Devil Homura

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Devil Homura
Akuma homura rebellion settei.jpg
Japanese Name 悪魔ほむら
(Akuma Homura)
Voiced by Japanese: Chiwa Saitou
English: Cristina Vee
Italian: Emanuela Damasio
Spanish: Ariadna Jiménez
For her full bio, see Homura Akemi.

Devil Homura (also known as Akuma Homura) is the form Homura Akemi takes after she seperates Madoka and Ultimate Madoka, and then absorbing Ultimate Madoka in Rebellion.

General Info

Physical Features
Age Timeless (estimated)
Eye colour Magenta
Hair colour Black
Soul Gem Salamander earring on her left ear.
Weapon Dark Orb
Witch Form Homulilly
Powers and Abilities Unknown
Wish “I wish... I can meet Ms. Kaname all over again. But this time, instead of her protecting me, I want to be strong enough to protect her!”
In Wraith Arc: “Those are my feelings towards Madoka! That's why, once more, lend me power! Not as the shield that protects Madoka but as the power that smites anyone who threatens her!”
Japanese pronoun watashi ()
Known relatives None known
Origins Mitakihara City
School Attended a Christian/Catholic school in Tokyo before transferring to Mitakihara Middle School.


Devil Homura's design is comparable to that of Ultimate Madoka. However, Devil Homura is mainly black and purple while Ultimate Madoka is white and pink. In Rebellion, Homura calls herself the devil when comparing herself to Madoka. This can be seen in her design, as well. Devil Homura wears a long, black tattered dress that opens up in the front, just below her waist, and comes up her chest. The sides of this dress are cut out, and the top has a "tear" which most likely represents a broken heart. Devil Homura wears long, black gloves and has a fluffy choker around her neck. Out of her back sprouts wings that represent those of a fallen angel, further representing the devil. She has long, black hair and has a deep red bow tied over her head. Lastly, Devil Homura wears long, purple stockings with a diamond design and formal black shoes that open up near the base of the foot.

In Rebellion

Devil Homura makes her first appearance in Rebellion, where she splits Ultimate Madoka in two and absorbs The Law of Cycles. She created a new world where Madoka can live happily, even if it meant denying Madoka's wish.

In Magia Record

For more information, see Devil Homura in Magia Record and Devil Homura-chan.

Devil Homura was released in Magia Record as Devil Homura-chan, an April Fools unit.
"A devilish Homura-chan who suddenly appeared in the MagiRepo world. She is faithful to her desires and loves demonic high-calorie foods. Although she calls herself a devil, she has a compassionate heart and is surprisingly good at taking care of others. She is a complete stranger to the Devil Homura from the movie, except for their similarities in appearance."

For the Magia Record sixth anniversary, Devil Homura was released as an actual unit.
"An existence that disturbs providence and lays waste to this world. She has stolen a fragment of the "Law of Cycles" and thus calls herself a "Devil". While forcing the Incubators to cooperate with her, she's more than willing to turn against the magical girls she was once involved with."

In the Concept Movie

In the Concept movie, Homura and Madoka have a speech about what "The Goddess" does not have. This also reveals Devil Homura's motivations for splitting Madoka.

Madoka & Homura: Do you know what happiness is?
Madoka: It's bright May sunshine.
Homura: It's the warmth of family.
Madoka: It's fried eggs for breakfast.
Madoka & Homura: But there's nothing like that in Heaven.
Madoka & Homura: Do you know what happiness is?
Homura: It's having your name called by someone.
Madoka: It's calling someone's name.
Homura: It's when someone is thinking of you.
Madoka & Homura: But God alone cannot have any of this.
Homura: A lizard girl took pity on God…
Madoka: …so the lizard girl tore God in two, and kidnapped one of her halves to Earth from Heaven.
Homura: That radiance was so kind as to be cruel. Meeting it in the darkness... was far too dazzling.

For the full transcript, see here.

The final lines of the speech in the Concept movie reveal Devil Homura's reasons for splitting Madoka. She took pity on Madoka. She was sad for her and ultimately decided to end her endless suffering. Even if it meant becoming the devil, Homura would give anything for Madoka.


See Gallery:Devil Homura.


  • In Rebellion, Homura implies Ultimate Madoka to be a goddess. Therefore, she says, the one cast away from her light must be the devil.
    • Additionally, her final transformation into Homulilly has heavy symbolism in the way of lizards or salamanders. Lizards have been associated with the devil in many works of literature. Salamanders have been mythologically linked to fire, see below.
      • In the Concept movie, Devil Homura is referred to as "The Lizard Girl".
    • Homura previously attended a Christian/Catholic school before transferring to Mitakihara Middle School. This means she would at least have some knowledge of the story of the devil.
  • The name 'Homura' can be written as 'flame' and 'Akemi' as 'dawn'. 'Lucifer' (or 'Heylel') means 'light-bringer' and is often seen as the morning star. This can reflect each other, as well as how Rebellion heavily featured fire, and how supposed witches were burned at the stake.
  • As seen in Tart Magica, the witchification and subsequent de-witchification can leave a Magical Girl hollow or fractured. It is possible Homura's mind was warped after her transformation into Homulilly.
  • Her wish in Wraith Arc directly contradicts her actions in Rebellion, with Homura herself becoming a threat to Madoka.