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A mobile shooting game. You playing Homura to shoot enemies in a witch's labyrinth, and finally kill the witch. The player gets three lives to control the magical girl Homura and clear stages.

It is scheduled to release for Android devices in December 2011, for 600 yen.


The view is from 3rd person perspective. The touch screen is used as a gamepad. Players can control Homura's movement, jump, shoot and set bomb as you want. After minions or witches are killed, a new weapon or items may drop. Initially you only own a pistol, but then you can pick up more potent weapons and magic later. You have to carefully select your weapon to defeat enemies efficiently. You can also cast magic, but your soul gem will be dimmed if you do so. However, players can also pick up items to restore their health and purify Homura's Soul Gem.

The game has three difficulty levels, and as the player defeats each stage boss, images from notable anime scenes will be unlocked in the game's gallery page.

Screenshot Samples

TPS Featuring Homura Gameplay 01.jpg TPS Featuring Homura Gameplay 02.jpg TPS Featuring Homura Gameplay 03.jpg


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