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Kimochi (キモチ / Feelings) are powerful Witch-like creatures that mysteriously begin appearing throughout Kamihama in Arc 2. Kimochi are able to summon Rumors as their minions and appear in a barrier-like atmosphere. According to an archive description from Magia Day 2019:

“A being that’s neither Witch nor Rumor, recently observed within Kamihama City. Out of a desire to return to the person they’re meant to dwell within, Feelings disturb and take control of their human visitors’ emotions, and attempt to impersonate them. Several Feelings appear to be scattered throughout town.”

Kimochi originate from the various gemstones that Embryo Eve decorated itself with, formed from the human emotions collected by Kamihama's Uwasa. After Embryo Eve's defeat near the end of Arc 1, these gemstones were scattered across Kamihama City.

After encountering Sapphire Lips, it retreated into a jeweled bracelet that appeared on Iroha's wrist. The Kimochi briefly communicates with Iroha while the bracelet is being examined; it seems to want to go somewhere, and will only allow itself to be given to someone who Iroha can trust with her life. The members of Promised Blood appear to be searching for the Kimochi as well, and attempt to steal the bracelet.

Later, Shizuka Tokime defeats Ruby Navel and is the second to receive a bracelet. Of note, bracelets can only be removed and transferred to another's possession only if the holder of the bracelet trusts the recipient with their life.

Whoever possesses all Kimochi will gain control over Kamihama's Doppel field, and will be able to expand it.

When possessed by an owner, a Kimochi may lend its power to them in the form of a mask (or, potentially, other piece of armor or clothing) fitting its associated body part (a mouth-covering mask for Sapphire Lips, an eye-covering mask for Pearl Eye). This appears to happen when the owner is in a state of heightened stress, or emotion overall. This greatly enhances the wearer's strength and magic.

Judging by the glyphs on each of the bracelet’s panels and the available space for more jewels, there are presumably eight Kimochi in total. Each Kimochi has a glyph that corresponds to a different symbol of the Bagua and a name that corresponds to Plutchik's wheel of emotions. However, there appears to be a ninth glyph on the bracelet that has yet to be identified.

Kimochi Attributes

Trigram figure Kimochi Glyph Name Translation Body Part Gem Color Stone Shape Emotion Image in nature Animal Attribute Defeated By Puella Historia
Chara 6015 00 n.png

the Creative, (natural) force Head Opal
Fragment of Respect ++.png
Kimochi glyph - Respect.png
Heaven, sky

Strong, persisting Juri Oba Gunhild
Chara 6011 00 n.png

the Joyous, open (reflection) Mouth (Lips) Sapphire
Fragment of Ecstasy ++.png
Lake, marsh

Sheep / Goat
Pleasure Iroha Tamaki Ebony
Chara 6016 00 n.png

the Clinging, radiance Eye Pearl
Fragment of Wonder ++.png
Fire, glow

Light-giving, humane "dependence" Ao Kasane Tsuyu Mizuna
Chara 6013 00 n.png

the Arousing, shake Foot (Heel) Aquamarine
Fragment of Rage ++.png
Kimochi glyph - Rage.png

Inciting movement Juri Oba [1] Toyo
Chara 6017 00 n.png

the Gentle, ground Thigh Diamond
Fragment of Fear ++.png
Kimochi glyph - Fear.png

Penetrating Chiharu Hiroe[2] Amaryllis
Chara 6014 00 n.png

the Abysmal, gorge Ear Turquoise
Fragment of Disgust ++.png
Kimochi glyph - Disgust.png

Dangerous Felicia Mitsuki Olga
Chara 6018 00 n.png

Keeping Still, bound Hand Garnet
Fragment of Grief ++.png
Kimochi glyph - Grief.png

Resting, stand-still Ikumi Makino Heruka
Chara 6012 00 n.png

the Receptive, field Belly (Naval) Ruby
Fragment of Expectation ++.png

Devoted, yielding Shizuka Tokime Chizuru
  1. passed on to Yuna Kureha
  2. before being violently stolen by the Neo-Magius and given to Himena Aika.


Joyful - Sapphire Lips

The first Kimochi met, using the Breakup Staircase rumor as defense. Summons Uwasa of the Friendship Ending Staircase and Minor Uwasa as its minions. Defeated by Iroha Tamaki.

Obedient - Ruby Navel

The second Kimochi met, using the Memory Curator rumor as defense. Summons Uwasa of the Memory Curator and Minor Uwasa as its minions. Defeated by Shizuka Tokime.

Oscillating - Aquamarine Heel

The third Kimochi met, using the Chelation Land rumor as defense. Summons Uwasa of the Chelation Land Ferris Wheel and Minor Uwasa as its minions. Defeated by Juri Oba and passed on to Yuna Kureha.

Falling - Turquoise Ear

The fourth Kimochi met, using the Hotel Fendt Hope rumor as defense. Summons Uwasa of the Queen Bear and Minor Uwasa as its minions. Defeated by Felicia Mitsuki with significant help from Shizuka Tokime.

Beauteous - Pearl Eye

Encountered by Neo Magius and Promised Blood. Summons Uwasa of the Misery Rhyton and Minor Uwasa as its minions. Ultimately defeated and received by Ao Kasane.

Robust - Opal Head

Encountered out of the blue by Promised Blood and Tokime Tribe. Summons Uwasa of the Flower Speaker as its minion. Ultimately defeated and received by Juri Oba.

Drifting - Diamond Hair

Encountered by Promised Blood and Tokime Tribe. Embodies terror. Summons the Anonymous A.I. Rumors as its minions. Defeated and received by Chiharu Hiroe

Unmoving - Garnet Pinky

Encountered by the Kamihama Magia Union and Promised Blood after a death in Chapter 4. Embodies grief. Refused to move from its hiding spot out of grief at being separated from its siblings; ultimately allows itself to be defeated and received by Ikumi Makino before her death unbound it, where it was picked up by Juri Oba and given to Yuna Kureha, who returned it to the Kamihama Magia Union; now in Kanagi Izumi's possession.


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  • The Aquamarine Heel is the only Kimochi whose color does not resemble the typical color it mainly features. This may be called Aquamarine because the associated animal of the trigram is the Azure Dragon.
  • The Opal Head, Pearl Eye and Aquamarine Heel in particular take a form vaguely reminiscent of the animal connected to their Ba Gua glyph.

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