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By repeating the same time over and over again, Mabayu realizes that she is losing touch with those who were close to her. By cutting out her memory of Kyosuke taking it out on her, she succeeded in erasing the trigger that led to Sayaka deciding to sign a magical girl contract, and succeeded in also removing Madoka's motivation for signing the contract. However, on the day of the battle against Walpurgisnacht... When Madoka sees Homura's condition, she fulfills her magical girl contract. At this time, she was already carrying enough karma to almost achieve Kyubey's energy recovery quota.


Day 1

The torchlight burns out and becomes a phantom.

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki. She wakes up screaming and panting as a terrified Sakie bursts into the room and asks what's wrong. She manages to calm down and tells her aunt it was all just a dream. Sakie seems a little relieved and asks her if she stayed up late watching a scary movie before going to sleep. Mabayu lies as she tells her that must be it.

Mabayu meets up with Homura in her room at the hospital. There, Homura asks her if she got what she wanted. Mabayu nods and apologizes for all the trouble she's caused, but Homura isn't phased in the least. If anything, she was half prepared for that ending although she had been hoping it wouldn't come to that. They can never be in the same position as the rest of them, which means Mabayu and Sayaka will never be true friends anymore. If Mabayu wants to do something for her, then she can't repeat the mistakes of the previous time loop.

Day 15

The bell on the café door rings as Sayaka cheerfully shows a customer to her seat. As Mabayu watches her, she thinks to herself about how she thought she understood everything only to find she didn't understand anything at all. Even though she's only met Nagisa once, she'll only end up repeating the same time span with people other than her over and over again. Each time the loop is reset, the distance between her and her loved ones only grows. By now the distance between Homura and Madoka is irreversible, and yet Homura continues to pray for Madoka's happiness. Mabayu thinks HOmura is a very strong person. Sayaka breaks Mabayu's train of thought by letting her know they've gotten an order for her latte art. Mabayu tells her she's on it, but Sayaka shakes her head and tells Mabayu to at least put in some effort for her pay. Mabayu forces a laugh as Sayaka goes back to waiting tables. She can't bring herself to manipulate Sayaka and get her to like her again, so she can't be friends with Sayaka this time. Now she's just some useless senpai in the cake shop who has no communication skills.

Day 16

Kyousuke breaks down crying in frustration. He holds up his hand as he laments his situation. With a hand like this, he can't even feel pain much less get the fingers to move. Sayaka attempts to console him by encouraging him not to give up, but Kyosuke cuts her off once more. Even his doctor has told him to give up on his dream of ever playing the violin again. Current medical technology just isn't enough and it would take a miracle at this point. Seized by heartrending feelings, Sayaka looks on, determined at last. She cries out, "Miracles and magic do exist!" as she looks up to find Kyubey's silhouette in the window. Mabayu, who had been watching this entire time, knows that this is the point at which Kyubey calls to Sayaka and then they head up to the roof. So she needs to catch her before she does that.

Out in the hospital corridor, Sayaka stands sad and alone. Mabayu calls out her name, making her appearance. Sayaka asks her senpai what she's doing here. Mabayu tells her she ended up hearing her voice just now while she was running a delivery. When Sayaka asks if she overheard anything, Mabayu shakes her head and assures her all she recognized was her voice but none of the words. She asks Sayaka to stick out her hand, and when Sayaka gives her a confused look, she reminds her she borrowed something from her before. Sayaka doesn't know what she's talking about, but does as she's told after Mabayu insists once more. She grabs hold of Sayaka's hand, then telepathically calls out to Homura, who proceeds to freeze time. Sayaka looks around but doesn't understand what's going on. Mabayu explains she stopped time, and Sayaka can see that the hands on the clocks have stopped moving. She then transforms and explains she's also a magical girl.

She apologizes to Sayaka for not having told her earlier. Sayaka asks her if that's the reason why she approached her. Mabayu nods and explains she had done so to keep an eye on her so she doesn't get fooled by Kyubey. She asks her what she was going to wish for. Sayaka looks down and admits it was to heal Kyosuke's hand. Mabayu asks her why she decided on it today of all days. Sayaka continues to look down as she explains how Kyosuke told her his hand would never work properly again unless it was through a miracle or magic. Mabayu has a look of concern on her face as she asks Sayaka if it was painful when Kyosuke took his frustrations out on her. She assures Sayaka she won't have to suffer anymore as she takes out her scissors. Sayaka is thinking about the painful conversation she just had, and just like that with the sound of a snip the film of her memories is cut. As Sayaka stands in a momentary daze, Mabayu calls out to Homura to let her know she's done and proceeds to detransform. Time resumes as Sayaka looks about her. Mabayu smiles and cheerfully bids Sayaka goodbye until they meet again at the shop. She's still slightly confused, but Sayaka returns the farewell. She walks back into Kyosuke's hospital room and apologizes for being a little dazed. She promises to visit him again and then leaves.

Up on the hospital's rooftop, Homura waits for Mabayu. When she gets there, she tries to warn Homura about Kyubey's presence, but it seems she's already taken care of that little problem for now. The important thing is they learned that Sayaka's decisive moment was when Kyosuke threw the blame on her for his situation. With that memory gone, she won't need to contract. Mabayu agrees, then asks her a question which Homura finishes for her: isn't her power be a bit omnipotent if she can just conveniently erase memories however she wants in order to manipulate others? Mabayu doesn't agree that it's all-powerful, since her target has to be thinking of the memory so she can 'edit' the film of their memories. She can't forcefully delete them if they don't think of them. If she's being honest, she wants to avoid using this kind of cheat that manipulates the minds of others as much as possible. Homura agrees with this sentiment. She believes it's cruel to say that "ignorance is bliss" with this context, but surely her efforts will be rewarded since this should guarantee that Madoka won't contract.

Day 17

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 17).

Scene 1 (Sayaka)
Sayaka asks Kyosuke how he's feeling as she enters his hospital room. When he only looks up sadly at her, she asks what's wrong. Kyosuke blurts out an apology for yesterday and says how embarrassed he was because of what he'd done. He had hit Sayaka after saying his injuries were worse than he'd imagined. Even if he did that, nothing was going to change. Sayaka was always worrying about him even as she said such terrible things to him. Confused, Sayaka asks if it was something she said. She laughs it off as her not remembering much and instead says it's thanks to the way he can face himself that gives her the strength to face her own weaknesses without running away. Kyosuke was just being Kyosuke. Although, she muses it would be nice if miracles and magic were real. But even if they're not, she has full confidence Kyosuke will be able to stand on his own two feet again once more. Kyosuke doubts he can do it, but Sayaka promises to be right there beside him to support him. He thanks her and smiles.

Day 32

Sayaka and Kyosuke listen as the news announces an emergency evacuation order due to abnormal weather. She nudges Kyosuke and reminds him the doctor told them they had to evacuate to the nearest emergency shelter. However, Kyosuke refuses to budge. The two of them sit still as a heavy silence descends upon the room. After some time, Kyosuke asks her why she's even here when she should be evacuating with the others. Sayaka smiles and tells him she's not going to leave his side, so if he's worried about her then he'll just have to run away together with her. She continues to sit by his side, smiling happily. After a few minutes, Kyosuke makes up his mind and asks her to go get a wheelchair then. Somehow, she knew he would change his mind so she came already prepared. Mabayu, in camouflage, smiles to herself as she watches the conversation take place. Kyosuke looks much better now and she knows there's no wound that can't heal when you have someone by your side supporting you. Sayaka gives a small laugh as they hurry to the shelter before the rain comes pouring down.

Outside, Walpurgisnacht cackles eerily as the two magical girls prepare to face it head on. They prepare for the battle by having Mabayu read Homura's future.

Homura asks how it looks. When Mabayu doesn't answer right away, she figures it must be another loss. Mabayu tells her she'll be able to safely rewind time but Walpurgisnacht won't be defeated. Homura doesn't care; as far as she's concerned Madoka managed to make greet this day as a human. It's a small victory for her, but a victory nonetheless. The two begin the fight against the monstrous witch, slicing and shooting at her. The witch laughs off the feeble attacks and strikes back at Homura knocking her to one side.

Thus far this is the future Mabayu had seen. They'd been planning their countermeasures for a long time, but they won't be able to defeat her this time. Before she knows it, she's hit violently and thrown to one side. Homura calls out her name. Even if their fates won't change, she won't stop struggling to the bitter end. She freezes time and shoots as many bullets and bombs as she can at Walpurgisnacht before restarting time. This seems to only irritate the witch as it picks up a skyscraper and hurls it at Homura, injuring her greatly.

Scene 2 (Madoka)
Madoka stands in the empty school gymnasium, now a makeshift shelter for the impending natural disaster. They had called it abnormal weather on the television, but she has the feeling this isn't just a storm. Her mother Junko approaches her and asks what's wrong, but Madoka smiles and says she just needs the bathroom. She leaves the area and finds Kyubey. She voices her suspicions about the storm, which Kyubey confirms. To most people this would seem like a natural disaster but he can feel the powerful magical signature of a witch. The only way to prevent any damage is to defeat the witch. Most likely as not, her classmates are currently fighting said witch. Madoka whispers Homura's name, then stands silently for a moment before determining to go. Kyubey urges her to hurry. (same as in episode 11)

Madoka and Kyubey watch from the sidelines as the terrible battle rages on. Madoka thinks it's too much and shouldn't be happening. Homura manages to pick herself up only to see Madoka watching in the distance. She cries out for her not to listen to his lies but her words fall on empty ears. Madoka continues her conversation with Kyubey, asking if it's really true she can do something, can she really change this ending? Homura cries out once more for her to stop, but her wish is in vain. Madoka glows with a pink light as she vows to change the future.

Kyubey and Homura survey the wasteland around them as Kriemhild Gretchen towers menacingly over the ruins of the city. Kyubey thinks Madoka was really amazing when she transformed. He knew she would become the most powerful magical girl in the world, but even he wasn't expecting her to take down Walpurgisnacht with a single shot. Homura, looking down at the ground, listlessly asks if he knew what would happen afterwards. Considering there's only one end for magical girls sooner or later, it was only natural she who was the world's strongest magical girl would then become the world's strongest witch after that. As she is now, he estimates it will only take Madoka about 10 days to destroy the entire planet. Oh, well. Whatever happens next is humanity's problem, not theirs. They have all the energy they need now and their quota has almost been met. Inwardly Mabayu curses him. She knew his motives were the worst, but his hidden agenda is just pure scum. As Homura stands, she turns to walk away. Kyubey asks if she isn't going to fight her, but Homura's battlefield lies elsewhere. Kyubey is about to say something, but it's too late. Homura turns her shield, then resets time. (Same as in episode 10)

Key Points

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  • Day 16: I erased from Sayaka's mind the memory of Kyosuke taking it out on her.
  • Day 32: Madoka and Sayaka have not signed a contract, but after seeing Homura's fight, Madoka signs a contract.


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