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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie [New]: The Rebellion Story (劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ[新編]叛逆の物語 Gekijōban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika [Shinpen] Hangyaku no Monogatari) is the third movie of the Madoka Magica Movie trilogy. It is scheduled to be released in Autumn 2013. A date has been set as shown in a segment on Mesazashi TV on 2013.07.5. At the end of the trailer shown in the segment it displayed a date of "10.26", or October 26, 2013. The opening theme is Colourful (カラフル karafuru) by ClariS and the ending theme is Your Silver Garden (君の銀の庭 Kimi no Gin no Niwa) by Kalafina.


Madoka Kaname. Once a normal girl who led a happy life, she sacrificed herself to save other magical girls from the cruel fate that awaited them. Unable to let her memories of Madoka die, magical girl Homura Akemi continues to fight alone in the world that Madoka left behind, dreaming of meeting that nostalgic smiling face one more time...

Official statements about The Rebellion Story

Very little has been revealed about the third movie. This section has been created to compile all official information about the third movie's contents.


International release

United States

  • Aniplex of America has announced that the movie will screen in theaters in the Unites States in winter. [2]


  • Paris - Le Grand Rex (November 22, 2013)


  • The very last part of the new ending animation for the first movie features an unknown pink silhouette - most likely that of Ultimate Madoka - with another silhouette that is somewhat smaller and floating inside its belly, or womb (?) The smaller silhouette appears to be regular Madoka in a fetal position.
    • This has fueled speculation of a pregnancy. In Goethe's Faust, Gretchen was actually pregnant with Faust's baby and she was forced to murder her baby by drowning it.
  • There have been hints that the witches will reappear in the new movie in some capacity.
    • There have been hints that Madoka Kaname will reunite with Homura Akemi, which probably strengthens the speculation above.
    • Homura is seen shooting with a gun, not a bow like Madoka's, in the trailer.
  • In the new trailer, Homura is wearing her usual black headband and not the red ribbons Madoka gave her. Could she have lost them somehow? Could they have been stolen or destroyed by something or someone?
  • There are also mentions of Hitomi Shizuki and the word "Nightmare" associated with her, implying that she will play a prominent role in the third movie. How this is related remains to be seen.
  • It is speculated that the third movie could be taking place in a different universe.
    • The movie might also partially take place in the city of Kasamino.
  • It seems likely that the movie will have "flashbacks" to alternate timelines.
  • Kyoko is seen in the uniform of the school attended by the other girls.
  • Across from Mitakihara's school, Kyoko (who is wearing the school uniform)and Homura are sitting together, in which Homura has glasses and braids again. Homura also has her hands on her knees and she is looking down, possibly to indicate shyness again.
  • In the beginning of the first trailer, Homura's soul gem appears to be partially tainted on the close-up.
  • It can be speculated that Homura and/or Madoka could somehow become a witch in the new movie.
    • This whole new timeline, order of the universe with Ultimate Madoka, and the new system of magic could all even be an illusion. Madoka's ultimate wish could actually be turning out to be a disaster.
  • The new trailer suggests that Homura could be losing her memory of Madoka, like everyone else has.
  • The first trailer, which is shown clearer at the end of the second movie's Blu-Ray disc, reveals the silhouette of the mysterious Magical Girl standing behind Mami in the below picture. On closer inspection, she has short hair (unlike the girl she's speculated to look like in the pic) and seems to be wearing something on her head, with two bun-like appendages at the top, curled side hair/side-bangs popping outward, and two flaps connected to a string with balls at the end. Where the silhouette is lit up on the bottom, she seems to be wearing fishnet stockings, or at least something with a crisscross pattern up to her thighs.
  • Nagisa Momoe, the new magical girl, is speculated to be Charlotte the Dessert Witch as a magical girl. Nagisa's strawberry and chocolate color palette, pink candy bows on her shoes, yellow hair scrunchy, and polka-dotted theme can be matched to Charlotte's designs and color palette. If you look closely, even Nagisa's eyes which are yellow and orange-ringed can be compared to Charlotte's secondary form's eyes. Since Madoka's wish erased witches, this seems very plausible.
    • However, it is also speculated that Nagisa may be an Incubator in human form or a manifestation of Madoka in the new universe. The latter is supported by the ending sequence of the first movie, during which the pink silhouette resembling Ultimate Madoka at the end had another silhouette resembling Madoka in its womb. In Goethe's Faust, Gretchen was actually pregnant with Faust's baby, which further supports this theory.

Language of Flower Speculation and Symbolism

  • In the Language of Flowers, the deep red rose and its thorns have been used to symbolize both the blood of Christ and the intensity of romantic love, while the rose's five petals are thought to illustrate the five crucifixion wounds of Christ.
  • A white daisy symbolizes common love.
    • The daisy brings a message of innocence and purity, saying, "You have as many virtues as this plant has petals," or, "I will consider your request."
      • In Victorian times, young, heartbroken women who wished to be loved began a custom using the daisy. A young maiden would pluck a daisy's petals, one by one, and sing, "He loves me, he loves me not," as she pulled each petal. The last petal plucked would be the future of her relationship. This custom is still in use today.
  • Your friendship means so much to me.[3]
    • In Ancient Greece, Iris, the Goddess of the rainbow, acted as the messenger between heaven and earth. Today, the flower named for her is considered a symbol of communication and messages. In the language of flowers, the three leaves of Iris represents faith, hope, and wisdom. Yellow Iris symbolizes passion.
  • Craspedia represents good health.
    • Commonly known as just billy balls or bilyl buttons, are cheerful, bright yellow flowers. The round pompom flowers are fairly inexpensive and a great accent flower when paired.
  • Borage represents Courage, Bluntness, Abruptness, Rudeness.
    • An old adge, "I, Borage, always bring courage." Since men who are civil and respectful when sober often become blunt and rude in manner when under the influence of warming cordials, this warming property may have led to Borage being used as the emblem of Bluntness and Rudeness. It is indeed deemed a suitable representative of these characteristics on account of its rough and shaggy appearance the whole plant hanging loosely and being covered with rough hairs.

Speculation Gallery


  • If one looks closely to the movie poster, there are aqueducts zigzagging on the background.
    • These aqueducts are very similar to the one's in Ophelia's barrier.


Character Info

Madoka Kaname

Japanese text: 希望を願う魔法少女がやがては絶望し魔女になる悲劇の連鎖から、全ての魔法少女を解き放つことを願い魔法少女となる。その願いは非常に大きなものであり、まどか自身は新たなる世界の概念と化してしまった。

English Translation: The magical girl who wished to release all magical girls from the tragic chain of wishing for hope as magical girls and eventually falling into despair as witches. Due to the grandiose nature of that wish, Madoka herself became a concept of the new world.

Homura Akemi

Japanese Text: まどかを魔法少女にさせないため、幾度となく同じ時を繰り返した少女。理が変った世界で、まどかがいた事を唯一覚えている存在であり、その意思を継いで魔法少女として戦い続けている。

English Translation: The girl who repeated time on several occasions to prevent Madoka from becoming a magical girl. In the world with its laws rewritten, she is the only being left who remembers that Madoka was there. And succeeding that will, she fights as a magical girl

Sayaka Miki

Japanese Text: まどかの親友で、幼なじみの怪我の治癒を願い魔法少女となる。幸せを祈った分、呪いをため込み魔女へと化し、杏子と共に命を散らせた。まどかの願いにより、魔女になることもなく穏やかな最後を迎えた。

English Translation: Madoka's close friend who became a magical girl when she wished for her childhood friend's wounds to be healed. When she gathered an amount of curses equal to the amount of blessings she wished for, she became a witch and lost her life alongside Kyoko. Through Madoka's wish, she was greeted by a calm, peaceful final moment without becoming a witch.

Mami Tomoe

Japanese Translation: まどかやさやかたちの先輩にあたる見滝原の魔法少女。お菓子の魔女との戦いにおいて命を落としたが、まどかの願いによりその悲劇は消え去り、魔法少女を続けている。

English Translation: A magical girl in Mitakihara who is senior to Sayaka and Madoka. She lost her life in the fight with the Dessert Witch, but by Madoka's wish, that tragedy was erased, and she continues her life as a magical girl.

Kyouko Sakura

Japanese Text: 隣の町からきた魔法少女。他の誰かの為に魔法を使うさやかに反発していたが、自分と似ていることから気をかけるようになる。そして、魔女と化したさやかを救うために自らの命をかけた。まどかの願いがかなえられた世界で魔法少女を続けている。

English Translation: A magical girl from a neighboring town. She opposed Sayaka for using magic for the sake of others, but came to realize that the two of them were similar. And then she risked her own life to save Sayaka who had become a witch. She continues her life as a magical girl in the world granted by Madoka's wish.


Japanese Text: 宇宙から来た謎の生き物。第二次性徴期の少女の希望から絶望への相転移エネルギーを利用する事を狙っていたが、まどかの願いがかなえられた後の世界では別の方法でエネルギー確保をねらっている。

English Translation: A mysterious animal from outer space. Their goal was to use the energy converted from the change of hope to despair in pubescent girls, but in the world granted after Madoka's wish, they seek to secure energy through another method.

Nagisa Momoe

Japanese Text: 新たに現れた魔法少女。その姿は幼く、何を願い魔法少女になったのか、また何故現れたのかは一切わからない。

English Translation: A newly appeared magical girl, she's very young. It's unknown what she wished for to become a magical girl and why did she appeared.

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