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A list of all minor characters from Puella Magi Tart Magica.

Arthur de Richemont

Arthur is a noble former member of Charles de Valois's court and an ally of Tart and her friends, mainly Elisa Celjska, who is a very close friend of him along side her family. Despite being of british origin, he is an ally of the French army.

He was part of the allies of the french magical girls and was among the allies summoned by Pernelle in the final battle against Isabeau and Minou.

Barbara Celjska

She is the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire and the mother of Elisa Celjska, whom she had with a lover, the brother of Oswald Von Wolkenstein. She is an ally of Charles de Valois first mentioned by Elisa and Oswald in volume 2, being her the one that send them to aid the french and Tart. Then she is shown in a flashback of Elisa in Volume 5.

Bertrand de Poulengy

Another squire of Vaucouleurs who, like Jean de Metz, accompanied Jeanne to Chinon. He also gave quite a bit of witness testimony regarding La Pucelle and indicated that he had been to Domrémy many times to visit La Pucelle's family. He was probably ordered there as a part of the investigation into her life, but it's thought that he also held a deep faith in La Pucelle.

He only appears in Volume 2.

Catherine D'Arc

Tart's younger sister. She only appears in volume 1 where she is first seen chasing after a fairy-like apparition that turns out to be a witch's familiar. After being rescued by Riz, Catherine and Tart were taught sword fighting as a means of defending themselves. When Riz went out on an escort mission, soldiers who had been lying in wait ambushed the village of Domrémy burning it to the ground and slaughtering the helpless citizens. Catherine was able to fend off and kill a soldier before he could harm Tart, but was instead impaled through the back in front of her sister while she was distracted.

Charles VI

The former King of France and husband of Isabeau. Knkown as Charles the Mad. He married 14-year-old Isabeau de Bavière at the age of 17, but unknowingly his beautiful wife made a contract with Kyubey before their wedding, becoming a powerful magical girl. From her marriage until her death, Isabeau used her magic to drive Charles mad in order to gain control of the French crown and then the English crown by wanting to marry one of their daughters to the England King, but this couldn't happen du to the death of both kings. He is only mentioned and shown as a silhouette in volume 4.

Charles de Valois

The fifth son of the previous French King, Charles VI, and the crown prince (Dauphin) of the French monarchy. By 1417, all four of his older brothers had died, and Charles was named crown prince. But not long after, the alliance of England and Burgundy forced Charles VI to sign the Treaty of Troyes, denying his son Charles his birthright as heir to the throne. A Burgundian chronicler wrote that Charles VII was extremely thin, gangly, and weak-boned with an odd, wavering gait. It was a pretty awful description, even from an enemy political faction.

George de la Tremoille

The Grand Chamberlain of the royal court of the Dauphin Charles. The Grand Chamberlain is the highest civil post in the Kingdom, and Georges buried quite a number of political opponents to attain the position. He was also a very wealthy man, and by loaning money to the impoverished state commanded by the Dauphin Charles, he gained an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes influence on the royal court. Gilles de Rais is a distant cousin of his.

Gilles de Montmorency-Laval

Also known as Gilles de Rais. The head of the prestigious noble family Laval and a subordinate of the Duke d'Anjou, a central player in the side supporting the Dauphin Charles. Gilles inerited his estate at eleven years old when his parent died, and he was raised by his grandfather on his mother's side. His mother's side of the family was the pedigreed Craon family that included the second Grand master of the Knights Templar, Robert de Craon. And since there was no male heir bearing the Craon name, Gilles was set to inherit nearly all of the wealth from both sides of his family, meaning that as a young nobleman he was promised more wealth than the king. It's said that he later became the model for the French children's story, Bluebeard.

Jean D'Alençon II

Jean D'Alençon II, also known as Jean de Valois II and The Just Duke, is a noble member of the court of Charles de Valois and an ally of Tart and her friends. He was part of the allies of the french magical girls, fighting beside them in most of their battles, and was among the allies summoned by Pernelle in the final battle against Isabeau and Minou.

Jean de Dunois

Also known as the Batard d'Orleans (The bastard of Orleans). The illegitimate child of Louis de Valois, the Duke of Orleans and a part of the French royal family. As a cousin and the same age as the Dauphin Charles, he was raised alongside the Dauphin until they were both ten years old. Because of that, the Dauphin name him the man he could most rely on, and the Batard took that seriously, taking up a sword at the age of sixteen and fighting for his country ever after.

Jean de Metz

A squire of Vaucouleurs. He was one of the witnesses who testified about La Pucelle's red clothes, the first time he met her in Vaucouleurs, the things that happend on the road to Chinon, and how he was moved by the words she uttered in his presence. Even now,there is a small road leading from the keep at Vaucouleurs called "Passage Jean de Metz." It's possible that he lived on that road during the time of Jeanne.

He only appears in Volume 2.

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles

The uncle of Melissa de Vignolles. He along side Ettienne is a mercenary at the service of the court of Charles de Valois, being an ally of Tart and her friends. He was part of the allies of the french magical girls, fighting beside them in most of their battles, and was among the allies summoned by Pernelle in the final battle against Isabeau and Minou. At the end he remained fighting along side Ettienne and Jean de Dunois until the end of the 100 year war.

John Hawkwood

The grandfather of Riz Hawkwood. He married the noblewoman Donnina Visconti to make an alliance with her family, but as he often did, he eventually betrayed his wife and the Visconti family despite having formed an alliance with them, allying himself with their enemies in exchange for money, and as a result Riz Hawkwood was seen as the descendent of a traitor in her home. He is only mentioned by Kyubey and shown as a silhouette in Volume 5.

John de Valois

John de Valois, also known as John Withou Fear, was the cousin of King Charles VI, and one of the people that sought the crown after Charles VI went mad due Isabeau's magic and influence. As he was seen as a threat John was sent to be killed due to the influence of Isabeau in her son Charles de Valois. He is only mentioned and shown as a silhouette in volume 4.

John Talbot

A man with a reputation for being an excellent military commander and a captain at the Siege of Orleans. He appears as an intelligent and popular commander character in Shakespeare's play, Henry VI, Part 1, and he is also known in British literature as the English Achilles. They say he was even admired by the French for his long military history and for his pattern of always treating his enemy with respect.

Louis I

Louis I, also known as Louis de Valois, was the prior Duke of Orleans and the younger brother of the King of France Charles VI, and brother-in-law of Isabeau. He was one of the people that sought the crown after Charles VI went mad due Isabeau's magic and influence. As he was seen as a threat Louis was sent to be killed due to the influence of Isabeau in her son Charles de Valois. He is only mentioned and shown as a silhouette in volume 4.


  • In the magical girl story of Isabeau (Witch ver.) it's revealed that prior to his death in november of 1407, Louis had an affair with Isabeau starting in 1404 until his death.
    • This hints at the possibility that Louis I might be the father of Lapin, Corbeau and Minou.

Louis de Valois

He is the eldest son of Charles de Valois and his wife Marie D'Anjou, as well as the grandson of Isabeau. He is a great fan of Tart, asking her to help his father become King of France. At the epilogue it's mentioned that when he was crowned as King Louis IX, he asked the church for Tart to be canonized as a Saint for the French Church. He only appears in Volume 3 along side his mother.

Marie D'Anjou

She is a french noble, wife of Charles de Valois, forming part of his court with her mother Yolande d'Aragon and her brother René d'Anjou. She is also the mother of Louis de Valois. She only appears in Volume 3.

Milene de Xaintrailles

Milene is the girlfriend of Etienne, sister of Jean Poton de Xaintrailles and the mother of Melissa. She was a strong-willed woman who drove Etienne out with harsh words after he told her he was leaving to become a mercenary along side her brother. Knowing how much he valued his freedom and not wanting him to give up his life to become a father, she purposefully hid her pregnancy from him. She later contracted plague along side her parents and died as a result.

Oswald Von Wolkenstein

Oswald is a member of the Order of the Dragon along with his niece Elisa Celjska, whom he accompanies at all times throughout the story. He was part of the allies of the french magical girls, fighting beside them in most of their battles, and was among the allies summoned by Pernelle in the final battle against Isabeau and Minou.

Pierre Cauchon

He was a french bishop, a supporter of the army of the 100 Years' War and a secret ally of Isabeau, being influenced by her to put an end to her enemies. He was the one who sentenced Tart to her execution at the stake. He only appears in Volume 5.

Rene d'Anjou

Brother-in-law of the Dauphin Charles and second son of Yolande d'Aragon. Since Robert de Baudricourt had a close relationship with him as his councilor, Rene agreed to see La Pucelle and played a central role in acting as a go-between when she requested an audience with the Dauphin. At the time, he was in a rather difficult position - while his family's main house were supporters of the Dauphin Charles, the rest of the d'Anjou family were supports of England. This left him stuck between a rock and a hard place. His decision and actions led to results he never anticipated.

Robert de Baudricourt

The leader of the garrison at Vaucoleurs and a councilor to Rene, the brother-in-law of the Dauphin Charles. When La Pucelle requested an audience with the Dauphin, he was the very first person in power to believe in her. He is reported to have said to her as she left Vaucouleurs, "Va, va et advienne que pourra," which means, "Go, go and come what may." In English, the statement may seem as if he doesn't care, but in French it has a nuance of entreaty and encouragement.

He appears at the end of Volume 1 and the beginning of Volume 2.

William de la Pole

The commander of the English forces besieging Orleans. He ascended to the position following a field promotion after the previous supreme commander died. He had been a soldier from the time of his youth, but in terms of age, battle experience, and popularity with the troops, he did not measure up to John Talbot. The single deciding factor that allowed him the position was his higher rank in the peerage, and perhaps it was for that reason that he was obsessive about the task of invading Orleans as soon as possible.

William Glasdale

An English military captain. In the Siege of Orleans, he commanded some five hundred men at the strategically vital fort of Les Tourelles, but it's said that at the height of battle, he met an unexpected end when he fell into the Loire River and drowned. They say he viewed the sudden addition of La Pucelle to the French army with open disgust, and rumor suggested that his ignominious death was divine retribution for the insults he threw at her.

Yolande d'Aragon

The Dauphin Charles' mother-in-law, and the daughter of King John I (John the Hunter) of the Kingdom of Aragon in the north of modern-day Spain. She and her husband, the Duke of Anjou, provided support for the Dauphin Charles when he was chased out of Paris and arranged for his marriage to her daughter, Marie. She and her husband were central players in the Dauphin's faction at a time when the strength of the allied English and Burgundian faction seemed overwhelming. At the same time, they opposed the strength of La Tremoille's position which led to infighting within the royal court.

Tart's Family

Aside from her sister Catherine D'Arc, Tart's other family members appear on volume 1, hosting Riz in their home before Catherine's death and then the departure of Tart and Riz to Orleans. The members of the family are:

  • Jacques D'Arc, Tart's father
  • Isabelle Romée, Tart's mother
  • Jacquemin D'Arc, Jean D'Arc and Pierre D'Arc; Tart and Catherine older brothers.

Riz's former companions

Magical girls that Riz and Kyubey sought out in search of the hero Riz's wish would bring before she met Tart. All of these girls turned out to not be the one, and either died in battle or turned into witches.

First girl referred as "Machete" and had the same age as Riz when they met, shortly after Riz made her wish. She wasn't planned with a specific magic at all according to Masagitune.

Second girl referred to as "Frusta" (the italian word for whip) in a tweet is the only one older than Riz. She had a scorpion motif and poison magic.

The last two girls were twins. One of twins is referred as "Falce" (the italian word for scythe) in a tweet. Falce had a red outfit and her magical power was ice magic, while her twin (probably named Lancia, spear in italian as her weapon was a spear) had fire magic. Both twins were younger than Riz..


  • Masagitsune described Machete as a "vanilla character" Source.
  • Masagitsune usually referes to Machete as "Nata (鉈)" Source.
  • Frusta's whip was part of her magical girl outfit. Source.
  • From the four of them, Falce is Masugitune's favorite. Source.
  • Falce and her twin magical girl outfits are based in an italian tribe existing during the time of the 100 year war that Masugitune saw in a documentary, but he doesn't remember the name of the tribe. Source.
  • The four of them are still alive in the alternative world of the Holy Maiden Academy, where they attend as students Source.

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