Madoka Magica Mobage Characters

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Main anime characters appearing
Mobage Madoka Character 01.jpg Mobage Homura Character 01.jpg Mobage Sayaka Character 01.jpg Mobage Mami Character 01.jpg Mobage Kyoko Character 01.jpg Mobage Kyubey.jpg
Madoka Kaname Homura Akemi Sayaka Miki Mami Tomoe Kyoko Sakura Kyubey
Supporting anime characters appearing
Kyousuke Kamijou Hitomi Shizuki
Original Characters
Mobile Game Elise.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 2.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 3.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 4.jpg


Original Witches
Mobage Witch Card 01.jpg Mobage Witch Card 02.jpg Mobage Witch Card 03.jpg Mobage New Witch 04.jpg Witch of frogs.jpg
The witch of sewing
The witch of springtime
The witch of giraffes
The witch that wants to be a bird
The witch of frogs