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Blot (BLOT) is a witch that first appeared in the Magia Record game. She is the witch form of Gunhild.

Witch Card

Blot witch card.png

破船の魔女 その性質は、『迷夢』 全方位に視界を持ち、認識した対象を、ただひたすらに飲み込もうとする。飲み込まれた先の後背はがらんどうで、そこには無限とも思える虚無が広がっている。この魔女の行動の根幹には"枯渇"があり、内に入れた者の夢や希望といった自身の生へ期待する感情を吸収することで乾きを癒そうとしている。しかし、いくら取り込んだところで、飢えに終わりはないので、大海に浮かぶ落ち葉のように、ただひたすらに、頼りなく彷徨い続ける。


NatureLost Dream
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

The Shipwreck Witch. Her nature is a lost dream. She can see in any direction, and simply tries to swallow up any objects she perceives. The backside of its body is a void, where a seemingly endless emptiness spreads. The witch's behavior is rooted in "depletion", and she tries to quench her dryness by absorbing the dreams, hopes, and other feelings of anticipation for the life of the person she has swallowed. However, no matter how much she takes in, her hunger will never end, so she continues to wander around unreliably, just like a fallen leaf in the ocean.

In Magia Record


  • Blót is a term for "blood sacrifice" in Norse paganism.
  • Blot is the first Witch to be introduced in the Puella Historia arc.
    • Even though 10^−43's first appearance was also in Puella Historia, she was made known through her Familiars in arc 2.
    • Even though both Kogetsu and Komatsu are seen, they are not encountered in part 1.
  • Her Labyrinth is very similar to Paola's.


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