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This section may contain major spoilers for the anime!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't watched Episode 9 yet.

"Mami-san, my wish came true."
"There's no way I would regret this."
"I'm the happiest I could possibly be right now!"
~ Sayaka Miki in Episode 5

Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Chara Sheet.png
Japanese Name 美樹 さやか (Miki Sayaka)
Seiyū Eri Kitamura
Age 13-14 (estimated)
Weapon Cutlass

Official Info

"I, Puella Magi Sayaka Miki, will protect the people of Mitakihara Town, until the very end!" ~ Sayaka Miki in Episode 5

  • Madoka’s classmate and good friend. Energetic and lively, which is perhaps why her sword is the only melee weapon among the four.
  • Ms. Aoki’s Design Check!: Her personality is so boyish that I had to be careful not to make her look too boyish too. So I gave her hair a diagonal line in back, to straddle the line between short and medium length.
  • Magical girl outfit: Sayaka’s outfit is the closest to combat gear. Since her sword is a melee weapon, I paid attention to that while designing her clothes. (Aoki)
    • Her outfit features diagonal-cut skirt and shoulderless top for ease of movement. Add a cape, and she’s a picturesque swordswoman.
  • Sayaka has powerful regenerative abilities, she can heal herself much faster than other magical girls.
  • Sayaka becomes a magical girl in Episode 4; Episode 5 details her debut as a magical girl, including the scene where she makes the contract with Kyubey.
  • Sayaka turns into a witch named Oktavia von Seckendorff in Episode 8. While she has brought hope to others, the balance between hope and despair is then mitigated by an equal amount of despair appearing in Sayaka's soul. This despair eventually overcomes Sayaka, shatters her Soul Gem, and turns it into a Grief Seed.
  • Her witch form was killed by Kyoko in Episode 9; Madoka and Kyoko attempted to bring Sayaka back to her normal form, but according to Kyubey that was impossible.
  • Sayaka remains dead in the new timeline created by Madoka in the final episode, though Madoka grants her final wish to hear Kyousuke play violin. From Mami and Kyoko's perspective, it appears as though she sacrificed herself to destroy a Demon.


  • The first character in her last name (美) means "beauty". The last character (樹) means "tree". Her name could also be written 幹 (tree trunk) or 神酒 (sake offered to the gods).
  • Saya(莢) means husk in which seed of leguminous plant is wrapped.
  • Her last name can also be used as a first name.
  • Her first name is written in hiragana, which has no special meaning. However, "sayaka" could also be written 明か (obvious) or 清か (clear).
  • She describes herself as having been born "petit bourgeois," which is French for "petty bourgeois." This would mean that her family is at least from the middle class, but is by no means from the upper class (despite the fact that, if Japan has even less living space in the future than it does now, her family's apartment is far larger than a normal middle-class family could afford).
  • Although her character design depicts her with a two-edged sword she is seen using a katana with a saber-like guard in the anime. The manga uses the sword from her original design.
  • According to recent interview, "Sayaka had her personality based on a 'Gen Urobuchi character'"
    • In episode 5, Madoka said she always act before thinking twice, and is easy to conflict with others. But on the other side, she is kind, courageous and willing to work hard for others. Homura commented her good side is fatal for a magical girl. Her kindness makes her ignorant, her courage makes her careless, and she'll get no return on her hard work for others.
  • When Sayaka transformed in the train in Episode 8, the fate of the two hosts was open to interpretation in the original scenario by Gen Urobuchi. While Shinbo has recently confirmed that Sayaka did not kill the two men in the anime, they were in fact killed in the manga version.
  • Shinbo stated in an interview that he liked Sayaka and asked Gen Urobuchi if something could be done to get her back to life but Urobuchi said that was impossible.
    • It is unknown if Gen Urobuchi had a twisted smile while he answered to Shinbo.

Speculations and Observations

"Wishing for someone else's happiness means someone has to be cursed to suffer as much. That's what it means to be a Puella Magi." ~ Sayaka Miki in Episode 8

  • Many fans believed Sayaka is the witch in Madoka's dream at the beginning of Episode 1. However, this has been disproved by Sayaka's witch form hinted in Episode 8 and shown in full in Episode 9, which is entirely different in appearance from the witch Madoka saw.
  • While using her magic, circles of notes are sometimes seen around or near her. This is believed to be related to her wish to heal Kamijou.
    • Due to the nature of her wish, Sayaka has self-healing abilities and great endurance. In battle, she can combine this self-healing special ability with magical techniques that detach her senses and block all forms of pain, becoming a nearly unstoppable berserker.
  • School uniform: Her figure is flat and plain, but her chest is bigger than Madoka’s. Her hairbow is a stitched design. Below, she wears simple navy-blue high socks.
  • Sayaka seems to have had an extremely black-and-white and idealistic vision of love, which seems to have contributed to her breakdown. She made a contract to heal the arm of the boy she has a crush on (Kamijou), but after learning the truth about the Magical Girl contract, she felt that she couldn't approach him, and this wasn't helped by Kamijou's obliviousness to her feelings and Hitomi's more assertive behavior that ended up with Hitomi becoming Kamijou's girlfriend, unaware of Sayaka's problem. This threw her in a self-destructive spiral, in which she refused help from others (especially Kyoko, Homura and Madoka), seeking to either die or kill to dull the pain.
  • Sayaka is the only Puella Magi in the series to wear a cloak.
    • The cloak or cape could be symbolic to emphasize her ideal role as a knight of justice or a hero to the defenseless; a desire to become a role model just like Mami.
  • The cutlass is a well-known nautical weapon for sailors and pirates, probably an attempt to connect Sayaka to the element of water.
    • Water is usually considered to be an element of healing and purification in religion and mythology. Major faiths incorporate ritual washing.
  • The "C" Motif could relate to the link between her and music. In Medieval music, the Gregorian Chant system uses a C-like figure to denote a "Do" in a staff.
  • Even though Sayaka is the only supporting character of the series to remain dead in the new world created by Madoka (due to using all her magic), the fact that Sayaka and Madoka were able to meet up one last time to watch Kamijou's violin playing, along with the nature of Madoka's wish, has resulted in many fans suggesting that Sayaka's soul, although erased from the world, now resides in the same plane of existence that Madoka inhabits, where she will watch over all the other Puella Magi along with Madoka.
    • Of course, this could be because Madoka personally visited every Magical Girl in all of time before they turned into Witches and instead let them merely die, before she was erased from reality as a regular girl.. She could easily have taken Sayaka to see Kamijou perform Ave Maria during this brief meeting. She did become a goddess, after all.
    • According with Mami and her understanding of "The Law of Wheels", as a result of a Puella Magi having sought a wish brings despair into the world, her spirit disappears before that happens.
    • It is suggested that Madoka's presence is there to help Sayaka to move on, to help her ease her ending so she would have no regrets.
      • Madoka informs Sayaka that she could have changed Sayaka's fate but in doing so she would have interfered with Kyosuke's fate as well and he wouldnt be able to play the violin. So Madoka decided to respect Sayaka's choice and tearfully Sayaka is fine with it.
  • It seem Sayaka does not always contract with Kyubey in all timelines. What happened to her if she does not contract is unknown. But once she get contracted, her fate is always becoming a witch.
  • The grief seed, which Madoka used for purifying Homura's Soul Gem in Episode 10's Timeline 3, may be Sayaka herself (likely to be transformed from Sayaka's Soul Gem). This is because the 5 lines being seen on grief seed look like the musical Staff.
  • In the new timeline created by Madoka, she is not only granted to listen to Kyousuke's performance, but also be a knight of justice at the very end, instead of a witch, an enemy in her knowledge.
    • It appears that Sayaka also remembers who Madoka is in the new timeline created by the latter. This is due to Sayaka's choice of words when conversing with Madoka in episode 12; while watching Kamijou play the violin in a private session, Sayaka confesses to Madoka that she has caused her best friend a lot of trouble. This suggests that Sayaka is aware, or at least has some understanding of the emotional hurt she had inflicted on Madoka (and possibly her other friends) in the previous timelines because of her stubbornness to hold true to her own ideals, which led to her Witch transformation.
  • The Blu-Ray version of Sayaka's transformation is accompanied with a display of musical scores and circles of notes.

Magazine Articles

Sayaka in Oriko Magica

"Hitomi, don't stop!" ~ Sayaka. Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Chapter 6.

  • Sayaka is mentioned in Chapter 3. She does not appear until chapter 4, however. Sayaka is also protected by Homura so that she never gets contracted there.
  • She helped Hitomi to escape from familiars' attacks from chapter 5-7, when Mitakihara Junior High is covered with a witch's barrier. Madoka reunites with them, and together, they go to help Homura. Madoka is killed by Oriko, and Sayaka and Hitomi are seen mourning her just before Homura resets the timeline.

Sayaka in Sunny Day Life

  • The "Sunny Day Life" Drama CD depicts Sayaka checking Hitomi's panties with dubious interest. Making her look like some sort of pervert.
    • Even Madoka knows this is wrong.


Official art


Sayaka as a regular girl

Sayaka as a Puella Magi

Sayaka as a witch


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