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Ichizo is a witch appearing in the Magia Record Anime. She is the witch form of Kuroe.

Witch Card


ヨダカの魔女。その性質は逃避。 泥の翼を持つ醜い鷹。


TypeThe Nighthawk Witch
EpisodesEpisode 24

The Nighthawk Witch. Her nature is to escape. An ugly hawk with wings of mud.


  • 'Ichizo' is derived from Kenji Miyazawa's novel The Nighthawk Star. See also Speculah:Kenji Miyazawa and Magia Record.
  • In-universe, her form is inspired by a plush nightjar toy that Kuroe owns.
  • Her labyrinth takes the form of an endless expanse of night sky, where she pursues a bright star that remains forever in the distance. The star is either meant to represent a freedom from the responsibility of being a Magical Girl, or the Magical Girl ideal (embodied by Iroha), either of which she always chased but could never achieve.
    • Further, she either keeps her eyes closed or lacks them entirely, so it is questionable whether she is even able to see the star's light at all.
  • The chained white protrusions from her wings are likely calamuses/calami, the hollow shaft of feathers. Their bareness and being chained up, in addition to stemming from bases made of mud, emphasize her inability to progress forward, let alone reach her destination.
    • She similarly lacks hands on her body's arms. This likely refers back to her rejecting Iroha’s pleas that Kuroe connect with her to break free from her Doppel, cutting off her hands so Iroha can’t take them (which is required for Magical Girls to connect).
  • The inside of her mouth resembles the eye/mouth of Box Wood.
  • She is the only Witch to speak properly (though with a heavily distorted voice), saying, “Now, no one will save me. Now, I don’t have to save anyone. Now, I can stop being a Magical Girl.”
  • After her birth, she is shown holding up Kuroe’s body with cloth like material similar to what Giovanna (Iroha’s Doppel/Witch) uses before she uses the cloth to rip apart the body. Whether the cloth has any other function is unknown as it vanishes quickly after.