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Uwasa with Archive Data

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Uwasa of the Saint of Kamihama (神浜聖女のウワサ, lit. Rumor of Kamihama’s Holy Maiden)

EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Rumor of Kamihama’s Holy Maiden! A cool, shiny saint has appeared in Kamihama, making her grand descent amidst rays of heavenly light!! With just one outstretched hand of salvation, any girl with a wounded heart will be head over heels! She’ll become part of the Holy Maiden that’ll lead us all to liberation, and work her very hardest as its arms and legs! It’s a rumor that EVERYONE named Mami Tomoe is talking about. Please deliver us~!”

NA Release: Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Rumor of the Saint of Kamihama! A resplendent saint has descended upon Kamihama, accompanied by rays of holy light! She need only reach out her hand to soothe the pain of any brokenhearted girls and bring them salvation. They will be mesmerized by the Holy Maiden of Liberation and do her every bidding! This one's got Mami Tomoe super interested. Deliver us!

Uwasa Rumors

Rumor of the Receiver Pendants

“My, have you heard? Who’d you hear it from? The Rumor of the Receiver Pendants! Whenever you’re scared, sad, lack confidence, or just don’t want to think, voila– you can take one of these! Put it on, and 'poof!’, your heart and mind will be a nice blank page. They can get rid of any emotion at all! But you’d better take care, because you’ll turn into a receiver that’ll listen to anything the Magius tell you. It’s a rumor that ALL the members of the Wings of Magius are talking about. Order awa~ay!”

NA Release: "Have you heard? Has anyone told you? The Rumor of the Receiver Pendant. When you're feeling unconfident, when you're scared, when you don't want to think about anything... This is all you need! Your mind and heart will go numb and you won't feel any more pesky emotions! But be careful when you use it! This receiver will make you follow any order from the Magius. It's the hottest rumor among the Wings of the Magius! Your wish is my command!"

Uwasa of the Eternal Sakura

“Somewhere, there’s a great grassy field big enough for everyone to run around, and a great big cherry tree for everyone to sit and watch the flowers under. One day, when the three girls in the hospital have gotten all better and gone out into the world, they and the girl who always came to see them will meet each other again there. Then, that great big cherry tree will bloom to its fullest, celebrating their happy reunion.”

NA Release: "In a field so wide and broad that everyone could run around it at once, and everyone could sit comfortably to watch the blossoms, there stood a grand sakura tree. One day, three little girls taken into hospital care will get healthy enough to leave the hospital and go there. There they'll reunite with the last girl, who always came to visit them. And when that happens, the huge tree will burst into full bloom to celebrate the four girls' reunion."


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