Tart Magica Chapter 1

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The chapter opens with Jeanne d'Arc as she stands tied to a wooden stake,her hair cropped short as she awaits her execution by fire. It is May 30, 1431. She looks up to the sky as she clutches her soul gem tightly to her chest. A girl with short hair attempts to run towards Jeanne but is stopped by a pair of armed guards. As the flames begin to consume Jeanne, the scene cuts to Jeanne in the year 1429 as she sleeps in her tent on the outskirts of Paris. A young maid enters her tent and awakens Jeanne, calling her Tart. It is the same young girl seen earlier during Tart's execution. She offers Tart some water. Tart thanks Melissa as a different young woman enters the tent. Tart tells her she had had a dream but couldn't remember what the dream was. Riz teases her, saying she said the same thing when they first met and she hasn't matured much since then. Elisa, another young girl, enters the tent and prompts everyone to hurry. As Tart finishes dressing, they head out to save all of France.

The chapter begins to recap the Hundred Year War and explains how currently in the story the armies of France have been driven into a corner by the combined armies of Burgundy and England. A long-haired man in armor makes short work of an English soldier, skewering him through the middle with this sword. The girls call out to him as he explains how the English have begun to move out from behind their fortress and are attempting to attack again. He mentions how the English now have a Sorciere (witch) among their ranks. As Tart and Riz exchange glances, they ride off on horseback hurriedly in the direction of the fortress. Riz marvels at the number of defending troops as Elisa, Riz and Melissa transform into their magical girl state. Tart also transforms as the chapter narrates how she brought about a change in the war in only four short months and has earned the nickname La Pucelle - The Maiden Jeanne.

As the girls survey the inside of the fortress having routed out most of the English soldiers inside, an unknown magical girl wearing a cat's mask kicks the helmet off a dead soldier and welcomes the girls to the fortress. Tart calls her a witch but the girl calls her rude for calling her that seeing as how they are both magical girls despite fighting on opposite sides of the war. Tart races at the unknown magical girl, sword drawn and aimed right at her face, but a magical girl in maiden-like attire blocks the attack at the last second with her own sword, a clouded expression on her face. The maiden trades blows with Tart who manages to knock the maiden's sword from her hand. Before she can pick it up, a spear arises from the shadow of the sword as Riz uses her magic to block the maiden's path. Elisa strikes the maiden in the side with the butt of her rifle and knocks the maiden out cold. The unknown magical girl in the cat masks mocks her uselessness before conjuring a seal with a lion's emblem with her magic, stamping the maiden magical girl in the back and causing her soul gem to corrupt into a grief seed. Black energy crackles around them as she transforms into a witch whose appearance is a girl doing a handstand whose lower body has been replaced by that of an owl's head and wings. The magical girl in the cat mask bids them farewell as she vanishes within a magical circle. As Tart races to catch the cat mask magical girl, the witch reaches her hand down at Tart. Melissa knocks the witch's hand to one side with her spear before charging her attack and throwing it at the witch. The witch takes flight, throwing glowing feathers down at the girls. Elisa aims her gun at the witch and fires multiple shots from her musket with the use of a magic circle that multiplies the bullets. The shots destroy one of the owl's wings as it lands heavily on the ground below. Tart destroys it with her La Lumiere attack, obliterating every inch of the witch. The French soldiers congratulate and welcome La Pucelle to their encampment and cheer as she waves her banner around. As Tart turns to Riz, Kyubey appears and tells Tart she's improved vastly from the first day when he met her. Tart is overjoyed to see him, calling him Monsieur Angel.