Magia Record Main Story Chapter 10

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 10: Dawn of a Shallow Dream

Section 1: Daybreak Brings Disaster

Iroha recalls the way her sister Ui would call her name when Eve had picked her up. She then suddenly realizes that Eve is in fact her sister Ui. Her long search is finally at an end: she has found her sister. Thanks to the branch of the Sakura tree blooming she knows this is true. Iroha is saddened however; she has always believed that her sister would be just like how she remembered her and instead she is a towering moth-like creature.

Elsewhere Alina laughs as she, Felicia, and Tsuruno pause for a moment in their battle. Felicia and Tsuruno are determined to stop Alina from getting any closer to Eve and allowing the creature to break free.

Rena and Kaede continue their own fight with Nemu, who giggles as an Uwasa escapes her book long enough to attack the two Magical Girls. Nemu explains how all the rumors she’s ever created are recorded in her book, and how it takes only a touch of magic to summon them once more. So long as they don’t keep their form, Nemu doesn’t have to risk carving off more of her lifespan.

Momoko breathes heavily as Touka asks her if she’s tired already. Kanagi worries she, Yachiyo, and Momoko won’t be enough to take Touka down by themselves. Yachiyo warns Touka her plans won’t go as she hopes they will since Eve will only come down to Kamihama and trample it all into dust only to have her battle with Walpurgisnacht destroy what’s left. Touka says she hopes that happens since all the emotion that’s unleashed by people will give Eve the energy it needs to finally hatch. According to Touka this can only leave Hope behind. Yachiyo argues that that hope will be warped in time by the guilt of future magical girls when people everywhere realize the price that was paid for that hope. Touka shrugs it off; the way she figures it only the Feathers will have to suffer the consequences of their actions and no one from then on will be able to turn into a Witch so why worry. Touka turns to break the chains holding back Eve. Kanagi tries to warn her, but Yachiyo is struck down by Touka before she can react.

Mami calls out to Yachiyo as she sees what happens from afar. The Holy Quintet have been hard at work trying to keep the familiars at bay but with hundreds in the air around them it’s no use. Madoka suggests they cut a path open so they can get to the others to help them and Kyoko agrees.

Iroha cries as she resolves to destroy Eve but realizes she may be killing her own sister in the process. She wonders if she can really go through with it as Sana consoles her. Sana reminds her that the Magius called her “incomplete”, so there may be a way to bring Ui back. Iroha agrees just as Eve begins to struggle against its restraints. Sana can sense a Witch approaching closer and Iroha knows that Eve is reacting to the magical signature. Iroha wonders what they can do as Eve’s wings break free and Eve begins to take flight.

The mass of wind from her wings knocks the Magius away from her, allowing the Magical Girls of Kamihama and Mitakihara a chance to gather together in order to defeat Eve. Kaede points to Eve, drawing everyone’s attention to it as it begins to topple over and crush the forest beneath it. Eve begins to thrash about itself as the Magical girls look on, unsure of what to do next. Momoko urges everyone to hurry towards Eve so they can defeat it before it can get to Kamihama and drown the city in its curses.

Tsuruno is just able to dodge a landslide of rocks coming at her as she warns Yachiyo they’ll have to time their attacks right or risk being crushed by the senseless thrashing of Eve. Nemu smiles at the thought that the two ultimate Witches have come together in the same city while Alina laughs at their attempts to stop Eve. Touka promises they’ll leave them to fight Eve as much as they want, so confident is she in their inability to stop Eve.

Felicia readies her hammer as she and the others prepare to kill Eve. Iroha calls out to everyone to stop as she and Sana catch up to them. She begs them to spare Eve until they hear what she has to say. Everyone is surprised to hear her say that and Alina laughs as she suspects Iroha’s odd memories to be behind her strange behavior. Iroha explains that Eve is in fact her sister and isn’t a Witch even if she looks like one at that moment. She then demonstrates the branch of the Sakura Rumor that bloomed after Eve had touched it and explains how the rumor came true because all four of them are once more in the same location. Touka is surprised to find the branch had bloomed while Nemu doesn’t remember adding any particulars to the Rumor when she created it. Nemu shrugs it off as coincidence and prefers to believe that the massive impurities emanating from Eve are to blame for the Rumor acting oddly. Touka quickly agrees with Nemu and the three Magius leave.

Eve’s familiars begin flying in droves towards Kamihama and Walpurgisnacht. Mami isn’t too concerned, however, as the remaining magical girls of Kamihama stayed behind to protect the city and should be able to handle the familiars. But Kyoko isn’t so sure since there are countless Familiars swarming towards the city.

Hinano and Nanaka survey the city. Hinano can see the swarm of familiars coming at them while Nanaka notes a cackling voice she heard not too long ago. Nanaka believes they’ll be able to handle the army of familiars due to their numbers provided they all work together, but Hinano is worried they’ll be able to coordinate effectively since many of them are so unfamiliar with each other. Natsuki uses her magic to cheer on the others and boost their magic.

The battle with the familiars has only just begun as Emiri finishes off some of the Blue Noses. She notices that the familiars tend to attack in a straight line, much like a parade. Nanaka notes they’ve survived the first wave of attacks and is cautiously optimistic. Asuka believes if they can protect the bay area, they’ll be able to stymy the familiars and allow them to get more even footing against Walpurgisnacht. But that plan will only work if they familiars keep to one location. Emiri points to the sky as the swarms of Eve’s familiars begin to reach Kamihama. Nanaka senses magic and warns the others as another wave of Walpurgisnacht’s familiars materialize before them, only this time they’ve begun to appear in other parts of the city as well. Walpurgis’ familiars seem to be responding to the presence of Eve’s familiars. Nanaka turns to Hinano and defers the next decision to her as Hinano is the most experienced Magical Girl among them. Hinano thinks hard, realizing that they could wait for Walpurgis to come to them but left unattended the familiars may turn into Witches themselves. She orders everyone to split into teams so they can effectively take down the familiars before the damage gets greater. So long as the other Magical Girls can take down Eve that should effectively get rid of half of the familiars attacking Kamihama.

Mitama looks at the destruction where Fendt Hope once stood. Tsukasa contacts Mitama via telepathy by using her unique magic to boost the signal. After they both realize that Eve must have broken free from her restraints during the earthquake, they inform Mitama that Mifuyu was badly injured after she cast an illusion on herself so she could destroy Fendt Hope. Mitama tells them to wait for her at her place as she has one last thing to take care of before she can meet them there.

Section 2: A Faint Light

Back at her computer-filled room, Touka can’t get what Iroha said about the Sakura branch out of her head. Nemu tells her not to worry about something they can’t do anything about, even if what Iroha said had some kernel of the truth to it. Alina thinks it might be more fun to simply believe what Iroha is saying. She knows why she joined with Touka and Nemu but she still finds it odd she would be hanging out with people so young to begin with and perhaps Iroha’s memories are the answer to that question. This is why Alina hadn’t killed Iroha right off the bat and ordered the Feathers to bring her to them so she could hopefully recover her memories. Touka tells them to all shut up about Iroha and her memories and to instead focus on their plan unfolding before them. Nemu agrees they shouldn’t bother arguing about something that doesn’t matter to them anyways. With so many Familiars everywhere, all Magical Girls will be too busy fighting them off to be able to stop Eve or Walpurgisnacht.

Rena asks what they should do, since not killing Eve means Kamihama will be taken over by Familiars. She points out to everyone that Eve is currently not moving and how this is their best chance at killing Eve. But even Kanagi finds it difficult to kill what they now know to be Iroha’s little sister, especially since she hasn’t completely transformed into a Witch yet. Sana knows there must be a way to save Ui as the rest of Mikazuki Villa rally around Iroha to show their support. Yachiyo agrees they should all share their burdens together and do what they can to save Ui, but she warns Iroha to prepare herself for the worst should they not be able to find a way. Iroha yells out as Eve begins to struggle to stand. Yachiyo everyone to prepare for battle and tells Iroha they’ll think of a way to save Ui while they weaken her before she can get to the city. Iroha cries out but Yachiyo assures her they don’t intend to kill Eve, only stop her from hurting others in the meantime. The other members of Mikazuka Villa also assure they only intend to stop and not kill Eve.

But Eve is too powerful and doesn’t even notice the Magical Girls attempting to harm it as it mindlessly swats them away. Eve slams its fists down on the ground, causing an earthquake to begin to emanate. The girls search for cover from the impending landslide as Eve leaps into the sky.

Eve’s wings are useless with her massive weight, but Kaede points out that won’t matter if Eve is simply able to leap towards Kamihama instead. Momoko notices she’s aiming for Sankyo Ward. Homura looks on trembling as she’s reminded of her numerous past battles with Walpurgisnacht and the destruction it would wreak on the city. Mitama calls out to everyone as she finally arrives. Momoko explains to Mitama how they figured out that Eve was in fact Ui, Iroha’s younger sister. Hearing this, Mitama is glad to know she came when she did. As an Adjustor, Mitama has seen everyone’s true memories and nothing is concealed from her, including the Magius. Having said that, she saw that the only way to save Ui is to defeat Eve and extract her from where she’s buried inside. Mitama tells Iroha not to worry about harming Ui when they defeat Eve. According to the memories of the Magius, the so-called “hatching” of Eve is in fact her final transformation into a fully fledged Witch which means she still has a Soul Gem. They had felt the distinct magic of a magical girl deep within Eve’s belly before she began to grow. As Eve began to grow in size, the magical signature was buried beneath the impurities and became more difficult to sense. Momoko is still worried they might hurt Ui, but Mitama reminds her that you can’t have a Soul Gem and be a Witch at the same time. So Eve is in fact Ui’s body clad in a body formed by her power to collect energy. The impurities she’s gathered until now have formed a Witch-like casing around her original body. So any damage they do to the Half-Witch should leave Ui’s real body unscathed. And just like any other Witch, Eve is sure to have a weak point somewhere. All they have to do now is find it. With that, Mitama leaves them to it as she heads back to her shop. Overjoyed at this news, the group resolves to defeat Eve, save Kamihama from Eve’s familiars and liberate Ui from her prison deep within Eve’s body.

Shizuku pants as she finishes teleporting herself and Mitama to her place. Thanks to the Grief Seed Mitama used on her, Shizuku had enough magic to teleport them there, though she won’t be able to fight for a bit just yet. Mitama thanks her before she turns her attention to Mifuyu, who is lying asleep on a cot. Mitama can tell that Mifuyu isn’t dead yet, but due to the cracks in her soul gem she isn’t alive either. At her best guess, Mitama believes that Mifuyu is in a kind of coma. Mifuyu’s Soul Gem is so damaged it could break apart if handled wrong and Mitama’s powers won’t be able to help. She turns to the Amane sisters and tells them they need to do what they can to not let Mifuyu’s sacrifice be in vain. They head outside where they observe several of Eve’s familiars whipping up small tornadoes as they build their nests. Eve’s familiars are even gathering up some of Walpurgisnacht’s familiars alongside the debris. It seems the Oscars are building nests to gather up the impurities that Walpurgisnacht’s familiars are carrying.

Aimi, Rika, Mayu, Kokoro, and Ren have all gathered outside Mitama’s place. Mitama is overjoyed to see them as each of the girls express their thanks for having become Magical Girls and all the great experiences they’ve had as a result. They ask Mitama how they can help and she directs them to clear out as many of the Familiars as they can.

The battle against he familiars continues as Mitama takes a hit. The Amanes help pick her up as they realize that Mitama was right about the Familiars. Even though they’re attacking each other, Eve has the advantage of numbers and her familiars continue to gather all the scraps of impurity they can find every time one of Walpurgisnacht’s familiars falls. Mitama asks the twins if they were able to reach any of the other Magical Girls. They inform her they too have split up into teams and have spread out across the city to try to defeat the Familiars as best they can. She tells the Amanes to come with her so they can take all the Grief Seeds she had been stockpiling at her place to the other Magical Girls so they can support them in their fight to protect the city. While they’re at it, they’ll destroy the nests that Eve’s familiars have been building as they don’t know what their intentions are yet. The ground shakes as they look up and see Eve take another massive leap in the direction of the city.

Near the town’s outskirts Tsuruno and Kanagi face down Eve, knowing she’ll damage the city further if she makes another leap. But even when they’re not holding back, Eve takes no damage from their attacks. The rest of Mikazuki Villa follow up with their own attacks but once more Eve suffers no damage. Homura looks on as she mentions that Walpurgisnacht is at least as powerful as Eve as well. Madoka asks if Homura has fought Walpurgisnacht before, but Homura “corrects” herself and says she merely thought it must be as powerful. Madoka squeezes her hand and tells her not to let her fear get the best of her. Momoko tells Kaede not to cry and reminds her that Madoka is right, Hope is still alive and there’s much of the city they can still save. Rena thinks they need to fight differently than they normally would as this isn’t a normal Witch. Yachiyo agrees and thinks they should focus on finding its weakpoint by trying to see if they can find whatever is sustaining it. Eve has a Soul Gem, but it can’t sustain the body of a Witch. They know it has the power to collect impurities, but past that they don’t know how the two are connected. They have to find a way to stop Eve from moving so they can minimize the damage and find its weakpoint. Sana offers to hold Eve down with her chains while the rest look for its weakness. Kyoko and Mami offer to help tie the Witch down alongside Sana while Iroha and Madoka use their arrows to pin the ribbons and chains to the ground. Yachiyo generates spears that Felicia and Tsuruno can use to help.

Kaede asks Momoko to use her boosting magic on her so she can use her plants to help tie Eve down. Rena admits she’s got a good idea but Eve continues to struggle against their restraints. Eve spreads her wings, snapping the chains and ribbons that bind it. Momoko can feel Eve begin to gather magic towards the center of its body and she rushes towards Eve. She calls back to the others, warning them that Eve is going to attack before she escapes and warns them to get out of the way while she negates the attack. Just as Momoko is about to attack, she can feel the magic in Eve shift from its center to its arms. She stops herself and notices that neither Rena nor Kaede has run away. Eve swings its arms down and Momoko and the others take the brunt of the attack. Iroha rushes over and uses her magic to heal Momoko’s wounds.

Sayaka blindly attacks Eve’s sides with her swords as Homura warns her to hold off. Sayaka calls Homura a trembling coward but Kyoko tells her that she shouldn’t waster her magic on useless attacks that could get her killed. Mami agrees they should find its weakpoint first as Eve once more begins to move and face the Suitoku Shopping Center where Banbanzai is located. Tsuruno begins to run towards Banbanzai until Yachiyo calls her back, pointing out the absurdity of trying to defend an empty restaurant against Eve. Tsuruno knows she was being impulsive, but doesn’t know what else to do since they’re taking so much time finding its weakpoint. Felicia says she’ll make a weakpoint herself as she prepares to hit Eve so hard with her magic it obliterates its memories.

Mitama kills another of Walpurgisnacht’s familiars as more and more materialize around her. She thinks on the irony of her trying to save the city she once wished to destroy and believes this must be her punishment. Asuka and Sasara have finished evacuating the area and are prepared to finish the familiars off. Mitama hands them a Grief Seed to replenish themselves. Asuka can feel the familiars begin to gather towards the school where the evacuees are waiting.

Emiri and Hinano catch their breath as they finish getting rid of the familiars in the area they’re in. Normally Hinano would tell Emiri to buck up but even she is as worn out as Emiri is after all the fighting they’ve been doing. The Amanes hand them a Grief Seed as they too are in bad shape. A loud cackling laugh rips through the air around them. Walpurgisnacht draws near and Tsukasa contacts Mitama with her telepathy. Mitama knows that Walpurgisnacht has arrived but she sees this as a golden opportunity. If they can gather together and focus on defeating the Witch the familiars will also disappear. Together they’ll destroy both Eve and Walpurgisnacht. Mitama believes they’ll be a more effective force if they can gather together rather than be spread out. Tsukasa relays the information to Hinano who agrees with the plan. The Amane sisters use their telepathy to contact all the other Magical Girls in Kamihama so they can gather together to defeat the Witches. Just as she says this, Tsukuyo remembers Eve’s weakpoint and the two excitedly contact Mitama and Iroha.

Felicia beats Eve on the head with her hammer, powered with as much of her magic as is possible. With her ability to destroy memories, Eve has forgotten her intentions for the moment and has stopped moving towards the city, though it has now begun to thrash about in confusion. Yachiyo and Felicia are thrown into the air while Sana expands her shield to catch them and break their fall. Iroha uses her magic to heal Yachiyo’s arm while Felicia informs the others of the weird glow near its belly when she hit it with her hammer. Momoko tells the others what she noticed when she was attacking it earlier, how Eve had stored magic in its belly before moving that magic to its arms to use.

Tsukuyo startles everyone when she contacts them telepathically, frantically informing them of Eve’s weakpoint. When the Magius first picked up Eve, they were feeding it the despair energy they had gathered from Uwasa and Witches. Rather than speed up its evolution, Eve instead amassed more gems on its body the more impurities it gathered. The gems made of ipurities gather around the body like chains and keep the outershell from collapsing and negate the relationship between Soul Gem and Witch body. The core of that system is the largest red jewel located on Eve’s chest and therefore Eve’s weakpoint. The Amanes apologize for their part in helping to raise Eve before they sign off.

Yachiyo warns everyone to get ready as Eve flaps its wings once more, this time turning towards Chuo ward. With all the tall building in Chuo ward, they may be able to use them to their advantage in tying Eve up so they can reach the large gem on Eve’s chest. If they target its wing joints they may be able to keep it strung up long enough for their plan to work. Everyone gathers together and prepares to put their plan into action before Eve can leap away again. But the group is having trouble tying Eve up without getting hurt. With so few people they might not be able to string Eve up before Walpurgisnacht arrives. Laughter rips through the air around them, louder than before.

Mitama and the Amanes arrive, having gathered all the Feathers they could find in order to help defeat Eve. They were able to find about 40 Feathers. The Amanes ask Iroha if she can spare a few people to help defend Kamihama against Walpurgisnacht’s impending attack. Homura knows how deadly Walpurgisnacht can be and hopes they can get away before it comes any closer, but Madoka suggests they go and help in the fight against Walpurgisnacht. Mami agrees they should go to where they’re needed most while Sayaka and Kyoko are on board with the plan. Homura worries Madoka may be hurt in the fight, but wonders if Fate will be any kinder if they were to run away instead. Homura instead resolves to fight Walpurgisnacht alongside Madoka once more.

Iroha thanks the Feathers for their help as the Momoko trio prepares to help once more. Rena transforms into Kaede in order to help her tie down Eve with vines. Little by little, the Feathers and other Magical Girls are able to tie Eve down to the buildings, though they won’t be able to hold her down for long. Yachiyo urges Iroha to hurry and shoot at Eve’s gem as she’s the only one around who is capable of making the shot from so far away. Iroha takes the shot, cracking Eve’s Soul Gem and causing Eve to become engulfed in her own magic as it begins to leak out all around her.

Iroha prepares to aim for Eve’s weakpoint once more but the multiple nests that her familiars have built crack opena dn the impurities they’ve gathered swarm towards Eve. Despite destroying as many nests as they could find, many were left unharmed and Eve gathers the energy toward her in a wave of unrelenting magic.

Iroha struggles to stand as the city burns around her. Her friends lay injured and unconscious as Iroha determines to stop Eve even if she’s the last one standing. Deep inside Eve’s largest red gem, Ui’s body lies unmoving.

Section 3: Here With You…

In flashback, Ui complains about not being able to breathe. Shortly after, Iroha makes a contract with Kyubey in order to cure her little sister’s illness and Ui is soon released from the hospital. It’s clear to Iroha that if it wasn’t for Ui, she would have become a Witch already. So many other girls were saved from their eventual fate at the cost of Ui becoming a Half-Witch that spreads curses.

Amidst the flames Iroha draws back her crossbow. She resolves to do what she can to save her sister, but if the worst should happen she’s prepared to have to kill Ui before things get any worse. She knows it’s the responsibility of Magical Girls to kill Witches, but Iroha hesitates for a moment.

Yachiyo asks Iroha what she’s going to do. Iroha states she’s going to take the gem that contains Ui, but Yachiyo offers to go in her stead since Iroha’s magic and stamina are nearly depleted. Yachiyo is wearing thin as well, but she claims she can harness ja power greater than her own but only once. Before they can go, Touka appears to stop them. She’s surprised they were able to corner Eve at all. Iroha begs Touka to stop all of this before Eve devours Walpurgisnacht and transforms into a Witch once and for all. Touka believes Iroha now when she says her little sister is at the core of Eve, but without knowing who Ui is Touka could care less what happens to her. Nemu agrees, stating it feels like someone else’s problem. Alina says there’s no way to stop Eve now, but if Iroha is determined to stop Eve they’ll have to get through the Magius first. Sana and the other members of Mikazuki Villa stand up to help stop the Magius with the last of their strength. The team takes on the Magius in order to allow Iroha to take Eve down and save her sister. Iroha knows she’s not strong enough to break the gem by shooting her arrows at it, so she decides to become an arrow and go to Ui herself. Iroha uses her magic to shoot herself physically towards Eve, landing on the collar next to the gem where Ui is housed. She calls out to her sister but Touka soon arrives floating on her umbrella.

Touka demands to know why Iroha is going so far just for one person. Iroha tells her that Ui is her only little sister in the world and a precious friend to Nemu and Touka. Touka knows what Iroha is saying is true but she still doesn’t understand at all how that can be. AS they talk, more of the red gem crumbles off, further exposing Ui’s body. Eve soon takes notice of the girls and swipes at them with its claw, knocking Touka away. As Iroha hangs on to the collar, she hears the voice of the small Kyubey calling out to her. The small Kyubey had managed to climb on Eve and make its way to the red gem.

As it touches Ui’s body, a large vortex of memories emits from Eve’s body, engulfing Touka and Nemu. They stare transfixed as their memories are corrected and they recall their friend Ui and her sister Iroha. Touka and Nemu realize they’ve made a grave mistake that may have cost them the life of their most precious friend.

Touka recalls a book written by her uncle titled “Magical Girls: Their Hope and Despair”. In it, her uncle asks that the reader keep an open mind to all possibilities as they read the book. He describes how our civilization is able to exist thanks to them. This book was Touka’s first exposure to the world of Magical Girls.

One day, long ago, Touka had finished her routine medical exam with her father. She loved reading the book her uncle had written, even if her father disapproved. As she’s reading, she wonders if this book had anything to do with her uncle’s disappearance. She continues to read, curious about this “Kyubey” creature that the book is describing. She figures the name must be a code or acronym for something so she decides to look on the internet for any information.

The next day at the hospital, she learns that Ui is soon to be discharged after she mysteriously recovered from her illness. Nemu is surprised at how quickly Ui recovered, especially considering how severe her illness was. Touka is glad she’s better, but is sad to see her friend go. She loved being a trio but would rather her friend be alive and well than how close she was to death not that long ago when she lost consciousness and her brain activity almost ceased. Touka says she wouldn’t mind becoming a Magical Girl if it was for Ui’s sake. Nemu thinks Touka’s remarks are very unlike her, so Touka tells her to shut up and changes the subject back to Ui’s recovery. She hopes that Ui will still be able to visit with her sister once in awhile. Ui promises to visit them when she comes back to the hospital for her follow up tests, and swears she won’t visit any of the places they’ve marked on their map until both Touka and Nemu are well enough to join her.

Later that night, Touka awakens to find herself in a bizarre world: a Witch’s barrier. She calls out for Nemu and Ui, who were also pulled into the barrier. As they look around themselves, Ui points to a familiar nearby. Touka begins to hyperventilate as the familiar begins to approach. Suddenly, the familiar is blown to pieces and Nemu points towards their savior: Iroha. Kyubey calls to Iroha the direction the Witch is heading towards bu tIroha is more concerned about her sister and her friends. As she checks up on them, Touka recognizes the creature that stands before her as Kyubey.

Safe at home some time later, Kyubey appears before Touka once more. Touka asks if Kyubey is there because she qualifies to be a Magical Girl. Kyukbey asks what it is that Touka would like to wish for but Touka has several questions she wants to ask him first. Using her computer gadgetry, she attempts to hack into the hivemind that all Kyubeys share and communicate through. Before she can successfully tap into the network, Kyubey teleports out of the room and severs the connection. It warns Touka that if he hadn't severed the connection when he did, all of the computers in her room would have been fried by the advance technology that Kyubeys utilize. Kyubey offers to answer any questions Touka may have and the two talk long into the night.

Touka returns to the hospital the next morning only to find Nemu and Ui talking about Iroha. It seems that Iroha hasn't stopped fighting those monsters since the last time they saw her and Ui is worried it may be taking its toll on her sister. But without knowing what's going on, Nemu isn't sure how they'll be able to help her. Touka confidently declares that Iroha must be a Magical Girl, but Nemu doesn't think that Touka should be joking at a time like this. Touka is entirely serious however, and relays all she learned from Kyubey to her friends.

Touka then relays her plans for how they might be able to save Iroha from her fate of turning into a Witch. Ui has a little trouble understanding the plan, but Touka reiterates it for her. The pros of being a Magical Girl are a healthy body with increased stamina, but the con is you are required to battle Witches until one day you yourself are fated to become a Witch. If they can get rid of the fate of turning into Witches, then there will be no downsides to becoming a Magical Girl which would also greatly benefit mankind. If they can get rid of the need for Grief Seeds, than no girl would have to turn into a Witch. If all three of them contract, they will eradicate the ultimate fate of Magical Girls and gain healthy bodies in exchange, freeing them to live their lives out as they wish.

Touka doesn't believe they'd be allowed to simply wish to erase the fate of all Magical Girls, so instead they will each wish to steal away one of the powers that Kyubey possesses. Ui will wish for the power to collect and harvest impurities and pass them on to Touka. Touka will wish for the power of conversion and convert the impurities into magic that all Magical Girls can use. She will then pass this magic to Nemu, who will wish for the power of manifestation and manifest that magic into an automatic purification system. In theory, the three of them would use their magic to make a system with the same functions as Kyubey, automatically gathering energy and delivering it to outer space to combat entropy. Ui now understands the plan and has agreed to it.

In front of the hospital late that night, Kyubey meets with Touka, Nemu and Ui. Having greeted them, he asks what their wishes are. They make their wishes for the different powers that Kyubey possesses. Kyubey warns they may not have enough karmic energy for them to be granted the wishes they ask for, and may pay a heavy price if they go through with it. Even Kyubey won't know what will happen. Even so, Ui is determined to make her wish for the sake of her sister's future. Touka and Nemu also don't have much time in their lives left and agree to make the wishes for the sake of all their dreams. As their wishes are granted, Kyubey's ear rings fall off and he begins to shrink down into a small Kyubey.

The girls stare at the shrunken Kyubey in curiosity. Touka begins to commence their plan but Ui's face contorts in pain as she begins to scream. Her ability to harvest impurities automatically has begun to overwhelm her with the massive amounts of despair she's absorbing. If they don't hurry, Ui will become a Witch before they can put their plan into action.

Touka attempts to convert the impurities into magic, but the amount of despair is too much and Touka can't keep up without running the risk of burning through all her magic. Nemu attempts to help by manifesting some of the magic, but there's far too much despair for either of them to keep up. Alina appears, bothered by the large amounts of impurities gathering there. She transforms and uses her magic to create a forcefield around the hospital to cut off the impurities that Ui keeps absorbing.

However, Ui's soul gem has already absorbed a disturbing amount of despair and is at risk of becoming a Withc at any moment. Nemu decides to risk it all by manifesting one of her stories. Without their human personality and emotions, a Witch cannot be created. Nemu plans on taking Ui's soul out of her body. But as Touka points out, without a vessel to put it in her soul will disspate. It is then that Nemu spies the small Kyubey and decides to house Ui's soul there since Kyubeys naturally have no emotion or personality of their own. Despite not knowing what might happen, Nemu chances it all as this plan is the only one that may work until they can figure out what to do and return Ui's soul back to her body.

Once the process is complete, Alina finds that she can't remember why she came to the hospital roof to begin with. She recalls she came to check on Touka and Nemu but can't remember the reason for it. She remembers jumping from the roof of the hospital and how Touka and Nemu were the ones to find her. She was checked into the same hospital as them, where she told them about the many places in Kamihama. After that, she saved them when a Witch attacked them. She then remembers that she discovered some kind of Half-Witch in the hospital lobby that was absorbing energy. She saved Touka and Nemu from it afterwards. They talked with one another and came up with a plan to use the Half-Witch to achieve their goals. Alina wanted to use Witches as material to create her best artwork yet. Touka wanted to become healthy and make a deal with Kyubey to learn about the universe. Nemu had also wished to become healthy and use the world as her parchment. With the automatic purification system in place, they could sustain the universe while also isolating their world from Kyubey and make all of their dreams a reality.

The girls now believe they've successfully captured the Half-Witch and contracted at just the right time to do so. They turn to Alina and offer her some of their magic so she can extend the hospital's forcefield to encompass all of Kamihama and keep Kyubey out.

The memories end and both Touka and Nemu now realize the truth of what really happened that night at the hospital. Iroha also realizes that despite contracting and searching for Ui in Kamihama, it was really Ui that was keeping an eye out on her. Iroha climbs back up onto Eve's collar, assuring Ui that she won't have to suffer anymore. Touka uses her umbrella to fly back to where Iroha is and helps to cut around all the gems that are holding Ui in place. She knows she's the one to blame for everything but she promises to take care of it once they've freed Ui.

Nemu also helps by using her Rumors to restrain Eve so they can free Ui's body from the gem. Iroha thanks the small Kyubey for its help as she breaks U's body free and brings her back down to where the others are waiting. Iroha lays Ui down gently and begs her to wake up, but Ui doesn't move. Nemu fears they may have been too late and the impurities could have overwhelmed her when she regained her memories. Touka points out her soul gem is clean and Ui's harvesting ability hasn't gone out of control like before. Touka and Nemu beg for Ui to wake up, tears in their eyes. As all three girls call out Ui's name, Ui's eyes flutter open to the sight of her big sister. Overwhelmed with joy and crying, Iroha hugs Ui tightly, welcoming her back.

Touka and Nemu apologize to Ui. They hadn't realized what big effects their plan to save Ui would have, and even though they originally started out with the goal of helping Iroha their secondary desires came to the forefront when they lost their memories and their plan became distorted. Touka acknowledges they were never brainwashed and are responsible for everything they've done. They used the liberation of Magical Girls for their own end. Iroha doesn't believe they were entirely wrong at their core, but Nemu can't excuse the catastrophe their personalities caused to Kamihama. Touka has no regrets over what she did, but she does regret the harm that came to their friend Ui. Ui's is slightly confused by what everyone is talking about, but she has the vague sensation of having been in a horrible nightmare all this time and only now does she realize that the nightmare was real. She thanks the small Kyubey for giving her her self back. She turns to Touka and Nemu and thanks them for taking care of her even after they lost their memories of her. And finally she thanks Iroha for working so hard to find her. As much as Touka would like to bask in the sweetness of the moment, she warns them they still have to take care of Walpurgisnacht. Iroha asks what they shoudl do about Eve, but without its soul Eve's body will soon decay into nothingness.

Section 4: The Revelation Ritual

Walpurgisnacht flies through the air cackling as the storm and fires rage on. Iroha and the others know they don’t have time to celebrate Ui’s return just yet as Walpurgisnacht’s laughter sounds closer than ever. Yachiyo believes they should meet up with Mami and the others and help them in their fight rather than stand around here. The rest of Mikazuki Villa agree as the big victory has given them all a second wind. Mitama wants to continue to help despite her injuries as she knows that Momoko will be doing the same. Momoko admits she’s injured as well but she has no intention of letting Rena or Kaede continue to fight. Ui moves as if to join them but Iroha asks her to stay behind as Ui has no experience as a Magical Girl. Touka and Nemu assure Ui they will fight as much as possible in her stead to make up for her absence.

Mami and Kyoko catch their breath as Walpurgisnacht looks down laughing at all of them. Even Mami’s Tiro Finale had no effect on the Witch. Sayaka is saddened to think that even the Witch before them was once just a Magical Girl like them. Despite her exhaustion, Madoka feels like she can continue to fight while Homura thinks back to the previous times she’d fought Walpurgisnacht. Worn out as they were, they were doing much better comparatively now than then.

Asuka and Sasara gear themselves up for another attack on Walpurgis. Aimi knows she’ll be able to face Hayato with pride once the battle is over while Masara and Kokoro are surprised she can face this Witch but can’t confess her love. Manaka isn’t surprised to find that even Ria doesn’t have enough energy to try to steal the spotlight for once, but Ria says she’s not scared. Mayu defends Ria, calling her a capable fighter. Nanaka isn’t surprised they aren’t faring better considering many of them don’t know one another. Meiyui concentrates while Kako worries about Felicia. But Ayame isn’t worried about Felicia one bit because they still have to settle their score. Konoha and Hazuki are glad to see Ayame is still in good spirits, but like everyone else they too are exhausted. Rika and Ren steel themselves for another wave of fighting as Hinano arrives with Emiri. After a bit of light banter, HInano gets ready to take charge for another attack on Walpurgisnacht.

The second assault begins. The battle rages on with Magical Girls throwing their all at the Witch. Walpurgisnacht laughs once more as it targets Tsukuyo and Tsukasa. Homura urges them to escape as Madoka calls out for everyone to fall back. Homura begins to break down as she realizes that everything is going as it did before, even with the large number of Magical Girls present. Madoka consoles her, telling her not to lose hope. The Magical Girls begin regrouping when they notice a strange flash of light in the air around them. The Amanes question what they saw when they feel a shift in Eve’s magic signature.

Iroha and the others dust themselves off as they stand up from the ground. They’re not sure what happened, but something just sent them flying from the area. The dust settles and Touka and Nemu can’t believe what they’re seeing: somehow, Eve’s form has transformed. Rather than crumbling after severing its link to Ui, Eve has changed its form completely.

Tsuruno suggests that the force field that kept Kyubey out of Kamihama so the Magius could harvest impurities for themselves is the same field that is keeping the impurities of Eve intact. Eve will eventually crumble, but due to the force field the process has been slowed to a crawl and will take forever to complete. Considering the purification system will also disappear once Eve is gone, the force field won’t matter anymore anyways. She asks Alina to take down the force field, Alina instead laughs and refuses. Alina has already shrunk her forcefield down to encompass Eve’s form so it will never crumble. Since it was wrapped in the forcefield, it stabilized its energy which in turn transformed it. Alina doesn’t care about liberation so long as she’s able to create her ultimate artwork. Nemu asks if the Witches they cultivated weren’t enough for her, but Alina would rather create art with Eve as her paintbrush. Alina’s ultimate artwork consisting of having the world burn beginning with Kamihama. She dons the Rumor of the Fur God and flies towards Eve’s head.

Ui asks what’ll happen now. Nemu tells the story of the Rumor to the others: a rumor that warms frozen hearts in exchange for part of your life. When Alina shrunk the forcefield, she used the Rumor on Eve. Alina explains that stealing life is much like stealing freedom. Since Eve has no life to speak of, Alina instead stole its free will with the use of the Rumor and now Eve is her slave. With Eve Alina can finally burn the world to the ground as her ultimate artwork. She invites Kanagi to join her as she is aware of her hatred of the city. Kanagi reflects on all the pain that people from the East are subject to as a result of living in Kamihama. The matured Kanagi is not much interested in her offer, and her decision is made when her partner in crime Mitama, who has also grown, decides to protect the city as well. Alina shrugs and claims that humans are self-destructive and thus love her arts based on life and death, and she will create more by using Eve as her brush.

The city burns further as Alina is intent on using Eve to destroy everything around them. Team Mikazuki know that they need to take down Alina if they want to stop Eve. Iroha and Yachiyo launch a twin assault on Alina and manage to strike her but Alina laughs as the Rumor she’s wearing protects her from damage. Alina takes to the air and dancing in the sky above their heads laughing. Everyone else down on the ground is helpless to stop her as none of them is capable of flight and all of them are too tired to try to leap towards her.

Nemu decides to take responsibility as the one who created that Rumor for her. She had originally tried to erase the page that contained the Rumor, but because Alina had stolen its freedom she was unable to effect the page. Touka asks what Nemu will do as she has little lifeforce left after creating so many Rumors. Because she became a Magical Girl she has many things she’s both grateful for and must atone for. But even so she was able to reunite with Ui once again and all of it were things she would never have been able to do had she retained her regular life. Nemu smiles at Ui as Ui realizes that Nemu is willing to sacrifice her life to stop Alina. Nemu knows this may not be enough to make up for what she’s done, but she still hopes they can forgive her.

Nemu uses her rumors to help fly her up to where Alina is. Alina looks down laughing as she destroys more of Kamihama. But her head begins to ache, and Nemu knows that controlling Eve’s monstrous form is too much for Alina’s body to bear. Neither knows what will happen if she keeps this up, but Nemu is sure that the ending won’t be good. Alina laughs once more as she’s certain she’ll have destroyed everything before then. By tightening the forcefield around Eve as tightly as she can, the sudden disappearance of the forcefield will cause Eve to explode and take everything in Kamihama out with it. Nemu orders her Rumors to appear before her in one last battle to redeem themselves and save the city even if it costs Nemu the last of her lifeforce to summon them all once more.

Touka and Ui cry out Nemu's name as she falls into a coma at the end of the battle. Touka and Ui cry over Nemu's body as they lament the tragic loss of their friend so soon after they'd been reunited. Iroha also cries, berating herself for not remembering everyone and doing everything sooner so Nemu's sacrifice needn't have occurred.

Rena and Kaede awaken from where they'd been laying passed out. They look around at the destruction around them and Rena asks what happened as she struggles to remain standing. Momoko tears up as she explains that Nemu used up her life to save them all. She becomes more upset at the thought of all the lives she's seen lost after becoming a Magical Girl. Tsuruno is equally upset that Nemu would choose to sacrifice herself rather than answer for all that they've done.

Above them Eve's body begins to crumble once more as the forcefield that once held it together is now gone. No one knows where Alina has gone to but Eve is still very much alive. Mitama looks up at the creature and knows that it will rampage once more before it falls apart. Eve turns its eyes towards Ui. Iroha and the others wonder if Eve is trying to take Ui back into itself, but even so they promise they won't let Eve anywhere near her.

Despite the forcefield, the massive amounts of impurities that compose Eve's body will take too long to breakdown and without a weakpoint they have no way of destroying Eve easily. Tsuruno suggests they aim for the other gems that adorn Eve's body. Mitama hands the last of the Grief Seeds around to everyone as they prepare to finish off Eve. But despite their best efforts Eve's body remains fairly intact. Knowing that Eve is going after her, Ui suggests she reunites with Eve as its core. But Iroha shoots down the plan, as there's no guarantee that Ui won't simply transform into a Witch and continue its rampage. The small Kyubey looks on, listening to the conversation. It pipes up, offering to take Ui's place as Eve's core much in the way that the Magius attempting to take Kyubey's place. Touka believes this may be possible since Ui's magic originates from Kyubey's powers, the small Kyubey gained some of Ui's spirit, and Kyubey has no emotions that Eve could take advantage of. Since Kyubeys are incapable of becoming Magical Girls or Witches, Eve would be safe from completing its transformation. With the small Kyubey in control of Eve, their dream of an automatic purification system will finally come to fruition. Iroha worries what will become of the small Kyubey, but it reassures her that it will be watching over all of them. The small Kyubey leaps towards Eve, looking back as it does so. Once the Kyubey unites with Eve, a small explosion of color can be seen flying into the sky.

Iroha wonders what will happen now. Touka explains that the small Kyubey will now run the automatic purification system, but because it must use Eve's power to do so the effect will only work throughout Kamihama. Ui asks what the colors were, and Touka responds that they are all the emotions that they Kyubey couldn't hold onto. Yachiyo turns towards the horizon where they can see the battle against Walpurgisnacht raging on. The others know they must go back and help to finish the fight the others have already begun.

Section 5: LastMagia

See: Last Magia

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