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Who am I?


Why do I exist?

To annoy my best friend

Fav girls?

Moo Waifu

Extra Moo Waifu

OG Waifu

MagiReco OG Waifu

Troll OG Waifu

My 1st waifu

My 2nd waifu

Note: I'm not a pedo! When I call a character "my waifu", I mean BEST GIRL. Ok, 2 of them are exceptions...




No. Hetero

What name do I go by?

cow (please understand that it's cow, not Cow)

Juri Transform 3.5.png

Self trivia

  • 13 year old
  • I'm so dumb that I'm starting to question my perfect grades
  • You don't wanna meet me irl. I'm the most annoying thing ever created
  • Romanian
  • I can draw, but I'm not that good at art
  • I sometimes go and fix some of their links
  • U can be my friend in the JP server: jwRwusjL
  • You can chat with me here via Puella Magi Wiki
  • Every cell of my body is Promised Blood and 2hu EoSD music :>
  • I simp, breathe and exist for her!
  • My favorite event is this event because Merry Blood