Kagari Hinata in Magia Record

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Kagari Hinata
Kagari PM.png
Japanese Name 日向 華々莉 (Hinata Kagari)
Voiced by Japanese: []
ID No: 4037

For her full bio, see Kagari Hinata.

General info

Physical features

  • Age: No younger than 13 (elder twin of Matsuri, 13)
  • Eye colour: Purple
  • Hair colour: Dark purple


  • Soul gem: Purple gem in the center of a butterfly on her chest
  • Weapon: Sword; chakrams
  • Wish: "I want Suzune to experience the same suffering that Tsubaki did."
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • Known relatives: Matsuri Hinata, her younger twin sister; Tsubaki Mikoto, her deceased nanny/surrogate mother; her father and her deceased mother.


Event Appearances


  • The first and third kanji for Kagari's name mean "flower"/"blossom"/"fabulous" (華) and "jasmine" (莉) respectively.
    • In the Japanese language of flowers, jasmine represents kindness and gracefulness.[1]
  • The second (々) is a character indicating that the previous kanji and sound (sometimes voiced) should be repeated. This would make Kagari's name "華華莉".
    • Kagari is one of only two characters with a "々" in her name, the other being Sasa Yuuki.
  • Kagari being named after a flower matches Matsuri and Tsubaki, who are also named after flowers.
  • "Kagari" could also mean a cross-stitch (縢) or a basket made of bamboo (篝); more obscurely, it could be read as "deer hunter" (鹿狩) or "god hunter" (神狩).



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Always Thinking About You
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP Gain UP [V] & Chance to Burn on ATtack [V] (2T)
Passive An encounter that would not be possible in the first place, a future that you should not know.

To the children who will leave it in the near future, I got the opportunity to convey my thoughts. "Even if this life is exhausted, this heart is always with you."


天の計らいか、近い未来に置いて行ってしまう子たちへ 伝えられなかった思いを伝える機会を得た 「例えこの命尽きたとしても、この心はいつだって貴方たちと一緒にいます」

Determined to Believe
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [IV] & Chance to Critical [IV]
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
It hurts my heart if I'm snarled with tears saying, "I want to be with you". I want to hug you right now, but my determination remains the same. Because I believe that my dear children will have a happy future. 「一緒にいたい」と涙ながらに縋られれば心が痛む

今すぐにでも、抱きしめてあげたくなる それでも、決意は変わらない 大切な子達が幸せな未来をつかめると信じているから

No Turning Back
Chance to Bind on Attack [II] (1T) & Damage UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Bind on Attack [II] (1T) & Damage UP [III]
Passive That child always robs something important.

That child always gets in the way where it matters most. That person doesn't always choose me ...! Hatred once born erodes the girl's heart and runs into madness.


いつだってあの子は、肝心なところで邪魔をする いつだってあの人は、私を選んでくれない…! 一度生まれた憎悪は少女の心を蝕み、狂気へと走らせる

The Usual Morning Scene
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [III] & Regenerate HP [II]
Passive "Today, I'll tie a pine instead of a camellia."

"... Yes, thank you."

"Oh, good morning. It's about time to go to school."

"Wow... I know. I won't be late without worrying."


「…ええ、ありがとう」 「あっ、おはようございます。そろそろ学校に行く時間ですよ」 「ふわぁ…わかってるよ。心配しなくても遅刻しないから」

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