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Genga Booru is a new tool for the Madoka fandom, developed with an eye towards enabling future research. It consists of the eleven published Madoka production material books (2 Production Note & 2 Inu Curry Note & 7 Key Animation Note), empowered by Gelbooru tagging system. The goal is to make these production material easily accessible and searchable.

For example, if you want to look up how design of Madoka iterated throughout production, reference material for Kamijou's hospital ward, or line arts for every magical girl henshin (transformation), simply search with the appropriate tag or combination of tags. All the key framed are properly IDed as well, and credited to their animator when possible. Hopefully this makes it easier to appreciate on how individual animators help bring this show to life.

Key Animation Note 3-6, Extra still needs to be tagged


Those with experience with other image boorus like Danbooru and Sakuga Booru (or the sister project to Genga Booru: Mobage Booru) would be familiar with how things work. Tags correspond to Danbooru and Sakuga Booru whenever possible:


Production Flow


Only genga are tagged by episode, not settei.