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A personal list of projects I want to do on this wiki.

Status Task Progress
In progress Go through Magia Record events and find all of the minor organizations. In Progress.
Not Started Go through Homulilly's and Kriemhild's galleries to find images relating to UM and DH. Not Started.
Not Started That thing that happened to the Madoka Page a few weeks ago, look into that table at the top of it. Not Started.

Currently writing my own original PM story. On this wiki, I hope I can clean up a few things and add pages when I can, as long as I am free.

I know every character, Witch, Familiar, Uwasa, Minor Uwasa, and Doppel. Try me.

My Discord code is #5222, and the name is Amaterasu-23. I am a mix of on and off, here, so I may not respond immediately.

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Original Story

This section contains fanart images

Everything in the following fan gallery is created, or the comments accompanying them are created, for entertainment value and should not be confused with actual canon events of the Puella Magi franchise.

Ryuko, a Puella Magi who has been in the position for two years, does not know her wish. In fact, neither does Kyubey, nor anyone she knows. All Ryuko knows is that her ability is the erasure of memory. What did she want to forget? Why forget her wish, of all things? What did she do?

The town she is in is heavily overpopulated with Puella Magi. If one enters a witches labyrinth, it is more than likely more than one girl has entered. Every month, the death of at least five magical girls is found, meaning the police are on high alert in the area. There are many factions in the city.

Watchers, who attempt to make peace in the city. Their leader is a girl by the name of Yukiko.

The Last Bastion, who are allies with the Watchers. They try their best to keep the girls from killing each other. Their leader is Kokomi.

Saints of Aegis, a group dedicated to the salvation of the Puella Magi, at any cost. Their leader is unknown.

Scarlet Crow, a group convinced that the only way to save the city is by culling the "evil" Puella Magi. They are in direct opposition to the Watchers.

Rumour has it that there is another group in the city, but the information about them is scarce.

With Ryuko's power of memory erasure, she can wipe clean anyones memory of an event, including her own, simply by shooting herself or anyone else in the head. Using this power, Ryuko has fought with and forgotten many Puella Magi. One such Magi was a girl by the name of Satoko, Ryuko's and Hoshiko's first mentor. In the aftermath of a fight with a Witch, Ryuko was forced to put Satoko out of her misery. Hoshiko, seeing this from behind the rubble but not knowing why Ryuko murdered Satoko, made her wish.


Ryuko Hirota
Physical Features
Age 14
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Grey
Soul Gem Rhombus on her hat.
Weapon Twin pistols.
Witch Form Perce
Powers and Abilities Memory Erasure
Wish "I want everyone forget what just happened, including me. Do it now, Kyubey!" (After murdering the kids at school who bullied her).
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives Unnamed mother, deceased father.
Origins Japan
School Mizutoshi Middle School
Kokomi Yong
Physical Features
Age 16
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Soul Gem Magatama on belt
Weapon Bo staff
Witch Form Zetian
Powers and Abilities Revitalization (She can sacrifice herself to keep others alive.)
Wish "Please... save me!" (After being caught in the crossfire from Ryuko's revenge.)
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives Unnamed father, deceased sister.
Origins Japan (Father from China)
School Mizutoshi High School
Himari Kisaki
Physical Features
Age 13
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Pink
Soul Gem Hyacinth emblem on boot
Weapon Dual knives
Witch Form Kempeitai
Powers and Abilities Predict (She can predict the actions of an enemy.)
Wish "Please... if it stops this... give me the power to read minds!"
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives Deceased grandparents, abusive parents.
Origins Japan
School Not attending
Hoshiko Hanabasu
Physical Features
Age 14
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Soul Gem Rose emblem on glove.
Weapon Bow & Arrow, twin blades.
Witch Form Chiomara
Powers and Abilities Denial of Fate (Ryuko cannot turn into a witch until Hoshiko causes a fatal wound.)
Wish I want to kill her... I want to kill her with my own hands!
Japanese pronoun Unknown
Known relatives None known.
Origins Japan
School Not attending

Those are the protagonists.


Perse (PERSE), Ryuko's Witch. "The Witch of lost memories, her form is a skeleton infected with pomegranates. Her nature is grasping at memories sealed away. She entangles her victims and sucks their memories away, hoping to regain her own. When the victim is but an empty husk, she throws them away for her familiars, the Cerberi (CERBERI), to consume. Their form is of a dog, without a head but instead the buds of a pomegranate. Every day, the crown she wears grows tighter, causing more and more agony and desperation."

Zetian (ZETIAN), Kokomi's Witch. "The Witch of executions, her form is a pair of twin horses and chariots each dragging one half of a body. Her nature is running from her fate. Her familiars, the Caishikou (CAISHIKOU), clap endlessly for her coming execution. Their form is that of spectators, not human but instead walking flasks of wine. If interrupted, her familiars begin to grow angry and mangle the interrupter, throwing their body into the Witches path and laughing as she tramples them to death. Zetian constantly begs to deaf ears."

Kempeitai (KEMPEITAI), Himari's Witch. "The Witch of torture, her form is a giant bamboo sprout, covered in eyes. Her nature is all-seeing. Her familiars, the Ana-Tsurushi (ANA-TSURUSHI), torture their victims. Their form is a well with ropes, reaching for those who dare approach them before dragging them in. Kempeitai sees the death around her and laughs in the voice of a baby."

Chiomara (CHIOMARA), Hoshiko's Witch. "The Witch of revenge, her form is a guillotine. Her nature is decapitation. Her familiars, the Gnaeus (GNAEUS), stand ready for their execution. Their form is that of a crowned frog. Chiomara travels using the blood of the dead as her fuel. Her familiars, waiting for their execution, are excited to see what will come next."


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