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"Nagisa and I will never see each other again." Understanding this, Homura moved to prevent Madoka from coming into contact with witches, while Mabayu takes on Sayaka as a helper for Récompense to find the key to preventing Madoka's contract. However, when Sayaka, who had frequently visited the hospital, became a magical girl, Kyubey took advantage of this and finally came into contact with Madoka. Concerned that the situation might worsen, Homura went to see Sayaka, but she was warned off, and when it became known to Sayaka that Madoka was also a magical girl, she became distrustful. From then on, the rift between them was never bridged before the battle against Walpurgisnacht came, thus Mabayu and her friend decided to repeat time while in the midst of battle.


Day 1

Time has been rewound and will never be the same again.

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki. She struggles to wake up and wonders if it was all a dream. But she knows better, and Nagisa no longer exists.

Mabayu meets up with Homura in her room at the hospital. There, Homura apologizes for having brought Mabayu all the way through the last time loop, but Mabayu didn't mind since it made her glad to be there until the end as well. Although Mabayu misses Nagisa, Homura reminds her their goal is to stop Madoka from contracting at all costs. If Nagisa were to reappear, that would mean the failure of their mission. Nagisa can never be resurrected again, and they had to be prepared for that from the beginning. Mabayu agrees, and points out their mistake was in telling Madoka the true identity of witches. Madoka's kindness set that tragedy into motion, and Homura won't be making that mistake again.

Day 6

It's nearing the end of the day and the class are on a field trip to an auto plant. At the moment they're on a restroom break as the class disperses. Things have been going well so far as Mabayu and Homura retrace their memories of the previous loops and have thus far prevented Madoka from contracting. However, Kyubey managed to sneak past them and contacted her while they were fighting the witch. This time they'll take the advantage. Homura asks Mabayu to read her future, after which Mabayu says she has only one request of her.

Inside the witch's barrier, a lost and confused Madoka Kaname calls out for her friend Sayaka Miki. She continues to call out her friend's name and soon finds her wandering in the same gray barrier. Sayaka is relieved to see her and admits she gets lost all the time. Madoka assures her she was lost in this same area last year. Sayaka asks her which way is the exit, when Mabayu appears and points them to the way out. Madoka asks if she's also a student at Mitakihara, so Mabayu smiles and nods, warning them people get lost in this area and go missing every year. Sayaka laughs and calls her a kidder, but inwardly Mabayu knows it wasn't a total lie. She shows them the way out of the barrier.

Scene 1 (Kyoko)

Kyoko approaches the auto factory where a witch has become ready for her to harvest, but she recognizes Mami, who is standing nearby. She thinks it's a weird twist of fate for her to be here now so she goes up and greets her with an annoyed look on her face. Mami is surprised to see her, but Kyoko speaks up first and asks what's wrong with her. She's not the type to ignore a nearby witch and her victim. But Mami isn't worried since Kyoko could easily take care of the problem in a matter of minutes. Kyoko shrugs and admits it's true. She changes the subject and asks Mami about the rumor she heard that she'd been operating outside of Mitakihara lately. She asks if something happened, but Mami tells her to mind her own business and leaves. Kyoko stands there and asks herself if she's gone crazy.

Scene 2 (Kyoko)

The Cow witch appears. Kyoko doesn't know how they'll divide the spoils after. She never gets tired of going after this particular witch and getting defeated year after year, but this time she plans on finishing it off for good. Before she can attack, a voice stops her, telling her there's no need. She looks up in time to see several explosions go off at the same time, destroying the witch. The barrier dissipates, leaving an astonished Kyoko standing there. Somehow this mysterious person had taken down the powerful witch with an attack that couldn't be seen. Homura makes her presence known, telling Kyoko she was the one to nail it down first. This immediately makes Kyoko suspicious of her, causing her to demand how it is she knows her name. Homura tells her there's no need to pry, and she'll be the one to take care of Mitakihara so she better not mess with anything. With that, she leaves. Kyoko angrily calls out after her but Homura disappears. Kyoko is pissed. Homura had taken the grief seed and apparently the city. Was this the reason Mami was acting so strangely? Since she knows nothing of the situation, she decides to stay out of it lest she get burned.

Back outside in the fresh air, Madoka and Sayaka thank her for her help. She says it was no problem, then suddenly gasps and points to a UFO flying around in the distance. As soon as they look away, Mabayu telepathically gives the signal and Homura freezes time. Mabayu soon finds Kyubey lurking around and, using the gun she borrowed from Homura, shoots him full of bullets. Having accomplished her own task, Homura warns Mabayu she's about to resume time. Mabayu steps back into place and gives her the go ahead. The bullets tear into Kyubey with a loud popping sound, causing Sayaka and Madoka to jump up in surprise. Mabayu tells them it was probably just some firecrackers or something. When Sayaka can't find the UFO she pointed out, Mabayu promises it was just there only a moment ago and giggles to herself. Sayaka is suspicious at first, but when the teacher calls out to the students to head back to the bus, she drops the subject in disappointment. Mabayu is glad the somewhat dangerous situation is over now, and asks Homura how she fared. Homura telepathically responds, saying she had no problems on her end just as Mabayu had predicted. While Homura couldn't kill witches and protect Madoka from Kyubey on her own, with the two of them it's much more manageable. Mabayu is pleased with their teamwork.

Day 10

Mabayu and Homura meet on the school's rooftop. Mabayu reminds her today is the day a witch appears in the shopping mall and Sayaka got injured. At the time they were trapped in a situation where they had to protect Madoka and the others at the same time as fighting the witch. If they can prevent that situation from happening again, they shouldn't have any problems. Mabayu is glad Sayaka won't have to get hospitalized again. Homura had underestimated Madoka, believing she would stop getting involved if she knew how dangerous it all was, but the injury of her best friend only drove her closer to making a contract. Now the plan is to prevent either of them from encountering any witches, however the trouble is two witches will appear concurrently today. Mabayu remembers this, and how Homura had asked Mami to take care of the problem with the second witch. Homura says that's true, but it won't work this time because she put Mami in charge of a different city to prevent her from running into any of the witches in this city again. Mabayu agrees it's best to reduce the certainty as much as possible, but then... Mabayu jumps with surprise as she realizes Homura is proposing they split up so she can take down the second witch on her own. When Homura replies in the affirmative, Mabayu immediately goes into a slight panic as she tells her that's impossible since she failed last time too. There's no way she can possibly defeat a witch on her own! Homura, straight-faced as always, tells her she was just joking. Mabayu is immediately relieved, then tells her not to joke around so seriously. The real plan is for Homura to defeat the first witch on her way to school as soon as possible, then head to the shopping mall. Meanwhile, Mabayu is to stall for time, keep Sayaka and Madoka away from the witch, and not leave Madoka's side at all. Mabayu grins and says it'll be a piece of cake.

Later that afternoon at a different café, Mabayu sighs heavily to herself. She had taken on the assignment like it was no big deal, but for someone as shy as her it's quite the challenge. At a table nearby, Madoka is talking with Sayaka and Hitomi about the new transfer student. It felt like she had met her before in her dream, which causes her two friends to only laugh in response. Sayaka even jokes around, laughing as she says Madoka's character has started to develop. Mabayu watches and considers her next move. This is going to be harder than she thought, since in this time loop she's rarely spoken to them except to point out a UFO that wasn't even there. It'll be hard for a suspicious person like her to suddenly break into their conversation, and on top of that she has to make sure they don't find out she's a magical girl. While Mabayu wracks her brains unsuccessfully for an ice breaker, Hitomi stands and tells her friends she'll have to get going as it's getting late. Madoka and Sayaka also stand to leave, but not before they stop by the CD shop first. Mabayu realizes her opportunity is about to escape, so she approaches them and stutters as she gets their attention. The two recognize her as the UFO girl from the other day and thank her for helping them out when they were lost. Mabayu tells her it's no problem, but doesn't know what to say when Sayaka asks what she wants with them. Madoka asks if it's something hard for her to say, so Mabayu grabs that lifeline and says it's a super secret topic. A skeptical Sayaka replies they don't need any religion or occultism, and informs her they have to hurry to the CD shop. Mabayu gets an idea, and says that's exactly what she wanted to talk to them about. Since she's a big video geek, she knows how expensive media can be and how hard it must be for a middle schooler with little disposable income. Sayaka quietly asks Madoka if this isn't some kind of dangerous invitation, but Madoka isn't so sure. When she asks Mabayu if she's talking about a part time job, Mabayu hushes her. She never said anything about a part time job, but she does need some help with their work.

Day 11

The bell on the café door rings as Sayaka bids goodbye to the last customer of the day. Sakie giggles pleasantly as she thanks Sayaka for her hard work. She really enjoys having such an energetic girl working at the café. Overhearing this, Mabayu makes a face as she calls herself an introvert with zero motivation. Sayaka tells her senpai not to be so depressed, causing Mabayu a bit of surprise at the title. Sayaka replies it's only natural she call her senpai since she's her senior at work and a whole grade level above her at school. Mabayu says she's no senpai, but Sayaka asks her senpai why she's being so shy, since she appreciates what her senpai does. Mabayu shudders as the powerful new feeling of self-awareness forced on her by a kouhai washes over her. Sakie congratulates Mabayu-senpai, causing Mabayu to tell her not to tease her too. Since they're on the subject, Sayaka asks her why she approached her of all people the other day. Mabayu tells her she figured she would be in need of the money, and since Sakie had been wanting to hire new employees it seemed like a match. Sayaka could kind of understand why she would approach her, considering Mabayu doesn't have many friends and she's practically a stranger to her. Mabayu points out her love of movies, so she's often at the store getting videos and would regularly see Sayaka in the CD section. Sayaka smiles and admits she checks the weekly top hits chart every week since she loves metal music. Mabayu nods and tells her she would often see her headbanging to music. Sayaka admits it was a lie, a total lie, while Mabayu tells her it's true, completely true. Sayaka once more tells her it's a complete lie because she's never listens to metal music. Mabayu is taken back as she realized she was tricked. When Sayaka asks her why she's hiding something from her, Mabayu doesn't respond. Sayaka tells her it's ok if she doesn't want to tell her the reason, since she did her a big favor by getting her the job. But she hopes she tells her soon in the future and bids her goodbye for the day. Mabayu cringes; she knows she's a terrible liar.

Day 13

Mabayu meets up with Homura at the bus stop, where she recounts the events up to this point. Homura shrugs and tells her good luck with that, causing Mabayu to call her heartless in return. Things are going well so long as Madoka and Sayaka remain ignorant of the existence of magical girls, and if Mabayu can become friends with Sayaka she may gain the vital information they need to prevent Madoka from contracting. Mabayu thinks that may be impossible considering Sayaka probably doesn't like her much right now. Homura says she didn't have high expectations (with Mabayu calling her a bit too honest), since the important thing is to keep Madoka and Kyubey from coming into contact with each other. If they can do that, there shouldn't be any problems. With that, Homura asks her to read her future once more.

Thankfully it seems there's no change in the enemy's attack pattern, so she can just fight as usual. She thanks Mabayu and leaves the important task of guarding Madoka to her.

Madoka sits at home working on her algebra homework as she attempts to find the slope of a line. Mabayu watches camouflaged as Madoka gets frustrated with trying to understand the work. She yearns to tell her it's nothing more than a linear equation, so she should stop trying to think of why it is and just mindlessly substitute the numbers instead. Madoka is prepared to give up and figures she just needs a little sugar to get her through. Thankfully she still has some cake in the fridge that Sayaka had given her, but she knows she shouldn't be eating cake so late at night. Mabayu giggles as she completely sympathizes with Madoka's "plight" just as Homura telepathically asks her how things are going. When Mabayu explains she's just watching Madoka have trouble with her homework, Homura offers to do all of Madoka's homework if she'd just ask. Mabayu sternly reminds her they're just classmates in this time loop and haven't even spoken to each other once. Also, there's been no sign of Kyubey so far, although in this loop he's still under the impression there's a "sign from God" at work. Homura thanks her for keeping an eye on Madoka, but Mabayu doesn't mind in the least. If anything, her camouflage makes her the perfect bodyguard. Now she just has to keep this up until Walpurgisnacht.

Scene 3 (Sayaka)
It's night time and Sayaka is happily talking to herself as she walks home. She feels bad for Madoka and Hitomi, but she's gotten better at helping out at the café and it's helped her save up some money. With that, she decides to go back and buy a bunch of CDs. However, she hears a voice call out her name. She turns around, asking herself what was that voice she heard just now. Kyubey responds it wasn't a voice per se since he's speaking to her directly through her mind. Sayaka mistakes him for the latest model of stuffed animal. Kyubey introduces himself, then asks her to do something for him: contract with him and become a magical girl. But Sayaka doesn't understand what he's talking about.

Day 14

Scene 4 (Sayaka)
Kyosuke and Sayaka stand in his hospital room. Kyosuke is amazed at how many CDs Sayaka brought him, and they're rare ones too. But Sayaka shrugs it off and tells him not to worry about the cost thanks to the cake shop she's been helping out at. She also brought him a cake from said shop. He marvels at the delicious looking cake, while Sayaka declares cakes from Récompense to be the best in the world. He asks her if she's made many good friends while working there. She smiles and nods, but Kyosuke doesn't look so happy.

Out in the hospital lobby, Sayaka wonders if maybe she had been insensitive to Kyosuke's feelings. But surely the Kyosuke she knew before would have been happy for her. However, the look he had was the saddest and loneliest thing she'd ever seen.

At café Récompense, a customer asks a glum Sayaka for the bill. When Sayaka doesn't respond at first, Mabayu steps in and rings the customer up. Once the customer leaves, Sayaka half-heartedly bids them goodbye. Mabayu asks her if anything is wrong, but Sayaka only apologizes for being so dazed. Mabayu thinks this is suspicious, but if Sayaka doesn't want to talk about it she can't very well force her to talk either. At least, that's how she normally would react to such a situation. She still needs to make friends with Sayaka, so now is the time for her to be brave. She attempts to say something, but only half sounds come out of her mouth. When she notices Sayaka staring at her, she pretends she was just yawning because of how sleepy she is. Well, not everything can be fixed just by being brave. Sayaka asks if she stayed up late watching movies again, then asks what kind of movies she likes best. Mabayu it turns out isn't particular, much to Sayaka's surprise. Mabayu asks her what kind of cake she likes best, so Sayaka admits she wouldn't be able to answer right away. Much like most people like most cakes, so too does Mabayu like pretty much any movie including art movies, B-movies, or failed big-budget flicks (which are her favorite). Sayaka asks her what she thinks of endings where it turns out it was all just a dream. It was some weird movie she saw the other day about entering a dream within a dream within a dream. Everything gets solved and it seems like a happy ending, but in the end it's implied it might have all been just a dream. Has Mabayu ever seen that movie, or thought it could be real? Mabayu considers the difficult question. On the one hand it's true people want a clear cut answer to a riddle, but at the same time it is really a good idea to just hand out an answer like that? In this case, the audience is expected to accept the mystery for what it is. Sayaka finds the notion disgusting, especially since the protagonist had to go through a lot of hardships and overcome so many difficult obstacles. Sayaka begins to become heated as she starts to rant. If they finally got to live with their families at the end, then it must definitely be a happy ending. Mabayu says she understands her feelings, causing Sayaka to cry out that feelings are important. Bad guys should suffer the worst and the people who persevered should be rewarded. When a terrible crisis happens, a favorable miracle should also happen. Isn't it natural to want to see those kinds of stories? Mabayu agrees but also points out reality doesn't always work that way. Sayaka sighs in defeat and goes to tend to the customers, leaving Mabayu confused. Sayaka's entire demeanor seemed to change, so Mabayu thinks it's possible she's mad now.

In Homura's pendulum room, Mabayu cries out how impossible her mission to become Sayaka's friend is. If only she hadn't responded so honestly like the full-on movie geek she is. She can't read the emotions of others which is why she has no friends. She begs Homura to tell her how to make friends. But Homura hasn't the faintest clue and wishes her luck. Mabayu wails, calling her unhelpful and cold-hearted. Ignoring her little tantrum, Homura reminds her tomorrow is the day the witch appeared at the hospital. Last time Madoka had wished to make the witch's wish come true, but this time around she doesn't even know about the existence of Kyubey yet and Sayaka isn't in the hospital thanks to her part time job at the café. There's a good possibility Madoka won't even go to the hospital this time.

Day 15

Mabayu and Homura are at the hospital, and for some reason Madoka is there as well. Homura demands to know why Madoka would be here, but Mabayu isn't sure. It looks like Madoka is waiting for Sayaka. If Hitomi is around, perhaps they can ask her what's happened. Regardless, no matter where Madoka is there plans stay the same. Mabayu quickly transforms and reads Homura's future.

She instructs Homura to dodge right, right, left, right, then throw bombs in anticipation. It should be over quickly, so Nagisa's witch shouldn't suffer needlessly. In the meantime, Mabayu will keep in contact through telepathy so Homura knows when she needs to stop time. Homura nods and departs, leaving Mabayu to go into camouflage mode. Nearby, Sayaka meets up with Madoka and thanks her for waiting. Sayaka had wanted to visit with Kyosuke, but it seems now wasn't a good time. Mabayu wonders what Kyosuke has to do with anything, but there's no time to ponder that as she soon spots Kyubey lurking around. She telepathically warns Homura of Kyubey's appearance, and in response time stops. As much as Mabayu doesn't like doing this in a public place, she doesn't really have a choice. She'll just have to blame it on an exploding fire extinguisher. Besides, it's Kyubey's fault for trying to get Madoka to contract. She pulls out her borrowed gun and takes several shots at Kyubey. She tells Homura she's done, causing time to start up once more. Almost immediately Mabayu jumps a foot in the air in shock as the fire extinguisher explodes in a haze of foam and gas. It's true she had shot it to cover up the sounds of gunfire, but even she thinks she might have gone a little too far.

Scene 5 (Homura)

Homura stands above Charlotte. She tells the witch there are no more little girls to pray for her, no blessing that can replace the curse that consumes her. So she'll go ahead and end her now. She dodges left and right several times in a row before dropping a bomb in anticipation of Charlotte's next move. The witch is damaged by the explosion, but Homura hears Mabayu's voice calling out to her with telepathy as she warns her of Kyubey's appearance. Charlotte takes advantage of the lull in the fight to transform and release it's other form.

Homura stops time and throws multiple bombs at Charlotte. Mabayu relays they're done here. Homura bids Charlotte goodbye and prays they never meet again. Time starts up once more and Charlotte is no more.

As Mabayu waits for Homura to return, Sayaka notices her and approaches her. Mabayu curses her ill luck; the surprise of the explosion caused her to nullify her magic. Sayaka warns her to be careful and stay away from where the fire extinguisher just exploded as she watches a crowd of curious onlookers begins to form. Madoka greets Mabayu and thanks her for taking care of Sayaka, as well as for the delicious cakes Sayaka brings her. Mabayu smiles and agrees with how delicious the cakes are, and how tempting it is to eat them in the middle of the night. Madoka is surprised to learn Mabayu knows how she feels, while Mabayu calls it "the devil's temptation". Sayaka asks what Mabayu is doing in a place like this, so Mabayu pretends she's here on a delivery. One of their regulars really wanted some of their cake while they were in the hospital. Sayaka didn't know they did such a thing, but Mabayu lies further and says it's only for some of their regulars. Madoka suggests Sayaka bring Kyosuke some cake as well, so Mabayu asks who Kyosuke is. Sayaka perks up and informs her Kyosuke is her childhood friend so she came to visit him just in case. You know, just in case. Homura telepathically tells her she's done here, so Mabayu makes an excuse and leaves.

Back at the pendulum room, Homura reports success for today's mission then shows Mabayu a flowchart. It summarizes the events she's repeatedly experienced over the course of the different time loops. Mabayu suggests it would be better if she'd created it on a computer rather than by hand, but Homura burns the paper. Even if she were to transcribe it to a physical medium, it would only be reset alongside the timeline so it does her no good unless she can memorize it all. Mabayu compares it to cramming the night before the test and, when Homura asks her what is supposed to happen tomorrow, Mabayu jumps like she's just been given a pop quiz.

Day 16

Madoka is walking Sayaka home after her shift at the café. She thinks Sayaka's uniform is very cute and wishes she could work there too. Nearby but out of view, Mabayu and Homura are watching. Mabayu smiles to herself as she recalls the Madoka of the previous time loop who did work at the café for a time. In the previous loops, Homura had found Hitomi here. She then fondly recalls a quieter, shyer Homura, a Homura who was like a completely different person who would wear glasses and her hair in braided pigtails. Homura warns her to shut up, but Mabayu has just remembered that Sayaka had come to help Madoka in the previous loops. Homura gets a look of concern and asks Mabayu to read her future.

Mabayu sees in the future. In it, she's informing Homura that Sayaka has already contracted with Kyubey, causing Homura to curse. She realized her mistake: by being so focused on protecting Madoka, she completely overlooked Sayaka. Homura leaves Madoka to Mabayu and hurries off. She soon encounters a magical girl Sayaka finishing off some familiars before turning her sights on HN Elly. She deals the finishing blow and the witch is vanquished, taking its barrier with it.

Kyubey congratulates her on her first time fighting witches, and how she might be able to protect the town from witches with her power. Sayaka tells him not to flatter her so much, and Homura agrees with her as she appears. Sayaka recognizes her as the transfer student, then realizes she must be a magical girl due to her attire. She should have figured something was up with the way she kept looking strangely at Madoka. Sayaka was suspicious of Homura from the start, but Homura doesn't care so long as she doesn't allow Madoka to contract as well. She asks Sayaka to promise her she won't be involved with Madoka anymore and warns her she won't allow her to invite Madoka to become a magical girl as well. Sayaka doesn't see why she should have to listen to her. According to Kyubey, Madoka has amazing magical abilities but some mysterious force has been preventing him from approaching her. She asks if Homura is hiding something from her, but Homura only asks her once more if she plans on keeping her promise or not. Sayaka tells her if she won't answer her question, then she can't trust someone like her. In response, Homura asks Sayaka if she'll just keep pretending to be on the side of justice. If that's the case, she won't show any mercy she warns as she pulls out a handgun. If it's for Madoka's sake, she won't hesitate to be evil. Sayaka angrily tells her she never liked her from the moment she first met her, especially her face with that farsighted look like she could see through everything. If Homura wants a fight, Sayaka sees no reason to refuse as a hero of justice. Homura only responds that negotiations have broken down as she prepares herself for a fight. Mabayu telepathically calls out for her to wait, so Homura stops time.

She asks her what she wants. Mabayu asks if she's really planning on killing Sayaka. As far as Homura is concerned, the only thing that matters is keeping Madoka ignorant about the existence of magical girls. If eliminating Sayaka will accomplish, she doesn't see why not. Mabayu reminds her Sayaka is Madoka's friend, and last time she only made a wish because she found out the truth about witches. Homura can't take the risk, but Mabayu makes a last ditch effort and promises she'll be Sayaka's friend. If she becomes good enough friends with Sayaka, Sayaka may confide in her and she may be able to indirectly prevent Madoka from contracting. Homura tells her repeatedly it's impossible while Mabayu repeatedly insists she can do it. Even if Homura doesn't believe her, she's already seen the future where Homura accepts her persuasion. The vision ends with Mabayu asking Homura to accept her words, because this is the future she'll reach. Homura says she'll believe in her and Homura is gone. Time beings once more.

Even though Mabayu knows she'll succeed if she does as her vision showed, it was still quite a chilling progression. Madoka notices Mabayu and the worried look on her face and asks her if she's ok. Mabayu smiles and says it's such a coincidence to run into Madoka here of all places, although inwardly she knows that's a complete lie because she's been trying to stop her on purpose. Madoka asks Mabayu if she's noticed any changes in Sayaka lately. Mabayu recalls Sayaka seemed to have something on her mind lately. They had been having a conversation about movies and Sayaka said it wasn't right that people who worked hard weren't rewarded. As she says this, Mabayu considers the possibility Sayaka brought it up because she had just spoken with Kyubey and so was wondering if she should become a magical girl. Mabayu asks Madoka if Sayaka is the type of person who has a strong sense of justice. Madoka answers honestly, saying Sayaka is very opinionated and stubborn with a tendency to get into fights with people easily. However, she still considers her a really good girl, the type who is kind and brave so she tends to try too hard when she thinks it's for someone else's sake. Mabayu thinks this certainly makes her sound like a hero of justice, but she wonders if Sayaka made her wish to defeat witches or did she wish for something else. Madoka says she'll do whatever she can, but she begs Mabayu to help Sayaka if she is in trouble. Mabayu smiles and promises to do what she can to help out her pretty kouhai and forces an awkward giggle.

Day 17

Sayaka walks to school and happily greets Hitomi and Madoka. However, Madoka becomes startled when she notices Kyubey standing next to Sayaka. Hitomi asks what Madoka is staring at, but Madoka asks if she can't see the cat-like thing before them. Hitomi watches as Madoka seems to be reacting to something and tells her she's saying nonsense to herself. Sayaka figures she must be sleep deprived. Madoka smiles and laughs it off. Mabayu watches the group as she walks not too far behind them. She's displeased but not surprised to find Kyubey has revealed himself to Madoka as soon as he could. She had tried her best to prevent her from meeting Kyubey, but now that Sayaka has made a contract, they won't be able to hide the existence of magical girls any further. She breathes a heavy sigh.

During their lunch break, Sayaka, Madoka, and Kyubey meet up on the roof where Sayaka shows off her transformation and magical girl costume. Madoka thinks it's amazing and asks if Sayaka can also transform into other forms. Sayaka grins sheepishly and admits she's not that kind of magical girl. She compares herself to a fighting beautiful girl, but this causes Madoka to worry about her going off to fight. Nearby, Homura and Mabayu watch as presumably Kyubey gives his usual spiel about magical girls and witches while conveniently leaving out key details. They both agree he's nothing more than a scammer.

Madoka worriedly asks Sayaka if all this isn't dangerous. Sayaka gets serious and tells her she'd be lying if she said her life wasn't in danger. But without her to defeat the witches, the town would be in danger so she thought she'd try out being a hero for justice. Mabayu wonders if perhaps this is what she wished for. When Madoka asks if she can try out being a magical girl, Mabayu mimics Kyubey's usual offer of a contract. Homura tells her to stop it almost immediately, as she had to fight back the urge to just instantly punch her. Sayaka tells Madoka her trial period will consist of watching her as she goes into battle starting with tonight's patrol. That is, after she gets a few things out of the way first. Madoka guesses correctly she'll be heading to the hospital for another visit first. Sayaka chuckles and tries to dodge the answer by warning Madoka about the transfer student. She doesn't know why, but she seems to really care about her. Mabayu thinks she's hit the nail on the head to which Homura has no response. With that out of the way, Mabayu wonders if they shouldn't go ahead and kill all of the witches first but Homura objects. If they do that, there will be no grief seeds for Sayaka and they'll eventually need her help against Walpurgisnacht. Mabayu is surprised to find Homura would want to recruit her as an ally; when she asks her what her plan is for that Homura only wishes her good luck. Mabayu objects at first until Homura reminds her it was her idea to become Sayaka's friend.

Sayaka and Madoka are patrolling a dark alley, following the guiding light of Sayaka's soul gem. They soon come across a barrier created by Anja. Mabayu, camouflaged, watches as they enter the barrier. She recalls that Kyoko had appeared here shortly after, but Homura assures her that won't be happening. The original reason Kyoko was even in Mitakihara was because something was wrong with Mami, so she came over to check in on her friend. This time, however, Mami has gone to Kazamino. So with no Kyoko to interfere, all Sayaka has to do is defeat the familiar by herself. Sayaka warns Madoka to stay out of the way as she attempts to take down the Anjas. However, they're too quick for her and easily outmaneuver her. They circle around and zoom down, attacking Sayaka. Mabayu thinks Sayaka is going to have a hard time of it, but considering Sayaka's unique magic Homura doubts she'll be defeated. Madoka watches as her friend gets attacked, so Kyubey approaches her. Judging by the way Madoka responds, it's most likely he's suggesting she make a contract. Of course Homura can't allow such a thing to happen. Mabayu offers to predict the future, but Homura prefers she conserve her magic for when they really need it, and she certainly doesn't need it for Kyubey killing. She stops time and fires several bullets at both Kyubey and the familiars. She restarts time and Sayaka watches in confusion as the familiars are suddenly defeated. The barrier dissipates.

Homura steps forward and explains Sayaka was struggling quite a bit against them. Sayaka glares as she recognizes her as the transfer student. Homura introduces herself and tells her it's about time she remember her name. Besides that, she's not interested in winning Sayaka's favor. Not when her only purpose is Madoka. She turns to her and gives her her only warning: Sayaka and herself are enough to keep this town safe. If she were to contract with Kyubey, she'd regret it. Sayaka demands to know what she has to do with Madoka and why she's messing with them. If Madoka wants to make a wish, that's for her to choose. Homura stares at Sayaka before telling her she too will understand in time the foolishness of her choices. Sayaka glares back and tells Homura she doesn't like the way her eyes see right through her. She's about to push Homura, but she freezes time before she can do so. Mabayu tells her she went a bit overboard, but Homura knows it won't make sense unless she's hard on Madoka as well as how stubborn Sayaka can be. She's good at playing the stick, so she's leaving it to Mabayu to be the carrot. Mabayu nervously promises she'll try her best.

Day 18

Sayaka cheerfully bids goodbye to a group of customers as they leave the café. Mabayu notes she's been strangely energetic, but Sayaka happily says that's not the case because she's always full of energy. Mabayu knows that's a complete lie and more than likely it's because she just became a magical girl. It's possible her wish was to exterminate witches. As much as she wants to simply ask her directly, she can't because Sayaka still doesn't know Mabayu is a magical girl too. She also has to pretend not to know how contracts work. Friendships are harder than she initially thought. Sayaka listens to the background music of the shop and correctly identifies it as "[[wikipedia:Libiamo ne' lieti calici|Libiamo ne' lieti calici". Mabayu is sure she's heard this song before as well, and recalls it was played at a wedding in a mafia movie. Sayaka tells her the version they're hearing is a piano arrangement, but it was originally used in the opera La traviata. Apparently it's a famous duet that gets Sayaka's heart pumping. She begins to joyfully hum along while Mabayu stares in amazement. She had no idea Sayaka knew so much about classical music. Sayaka, as if she could read her thoughts, asks if she's surprised she knows so much about classical music. Mabayu tries to awkwardly laugh and convince her that's not at all what she was thinking, but even Sayaka can tell she's really bad at lying. Mabayu apologizes, but Sayaka isn't bothered at all since that's the reaction she normally gets. Sakie calls Sayaka over and asks if this is what she had in mind for the cake she ordered. She shows her a turrón, a cake that's a little different from the more glamorous cakes in the shop. It's a sweet that was invented in Italy in the mid-15th century composed of hot honey, meringue, nuts, and dried fruits. Sayaka thinks it matches La Traviata perfectly and buys it immediately. Mabayu is surprised Sayaka didn't just use her employee discount to get the cake for free rather than order like a customer, but Sayaka insists on paying it in full herself when it comes to celebrations. She reminds Mabayu about the friend she had mentioned before, Kyosuke, and informs her he's being discharged from the hospital today. Mabayu can't see what the big deal is, but she can see how happy Sayaka is about it.

Day 20

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 20).

Scene 6 (Sayaka)
Madoka, Hitomi, Kyosuke, and Sayaka (in her work uniform) are at Récompense where they toast to Kyosuke's successful discharge from the hospital. Kyosuke thanks everyone for joining him here today, but Sayaka tells him it's a special occasion so of course the more the merrier. Madoka cheerfully agrees and urges everyone to have fun. Hitomi decides to take this opportunity to get a closer look at Sayaka's maid uniform. Madoka also thinks Sayaka looks cute in the uniform, causing Sayaka to blush and tell them to hurry up and eat the cake instead. Kyosuke stops for a moment as he stares at the cake. He's never seen a cake like it before, but before Sayaka can reply Hitomi interrupts and recognizes it as a turrón. Hitomi has had them before since her chef makes them for her sometimes. It's an Italian sweet from the 15th century. That's when Kyosuke notices the music playing in the café currently is La traviata and asks if it's not related to the cake somehow. Sayaka blushes and admits it was written in Italy at around the same time, so she had been hoping he would understand the connection. Madoka thinks it just sounds like gibberish to her, so Sayaka urges them to eat more cake rather than listen to more trash. Kyosuke happily takes a big bite, then declares it delicious. Sayaka is pleased to see Kyosuke looking so happy. Isn't this great?

Day 22

Sayaka glumly bids some café customers goodbye, then lets out a heavy sigh as Mabayu watches her. She can’t understand why she seems to suddenly be suffering so much when only 4 days ago she was in such an excited mood. Come to think of it, 4 days is plenty of time to initiate and develop a friendship with someone. But instead, Mabayu had been overwhelmed by her own helplessness and ended up just watching movies all the time. Movies are certainly better than reality, but now was not the time to be depressed. Now that Sayaka was the depressed one, it was time for her to act. She approaches Sayaka and asks her if anything is wrong since she seems so down. At first Sayaka tells her it’s nothing, but after a moment she asks her if she has a favorite person. Mabayu immediately asks if she’s referring to who her favorite movie actor is, which causes Sayaka to look away and blame herself for asking Mabayu of all people. Mabayu realizes her mistake and gets Sayaka to keep talking with her. She gives the question some thought and tells her she’s never really thought about what she likes in a person. She doesn’t mean just men in a romantic sense, more like she’s just not good with people in general. Sayaka somehow knew it already, then begins asking a bunch of questions about what she should say, or what her true feelings really are. She can’t seem to shake this foggy feeling that’s come over her and wishes she could just erase all the memories. Mabayu asks what she would then do if she could hypothetically erase her memories. If she could just bop her head with a rock and erase the memories, would she? Sayaka admits even if it were possible, she’d probably choose to keep them. If she were to go through with it, she’d feel like she was losing. Mabayu smiles and tells her the best cure for a foggy feeling is to do something so hard you forget everything else. For example, Mabayu likes to sit warm and cozy at her kotatsu and immerse herself in a movie. Admittedly it’s an escape from reality, but maybe she could consider the notion. Sayaka repeats her words of advice, then brightens up and thanks her. It really clarified a lot of things for her, and she doesn’t feel like she can talk about these kinds of things with her friends, so Mabayu really helped her out. Mabayu smiles back and tells her she’s happy to help her out whenever she needs. Inwardly, Mabayu is a bit glum about how the situation turned out. A senpai isn’t necessarily a friend.

It's late in the evening when Sayaka meets up with Madoka down by the river. Sayaka has a serious expression on her face and seems to be lost in thought. Madoka asks her if she’s ok, but Sayaka doesn’t respond immediately. She asks Madoka what she means by that, however Madoka has noticed how Sayaka had been depressed all day. She tries to tell her it’s just her imagination, but Madoka isn’t fooled. They’ve known each other too long and see each other daily for her not to notice. Sayaka thanks her, then assures her she doesn’t have to worry anymore. Sayaka will continue to defeat the witches and, even if she gets depressed or starts hating on herself, she can accept that part of herself so long as she continues to protect the town as a hero of justice. Sayaka insists she’s fine now, although she’d still appreciate it if Madoka could stay by her side and watch over her. She smiles once more as they head off to exterminate witches, but Madoka still looks concerned as she follows along. Nearby, Mabayu and Homura watch the exchange. Mabayu is glad to see Sayaka has become more positive, and now that she’s gotten better at fighting witches maybe she won’t have to use her future vision. Homura shakes her head; this kind of situation can be dangerous, especially since Madoka isn’t acting like usual. She asks Mabayu to look into the future anyways. Mabayu doubts it but does as she’s told.

Having seen the vision, Mabayu tells Homura she is in awe of her. Somehow it was like Homura could see right into Madoka’s psychology, because according to the vision Madoka is going to try to make a contract with Kyubey.

Sayaka attacks Elsa Maria, but she’s panting hard. Madoka is concerned, but Sayaka tells her not to worry. She can’t keep being a magical girl if she’s going to be intimidated by an enemy like this. Sayaka attacks the witch once more, but the witch retaliates and injures Sayaka. Mabayu, camouflaged, watches the fight. Homura wants to jump in to help already, but Mabayu’s vision told her Sayaka would be too uptight and it would only make things worse if she were to jump in halfway. She cautions Homura to be a little more patient, as the witch will soon reveal its weakness. Once more Sayaka and the witch trade blows, but Sayaka is determined not to lose. Madoka turns to Kyubey and asks if Sayaka could be saved if she were to contract. Homura sees red the moment she sees Kyubey, but once more Mabayu warns her to be patient. Madoka asks Kyubey to make her a magical girl. The moment the words leave her mouth, Mabayu gives the signal. Homura immediately freezes time. The duo split up, with Homura taking care of defeating the witch while Mabayu takes care of killing Kyubey. Having done their parts, Homura starts time once more. Both Kyubey and the witch are suddenly riddled with bullets, while a large explosion finishes off the witch. Sayaka watches in confusion as the barrier dissipates. She soon spots Homura, however, and hisses her name. Madoka is at first confused by the series of events, but becomes distraught when she notices Kyubey’s hole-riddled body. Much to Mabayu’s surprise, Sayaka immediately lunges at Homura in an attack, but Homura is quicker and freezes time once more.

Homura is upset with how Sayaka reacted, as if she didn’t even know who her enemy is anymore. Mabayu apologizes for not having seen this far into the future, however Homura isn’t concerned. It’s a simple matter to dodge Sayaka’s attack. She steps to one side then restarts time. Sayaka curses as she misses the attack. Homura offers her the grief seed to keep and advises her to get better. Sayaka is pissed, and angrily tells Homura she shouldn’t expect to be thanked for that. Sayaka will never be what Homura wants. She lunges at Homura once more and stabs one of the metal pipes, releasing hot steam all around. The steam is too hot for Mabayu to stand, and without her realizing it both her camouflage and her transformed state are cancelled, leaving Mabayu in plain sight. Madoka immediately notices her and asks if she’s ok as Sayaka asks what she's doing here. She tells them she's fine, and how she followed after Sayaka because of how strange she's been acting lately. Madoka hadn't realized that at all. Sayaka glares at Mabayu, calling her a terrible liar as she points her saber at her.

Madoka tries to step in as Mabayu yelps in surprise, but Sayaka warns her to get away from her. Mabayu is a traitor. When Mabayu tries to defend herself, Sayaka tells her to cut the lies. She can smell the gunpowder that shot Kyubey. She grabs ahold of Mabayu and frisks her sweater, pulling out the borrowed handgun. She asks if she got it from Homura, then accuses them of being in league. She twists Mabayu's arm, but doesn't let go despite her wincing in pain. Homura approaches her and demands Sayaka stop it. Sayaka only tightens her grip on Mabayu as she angrily asks Homura if she doesn't care what happens to her friend's life. Homura frowns but doesn't make another move. Mabayu squirms as she realizes the predicament they're in: so long as Sayaka holds onto Mabayu, Homura can't freeze time without her still being able to move.

Sayaka turns back to Mabayu and accurately guesses the only reason she was asked to help out at the cafe was to keep an eye on her at all times. Mabayu shakes her head and swears she was only trying to help, none of that was her intentions. Sayaka can't trust anything she says now, and suddenly yells out in pain as she's shot. She let's go of Mabayu as Homura takes a second shot, then yells out for Mabayu to hurry and run. However, Sayaka gives chase and quickly catches up to them. Homura steps in between them and promises to show no mercy if this is the path Sayaka has chosen. Madoka cries out for them to stop, catching the attention of all 3 girls as they stare at her now dressed as a magical girl. Sayaka stares wide-eyed as she asks if Madoka made her wish for her sake. Sayaka smiles as she apologizes for being late, but she's decided to fight by Sayaka's side. Sayaka smiles happily in return.

Homura stops time. Mabayu looks heartbroken but Homura tries to play it off coolly. She tells her there's no point in lamenting what can't be undone. The Madoka of this world has made a contract, most likely to end Sayaka's suffering since she had no other choice.

Day 23

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 23).

Scene 7 (Sayaka)
Sayaka and Madoka are talking by the river as the sun sets. With their different magics, long-range and short-range, Madoka believes they're the perfect match against witches. Sayaka agrees they make a good team. Since she's still so new at it and Sayaka has been at it longer, Madoka asks her for pointers. Sayaka gives it some thought before asking Madoka to call her senpai since she's the senior. Sayaka demands she be called senpai but Madoka laughs and tells her no. That's when they notice Hitomi talking with Kyosuke off in the nearby distance. They can see them talking, but aren't close enough to hear anything. Sayaka looks at the ground glumly before trying to laugh it off. Maybe they're on a date since Hitomi's confession went well? The two of them do look like a couple in love. Madoka gets serious and asks Sayaka if she's ok. Sayaka puts on a big smile and asks what she's talking about. She pretends to suddenly understand she was referring to the whole Kyosuke thing before flatly denying it. She insists her and Kyosuke are just childhood friends with a rotten relationship, unlike Hitomi who is a good girl so she hopes they do end up together. No, if anything she feels relieved at the sight. Super relieved.

Day 32

Homura and Mabayu stand in her pendulum room. Mabayu has just finished seeing into the future through Homura's eyes. According to her, Homura should be able to safely rewind time.

Outside, Walpurgisnacht cackles eerily as Sayaka and Madoka prepare to face it head on. Madoka seems worried, so Sayaka tells her it'll be ok so long as they fight together. Camoflauged, Mabayu watches as they head into battle. She longed to tell them to wait just a little more. Four of them can fight better than only two of them can. As far as this Sayaka is concerned, Mabayu and Homura are enemies and traitors. According to her future vision, if she were to call out to them it would only serve to distract them. Mabayu knows deep down she's just using it an excuse for being shy and withdrawn. All she can do is watch as Sayaka and Madoka unleash their attacks on Walpurgisnacht, but the feeble attacks do no damage and the witch brutally attacks the two magical girls. Sayaka and Madoka are struck down as they cry out in pain. Homura appears besides Mabayu, a pained look on her face as she admits she can't take anymore of this. Mabayu asks her to please go ahead, and promises they won't make the same mistakes again. Homura turns her shield, then resets time.

Key Points

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  • Day 6: I begin keeping an eye on Madoka and Sayaka while trying not to reveal my true identity.
  • Day 11: Sayaka starts helping out at Récompense.
  • Day 16: Before I knew it, Sayaka had signed a contract.
  • Day 22: My relationship with Sayaka falls apart after my secret of being a magical girl is revealed. Madoka makes a contract for Sayaka.


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