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Summarizing Yozuru's MSS here

I don't think this could be used for the wiki, but feel free to rewrite it.

The story takes place one day, when Mifuyu worries about the potential harm that Pure Care, the new adjuster team, could cause harm. In order to confirm that they were really neutral, Mifuyu went to their base vehicle to observe and saw Yozuru who was humming a song and doing cleanup inside the vehicle.The Impression that Yozuru gave Mifuyu was that she was the most serious and down-to-earth of the 3 Adjusters, so Mifuyu planned to observe her actions to gather information. Yozuru flipped open a notebook in the car and smiled, and Mifuyu wondered what was written in it. Considering the worst-case scenario, Mifuyu feared that the notepad contained a plan to attack Kamihama. At that moment, Yozuru came out of the car, while Mifuyu even hid aside and watched Yozuru walk away, and chased after her. While Yozuru walked a long way, Mifuyu followed her all the way and found her finally entering Banbanzai. Tsuruno's father warmly serves Yozuru a meal, so Mifuyu is surprised to find that Yozuru is a regular here and suspects that she has come to Tsuruno's house to spy on the enemy. Eventually, Yozuru finished her meal and talked to Tsuruno's father before she left, mentioning that she didn't like crowded places, so she liked the shop a lot, because she doesn’t like places that are crowded. Tsuruno's father cries tears of frustration when he learns that the reason Yozuru likes his restaraunt is because of the lack of customers. Yozuru was surprised, as her own notepad clearly stated that praising the other party outright was the right move, So the panicked Yozuru flipped open her notepad once again and found that she had indeed remembered correctly. Mifuyu, who was watching silently from outside, was confused because Yozuru was taking out her notepad in a situation that had nothing to do with magical girls. Mifuyu, who couldn't understand, decided to follow Yozuru. Mifuyu wonders that even though Yozuru is a newcomer to Kamihama, she has built up a good relationship with the people in the shopping street in a short period of time, and she wonders if this is due to Yozuru's good character or if she has the ability to manipulate people's minds. The daughter of the music shop's owner greeted Yozuru and asked her to play the piano that had been placed in the street, and Yozuru gladly accepted. Yozuru's music won the applause of the people in the shopping street, and Mifuyu thought that he had been practicing since she was a child, and wondered if Yozuru came from a rich family. When Yozuru left after playing the piano, she ran into Livia and Sudachi, and Mifuyu wondered if they had arranged to meet here. Sudachi said something to Yozuru. After listening to what Sudachi said, Yozuru looked surprised and turned to find Mifuyu behind her. Mifuyu wanted to use her illusion powers to escape, but in the end, she was determined to talk to the adjusters in order to complete her investigation. Yozuru asks why Mifuyu is following her, and Mifuyu apologizes before stating that he was planning to talk to Yozuru. Yozuru was worried that it seemed difficult to talk to her so that's why Mifuyu followed her. Livia sees the situation and tells Mifuyu and Yozuru that she has work to do with Sudachi, leaving Sudachi to talk to Mifuyu herself. Meanwhile, Livia and Yozuru have a telepathic conversation, and Yozuru says she'll talk with Mifuyu. Mifuyu looked at them, wary that they might have secretly communicated their battle plans while preparing herself for the situation. So, Yozuru brought Mifuyu to the Pure Care base for a conversation.

In the Pure Care base, Mifuyu and Yozuru just looked at each other without saying anything for a while. Mifuyu wonders what she would do, while Yozuru says that she's going to give Mifuyu the coffee and cake she originally prepared for Livia. When Yozuru brings the food, Mifuyu is kind of hesitant to eat the cake since it makes her think of the food that Mitama makes. [WIP]


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