka battles Elly and her familiars Daniyyel & Jennifer. She strikes at the familiars but the witch takes advantage and gets the drop on her, injuring Sayaka. Homura then appears out of nowhere, commenting on the difficult time Sayaka seems to be having. Sayaka is amazed to see the transfer student is also a magical girl. It seems she was hiding something after all, so now Sayaka can't trust anyone anymore. She vows to fight completely on her own from now on and rushes at the witch in tears. Homura realizes she's failed in the worst possible way.

Day 17

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 17).

Scene 2 (Sayaka)
Sayaka walks to school despondently as she's greeted by Hitomi and Madoka. However, Madoka quickly notices something is wrong. She becomes startled when Kyubey walks up to and greets her, pleased they were finally able to meet. Hitomi asks what Madoka is staring at, but Madoka asks if she can't see the cat thing before them. Kyubey introduces himself and explains he is speaking to her with telepathy. Hitomi watches as Madoka seems to be reacting to something and turns to Sayaka, asking her how funny it seems. But Sayaka doesn't really respond. Instead she apologizes to Hitomi and informs her she'll be walking to school on her own from now on so there's no need to wait up for her. She turns and leaves, leaving Hitomi wondering what's going on with the two of them.
Scene 3 (Madoka)
Sayaka walks through the city as the sun begins to set. As she watches from afar, Madoka asks Kyubey what Sayaka is doing. He explains she's following the trail of a witch, confirming Madoka's suspicions that Sayaka is going to fight the witch on her own. She had been alone at school all day, so perhaps this was the reason Sayaka had refused to talk to them. Madoka asks Kyubey if it isn't dangerous to fight witches. He replies that there is a great risk to one's life, and even more so for Sayaka who is still new to this. If she were to fight alone, she is sure to have a difficult time. This only encourages Madoka to follow after her.
Scene 4 (Homura)

Sayaka is struck by Anja. Madoka calls out her name, causing Sayaka to look up in surprise. She warns her not to come, and when Madoka tells her to stop, she warns her once more not to come any closer. She can handle something like this on her own. As she says this, Anja once more lunges at Sayaka, striking her again. Madoka cries out once more as Sayaka says this is her life now that she's become a magical girl. Madoka begs her to stop, saying she can't take anymore. She turns to Kyubey and demands he make her a magical girl right now but before he can do so time stops. Homura arrives and surveys the scene. Madoka will do whatever she can to save Sayaka because she's simply too kind. Perhaps it would be better if Sayaka were to disappear. But Homura dismisses this thought. If that were the case she'd still probably hope for a miracle. Therefore she can't allow Sayaka to contract either, no matter what it takes.

Day 32

In her dream, Mabayu was standing all alone in her classroom while time is stopped. She's free to save someone, and free to ask for a miracle, but she can never be friends with anyone. She will disappear, all alone. An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu and releasing her from the dream. She yawns and asks herself if it was just a dream. Realizing it was, she decides to go back to bed and closes her eyes, but her alarm rings once more. Mabayu refuses to get out of bed. Even if she were to get up, nothing good can possibly happen to her. Better to commit suicide by kotatsu. She'll just sit warm and cozy at her kotatsu and stay like that forever. She hears Homura's voice asking her how long she plans on staying asleep. When Mabayu tells her she plans to sleep forever, Homura reminds her 'Forever' doesn't exist. She plans on getting out of this time loop, someday surely she will. Mabayu hopes Homura does her best, but as for her she can't escape from her kotatsu. Homura roughly pulls the blanket from over Mabayu's head, forcing the harsh light onto her. She yelps as she looks up at Homura.

As far as Sayaka is concerned, she's fulfilled her contract with Kyubey. Then, as it usually goes, she learned the secrets of her body and lost her mental balance. To prevent her from turning into a witch, Madoka also became a magical girl. Thus this world is already doomed. Mabayu hangs her head and blames herself. This is her punishment for thinking she could be Sayaka's friend. She cheated and manipulated Sayaka's heart to her advantage and then just assumed they were friends. It really is the worst. Homura slaps her and tells her to stop it. Even if she wanted to remain in this particular world it wouldn't matter since she'd be pulled along with Homura when she resets time. Which means she'll no longer be able to speak with the Sayaka of this world ever again. If she wants to apologize to her, this is her last chance. Mabayu sobs as she asks what's the point in her apologizing if they're just going to leave this world anyways. It's not going to make a difference. Homura looks at her sternly. She knows that feeling all too well. Her own actions won't have any meaning either, and she can't defeat Walpurgisnacht on her own so she has no choice but to leave them in the lurch. She's doing all of this for her own sake, to convince herself she's allowed to start the world all over again. She has to do this for her own sake so she can forgive herself for her sins. If she lost that, then maybe she wouldn't be able to keep her sanity. Mabayu is the one who taught her that, so she's not going to let Mabayu fall into despair before she does. She won't forgive her for leaving her all alone. Mabayu wipes her tears and thanks Homura. She's decided she's going to find Sayaka and apologize to her.

Outside, Walpurgisnacht cackles eerily as Sayaka and Madoka launch their attacks on it. However, their attacks did little if any damage, causing Walpurgisnacht to retaliate and completely knock out both Sayaka and Madoka in quick succession. Mabayu calls out Sayaka's name as she knocks away some familiars, hurrying to where the girls lay. Sayaka, with an upset look on her face, asks what she's doing here. She replies she's here to help them both. Mabayu then gets knocked down as another attack comes at her, this time successfully landing. Sayaka picks her up and demands to know what she thinks she's doing. Is she just trying to get in her way and drag her down again? Mabayu tells her that's not true, and she's just no good. She may have made her share of mistakes, done weird things, and even caused trouble but she seriously just wants to help her. That feeling hasn't changed at all which is why she's here now. She apologizes to Sayaka and grits her teeth as she awaits her fate. Even if Sayaka were to die here today, at least Kyosuke's miracle would survive which is the path she's chosen. But no matter how much Mabayu may have suffered or whatever reason she had, Sayaka can never forgive her for trying to take that miracle away from him. However, if Mabayu still wants to try to protect the world she loves, then she should follow Sayaka's lead. The two girls leap back into the fray and try their hardest to take down Walpurgisnacht. Even if it's pointless or hypocritical, Mabayu is going to use her life for Sayaka's happiness as it's the least she can do. She looks up at Walpurgisnacht as death comes for her.

Key Points

Film 07.jpg
  • Day 1: I swear I won't let Sayaka sign a contract.
  • Day 11: I began to guide Sayaka, who came to Récompense, in accordance with what I'd previously experienced.
  • Day 16: Sayaka becomes distrustful when she learns I'm a magical girl.
  • Day 32: Madoka made a contract for Sayaka to prevent her from becoming a witch.


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