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Cover of the first volume.

A three-volume manga adaptation of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime, based on Gen Urobuchi's scenario and illustrated by Hanokage. Each chapter of the manga corresponds to one episode of the anime. The first volume covers material from the first through fourth episodes of the anime, the second volume from the fifth through eighth episodes, and the third volume episodes nine to twelve.


Volume 1
When a new girl joins her class, Madoka Kaname feels she recognizes the mysterious, dark-haired transfer student from one of her dreams... a dream where she is approached by a cat-like creature who offers Madoka an opportunity to change destiny. Madoka had always thought magic was the stuff of fantasy... until she sees the transfer student fighting with the very cat-being from her dream! And just like in Madoka's dream, the cat gives her a choice. Will Madoka become a magical girl in exchange for her dearest desire? What will be the cost of having her wish come true?
Volume 2
While Madoka continues to deliberate over the decision to join Homura as a magical girl, her best friend, Sayaka, seizes the chance to wish for the recovery of the boy she loves. But when Sayaka is caught in a territory dispute with a more experienced (and more deadly) magical girl named Kyoko, Madoka is reminded that being a magical girl is more than a matter of donning a frilly costume and fighting evil... it is also a matter of life and death!
Volume 3
Madoka is horrified to learn the true nature of the witches she and her friends, the magical girls, have been fighting — and the terrible fate that awaits any magical girl who accepts Kyubey's offer of power. Having watched countless magical girls sacrificed for the larger aims of his people, Kyubey is only interested in securing more girls to that end, and Madoka is left with his chilling reminder that she too is destined to be a magical girl of incredible power... can Madoka and her friends escape this tragic fate?


Official English chapter titles for the manga version of Madoka Magica.

  • Chapter 1: "I Met Her in a Dream, I Think..." (夢の中で会った、ような… "Yume no Nakade Atta, Yōna...")
  • Chapter 2: "How Happy It Would Make Me" (それはとっても嬉しいなって "Sore wa Tottemo Ureshī Natte")
  • Chapter 3: "I've Got Nothing To Be Afraid Of" (もう何も怖くない "Mō Nani mo Kowakunai")
  • Chapter 4: "Miracles and Magic Both Exist" (奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ "Kiseki mo, Mahō mo, Arunda yo")
  • Chapter 5: "Regrets? How Could I Regret This?" (後悔なんて、あるわけない "Kōkai Nante, Aru Wakenai")
  • Chapter 6: "This Is Just Too Weird" (こんなの絶対おかしいよ "Konna no Zettai Okashii yo")
  • Chapter 7: "Can You Truly Face Your Feelings?" (本当の気持ちと向き合えますか? "Hontō no Kimochi to Mukiaemasuka?")
  • Chapter 8: "What An Idiot I Am" (あたしって、ほんとバカ "Atashitte, Honto Baka")
  • Chapter 9: "They're the Ones I Just Can't Accept" (そんなの、あたしが許さない "Sonna no, Atashi ga Yurusanai")
  • Chapter 10: "I Refuse to Rely on Anyone Anymore" (もう誰にも頼らない "Mō Dare ni mo Tayoranai")
  • Chapter 11: "The Final Remaining Guidepost" (最後に残った道しるべ "Saigo ni Nokotta Michishirube")
  • Chapter 12: "My Very Best Friend" (わたしの、最高の友達 "Watashi no, Saikō no Tomodachi")


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Differences from the anime

See: Manga differences

While both the anime and the manga are based on the same scenario, both versions were produced alongside each other, resulting in some notable differences.


Language Publisher Country/Region Release date Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
Japanese Houbunsha Japan February 12, 2011,
March 12, 2011,
May 30th, 2011
Manga Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga Vol.2 Cover.jpg MadokaMagica Vol 3.jpg
English Yen Press United States May 29, 2012,
August 21, 2012,
December 11, 2012
Yenpress Madoka 1.jpg Yenpress Madoka 2.jpg Yenpress Madoka 3.jpg
Chinese Tong-Li Publishing Co., Ltd Taiwan, Hong Kong 2011 CHN Madoka Cover vol 1.jpg CHN Madoka Cover vol 2.jpg CHN Madoka Cover vol 3.jpg
Spanish Editoral Ivrea Spain, Argentina 2012 Ivrea Madoka 1.jpg Ivrea Madoka 2.jpg Ivrea Madoka 3.jpg
French Doki Doki France 2011 Manga French Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga French Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga French Vol.3 Cover.jpg
Italian Panini Comics/Planet Manga Italia 2012 Manga Italian Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga Italian Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga Italian Vol.3 Cover.jpg
Korean 학산문화사 South Korea 2012 Manga Korean Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga Korean Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga Korean Vol.3 Cover.jpg
Thai Siam Inter Comics Thailand 2012 Manga Thai Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga Thai Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga Thai Vol.3 Cover.jpg
German Carlsen Verlag GmbH Germany 2013 Manga German Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga German Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga German Vol.3 Cover.jpg
Portuguese Editora NewPOP Brazil 2013 Newpop Madoka 1.jpg Newpop Madoka 2.jpg Newpop Madoka 3.jpg
Finnish Ivrea Suomi Finland 2014 Manga Finland Vol.1 Cover.jpg Manga Finland Vol.2 Cover.jpg Manga Finland Vol.3 Cover.jpg
Turkish Komikşeyler Yayıncılık Turkey January 2021
April 2021
September 2021
MadokaTurkish.jpg 9786052115343.jpg 9786052115411.jpg
Vietnamese Kim Đồng Vietnam May 2023


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