Minor Characters (Kazumi Magica)

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A list of all minor characters from Puella Magi Kazumi Magica.

Narumi Serizawa

Narumi Serizawa (芹沢ナルミ Serizawa Narumi) was the novelist Umika had initially approached in chapter 10 to publish her work "Maps, Letter And Your Song" but ended up plagiarizing it. They're not clearly seen in the story, only mentioned.

Sumire Akane

Sumire Akane (茜すみれ Akane Sumire) was a magical girl who ended up getting her soul gem stolen by the Pleiades Saints at the start of Chapter 7.

Slice Akiyama

Slice Akiyama (スライス秋山 Suraisu Akiyama) was a celebrity chef who was scheduled to compete against Yuuri in a cooking contest.

Kaede Hinata

One of many magical girls that the Pleiades Saints hunted down and trapped inside the Freezer. She's the only one of these girls who is named besides Akane Sumire. Nothing is known of her besides her name. It's not even clear which name is her surname and which is her given name.


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