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"Wait..wait..wait... Wh..WHAT IS THIS?", Madoka continued yelling toward the mirror as she walked forward, extending a hand and touching the window. Truth was, you weren't Madoka, Madoka was an anime character. You were now Madoka. - Episode 1 of Revolution.

The Magia Series (aka Puella Magi anonymous Magica) is a series of Madoka CYOA threads by /a/nonymous magica. Set during the main timeline of the anime, what would happen if you were to one day wake up as Madoka Kaname, with knowledge of the events of the anime? What would happen when you let the anonymous folks at /a/ of 4chan take control over Madoka's body? That is the premise of this series of Choose Your Own Adventure threads from /a/. This is the story of the collective conscious of /a/ in Madoka's body, and their fate. See also fanworks

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Note: This section does contain spoilers. Tread at your own risk.


Goddess Faust.jpg


With no memories of herself and her past life, Faust, the main protagonist /a/ controls, wakes up one day, only to find herself in the Madokaverse trapped in Madoka's body. Possessing nothing but the knowledge of the events of the anime, Faust decides to make it her life mission to save this timeline and the girls without resorting to using the anime wish.

After making contact with Madoka's mind, Faust vaguely remembers a bit of her past and herself. She once lived in a world where everyone had some sort of superpower, such as shooting fire or the ability to fly. Faust herself was looked down upon, made fun of, and excluded from everything, because she had what everyone thought a very useless power. Unlike anyone else, Faust has 1000 different minds or "voices" in her head that help guide her in making decisions. But since her power doesn't have any sort of practical use, Faust felt she was useless. One night, Faust dreamed that she wanted to make a difference in the world, when then suddenly a bright light engulfed her, beginning her journey. Faust then realized that she also had the power to leap into other people's minds. Faust's desire to make a difference, and Madoka being the center of everything in the Madokaverse, is what caused her to be trapped in Madoka's body. As Faust continues to fight to save the girls, her personality changes to be more similar to Madoka. The way Faust talked, her kindness to the other girls, her goals and desires, all became more and more similar to Madoka the longer Faust spent time in Madoka's body. This culminates in a dream sequence, where Faust and Madoka eventually come to terms to fully accepting each other, and agreeing that the both of them can change the future. This causes their minds to fully merge into one complete being.

Throughout Revolution, Faust's mind powers slowly developed and became more powerful. She learned to use Mind Bombs, in which she shoots an invisible dome of powerful force from her mind. Using her mind powers however cause her head trauma, potentially damaging her body permanently. Continued use of her powers however lessened the strain on her body. Faust's mind powers grew so powerful to the point that she was able to break causality, bringing TL3 Mami, Kyouko, Madoka, and Homura for the fight against Walpurgisnact, and merging all existing timelines into one. Faust was even able to entirely erase Walpurgisnacht from existence with just her mind. Faust reached the peak of her powers when she was able to access the powers of Madoka, Homura, Mami, Kyouko, and Sayaka without contracting in the battle against Ferocia, the witch of causality. The combination of those powers allowed her to defeat Ferocia and seemingly save the world. After Faust returns from the battle with Ferocia, Faust and Madoka's minds separate, with Faust also acquiring a body of her own in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego. Despite the separation, Faust still maintains a similar personality and a small, weak connection to Madoka.


At the beginning of Rebuild, Faust is still the same person as she was when Revolution ended. She continued to live the rest of her life spending time with her only friends that she saved from a terrible fate in the events of Revolution. Rebuild starts off with her finally attending Mitakihara Middle School with the others, and the day started off seemingly normal, till suddenly, a new type of Witch, called an Infernal, appeared, about to attack the school.

Throughout the story, Faust struggles with her inability to help her friends and help herself. Faust lost most of her mind powers at the cost of defeating Ferocia and obtaining her separate body. She tries to handle the various events that befall her and her friends, despite her limited abilities. Because of this, she also comes in conflict with Homura, who believes that she is the source of these new witches. These struggles make Faust question herself as to who she really is. She thought she saved everyone, but now these terrible events happen. What was her purpose now? Why can't she do anything? Did she really save these girls? Who am I? The main theme of the story centers around these questions, as Faust desperately searches for a purpose and identity, and her attempts to protect the only people she has in her life. As she continues fighting both her outer and inner struggles, Faust develops her own personality, the voices in her head rarely influencing her, the similarties in personality between Madoka and her nonexistant. This can be evidenced when she no longer addresses each of the girls by Madoka's honorifics, preferring to call them informally by their first names. Her search for an identity also makes her grow to be more independant, as she repeatedly tries to handle everything by herself.

In the middle of the story, Faust makes a contract with Anbey, becoming a magical girl. Her outfit consists of a long, red and black longcoat covering her shoulders and arms, a black breastplate covering her upper body, while a black skirt falls beneath her knees. A belt is used to keep her outfit in place, wile brown, leather boots are used as her footwear. Her choice of weaponry is dual-wielding the Dreadmoon, a large, jet-black broadsword with jagged edges, and Veritas Luna, a long, sleek silver sword with runic engravings running down the blade. (Her whole outfit and weaponry is reminiscent of Archer/EMIYA from Fate/Stay Night). Although inexperienced, Faust demonstrates throughout the story that she is a very competent magical girl, thanks to her variety in powers.

Because of her unique contract with Anbey, Faust was granted a great power, her power associated with her friendship with the other girls. Each bond grants her a unique power that only grows stronger as her friendship with them grows (Reminiscent of Persona 3 and 4's Social Links). With Madoka, Faust has the ability to shoot her pink arrows. Faust can recover from her wounds like Sayaka. She can summon a great barrier as strong as Hitomi. She can rewind time like Homura, though with a range of only a couple of minutes. She has access to Kyouko's old powers, allowing her to create illusions and copies. With Mami, she can bind enemies with her ribbon magic. She can perform powerful healing magic via Yuma's bond. With the Pleiades Saints, she can directly copy any of her friends abilities, while her bond with Kazumi exclusively allows her to cast Limit Esterni. Oriko and Kirika grant her the powers of foresight and time slow respectively, and her mysterious connection to Anbey allowed her to regain her Mind Read and Mind Field powers.

Though most of her powers are reliant on the bonds of her friends, she has two powers not dependant on them. One is her Pseudo-Witch Barrier (or Reality Marblein Nasu terms.) The barrier at first resembled Ultimate Madoka's dimension as show in the anime. However, after creating the reality marble a second time, it came to resemble Starcrossed Place, the mysterious location that Faust repeatedly visits in her dreams. When her Pseudo-Witch barrier is up, the reality marble dramatically enhances her fighting abilities, increasing her speed, power, etc. She can also use any of her other abilities without worrying of corrupting her Soul Gem. However, summoning the barrier itself takes a great deal of magic, blackening her Soul Gem greatly. Faust's last and most powerful ability is her true weapon, the Spear of Destiny. By appearance, it greatly resembles the Lance of Longinus, the spear that pierced Jesus Christ at the cross. It is not known exactly how powerful the Spear of Destiny is. It was first and only used at the End of Magia, Faust forming her own Soul Gem into the legendary spear. With it, she defeats her own witch, causing a paradox. It is speculated that the spear's nature and power is to destroy miracles, as you could say Jesus being the Son of God is a "miracle," or that life in itself is also a miracle.


Though she is trapped in Starcrossed Place, Faust seemingly has the ability to communicate with Sayaka, though very limited. Sayaka first sees her in a dream, catching glimpses of Starcrossed Place. During the conflict between Oriko and Kirika, Faust manages to stop Sayaka from killing Kyouko, convincing her to try and negotiate. However, it fails, Sayaka forced to kill the two rogue magical girls. The last time Faust makes an appearance is after Homura and Sayaka finish watching Giant Robot 2. The blue-haired girl wonders how such a movie could get funded, to which Faust replies in her head "Don't blame me." Sayaka thinks it's Madoka's voice talking to her, but quickly dismisses it. Faust's motivations in Resonance is ambiguous, and it is unknown if she has any major role or influence.

Social Links and Abilities (Level Range 0 - 8)
Source Level Name Effect
Madoka 8 Projectile Arrow Leveling gains ricochet arrows, arrows usable as blades
Sayaka 8 Regeneration/Pain Resilience Recover from wounds and ignore pain. Passive
Hitomi 2 Energy Field Summon a barrier for protection
Homura 8 Rewind Time (1 min) Leveling gains longer duration
Kyouko 2 Illusions Can solidify illusions into copies. Can also create tables in order to slam your hands down and yell as you point OBJECTION! Will expand as Faust levels up
Mami 8 Binding Magic Bind enemies with ribbons.
Yuma 4 Healing Heal others or herself
Kazumi 8 Magic Beam (Limit Esterni) It's a magical fucking beam, I ain't gotta explain shit.
Oriko 6 Foresight See the near future. Passive
Kirika 2 Time Slow Slows time.
Pleiades Saints 3 Team Mimic Copy an ability or attack from another person or magical girl Faust has a Social Link with.
Anbey 5 Mind Read, Mind Field Read other minds and examine your surroundings. Passive
N/A N/A Reality Marble (Madokami Dimension and Starcrossed Place) Faust erects a Psuedo witch barrier. Enhances Faust's fighting abilities to its limits and allows her to spam and use every one of her abilities (excluding the Spear of Destiny) with no MP cost at all. Consumes a plethora of MP.
N/A N/A Moonblade Tornado Faust summons and shoots an onslaught of many swords.
N/A N/A Spear of Destiny (Lance of Longinus) Faust forms her Soul Gem into the legendary lance for a single strike. Uses all MP.

Kaname Madoka

Magia madoka.jpg


The main protagonist of the anime and whose body Faust is in control of at the beginning of the story, Madoka herself at first doesn't appear in the story, her mind being unconsciously locked away by Faust. After a couple days in her body, Faust however manages to make contact and communicate with Madoka's mind. Faust tells Madoka who she is and and the whole truth about the events of the anime, and reassures her that she is here to help Madoka. Both of them then agree to share Madoka's body, with Faust being in control most of the time, with Madoka switching whenever its safe. Because Faust is the dominant mind in control, the amount of time Faust spends in Madoka's body affected Faust's personality, making her act more and more like Madoka. This is probably because Madoka's mind is unknowingly influencing Faust's own mind, and in turn her actions and personality. Madoka's influence on Faust culminates in a dream sequence in which the both of them fully accept each other for who they are and agree that they both have the power to change the future. This causes Madoka and Faust's minds to merge, creating one complete being. However, after the defeat of Ferocia, Faust and Madoka separate, with Faust acquiring her own body in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego. Despite the separation, Faust still maintains a similar personality and a small, weak connection to Madoka.


Even after the defeat of Walpurgisnacht, Mitakihara seemingly in peace, Madoka continues to be plagued by her own self-deprecation. She pours out these feelings to Faust in episode 16, wanting to help Faust and her friends so badly. However, Faust declares that she will take over Madoka's stead, fight in her place. She reveals her memory loss to Madoka and how it's possible that she may disappear very soon. However, she assures her that she won't disappear until she ensures everyone a future, where everyone is happy. Madoka cries, not knowing what to do, but Faust tells her that just breathing and living her life is enough for her, for Homura, for everyone.

Towards the end of Rebuild, after the death of Faust and the birth of her witch, Madoka inherits Faust's powers. This is because of the link they share ever since the beginning of Revolution. Their souls were intertwined, and although Faust separates bodies from Madoka, a piece of her soul remained in her twin. This allowed Madoka to suddenly gain Faust's powers, and with it, the power to stop her twin sister's witch.


Similar to the anime, because of both Homura and Sayaka's insistence for the pink-haired girl to remain uncontracted, Madoka exudes the same self-deprecation and worry she does in all the previous works. Although Sayaka tries to hide her status as a magical girl, Madoka immediately figures out she made a contract. However, Sayaka assures her that she will be strong, and shoulder everything for everyone, not just Madoka herself. Realizing Sayaka's determination, she gives her one of her red ribbons, symbolizing how they will always be together as friends. In exchange, Sayaka gives Madoka her hairclip.

In Remnant, it is revealed that after Homura and Alexus fail to bring Future Sayaka back home, Madoka was never the same person ever again. The death of Mami and Kyouko, and the disappearance of her best friend since childhood, all of it was too much for her. She now lived in a world where everything she loved was taken away from her. Only Homura remained, and she clings desperately to the raven-haired girl, her only reason left for living. Homura makes note of how mentally deranged Madoka is, hearing stories from Hitomi that Madoka tends to wake up suddenly from sleep, screaming loudly for her mother and Homura. Despite knowing how she's depending so much on Homura, she still wishes for the black-haired girl to find her own happiness. As Homura is about to reset the timeline once again, Madoka finds her, and tells her how she doesn't want to be a burden to her any longer, and encourages her to find her happiness, and create a better future for everyone.

Miki Sayaka

Magia sayaka.jpg


Knowing that Sayaka is one of the major factors why Homura fails to save the girls in every timeline when Madoka contracts, Faust prioritizes preventing Sayaka from becoming a magical girl. Because of this, Sayaka does not change much as a character throughout the Magia series.

In Revolution, Faust knows of Sayaka's desire to heal Kyousuke's hand in every timeline she contracts. To prevent Sayaka from contracting, Faust instead had Mami heal the injured boy's hand. During the Oriko and Kirika confrontation, Sayaka would have contracted with Kyubey in order to protect her friends were it not for Faust's intervention by temporarily mind leaping into her body. Later in the story, Faust fully explains the details of the Magical Girl System to Sayaka to inform her the dangers of making a contract with Kyubey. After learning of the truth, Sayaka matures and becomes a stronger individual. Sayaka later tells Faust that she will only contract if she feels it is absolutely necessary to do so.


Sayaka is still a normal girl in Rebuild, living her life with the rest of the girls until their temporary peace gets destroyed by the appearance of Infernal Witches. She seems to have become very friendly with Faust in Rebuild, often being the first one to greet her and strike a conversation. Like in previous seasons, Sayaka is still a bystander in Rebuild as of now.

After Faust agrees to work with Oriko and Kirika, the bucket-head reveals that she plans to kill Madoka and Sayaka as well, probably seeing a future in which both girls destroy the world as Witches/Infernals.

Upon getting attacked and attempting to escape from an Infernal, a Puella Magi named Tamiko appears to kidnap Madoka and Sayaka. Although Faust manages to take control of the girl's mind, they still end up being taken to the kidnapper's headquarters, where Faust meets another magical girl named Ayume, and Anbey. Faust is knocked out and is left stranded in Asunaro City while Madoka and Sayaka are then tortured by Anbey's minions. Despite the intense pain and suffering the two girls go through, both resisted contracting and were eventually saved by Oriko.


The main protagonist of Resonance. Though Sayaka personality-wise is still similar to her anime counterpart, she is much different in a few ways, such as her strength and her ideals. One of the key factors that makes Sayaka different in Resonance is that she chooses to give up on entering a relationship with Kyousuke. Though she see's him as one her best childhood friends and admires him for his strong passion in the violin, she realizes that her feelings towards him will not be returned, and she instead chooses to let Hitomi get together with him instead. Sayaka's idealism and dreams are also far more rooted than they were in the anime, always caring for the well-being of her friends, and even fighting to protect Madoka when she herself has not become a magical girl yet. Even when Sayaka finally makes a contract and becomes a magical girl, wishing to heal Kyousuke's hand and to protect everyone, her strong faith in herself prevents her from falling into the same route in previous timelines. Confident and strong, Sayaka in Resonance is a much more capable magical girl, displaying great fighting prowess. Though she is strong in her beliefs, Sayaka, unlike her anime counterpart, also isn't quick to judge, and is far more perceptive. She witnesses Homura and Madoka's talk that parallels the talk in episode 1 of the anime, and believes that the raven-haired girl has good intentions, despite her outward appearance. This first surprises Homura when Sayaka manages to convince Mami to work together with her. Instead of doubting Homura, Sayaka throughout Resonance continues to display faith in the black magical girl, always willing to work together with her. Slowly, a bond of trust develops between them, culminating when Homura pours out her true self to Sayaka in episode 18, revealing herself to be a time traveler.

Though Sayaka's will and strength is very much greater in Resonance, she is not infallible. The incident with Oriko and Kirika causes her to question her own beliefs. Did she really have to kill them? Was she right in doing so? Did it have to end this way? Though the death of Oriko and Kirika continues to plague her even after the incident, she finds the strength to move on and continue fighting for her friends and her dreams. She faces the same hurdles again when she fails to prevent Akemi Miyagi, a first-year also attending Mitakihara Middle School, from turning into a Witch, questioning herself as a hero of justice. But yet again, after confronting what seemingly was a Future version of herself from Oriko's vision, she manages to reconfirm her beliefs, citing her friends as her most precious treasure to her, and to continue being a hero, even though she knows she's being foolish.

It is revealed in the final episode, Remnant, that Homura has already experienced a timeline with Future Sayaka. Having defeated Homura and Alexus at the bridge incident, Sayaka continues roaming Japan again until by chance she stumbles upon Alexus at that same bridge. Though she taunts Alexus, the snow-haired girl's strength catches Sayaka off guard, and causes her to be completely beaten back. Revealing to Alexus that she was pulling a ruse all along, she was happy to learn that Alexus can finally defeat her, and asks her to kill her as her final wish. Alexus, deciding to fufill her wish, kills Sayaka, the blue-haired girl smiling in death, finally able to rest.

Akemi Homura

Magia homura.jpg


The initial target of Faust's affection, Faust decides to tell Homura the truth as Madoka after the initial confrontation between Mami and Homura in the first episode of Revolution. Believing in Faust, Homura becomes renewed with hope, and decides to do anything for Faust, with becoming friends and cooperating with Mami as the first step.

It is quite apparent that Faust is in love with Homura throughout Revolution, making quite a few advances, spending as much quality time with her, and even desperately trying to preserve Homura's Soul Gem after her body gets brutally scissored by a familiar. Although Homura doesn't realize this throughout Revolution, she finally does learn of Faust after Faust and Madoka separate from returning from the battle against Ferocia. Knowing that Faust is the one that saved her and the others and changed their future, she thanks Faust for everything and in a moment of weakness, is about to give herself to Faust, still thinking Faust is Madoka. Faust ultimately rejects her own feelings for Homura and gives her to Madoka, saying that she isn't Madoka and that the one person Homura loves, the one person she always protected, the one person she should be with, is Madoka. Homura realizes that Faust is right, and goes to Madoka to confess her feelings.


Although with the interference of Faust, Walpurgisnacht is defeated and Mitakihara finds peace, with Madoka saved, things only take a turn for the worse, and Homura immediately manages to figure out why. Knowing that the presence of Faust is what caused the distortions from Revolution, she correctly comes to the conclusion that she is also responsible for the birth of the Infernals. Because of this, Homura gives Faust the cold shoulder, visibly displaying anger and hostility towards the long, pink-haired girl. This culminates when Faust returns from Asunaro City, the raven-haired girl revealing her frustrations, not knowing what to do even though Madoka was "saved." About to despair, Faust bluntly states that if she's already going to give up, she's even weaker than she is. Faust tells her that everything she's gone through is nothing compared to Homura, and that she could still do something, and that giving up is not what Madoka would want. With those words, Homura manages to relinquish her hostility to Faust, but it's not certain if she still see's her as a friend.

At the End of Rebuild, Homura is taken to Starcrossed Place with Faust after the long, pink-haired girl is suddenly revived in Madoka's body, and kills her own witch with the Spear of Destiny. There, she listens to Faust lament over everything, how she's messed everything up for Homura and everyone, how she only wanted to be with her friends, and have a family. Not knowing what she can do for Faust, Homura simply embraces the girl in an attempt to comfort her. As Faust says goodbye to Homura, about to send the raven-haired girl back home, Homura realizes that Faust only wanted to give her the happiness she deserves, that they all deserved. That she fought for them just as hard as she fought to save Madoka herself. Regretting that she hasn't realized Faust has always been a true friend to her until now, she screams out her name, not wanting to be separated from her, before the black void consumes her, and she is sent back into the real word.


While Homura at the start of Resonance is very much like her anime-counterpart, stoic, cold, and aloof, this slowly starts to change when Sayaka displays trust in her not seen in any timeline. Though she's surprised at the many actions the blue-haired girl takes, she initially doesn't seem to think too much about it. But as Homura spends more time with Sayaka throughout Resonance, her trust in the blue-haired girl continued to grow. She starts acting a little more open and less cold, showing a slightly mischievous personality, taking pleasure in teasing Sayaka, much to the foolish girl's expense. After seeing that Sayaka regards her as a true comrade and friend, Homura completely opens up to Sayaka in episode 18, revealing her true side, and her status as a time traveler.

It is revealed in the final episode, Remnant, that Homura has already experienced a timeline with Future Sayaka. In this timeline, she fails to stop Future Sayaka and bring her back even with the help of Alexus. Events in the past causes the death of Kyouko and Mami, the red-head dying by Sayaka's own blade, while the blond commits suicide over the loss of both her friends. After the bridge incident, Homura returns to Mitakihara, living the rest of her days caring for a mentally broken Madoka. Devastated from her failure to bring back Sayaka, Homura herself becomes depressed, having contemplated suicidal thoughts, though she resolves to continue caring for Madoka. Upon the arrival of her old friend Alexus, they defeat a witch and have some dinner together at a fast food joint, having some small talk, the soft, kinder side of Homura rejuvenated slightly. However, after Alexus mysteriously disappears after sleeping over at Homura's apartment, she discovers a letter also containing Sayaka's red ribbon, discovering that Alexus killed Sayaka, and has also disappeared. Realizing she has nothing else left in the world besides Madoka, Homura breaks down, resolving to reset the timeline ONE more time, to fix everything, to fight one more time for a better future. Right as she's about to turn the dial, Madoka finds her, encouraging her to do what she wants to make herself happy, and to make a better future. Apologizing to Madoka, she resets the timeline, reciting how much she wants to forget all the loops, all the pain she experienced in Remnant. She then emerges at the beginning of the Resonance timeline. Though she has "forgotten" her memories of Remnant, she still subconsciously remembers everything, as the moment she hears Sayaka's voice, she uncontrollably sheds tears.

Alexus Tanaka

Magia Alexus.png


First appearing as a mysterious girl in Sayaka's vision in episode 23, her identify is fully revealed in Remnant. Loud, cheerful, and somewhat foulmouthed, Lexi one day became a magical girl, wishing for a sword to protect everyone she holds dear. As a 16 year old magical girl at the time of Remnant, she was a victim of Future Sayaka's exploits throughout her travels in Japan. Seeking revenge and wanting to hunt down Sayaka, she one day crosses paths with Homura, who also seeks the blue-haired girl. Their meeting caused them to eventually team up and become partners, hunting for Sayaka. Before the present time in the Remnant timeline, Alexus and Homura eventually became close friends throughout their travels, and she learns all of Homura's past, and resolves to help the black-haired girl bring Sayaka back. However, their confrontation with Sayaka at the bridge ends in failure. A year after the incident, Alexus decides to return to Mitakihara to visit Homura. After defeating a witch, having a rather large dinner at a fast food joint, and sleeping at Homura's house for the night, she suddenly vanishes, leaving only a letter for Homura. Inside contained the red ribbon given to Sayaka from Madoka. It is then revealed that before coming back to Mitakihara, Alexus confronted Sayaka one more time at the bridge, defeating her, and in Sayaka's dying wish, kills her. Realizing that Sayaka wanted to die and was pulling a ruse the entire time, she questions the point of the fight. Who was she fighting? What was she fighting for? She then leaves to Mitakihara to deliver Homura the red ribbon, and disappears, never to be seen again.


Magia anbey.jpg


Anbey makes his reappearance in her Incubator form at the end of episode 4. It is unknown what is Anbey's current motivations or plans, other than she has an interest with two girls with great magical potential, presumably Faust and Madoka. Is is then revealed Anbey plans to contract Madoka and Sayaka. Anbey also brought two magical girls that work with him, Tamiko and Ayume. Tamiko attempts to capture Madoka and Sayaka, injuring Faust. Faust however manages to use Mind Projection on her, and orders her to take them to a safe place. Faust didn't think things through however, and they end up in Tamiko's apartment, where Ayume and Anbey also are. Faust is then knocked out and stranded in Asunaro City. In episode 12, it is revealed that Anbey is the one who granted Faust's new powers and that she actually contracted Faust as a "cultivated" puella magi, calling Faust her "prized tree" among her farm (energy).

As an Incubator with emotions, Anbey is perfectly capable of lying, although it's very hard for Faust to tell the difference between his truth and lies. Anbey's words tend to contradict each other. One point, Anbey tells Faust that the Freezer and Kazumi will be the host of the Walpurgisnacht. At another point, he then tells Faust that Ayume is actually the host of Walpurgisnacht. Anbey uses this to his advantage, making Faust go into an uncontrolled Rage Mode that nearly kills Yuma when he reveals that Faust is draining the magic and lifeforce of the other girls through her abilities. Despite his very evil and manipulative exterior, at one point, Anbey show's a very different side of himself to Faust, saying how nothing can stop Faust, and he finds the human race amazing because of their soul and spirit. Whether this side of Anbey is genuine, or is just another way to confuse Faust, is not entirely certain. After Faust easily defeats Ayume, Faust figures out that Anbey is trying to overthrow his own race, by destroying all forms of life, their sources of energy, with Faust being the catalyst to his plan.

Tomoe Mami

Magia Mami.jpg


After her initial confrontation with Homura, Mami becomes friends and cooperates with Homura by Faust's request. After Faust and Sayaka visit Kyousuke in the hospital, they find a Grief Seed about to hatch right outside the hospital, just like episode 3 in the anime. Faust, knowing Mami died during her fight with Charlotte in the anime, decides to contact Homura instead of Mami, preventing Mami's initial death.

Throughout Revolution, Mami maintains her older sister type role like she did in the anime. After becoming friends with Homura, Mami's apartment is often the place where Faust and the girls make their plans for the future. After the tragic death of Kyouko, Mami decides to continue fighting in Kyouko's place and becomes Yuma's new caretaker. When Faust went to Sakura Church to check on Yuma a few days before Walpurgisnacht, Yuma gets brutally impaled by a powered-up Elsa Maria, seemingly dying. Mami, who was also in the area, becomes enraged and is the first person to activate Rage mode. With it, Mami decimates Elsa Maria with a super-powered Tiro Finale. Yuma, who's Soul Gem was still intact, was still alive, and she tells Mami not to worry, for she's still here. With Yuma still alive, Mami deactivates her Rage mode, and she takes her back home.

The day of Walpurgisnacht, Mami and Yuma visit the Sakura Church once more, before the final battle. There they find what seemingly is the spirit of Kyouko in physical form. Mami and Yuma are shocked, their friend seemingly alive again. Kyouko thanks Mami for taking care of Yuma all this time and embraces the both of them, only to then reveal she is a witch imitating Kyouko's form. The witch then impales the both of them with her tendrils. Mami, fueled with rage again, transforms into her MG form, only for her head to be quickly decapitated and crushed by the witch, sealing her death.

Yuma is able to defeat the witch with her Rage form activated, but Mami was dead for good, never to be seen again until Faust managed to do the unthinkable, break causality. After defeating the Oktavia of another timeline, Faust and the girls find themselves in TL3 of the anime. They end up witnessing the scene in which Mami is about to kill Kyouko and Homura, only to be killed by Madoka. Faust decides to intervene and successfully stops Mami from killing Kyouko. After convincing Mami that everything will be alright, Faust decides to return to her original timeline, only for Kyouko to intervene and say she's coming too. The rest of the TL3 girls decide that they will also accompany Faust and her friends to help her defeat Walpurgisnacht. As Faust concentrates in transporting them back into her own world, Faust merges all existing timelines into her own, giving TL3 Mami and Kyouko the memories of Faust's timeline. After Faust returns from her battle with Ferocia and acquires her own body, Faust asks Mami if she can stay at her apartment since she has no home, with Mami being delighted at the idea of having company.


Mami plays a similar role as she did in Sketch. She is still Faust's roommate and the two still seem to be attracted to each other (Faust comments its probably because of Mami's mammies). Although they don't share any romantic kisses as of now, Mami has shown to be most concerned about Faust's well-being. When Faust faints from blood-loss from having her leg torn-off by an Infernal Witch, Mami immediately hugs Faust when she re-awakens at the nurse's office. She suggests that Faust stay back at her apartment for the day and get some rest. Although she follows Mami's suggestion at first, Faust decides to go out and watch a movie. This lands her in another dangerous situation as Faust gets trapped in a witch's barrier. Faust almost gets killed again, until Mami shows up at the last second and saves her. When Faust blacks out after her argument with Homura, Faust wakes up back in Mami's apartment, and finds Mami by her side, who has been taking care of her ever since. Faust tells Mami how she is so frustrated with herself by her inability to do anything. Mami makes a joke about how she would have no one to talk to if Faust wasn't here anymore, and tells her that she shouldn't feel this way, giving Faust a kiss on the forehead. Faust realizes she's been hurting the others, not just herself, and apologizes to Mami. Mami tells her to get a good night's rest, with Faust silently thanking Mami for everything.

Faust and Mami seemingly has been confirmed to have feelings for each other in episode 7. After the girls learn of Oriko and Kirika, and Faust reassures Sayaka that she will protect her, Mami approaches Faust and hugs her, being worried about everything Faust has went through. Faust then thinks how she loves all the girls, but especially Mami, and gives Mami a passionate kiss, much to the shock of the other girls.

In Episode 17, Faust ask's Mami's opinion of herself, to which Mami says that she's a close friend, and that they kissed. The blond reveals that while she would be ready to have a relationship with Faust, she can't go through it. Mami loves Faust, for keeping her company as her roommate, after being alone for so long. Because Mami knows Faust is going to disappear eventually someday, she doesn't want to be together with Faust. Despite that, she doesn't want Faust to disappear, the one person who's always been by her side. Faust assures her that even though she will vanish, she will live her life for the blond and all the other girls, because magical girls bring hope. Mami realizes Faust's words and embraces her, sorry for what she said and glad that she got to meet Faust.

Sakura Kyouko

Magia kyouko.jpg


Kyouko makes her first appearance in episode 5 of Revolution along with Yuma, asking Mami if she heard about the magical girl killings. Faust also knows of the events of Oriko Magica and decides that all the girls should work together in hunting down Oriko and Kirika.

After Homura killed Kirika and the girls defeated Oriko, Kyouko decided to head deeper into the witch barrier finish off the blood witch. Upon the death of Oriko, Sayaka questions if the two girls really had to die. This almost led to Sayaka being contracted by Kyubey if it were not for Faust's intervention by temporarily mind leaping into her body. Despite barely preventing Sayaka from contracting, little did the girls know that letting Kyouko to handle the witch alone was a big mistake. A scream then is heard deep into the witch barrier. Faust and the girls track the source of the scream, worried about Kyouko, only to find her being impaled viciously by the blood witch, bursting her Soul Gem and ending her life.

Although Kyouko never makes a physical appearance for awhile after her quick, tragic death, she seemingly still has a presence throughout Revolution, particularly with Mami and Yuma. After Mami defeated Elsa Maria with her Rage mode, Faust asked her how did it feel, with Mami responding that she heard Kyouko's voice telling her to keep fighting and protect Yuma. Even after Mami dies at the hand of a witch imitating Kyouko, Yuma was also able to hear Kyouko's voice as she activated her Rage mode, saving her from turning completely mad.

Kyouko finally makes her physical reappearance after Faust does the unthinkable and breaks causality. After defeating the Oktavia of another timeline, Faust and the girls find themselves in TL3 of the anime. They end up witnessing the scene in which Mami is about to kill Kyouko and Homura, only to be killed by Madoka. Faust decides to intervene and successfully stops Mami from killing Kyouko. After convincing Mami that everything will be alright, Faust decides to return to her original timeline, only for Kyouko to intervene and say she's coming too. The rest of the TL3 girls decide that they will also accompany Faust and her friends to help her defeat Walpurgisnacht. As Faust concentrates in transporting them back into her own world, Faust merges all existing timelines into her own, giving TL3 Mami and Kyouko the memories of Faust's timeline.


After Faust recovers after the 2nd Witch attack, she along with Kyouko and Yuma decide to hunt for Ayase Souju, who has been hunting other magical girls for their Soul Gems. Although Kyouko and Yuma seemingly have the upper hand on Ayase, her dual Soul Gem personality catches them off-guard, knocking the both of them out. They are however saved by the appearance of Oriko and Kirika, who kill Ayase.

In episode 18, Faust goes into an uncontrolled Rage Mode because of Anbey's words and attacks Kyouko, Mami, and Yuma, impaling the small green-haired girl. Kyouko fights Faust head on, and despite Faust's vast array of powers, still manages to hold her own and even wound Faust. Faust is binded my Mami, and Kyouko ask's why the pink-haired girl attacked them, to which she says she gave into her anger because of Anbey. Yuma forgives Faust, knowing that Faust is a good person. Kyouko and Mami let Faust go, although at the cost of temporarily having their Social Links broken. Faust however restores her link with Kyouko, the red-haired girl already forgiving her because Yuma forgave her.

Chitose Yuma

Magia yuma.JPG


A young orphan under the care of Kyouko. She was tricked into contracting by Oriko, which provoked Kyouko into hunting Oriko and Kirika down.

Upon discovering Kyouko's brutalized corpse after dealing with Oriko and Kirika, Yuma was about to lose it and transform into a witch, if Faust didn't snap out of her own shock and quickly gave Yuma a grief seed and calmed her down, telling her that Kyouko would want her to live on and continue to fight, and that she can't give up. Mami also decides that she will fight and continue to live on in Kyouko's place, and becomes Yuma's new caretaker.

Yuma is shown to be a very fragile, dependent, and emotional child throughout Revolution, to the point where she seemed almost yandere as she is very prone to brief periods of madness and anger. When Mami was in danger by being killed by a witch during Sayaka's dinner date, she briefly became mad, shouting "NEVER TOUCH MY ONEE-CHAN!" Her madness seemingly made her stronger, as she was successfully able to prevent Mami from dying. After defeating the witch, Kyousuke's ungratefulness and fear of the witches and the magical girls angered Yuma. She almost wanted to tell him off, if she didn't realize that it wouldn't be worth it anyways.

The day of Walpurgisnacht, Mami and Yuma visit the Sakura Church once last time, before the final battle. There they find what seemingly is the spirit of Kyouko in physical form. Mami and Yuma are shocked, their friend seemingly alive again. Kyouko thanks Mami for taking care of Yuma all this time and embraces the both of them, only to then reveal she is a witch imitating Kyouko's form. The witch then impales the both of them with her tendrils. Mami, fueled with rage again, transforms into her MG form, only for her head to be quickly decapitated and crushed by the witch, sealing her death. Yuma, who now realized she lost both of her Onee-chans, activates her Rage mode, defeating the witch, and almost going completely mad, were it not for Kyouko's spirit and voice calming her down. Luckily for her, Mami and Kyouko are brought back with their memories thanks to Faust breaking causality and merging all timelines into one.


After Faust recovers after the 2nd Witch attack, she along with Kyouko and Yuma decide to hunt for Ayase Souju, who has been hunting other magical girls for their Soul Gems. Although Kyouko and Yuma seemingly have the upper hand on Ayase, her dual Soul Gem personality catches them off-guard, knocking the both of them out. They are however saved by the appearance of Oriko and Kirika, who kill Ayase.

Like her relationship with Kyouko, Yuma also see's Faust as an older sister figure. Yuma loves having piggy-back rides with Faust, and also likes to command Faust to do whatever she wishes, the pink-haired girl always obeying the green loli's orders. In Episode 18, Faust impales Yuma out of uncontrolled anger because of Anbey's words. Yuma however forgives Faust, knowing that deep down, the pink-haired girl is a good person. During the festival, despite what just happened recently, Kyouko forgives Faust because of Yuma, and the spend a little time hanging out and eat some taiyaki. As they eat Yuma says that she is happy that Faust is now happy, to which Faust tearfully thanks the small girl.

Shizuki Hitomi

Magia hitomi.jpg


With Kyousuke isolating himself after the witch incident at the dinner date with Sayaka, and with Madoka and Sayaka seemingly ignoring her and hanging out with Mami and Homura instead, Hitomi has felt nothing but loneliness and neglect throughout Revolution. The potential despair Hitomi held piqued Kyubey's interest, and he decided she was eligible for a contract in episode 15, which was also the day of Walpurgisnacht. Kyubey tells Hitomi that her friends are in danger, and that he can grant her the powers to fight and protect them if she has a wish. Hitomi then wishes to protect everyone she holds dear, and becomes a magical girl.

Hitomi's abilities include having mastery over hand-to-hand fighting with her fists and legs, along with superhuman strength. Hitomi also has the ability to shoot pillars of strong flames from her hands as her primary ranged attack. Complimenting her strong CQC skills is her ability to create powerful barriers that can protect her and those around her.

At the end of Revolution, Hitomi is friends with Faust and the rest of the girls. She is a bit depressed over Kyousuke isolating himself from her and Sayaka, but Faust tells her that if he doesn't snap out of it, he's just a coward (not worth the effort).


Hitomi is still friends with Faust and the rest of the girls, but is still depressed over Kyousuke isolating himself. Faust cheers up Hitomi, saying Sayaka loved him, but was able to let go of him, and that she should too. She says the violin boy is definitely not worth the effort, and that if she ever needed anything, she and the rest of the girls are here for her. It is then explicitly stated that Hitomi started developing a crush on Faust. Her hopes are seemingly crushed however, when Faust gives a kiss to Mami in episode 7.

In episode 17, it is revealed that Hitomi got together with Kyousuke, being successful at easing the boy's fear of magical girls and witches. Faust doesn't take the news very well, although she accepts it, as long as the green-haired girl is happy.


Magia kyubey.jpg


Kyubey maintains a similar as he did in the anime. Not knowing the existence of Faust, he questions Madoka's motives as to why she willingly let Homura kill him, instead of trying to save him in the first episode. Although he repeatedly tries to contract Madoka and Sayaka throughout Revolution similar to the anime, Faust's efforts prevents Kyubey from accomplishing anything. In fact, Kyubey becomes more like a butt monkey than an actual antagonist in Revolution. In many instances where Faust was in a dangerous situation, she often used Kyubey as distraction. This is especially apparent when Faust gets attacked by Walpurgisnacht's familiars. In combination with her Mind Bomb, Faust used a couple of Kyubey's bodies as a projectile, firing him at mach speed towards the familiars. This technique became known as the Kyubey Bullet. In another instance where Faust falls into a deep chasm inside Walpurgisnacht's clock tower, she uses Kyubey with her Mind Bomb again, this time however as a sort of catapult to launch herself back up. This technique became known as the Kyubeypult or Kyubeyrocket. After Ferocia is defeated, Kyubey tells Faust that Soul Gems no longer become corrupted, which means witches exist no longer, seemingly destroying the Magical Girl System. This is actually retconned in the new Revolution ending redux. The Magical Girl System still remains intact after the defeat of Ferocia. Witches can still exist, although a new type of witch also surfaced in Rebuild from Faust's distortions, the Infernals.


Kyubey's first appearance in Rebuild is similar in Revolution, as once again he is used as a diversion for Faust to avoid getting killed by familiars. After Kyubey tells Faust of Ayase Souju, a rogue magical girl who hunts other MGs and collects their Soul Gems, Faust and Kyubey try to find Mami, Kyouko, and Yuma and warn them about her. During their search, Faust stumbles upon a strange boy who calls himself Randy. Faust immediately notices that Randy LOOKED at Kyubey, and tells Kyubey to follow him and spy on him. Kyubey however comes up with nothing, the boy disappearing without a trace.

After Faust returns back to Mami's aparment upon the defeat of Tamiko, Kyubey reveals to Faust that another Walpurgisnacht is appearing, this time an actual gathering of Witches/Infernals.

Mikuni Oriko and Kure Kirika

Kirika and Oriko Magia.jpg


After Faust learns of Oriko and Kirika's presence in this timeline and the magical girl killings, she and the girls decide to hunt the two magical girls. After Homura effortlessly knocks out Kirika with her superior time manipulation, Oriko makes her entrance and fights of Homura, Mami, Kyouko, and Yuma. With her prescience powers, Oriko manages to fend off the four girls for a little while. However, Homura kills Kirika, leaving Oriko shocked and wide open to an attack. Before her execution, Faust assures Oriko that she won't let anything happen to this city, that she wants to protect the people she care about. Oriko realizes what she's done up to this point has been for naught, and that Kirika died meaninglessly. Oriko then accepts her fate as Homura shoots an RPG at her and kills her.


With Kyouko and Yuma knocked out by Ayase, Faust is left with no means to defend herself. Ayase prepares to kill Faust, only for Kirika to appear out of nowhere and destroy Ayase's two Soul Gems, killing her. Oriko then appears and asks Faust will she not contract. Despite being bewildered at seeing Oriko and Kirika alive again, Faust takes Oriko's offer and joins forces with her. Although she learns that Oriko plans to kill both Madoka and Sayaka to seemingly prevent the end of the world, Faust manages to convince her that she will prevent them from contracting at all costs. One night, while Faust, Madoka, and Sayaka are staying at Mami's apartment while the rest of the girls go witch hunting, Faust detects an Infernal right outside. Oriko and Kirika shows up to rescue them and tells the girls to run away as far as possible while they handle the Infernal. Faust, Madoka, and Sayaka get caught however by Anbey's magical girl minion, Tamiko. Faust becomes stranded in Asunaro City while Madoka and Sayaka remain captive with Anbey. While in Asunaro City, Faust has a vision of Madoka and Sayaka (especially) being brutally tortured by Tamiko and Ayume. In the vision, she witnesses Sayaka die as she maintains many deep cut wounds before being stabbed in the throat, seemingly killing her. However, upon Faust's return to Mitakihara, Sayaka and Madoka are discovered to be fine. This was because of Oriko's prescience powers, saving Madoka and Sayaka before Faust's vision could happen.

Kazumi and The Pleiades Saints

Mahou shoujo kazumi magica fanart.jpg


Kazumi along with the Pleiades Saints makes their first appearance in episode 18, after learning the source of the familiars all around the world came from Walpurgisnacht at Mitakihara. Although Kazumi is friendly with Faust and the girls, the rest of the Pleiades Saints at don't cooperate with Faust at first, but eventually accept after it's apparent they themselves cannot defeat the super witch. Upon Walpurgisnacht's defeat, the Pleiades Saints returned to Asunaro City.


Upon being stranded in Asunaro City and gaining her new powers, Faust decides to look for Kazumi, the only trustworthy Pleiades Saint, for help. She stumbles upon the other Pleiades Saints, who are about to take another magical girl's Soul Gem. Faust manages to stop them, and after briefly lecturing them on their extreme, but good intentions, with force and OBJECTION, she manages them to temporarily get them on her side. Kaoru then takes Faust to Kazumi's place for the night. The next morning, Faust has breakfast with Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru. Upon witnessing Faust chow down her breakfast with absolute disregard for table manners, Kazumi knows that Faust is a trustworthy person, which Umika and Kaoru eventually accepts. The three Saints then accompany Faust on her trip back to Mitakihara on Saki's order's to help the long pink-haired girl with Madoka and Sayaka.

In episode 12, Kazumi, Kaoru, and Umika are the first to ever hear of Faust talking about her past. They learn of Faust's severe memory loss, how she desperately tries to maintain those memories, the girls the only thing she has in this world to protect. Despite not knowing Faust for long, the three girls sympathize with Faust and embrace her. Kaoru tells Faust the truth of their orders as to why they came with her to Mitakihara, and says she doesn't want to fight her. She asks Faust if she would join the Pleiades Saints, to which Faust declines but insists that they spend as much time together in the present and forget about fighting. Meanwhile, in Hitomi's point of view, she is attacked by the other Saints, she being the next girl to be placed in the Freezer. Oriko and Kirika however intervene, save Hitomi, and drive off the Saints.

After Faust defeats Tamiko in episode 13 with her Pseudo-Witch Barrier power, the Pleiades Saints excluding Kazumi appear and confront Faust, ready to attack her. Before she attacks herself, Faust asks the Saints why they fight. Saki answers straight, to fight the system filled with contradictions, but it's clear she doesn't want to fight Faust. Umika and Kaoru also say the same, but proclaim they cannot fight Faust. Saki, not willing to fight against her teammates, let's Faust go, gives her a Grief Seed, and leaves with the other Saints, with Umika and Kaoru remaining with Faust.



One day, you wake up in Madoka's body, at the beginning of TL5. You have no memories of yourself, only knowing the events of the anime. You don't even know your own name. You eventually decide that you will try to change this future, and save the girls no matter what. You reveal to Homura your knowledge of the events, gaining her trust. With her by your side, you were able to work together with Mami peacefully and prevent her death in episode 3 of the anime. You also had Mami heal Kyousuke' hand to prevent Sayaka from contracting. You also were able to meet and communicate with Madoka within yourself, reveal everything to her, and let her entrust you with handling everything. She ask what is your name, with which you name yourself Faust. Faust's mind eventually merges with Madoka, making them one complete being. All was going well, but nothing is ever so simple. Kyouko makes her appearance along with Yuma and warns Faust of the magical girl killings going around town.

Faust already knew the killings were caused by Oriko and Kirika, so she gathers the girls and hunts for the two killers. She finds the two magical girls in a witch barrier, and although with the help of her friends she defeats and kill the two girls, Kyouko gets killed by the witch. Despite the sudden and tragic death, Faust saves Yuma from despairing, and still resolves to save this timeline. Fast forward just a couple days before Walpurgisnacht. Faust and Homura has planned and prepared for weeks, and decide to spend the remaining time relaxing with the other girls. Yet, relaxing is one thing fate will never grant. Mami is killed by a witch that impersonated Kyouko. Walpurgisnacht appears, but is MUCH stronger than the one even from the anime. In fact, all the witches Faust faced were more powerful than their anime counterparts, and even her friends were stronger than normal. She then realize all of this is because of herself.

Throughout the story, Faust discovers she has mind powers, and is the very reason why she is in Madoka's body in the first place: she leaped into her mind. As she struggled and fought, her mind powers developed and became stronger and stronger. However, those very powers were affecting the Madokaverse itself, creating distortions that made both witches and magical girls far stronger. Her powers became ridiculous to the point that as she and the others made their way to Walpurgisnacht, Faust accidentally sends everyone to TL3, witnessing Mami about to kill everyone after her Sayaka turned into a witch. Faust manages to stop her, and she convinces her and the other girls of this timeline to help the fight against Walpurgis. With Faust's powers, she then transport everyone back to your original timeline, with TL3 Mami and Kyouko gaining the memories of this timeline. With their help, along with the help of the Pleiades Saints, they distract Walpurgisnacht long enough for Faust to get close and erase her from existence with your own mind. The battle wasn't over however. Erasing Walpurgis suddenly pulled her into another dimension where she meets and fights the ultimate witch, Ferocia, witch of Causality. Temporarily, Faust was able to access the powers of her friends from the bonds she forged with them, using them and ultimately defeating Ferocia. Faust returns to Mitakihara, the world seemingly saved. Suddenly, she and Madoka separate and Faust acquires her own body in the form of Madoka's Goddess alter-ego. Although Faust lost the majority of her mind powers and the Puella Magi System remained intact and continued to exist, with the threat of Walpurgisnacht gone, she decides to live the rest of her new life peacefully with the friends she made.


It's been a couple weeks since the events of Revolution took place. Faust dreams of a terrifying witch attacking the town, the witch seemingly being herself. She wakes up, just passing it off as another nightmare. Faust continues to live her life with the girls, Mami being her roommate. It was Faust's first day of school today, and it continued like any other day, although Homura was acting very strange and distant towards her. Suddenly, Faust's eyes turned crimson red, detecting a witch. She runs outside the school to discover a witch without a barrier, which she names an Infernal. She immediately realizes the Infernals were of her doings, being created by the distortions set from her mind powers. These witches were born from a mixture of rage and grief, and don't use barriers to hide, preferring to attack anything in sight. Faust tries to handle the Infernal herself, wanting to gain independence and stop relying on the other girls. However, the loss of most of her mind powers restricted her from doing anything useful, and she was forced to be saved by Hitomi.

Being injured from the witch, Faust decide to stay home for the day, but her restlessness caused her to go out. She is attacked by a regular Witch, and still Faust is not able to do anything to help herself. She is barely saved by Mami, and falling ill due to seeing illusions, Faust stays back at home for the rest of the day. Before the day ends, Faust is notified by Kyubey that Ayase Souju is present in the city and is hunting magical girls. The next day, with Kyouko and Yuma's help, Faust decides to hunt for Ayase. Upon finding her, Kyouko and Yuma fight her and seemingly have the advantage, until Ayase reveals her dual Soul Gem personality and manages to knock out the two girls. The girl is ready to kill Faust until suddenly, Oriko and Kirika arrive and save her, killing Ayase. Oriko offers to work with Faust, remembering the words she spoke to her in Revolution. Despite her shock in seeing her alive again, Faust accepts her proposal. Oriko reveals her plan to kill Madoka and Sayaka, possibly seeing a future of them turning into immensely powerful witches. Faust convinces her to do otherwise, promising she will prevent them from contracting from all costs.

That night, Faust, Madoka and Sayaka stay at Mami's place while the other girls go Witch hunting when another Infernal appears outside the apartment. She and the two girls attempt to escape with the help of Oriko and Kirika, however, they are stopped and kidnapped by a mysterious magical girl named Tamiko. Faust briefly meets another magical girl named Ayume, and a sinister Incubator with emotions named Anbey before she is knocked out and left stranded in Asunaro City.

While in Asunaro City, Faust dreams of that same church you dreamed of back in Revolution. There she meets a mysterious girl who gives her the option of accepting new powers for the cost of her old ones, allowing her to "lose everything, and gain all." Faust accepts, growing frustrated with her inability to accomplish anything. The powers she gained are strengthened from the bonds she forged with her friends and will continue to grow stronger the deeper her bonds with them are. With her new powers, Faust decides to find Kazumi, the only trustworthy Pleiades Saint, to help her. Along the way, she meets the other Saints, and uses her powers to prevent them from kidnapping a magical girl, her confidence being restored. With some lecturing, Faust temporarily gets them on her side, and she stays at Kazumi's place for the night with Kaoru and Umika. The next morning, Faust returns to Mitakihara along with the three Saints, their orders being to help her with Madoka and Sayaka.

Upon returning, Faust discovers that Oriko and Kirika rescued Madoka and Sayaka, saving them before Sayaka dies from a vision she foresaw in Asunaro City. After speaking with the two girls, Faust confronts Homura, who's been harboring resentment towards her ever since the beginning. Faust learns that Homura believes she ruined everything, knowing that she is the source of all the problems. About to give up and turn into a Witch, Faust saves her once again, and brings her back into the light, restoring her relationship with Homura. Suddenly, a Soul Gem bursts from Faust's chest, revealing that she is a magical girl, and that the mysterious girl who gave her her powers was really Anbey.

Becoming worried about the recent turn of events, Faust goes out and looks for Hitomi with the three Saints, who went missing after she returned. While looking for the green-haired girl, Faust opens up to the Saints, revealing that she has memory loss and can only retain her memory for a couple of days. The only way for her to remember is to keep entries logged in a journal she's been writing in between the events of Revolution and Rebuild. The three girls sympathize with her, and Kaoru reveals the true intent of the Saints and asks Faust to join the Saints, to avoid fighting. Faust refuses, and insist that they spend what time they have left together. Suddenly, Faust detects a Witch and an Infernal, and she decides to take on the Infernal while the Saints deal with the Witch.

With her new powers, Faust defeats the Infernal with ease, and decides to find the Saints to back them up. Upon locating the witch, she stumbles upon Tamiko once again and fights her. Tamiko proved to be no match for Faust, as she reveals her power to create a Pseudo-Witch Barrier. All the Saints save Kazumi then confront Faust, ready to fight her. Kaoru and Umika manage to prevent it, the two girls have no intent on fighting Faust. After the rest of the Saints leave, Tamiko, who was cut in half and seemingly unconscious, unexpectedly attacks the three of them, stabbing Umika in the throat and crushing Kaoru's Soul Gem. Thankfully, however, Faust manages to use her powers to rewind time back to one minute, and kill Tamiko, preventing the other two from dying.

After burying the corpse of Tamiko, the three girls return back to Mami's apartment, where Faust meets Oriko and Kirika once again and learns that they saved Hitomi earlier from an attack by the Saints. Although she knows that Faust contracted, Oriko continues to work with her, unwilling to fight Faust and wanting to help her save this world. Kyubey appears, and notifies Faust of an event happening soon, Walpurgisnacht. Baffled, Faust angrily demands how is Walpurgisnacht appearing again, to which Kyubey responds its a different one. This Walpurgisnacht is literally a gathering of witches, Infernal Witches to be exact. This sudden turn of events shocks Faust, and makes her question whether everything she's done up to this point has really helped anything.

While trying to process everything that has been revealed to her, Anbey makes his appearance again and tells Faust how he contracted her for energy and for his sole entertainment. He also reveals that Jubey is working on the creation of the new Walpurgisnacht, the Freezer and Kazumi being the host. In order to stop it's birth, both Kazumi and the Soul Gems must be destroyed.

The next day, Faust along with Kyouko, Yuma, and Madoka go witch hunting, while the rest of the girls at Mami's apartment discuss about Walpurgisnacht. After defeating the witch and having a short bonding moment with Yuma, Faust decides to stay at Madoka's place for the night before the school festival tomorrow. During her stay, Faust finds and reads Madoka's campus notebook, that reveal that Madoka, despite everything Faust and Homura has said to her, has remained the same, blaming herself for her uselessness and wishing she could contract so she could help somehow. While taking a bath together, Madoka embraces Faust in tears, revealing her feelings about her own uselessness. Faust tells Madoka that she will do everything in Madoka's stead, and reveals about her memory loss and her theory that she will disappear once her memories fade entirely. Faust assures Madoka that she won't disappear until she knows she made the world a better place for everyone, but Madoka can't help but cry, not wanting the twin sister she loved to disappear. Madoka asks what she can do, to which Faust replies that just living and breathing is enough for her and everyone else. Madoka, realizing Faust's words, and thanks Faust, the bond between them maxed and unbreakable.

It's early morning and the festival has already started. After leaving the Kaname residence, Faust and Mami, along with Kazumi, Kaoru, and Umika decide to take a peek at the festivities. While they check things out, Mami reveals to everyone that Madoka told her that Faust will disappear. Although the girls were worried, Faust brushes it off, saying she will be fine. Kazumi and the two Saints then leave Mami and Faust alone, continuing to enjoy the festivities. Faust and Mami decide to head back home to get ready for the night festivities. While they eat some breakfast together, Faust ask's Mami's opinion of herself, to which Mami says that she's a close friend, and that they kissed. The blond reveals that while she would be ready to have a relationship with Faust, she can't go through it. Mami loves Faust, for keeping her company as her roommate, after being alone for so long. Because Mami knows Faust is going to disappear eventually someday, she doesn't want to be together with Faust. Despite that, she doesn't want Faust to disappear, the one person who's always been by her side. Faust assures her that even though she will vanish, she will live her life for the blond and all the other girls, because magical girls bring hope. Mami realizes Faust's words and embraces her, sorry for what she said and glad that she got to meet Faust.

After finally getting dressed for the festival, with still three hours of time left to spare before everyone meets up, Faust and Mami decide to go and hang at Sayaka's place for awhile. While on the way, the two girls meet Kyouko and Yuma at the Sakura Church, and Faust convinces Kyouko to go to the festival for Sayaka. Before making their way to Sayaka's place, Faust is interrupted by Anbey yet again. Faust decides to talk to the black Incubator, to see if he has anything useful to say. Anbey then reveals information that seems to contradict his previous statements: Faust is actually the host for Walpurgisnacht. He also reveals that Ayume, one of his underlings, is also a cultivated magical girl just like Faust. Anbey plans on defeating Jubey's Walpurgisnacht with Ayume, then letting Ayume turn witch for even more energy. Anbey then reveals one last kicker that pushes Faust over the curve: that her abilities are actually draining the magic and lifeforce from her friends. Whether anything Anbey said was truth is not certain, but Faust couldn't take the reveal and goes into an uncontrolled Rage Mode.

Filled with bloodlust, Faust wants to hunt down and kill Ayume, but because she has no idea where she is, she decides to kill the nearest target, Yuma. Faust manages to impale Yuma, but she is ultimately stopped and defeated by Mami and Kyouko. Regaining her sanity, Faust tells the two girls the truth as to why she went out of control, the black Incubator manipulating her emotions. Yuma, who healed herself from Faust's attack, believes Faust and forgives her, knowing that deep down, the pink-haired girl is a good person. Mami and Kyouko let Faust go, although temporarily, the bonds they share with Faust are broken. Faust then wanders aimlessly before the festival, thinking about what she just did. While she sits at a bench, Anbey speaks to her once again, although with a completely different personality. Sitting quietly, Faust listens as Anbey talks about how he nothing can stop Faust, and how he finds the human race amazing because of their soul and spirit. Whether this side of Anbey is genuine, or is just another way to confuse Faust, is not entirely certain.

Faust finally heads to the festival, wanting to celebrate despite what happened earlier. She meets Kyouko and Yuma who are together with Sayaka and decides to spend some time with them. Kyouko tells Faust that she already forgave her when Yuma did, their bond being restored. After spending some time with the three girls, Faust looks for Mami, finding her on the roof. The blond also forgives Faust, and they spend some time hanging out with Oriko and Kirika and then practicing their routine for a dance competition.

The PoV is then switched to Madoka's perspective. Madoka and Homura go together to the festival. As Madoka searches for Faust, she gets a phone call from Mami, telling her to find a safe place. Confused, Madoka asks what she's talking about, until suddenly, Ayume, who is under Anbey's control, attacks the two girls. Homura tries to cover Madoka, but both of the girls end up getting stabbed by the onslaught of rapiers. Just when Madoka was about to die, Faust rewinds time and manages to prevent the two girl's deaths, then engages Ayume. After meeting up with Mami and finding a safe place to hide, Madoka tells Homura to go help Faust. Even though the psychopathic girl contained 13 Soul Gems and also possessed a Reality Marble, Faust together with the help of Homura easily defeats and kills Ayume. Upon defeating Ayume, Anbey appears, and after an exchange of words, Faust figures out that the black Incubator is planning to overthrow his own race.

Although Ayume, who was apparently a host for Walpurgisnacht, was defeated, Anbey still proclaims he is always a step ahead of Faust. After the Incubator is shot dead by Homura, Faust falls down exhausted, realizing that the magic she used in the fight was draining the time left in her body, and that she will disappear tonight. While Oriko and Madoka go to Mami's apartment to fetch Faust's journal, Faust spends the rest of her remaining time with the other girls on the school roof. However, after noticing that Oriko and Madoka haven't come back, she rushes to find them, locating them trapped inside a Witch Barrier. With her powers, Faust saves the two girls and defeats the Witch easily. The use of her powers however took a greater toll on her body, and made her realize that she won't just disappear, she will turn into a Witch before she vanishes entirely. Homura attempts to do a Time Rest, being pained by seeing Faust, who is essentially Madoka, turning into a Witch right in front of her very eyes, like previous timelines. Faust manages to convince her to stay, saying she already saved Madoka, and that she isn't alone anymore. Faust then experiences great pain, her Soul Gem about to burst into a Grief Seed and form a Witch. Despite all odds, Faust manages to maintain herself, and calls Anbey to talk to him. Faust then uses the Team Mimic ability to her advantage on Anbey, regenerating her body's lifeforce. Faust then tells the other girls she won't disappear, seemingly averting her death. However, after an unspecified amount of time, Faust finds herself in Starcrossed Place, her being alive or dead uncertain.

Episode 22 reveals that the end of episode 21 was all an illusion. Faust takes a last journey to Starcrossed Place moments before her death, speaking to unknown voice. She despairs after answering the voice's question, her Soul Gem bursting into a Grief Seed and giving birth to the Witch of Infinity. The PoV is then switched to Madoka. With the help of Homura, the two girls manages to escape from Faust's barrier for the time being. Madoka asks Anbey what are his motivations and intentions, telling her it is exactly what just happened, turning Faust into a witch. According to him, the Witch of Infinity contains the same properties as Walpurgisnacht and will produce a "Domino Effect." Madoka wants to know if there's any way of saving Faust, in which Anbey replies that she shouldn't try unless she wants to die. Curious as to why Anbey cares about her being, Madoka asks why he wants her to stay alive, in which Anbey reveals that she inherited the burden of Faust. Kyubey then tells her specifically that she contains two souls, one of them being Faust's soul. This is because when Faust initially separated from Madoka in Revolution, while most of her soul moved into her new body, a small portion of her soul remained in Madoka, establishing the connection between them. However, since the "Faust" the girls know is dead, Madoka cannot communicate with Faust's soul. Rather, it has completely merged with her. Upon learning this revelation, Madoka decides to confront Faust's witch, the future that lay before her uncertain.

Upon re-entering the barrier with Homura and Hitomi, the three girls immediately wander into Candeloro's barrier, immediately realizing Mami is dead. They find Kyouko and Yuma fighting Candeloro and her familiars. Hitomi decides to help the two girls fight Candeloro, while Madoka and Homura decide to head further into Faust's barrier and confront her. Before confronting Faust's witch, Madoka hears her voice one more time, giving her a shimmer of hope. The two then enter, finding Oriko, Kirika, Kazumi, and Sayaka fighting the witch. Oriko and Kirika quickly fall in a matter of seconds to the Witch. In a moment of desperation, Madoka thoughtlessly runs towards Kazumi and Sayaka to save them, only to realize she inherited Faust's powers, and turns back time to just after Faust turned into a Witch. Madoka then transforms, wearing Faust's Puella Magi outfit and a white Soul Gem that contained Faust's remaining soul. She then searches the barrier to find Mami before she turns into a Witch.

While searching, Madoka finds Faust's journal and what appeared to be her room. After inspecting a suspicious drawer, Oriko, Kirika, Kazumi, and Sayaka then appear and reunite with her. The group then finds Mami alone fighting familiars, her Soul Gem almost completely corrupted. Madoka manages to bring back Mami into the light by showing her Faust's journal, making her understand Faust's true feelings. Mami, along with Oriko and Kirika decide to fight off the familiars, while Kazumi escorts Sayaka safely out of the barrier, and Madoka finds Homura and confronts Faust one final time. Along the way, Madoka chats with Anbey one last time, who reveals his entire plan: Destroy Faust's Witch to cause a paradox that will break the distortions Faust created and the bonded timeline. Madoka then reunites with Homura, who is shocked to see her in Faust's Puella Magi form, but resolves to protect her regardless. The two then confront Faust's Witch again, the final battle begins.

With Faust's powers and Homura's support, Madoka held her ground against the Witch, fighting with everything she had. One mistake would cost her everything, as she is still technically a normal human. After using quite a bit of magic, Madoka yells at Homura to toss a Grief Seed to her, only to get stricken by the Witch's dark tendrils. Madoka dies, with her last moments watching Homura cry her name in anguish, watching her best friend die before her yet again. Homura, completely stricken with grief, walks slowly towards Madoka's side in tears, ignoring the tendrils that then pierced her arms and legs. Right when she was about to turn back time once again, Madoka's body comes back to life, revealing Faust to still be alive. Upon waking up, Faust realized Madoka died, and it was all her fault. She continuously apologizes to Homura for what she has done, and resolves to fix everything in return, forming her own Soul Gem into the Spear of Destiny. Homura realizes what Faust is about to do and tries to stop her, only for Faust to knock her out cold. Faust then forms Homura's bow and shoots the Spear like an arrow. The spear kills her witch, causing a massive paradox. Everything that was born from Faust's distortions to Faust's existence then broke, the world devoured by an infinite black abyss.

Homura witnessing all of this, then finds herself in Starcrossed Place with Faust one last time. Homura asks Faust if they failed, to which she replied everything will be fine. The girl who looked like Madoka then confesses her regrets to the black-haired girl, but thanks Homura and everyone for being her friends, her family, and that she was glad she at least saved them. She asks Homura to protect Madoka and the rest of the girls in her place. Homura embraces Faust, trying to comfort her, despite the fact that she will cease to exist and never be with her and the other girls ever again. She then realizes that Faust was a friend just as much as the others were. She protected Madoka more than any of the other girls, she was her comrade. Homura did not want Faust to disappear upon this realization, but fate is never so kind. She realized she couldn't save her, just as how she couldn't save Madoka. Homura and Faust finally separate, the black-haired girl entering a new world. Emerging, she finds a young pink-haired girl with golden eyes before her. The pink-haired girl turns to her and smiles, saying, "Homura-chan, thank you."

Homura then finds herself alone in a train station, the lights flashing as her eyes fall into the ground before her.


Third Axis: Rage

Due to Faust's distortions in the universe, a third function was 'hacked' into the Soul Gem. Now, when a Puella Magi experiences intense fluctuations of rage, their magical capacity increases. This offers a boost in combat. However, reliance on this power can prove to be quite dangerous. Both Grief and Rage can coexist in the Soul Gem, making for catastrophic results. It can cause a large explosion, consuming the entire surrounding area. An overflow of Rage can cause something covered down below.

Infernal Witches/Infernal

An Infernal is a Puella Magi that has been consumed by Rage. The Soul Gem becomes a bright red before becoming a dark brown. The Soul Gem explodes, causing the body of the original Puella Magi to disintegrate in the blast. The nature of an Infernal Witch is far different than that of a regular witch. Instead of hiding in a barrier, Infernal's will directly attack their targets. They aren't afraid of Puellae Magi and have no interest in hiding. They're a physical manifestation of the Puella Magi's hate for the world. Their behavior is linked to the source of their Rage. For instance, if Homura transformed she would destroy everything but Madoka. Anything that would cause the girl sadness, she would obliterate it without remorse.


Witch of Causality

Nature: To Balance

Ferocia is a witch that was given life after the erasing of Walpurgisnacht. Ferocia is essentially a super powerful Walpurgisnacht caused by Faust's distortions in the timeline. Upon being erased, Walpurgisnacht was sent to another plane of existence outside the bounds of reality. Faust fell victim to her own distortions, being teleported to the same plane. Due to the fact that Faust's fears gave birth to this monstrous distortion, it's her responsibility to defeat it. All of Faust's activity in the Madokaverse was balanced out by the birth of Ferocia. The despair caused by Faust's distortions take the form of Grief Seeds that pile into the witch, strengthening it to the point of some kind of god. Ferocia has properites of witches that were born, are born, and are going to be born from all timelines, creating the strongest being in existence.

Faust's Witch

Witch of Infinity

Nature: To Wonder

Faust's unnamed witch that appears at the climax of Magia Rebuild. It has a barrier and still hides from the world, meaning that it isn't as powerful as it seems. It's only strength is its constantly shifting barrier and form.

Starcrossed Place

A place first visited by Faust seemingly though a dream, its purpose and location is unknown. The vast majority of the area is made up of an endless sea, with two small islands making up the only land, and nearby, a great white tree rooted in the water, extending all the way up into the gray sky. Faust at first emerges on one island's beach shore. From there, a small path running through a forest leads up to an eerie, yet ordinary church. By using the roots of the great white tree, one can cross to the 2nd island which is entirely made up of a large field of flowers. It is speculated that Starcrossed Place is an area not bounded by the Madoka universe or by time, as Faust at the end of Rebuild ends up staying at the mysterious place for hundreds of years in solitude.

Archived Threads

Note: Magia Covenant and Sketch are Alternate Universe sequels to Revolution, while Rebuild is the true direct sequel to Revolution. Also, if you would like to communicate with the author and the other participants, join the IRC channel #magia on mibbit.
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Magia Revolution (Season 1)

"This is my dream... this is my one hope... I will change it! I'll destroy fate, I'll go beyond fate and destiny, I'll obliterate causality, I'll do it with my own two hands!"

Season 1 of Magia. Has been ported to anonkun. Link here

Magia Covenant (Alternate Universe)

"Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you."

An interquel taking place right after the events of Revolution and before the events of Sketch, through the eyes of an Incubator named Anbey.

Magia Sketch (Alternate Universe)

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Magia Rebuild (Season 2)

"With a single hand out. A smile without meaning. A starving truth. A road with untouched light. A place where we touch. A faraway dream...that we can obtain if we just believe."

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Magia: Price of Justice

Magia Resonance (Season 3)

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Magia Requiem (Season 4)

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Magia Requiem: End of the Journey

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There will be no more, once my story is done.

But when my time finally comes, I will welcome it with open arms."

Continuation of Magia Requiem.

Magia Recount

Short stories set in the universe of Magia that are treated as side material.


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