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Patricia (PATRICIA) is one of the witches that appeared in Episode 10. She makes a reappearance in Madoka Magica Portable, Madoka Magica Mobage, The Battle Pentagram, Magia Record and the Magia Record Anime. Her familiars make a brief appearance in The Rebellion Story.

Witch Card

Card Patricia.png



TypeClass representative witch
EpisodesEpisode 10, Magia Record, Magia Record Episode 14

The class representative witch. Her nature is to remain an onlooker. Using the spiderlike threads which she vomits forth, she created a school for herself alone within the sky of her barrier and endlessly acts out an ordinary daily student life there. If you ring the going-home bell, this witch will likely return to her house somewhere.


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TypeClass representative witch's minion
EpisodesEpisode 10, The Rebellion Story, Magia Record, Magia Record Episode 14

The class representative witch's minions. Their role is to be her classmates. Although the skates on their feet allow them to glide gracefully along the threads, all of them are actually controlled by the witch using her threads, and they have no will of their own.


Original Anime

Patricia and her familiars appear in Episode 10. They're seen fighting Mami, Homura and Madoka. Patricia attacks by sending Mathieu flying out of her skirt. Mami uses her ribbons to join together the clotheslines of the labyrinth so the girls can fight more easily. Homura defeats Patricia by pausing time and throwing a pipe bomb up her skirt.

The Rebellion Story

Only Patricia's familiars: Mathieu reappear in The Rebellion Story. They're seen fighting against the Clara Dolls to protect Madoka and Nagisa.

Madoka Magica Portable

Patricia and her familiars reappear in the game Madoka Magica Portable as enemies. There is a new type of Mathieu in the game that looks more like a teacher. While Patricia's familiars can appear in any Mysterious Witch's barriers, Patricia appears as the boss of the 10th floor of the Oblivious barrier.

Magia Record

Patricia description

The Chairperson Witch. Her nature is a bystander. This Witch spins spider-like threads to create its own special school inside its Labyrinth. Before turning into a Witch, she was a serious student that didn't stand out, so she continues to repeat those dreary school days together with her Familiars. Even now, if she hears the school bell announcing the end of the day, she may head home, wherever that may be. When humans wander into her Labyrinth, they fall endlessly and eventually melt into the sky, feeding her. She does not attack anyone directly unless they are a scary intruder who disturbs her daily routines.

Mathieu description

Minions of the Chairperson Witch. Their role is to be classmates. Although they glide gracefully on ice skates, these familiars are just mindless puppets on wires being manipulated by their Witch. When the Witch was still a girl she always hung her head in shame, so it is enough for her if her classmates have legs. Since they don't need school uniform shirts, their unneeded tops hang on clotheslines throughout the Labyrinth. Since as a girl the Witch was always looking out the window in class, the classrooms in her Labyrinth are minimalistic to an extreme, but judging from the indoor shoes that her Familiars wear, it is indeed indoors.

Magia Record Anime

Patricia appears in Episode 14 of the Magia Record Anime. She first appears at the beginning with all three girls fighting her however they fail and have to escape. The next day, Homura finds Patricia's labyrinth again with witch kissed humans outside. She decides to fight Patricia alone to save them. Both Homura and Madoka initially struggle before Sayaka arrives. They decide they can fight together even though they all know the truth about magical girls and witches and are able to defeat Patricia.


  • As shown in episode 10, she appeared in 2nd timeline, and was defeated by Mami, Madoka and Homura. But the cover of Blu-Ray Volume 5 shows all 5 magical girls fighting against her. It is suspected that she also appears in other timelines.
    • This is confirmed in episode 14 of Magia Record, where she is shown being beaten by Madoka, Sayaka and Homura
  • Patricia is the feminine version of the name Patrick which comes form the word Patrician. In Ancient Rome, the class of Patricians is known as the high-class of Ancient Rome. This might refer to how her profile indicates that she was a class representative before becoming a Witch
  • Mathieu may be named after actor Mathieu-Émile Balanqué, who first portrayed Mephistopheles in the 1859 premier of the French opera Faust, loosely based on Goethe's own adaptation of the legend of Faust
  • Patricia and her labyrinth are changed in the Magia Record Anime compared to the original anime and media before it
    • The labyrinth now features more utility poles with mechanical objects and arms sticking out of them
    • Patricia's witch kiss is more detailed
    • Patricia is shown to be able to raise and lower herself with spider-like web. This same web can be used to entrap others
    • Patricia has a golden emblem of her witch kiss on her clothes.
  • Due to her design of arms coming from her skirt and spider theming, its possible she became a Witch due to sexual assault.


  • The Guidebook states that Patricia's labyrinth is the sky with the line, "It's raining again today. How long will I continue to be unlucky for?" (今日という日が雨だなんて私はどれほどついていないんだろう). According with the description when the Witch dies it rains heavily and there is the sound like an aircraft crashing
  • In the TBS version of the broadcast, spider-like patterns are added to the underside of Patricia's skirt
  • Mathieu are absent in the original manga adaptation but return in the 10th anniversary reprint manga
  • Patricia became the first witch to have a alternate form in Magia record.


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