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File:Witches Artwork 11.jpg
File:Witches Artwork 11.jpg
File:Witches Artwork Cover Back.jpg
File:Witches Artwork Cover Back.jpg
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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[The Rebellion Story/Spoiler]]
*[[The Rebellion Story/Spoiler]]

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Witches Artwork is a booklet distributed to viewers of The Rebellion Story in theaters on December 14, 2013.


Illustration Description
Witches Artwork 01.jpg CLARA DOLLS (Clara Dolls)

The children of the false city. The play the role of mourners. These dress-up dolls fake crying in order to liven up the funeral procession. The dolls present are Arrogance, Sadsack, Liar, Coldheartedness, Selfishness, Badmouther, Dunce, Jealousy, Lazybones, Vanity, Cowardice, Fool, Bias, and Obstinance, while the last one, Love, has yet to arrive. "The depths of this world, born of form and without void, are our stage," and their power is a match for Magical Girls.

1. IBARI Pride; 2. NEKURA Pessimistic; 3. USOTSUKI Liar; 4. REIKETSU Cold-heartedness; 5. WAGAMAMA Selfishness; 6. WARUKUCHI Slander; 7. NOROMA Blockhead/Gullible person; 8. YAKIMOCHI Jealousy; 9. NAMAKE Neglect; 10. MIE Vanity; 11. OKUBYOU Cowardice; 12. MANUKE Stupid-looking; 13. HIGAMI Inferiority complex; 14. GANKO Stubbornness; and 15. AI Love (poster, not a real doll). Collectively they're called Clara Dolls.

Witches Artwork 03.jpg LOTTE (Lotte)

The Nutcracker Witch's servant. Its duty is to mete out punishment. These tin soldiers organize the procession for the witch sent to the guillotine. They execute fools and worrysome fools. Their bulky heads are serious and unyielding, and do not heed anything the witch says. There are gigantic Brocken-types in addition to the human sized ones. They hate white rats.

Witches Artwork 04.jpg LUISELOTTE (Luiselotte)

A minion of the Nutcracker witch. Her duty is to eliminate rats. She hunts the wretched white rats on her mount, a decaying tooth. She also helps the other tin warriors get rid of those who would dare to interrupt their funeral procession.

Witches Artwork 12.jpg LILIA (Lilia)

The Nutcracker Witch's servant. Its role is to chew. These nutcracker dolls chew and crush any unwanted foreign substances in place of the witch who can no longer crack any nuts. They can also fire a nut cannon from its mouth. As the rumours go, it is no exaggeration to say that their vaunted enamel has a hardness of 10.

Witches Artwork 05.jpg LIESE (Liese)

The Nutcracker Witch's servant. Its role is to bear bad news. These stuffed birds announce the beginning of the witch's funeral procession. They receive food from the children of the false city, and follow their orders to a certain extent, but their basic intelligence is on par with an average bird. They fly in flocks, but their headgear impairs their vision, and they have a habit of ramming into moving objects. In addition to their usual size, there are also gigantic Brocken-types.

Witches Artwork 06.jpg HOMULILLY (Homulilly)

The Nutcracker Witch. Its nature is self-sufficiency. Its gallant form, which once split many nuts, is now useless. Without any other purpose, this witch's last wish is her own execution. However, a mere decapitation will not clear away the witch's sins. This foolish witch will forever remain in this realm, repeating the procession to her execution.

New homulilly.jpg HOMULILLY (Homulilly)

The Nutcracker Witch. Her nature is self-sufficiency. Her teeth are showing, her skull is melted, and her eyeballs have fallen out. A promise is the only thing that pitifully planted in that head which can no longer crack any nuts, but within the husk of the awakened witch is the distinct form of a magical girl. Her servants shamefully refer to that thing as a good-for-nothing.

1386993198872.jpg OKTAVIA (Oktavia)

The Mermaid Witch. Once dreamt of love. This witch was cut loose once again from a part of the Law of Cycles. Unlike the Dessert Witch, the human and witch's body can act independently. She can appear anywhere as long as there is water.

Witches Artwork 07.jpg OKTAVIA (Oktavia)

The Mermaid Witch. Once dreamt of love. The Law of the Cycle split off some of its souls and sent them to the earth. One of them took the form of Sweets. Another took on the form of a mermaid. And the Law of Cycles itself descended upon the surface, more reverently than the morning dew. Her form was like that of a magical girl who once was.

Witches Artwork 08.jpg ANTHONY (Anthony)

Servants of the Rose Garden Witch (rental ver.). They take the role of gardeners. As they are relatively docile and numerous, as far as familiars go, the Rose Garden Witch dispatched them as the main combat force for saving Homura. As they are under the direct command of the Mermaid Witch, the influence of her magic has changed their appearances. The medals on their chests are a treasure added by the Rose Garden Witch.

Witches Artwork 09.jpg CHARLOTTE (Charlotte)

The Dessert Witch. Once dreamt of tenacity. A mysterious creature who suddenly appeared in Mami's home. She as christened "Bebe," but it is actually the Dessert Witch who arrived from the Law of Cycles. She was expressionless and silent when she was first encountered, but took on its current appearance out of the blue. A bit loud. Mami made its clothes by hand. Mami resembles someone who appeared in the final nightmare the witch saw.

Witches Artwork 10.jpg PYOTR+POLINA (Pyotr+Polina)

The fleeing Dessert Witch and her servants. Their roles are to search for cheese and to nurse the cheese. When saving Homura, the Nurse-like servants helped with Mami's trapezes, while the mouse-like servants generally ran circles around Nagisa's position.


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