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A certan cow memed your profile

I simp for Ao!

Hello, user! Welcome to Boop's profile. ~わたし、鹿目さんを守って!~

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About me

Call me boop, kaocchan or kaoriboop. those have been my usernames in the PMMM fandom. I love the Puella Magi franchise and I've been stalking this wiki before I discovered that I can contribute too. I'm also an artist(self-proclaimed, I should actually be a doodler) and have drawn some stuff for quite a long time. Before I came here, I stayed on the Madoka Magica community on Amino.

I also translate fan-comics/doujinshis by myself. I'm pretty much the only one doing scans, translation, typesetting and cleaning, lmao- Something weird…?

Books/Merch I own

Books/Merch I plan to buy

  • Complete my collection of the Kazumi Magica Volumes. Granted!
  • Buy Suzune Magica volumes 1-3
  • Get the Madokami Figma.

*I want the wafers as well...

To-do List

  • Add illustrators of megucas who don't have one listed.
  • Add some character design observations as well. Like the one I did with Ranka Chizu.

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Characters I simp for

In no order.

sneaky three homura links

Do not froget cow's waifu

cow goes moo Every letter has a link ~cow