Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12

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Candeloro in Runes


This issue covers new information on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable game, including the appearance and information of Candeloro, the witch form of Mami Tomoe. She has two familiars that resemble the magical girl forms of Madoka Kaname and Kyoko Sakura.


Source Translation
PSP Game 03.jpg Mami Tomoe - Witch Barrier

Main text:
Every witch controls a bizarre space known as a barrier, which becomes a space resembling the magical girl's mental landscape before she became a witch. Mami's witch is no exception. A fancy, elegant space just like a tea party out of a picture book. It's a witch barrier befitting Mami, who loves black tea.
Top right:
The teacup, rainbow bridge, and apple trees in a line, along with the inverted color of the sky, stir up an sense of unease.
Bottom right:
Like the witch, the barrier's design was also newly drawn by Gekidan Inucurry.

PSP Game 04.jpg Mami Tomoe - Familiars

Main text:
The witches' familiars are, just like the witches' barrier, projections of the magical girl's heart before she became a witch. [In this case], Mami, who had fought alone for a long time, and sought companions. The familiars born from that kind of girl are... To defeat the transformed Mami, you must defeat these strangely familiar familiars as well.
Top right:
A bow-wielding, pink familiar. It's reminiscent of a certain someone Mami was set on befriending...
Bottom right:
There's also a familiar besides the one shown above. Both are sorrowful existences produced by Mami's heart.
Madoka's skills:

  • Magical Score
  • Spread Arrow
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12 01.jpg Top Left: With CG completely supervised by Shaft, the story is added with colors.

Shaft, which produced the original anime, is supervising all of the event CGs completely. Thanks to the CGs included in parts of the story, whose quality matches that of the main anime series, there will be a higher level of immersion in this product.
*To Protect Mitakihara, she is under special training to be excellent.
And here is Mami before she meets Madoka. She is learning how to use muskets and ribbons efficiently during her fights with witches.
At the time nothing was revealed. Because of the accident when she was driving with her family, Mami met her fate to become a magical girl.
Bottom right:
Mami overcame various pain and hurts, and became a grown-up magical girl. What is in her lonely eyes.
Bottom left: Madoka became a Magical Girl?
In the Mami route, Madoka debuts as a magical girl! What did she wish from Kyubey- [text cuts off]

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12 02.jpg

Left: Hurry up making a *limited contract*!
In the limited edition box which will be released at the same time of the regular box, there will be commentary by VAs, BGMs, wallpapers and much more contents. Because they are completely manufactured by order, order one NOW if you have not contracted.
Contents in the limited edition box:

  • Special video: I will be pretty happy if I have some cookies.
  • Video of VA interviews
  • Special gallery from Gekidan Inu Curry
  • Illustration gallery by entering password
  • Game OST
  • Original wallpaper for PS3
  • Original wallpaper for PC
  • Character introduction gallery

Bottom: Illustration of a special clear card painted by Shaft is shown.
If it is combined with Homura in the clear plate collection...
Clear card in the limited box can be combined with a clear plate collection (following) (out of the picture) to become another illustration. Please collect both.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12 03.jpg Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is now under development in various medias. The interesting information is shown here. "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica iP" & "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica iP for Android" will be released.

Madoka Kaname will be on stage in the App "iP" series, which utilizes Live2D technology. Her voice (messages) will change depending on the time. She will also do some cute actions by touching or flicking the screen.

Madoka is fidgeting.

The first one--Madoka Kaname--will be released this winter free of charge. Be sure to try downloading it if you have the devices.

Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12 05.jpg

Note: This advertisement page is from a different source, yet TBD, published around the same as Dengeki Playstation.
It is revealed that there exist perspectives of not only Kyubey but also Homura. During playing, it is found to be able to play Homura route, from Homura's perspective. What is Homura's action in Kyubey's perspective? And what action will you players take? It can be a funny route. The scenes and events about Kyubey and Homura can even be affected by playing from Kyubey's perspective. Details will be reported later.
Contents of the special video disk which is shipped with both versions are also revealed.

  • Video of Magical girl gameplay - With the game, you can have a funny different development from the anime. When you think "I played it this way but why does it become like that?" The seiyuu may think the same way. And let's see how the seiyuu play the game actually.
  • Game original design by Gekidan Inu Curry - Game original design of witches, familiars and dungeons by Gekidan Inu Curry. It is very valuable since you can only see them here.
  • BGM composed by NitroPlus - The BGM of the game is composed by NitroPlus who received good comments on the music. It's the sound showing the view of world of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
  • Character Introduction gallery - It collects all the characters standing poses in the game. You can play them with your favorite expressions and clothes.
  • Comments to the game from the seiyuu - Please read the supporting comments from the seiyuu who also play the magical girls' roles. There might even be some pictures drawn by them.
  • Wallpaper for PS3 - Use this original wallpaper to decorate the menu of your PS3.
  • Wallpaper for PC - Use this wallpaper to decorate your desktop.
  • Event gallery with password input - If you, being Kyubey, collect enough emotion values, you can get a password as a reward. The event gallery can be opened by entering that password. Illustrations in the game can be viewed beautifully on a big screen.

QB: "Collect the energy from emotions and open the gallery."


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