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I've already updated Homulilly, Oktavia, Gertrud, and Charlotte's pages with the new information. Could the artwork be used to make cards to replace the "Card Missing" cards on the pages, I updated? AntMan9751 23:38, 14 December 2013 (UTC)

It could, and if no one else volunteers, I'll work on it eventually (although I'm currently busy with other projects). Many of the spin-off Witch cards were made by us, particularly User talk:Randomanon User talk:Derp101(2) and User talk:TATZL. - Prima 00:14, 15 December 2013 (UTC)
Card blank2.png
Card blank.png

魔女図鑑 -WITCHES artwork---Mutopis 00:10, 15 December 2013 (UTC)

Runes on Love

Cant read.png Is just so small, any ideas? --Mutopis 05:15, 18 December 2013 (UTC)

Translated here. HITORI BOCCHI NI ONIAI --Knon 05:45, 18 December 2013 (UTC)

Rebellion OST: Material Book Pages

  • Should cards be made of each of the individual Clara Dolls since they now have their own descriptions? If so, should a page be made specifically for the Clara Dolls so as to not clutter Homulilly's page? -AntMan9751 15:53, 30 March 2014 (UTC)
    • I think cards should be made. Dont know about a separate page. --Mutopis 16:53, 30 March 2014 (UTC)

New Update: Clara Dolls

The Children of the False City. Their duty is to be mourners. These dress-up dolls act like they're crying to enliven the funeral procession. The dolls that showed up were Pride, Gloominess, Liar, Coldheartedness, Selfishness, Slander, Blockhead, Jealousy, Laziness, Vanity, Cowardice, Stupidity, Envy, and Stubbornness; the last doll, Love, hasn't come yet. “We were born from the material, and not from the void. The depths of the mortal world are our stage!” Their power is a match for that of magical girls.

The first to come is Pride. Stepping over Good-for-Nothing's head that tumbled across the bare earth, she boldly speaks for all of them. “How arrogant! You think I'd allow that? This feeling is ours alone.”

The second one is Gloominess. Walking with a tapping sound, she sneers at Good-for-Nothing. “What a Good-for-Nothing! How very unbecoming.” These dolls are only disciples of freedom, and devoted to their lust for it.

The next, the third, is Liar. She offers false tears for Good-for-Nothing's soul. “Alas, Mistress Good-for-Nothing. We are proud of your foolish soul.” These dolls sneer at the foolish and become their allies.

From behind comes the fourth one, Coldbloodedness. She stumbles over Good-for-Nothing's head and pouts a little. “Why don't we just cut Mistress Good-for-Nothing into tiny bits so she'll be easier to carry?” If the Devil speaks to these dolls, they will obediently follow her words.

Further comes the fifth, Selfishness, walking angrily. “Has the funeral still not started yet? Didn't I practice so I could be the best at crying the fastest? I won't wait a moment longer!” she huffs. These dolls are someone and no-one.

Coming out carefully is the sixth one, Slander. As usual, nasty things are coming out of her mouth. “Mistress Good-for-Nothing, unfortunately, you've been made into a clown!” These dolls play house with causality determined by entanglement.

At last arrives the seventh, Blockhead. This reticent doll laughs at the witch with her eyes. Unlike the too-serious soldiers, she complies with the witch's orders reasonably well.

The eight to come into view is Jealousy. Spellbound, she looks up towards the sky. “Let's prepare a box. I want to lock that radiance away forever.” These dolls are a collection of material forms. They are not empty.

The ninth one, Laziness, chats while yawning. “How long do I have to participate in this game? Knitting is such a troublesome bother.” She kicks Good-for-Nothing's tumbling head, which was in her way. Since the funeral won't start for a bit, these dolls take a leave of absence and wander about the city for a while.

The tenth to come running is Vanity. She exaggeratedly Good-for-Nothing's head and says a few words, “I wouldn't be able to bear dirtying my cape with your sticky blood!” These dolls ridicule the witch's self-mutilation.

The eleventh, trembling one is Cowardice. “If I am taken into the sky, I won't be able to behead the rabbits.” These dolls have a magic-like power that can realize a complete recurrence.

Walking unsteadily comes the twelfth one, Stupidity. She goes out of her way to go around to everyone, and tell them a story she'd heard from a bird some time ago. “I heard this story from the Goddess. She's a beautiful and radiant Goddess! I'm sure she'll love us too.” These dolls only want things within reach.

The thirteenth's footsteps are Envy's. “Let's have a wonderful funeral procession someday like ones I've heard about in stories. Let's bury a lot of beautiful girls and cute animals together. These dolls have powers not inferior to those of magical girls.

And then comes the fourteenth one, Stubbornness. Pointing to the earth, she rejects the sky. “The depths of this mortal world are our stage.”

So, the mourners have gathered. They were pretty slow, but it's alright. The night has not ended yet. The night will never be ended again.

This time is Long before they knew of that light, long before they lost that light, This place is merely the eve of the festival. Good-for-Nothing's Eve. There is nothing left to do but wait for the funeral.

Here and now alone there is the snow-white charming and good Goddess. This girl respectfully being able to cross over at this late hour will leave a very deep impression. But nothing can be done. Shouldn't she not fail to notice this tiny detail? Coming here to rival her magical girls are the theatre troupe of this mortal world. We cannot help being human. Even if you destroy sadness and anger, mankind cannot help but despair. The bones furiously advance with fury. Only her melancholy washes her entrails. Anyway, instead, we'll even manufacture a lot of those who are fit for you, if you wish. Then won't you grant us your forgiveness?

--Mutopis 15:42, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

dress-up dolls

Rebellion Production Notes says the dolls are the dress-up dolls that Homura used to play with. --Mutopis 04:26, 14 April 2015 (UTC)

Some stuff from the Inucurry book:

Fake town's children are not witch's servants but more like a phenomenon that occured in the fake town. Incarnations of magic and karma that overflowed from Homura. Children's characters fit their names, more or less. They're dress-up dolls Homura used to play with. In Homura's rewritten world, dolls keep playing around self-willingly. The children all get along. It wasn't shown in the story, but Ibari&Nekura, Yakimochi&Namake, Mie&Okubyou are usually together. Reiketsu and Noroma have empty gazes. Noroma's head is always tilted.

Witch's servants and barrier are born from the witch's unconscious. The witch summons them. Again, they're getting excited on their own. Some of them obey the witch, some don't. The witch herself doesn't really understand her own magic or what they are.

Hello there,

Embarrassing Good-for-nothing-sama.

Sneered at, stepped on,

And also detested.

The ashes are sown and the flowers are scattered.

Do a makeover, put the mourning clothes on.

From now, from here the funeral procession starts.

These pupils are full of envy,

These teeth gnaw at the future.

Reasons why familiars attack humans:

1) The ones that don't get magic from the witch - to feed

2) Because they hate humans or for witch's sake

3) For fun

4) They follow their roles, and people die somehow because of it

Fake town's children are the 3rd type. The rest are the 4th.

All dolls have the same face (the same base doll).

Fake town's children love Madoka, but not the Law of Cycles. The Devil is alright. Only Manuke loves everyone. Children like watching dramas on the box in the teahouse. Their favorite one is "The pumpkin that was left all alone because of the goddess". They don't like the one with the mermaid.

There is also a part with 14 dolls introductions, but the end is different:

From now and forever

Before learning of that radiance, before losing that radiance

Here is just a festival on the eve before. An eve before failure.

All that's left is to wait for the funeral procession.

Now, now, pure white virtuous goddess. Here, here, she crosses over at this late hour, leaving an extremely deep impression. But, anyhow, aren't you overlooking something a bit? Lined up here is the troupe of mortal world. We definitely cannot become human, even if we mourn, resent, destroy and despair, we won't become human. Passion drives the bones, only depression washes the entrails. Anyway, instead we can make a lot of people like those over there. Will you forgive us then?

Also Nagisa's magic is a horn that is supposed to make her more self-assertive and greedy because she regrets wishing for just a single cheesecake. --Mutopis 05:49, 29 July 2015 (UTC)