Junko Kaname

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"That looks pretty good. Now all your secret admirers won't be able to resist you."
--"Like I'd have any."
"You have to think you do. That's the secret to being pretty."
- Junko and Madoka, Episode 1.
Junko Kaname
Junko Kaname.png
Japanese Name 鹿目 詢子
(Kaname Junko)
Voiced by Japanese: Yuuko Gotou
English: Carrie Savage
Italian: Maddalena Vadacca
Spanish: Mª Rosa Guillén

General info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Purple
  • Hair colour: Purple


Official Info

"You need to learn how to make mistakes before you grow up. When you are young, you can recover quickly when hurt."
"When you get older it's harder to make mistakes, as you get more responsibilities the less mistakes you are allowed to make."
"Being an adult is hard for everybody. That's what alcohol is for."
- Junko, Episode 6.
  • Madoka's mother. A fine business lady. She loves to chit chat with her daughter in the morning while doing her make-up.
  • Urobuchi had always wanted to create a strong-minded female character like Junko. He wanted to create a family that would not be confined to the idea that heroism is reserved to men's role, he wanted a concrete example where women can also be heroic and strong.
  • Urobuchi created a family with a strong mother and kind father to create a strong background for Madoka, the kind of family where a girl would develop a strong sense of courage.


  • She likes to high-five her daughter.
  • She wants to get rid of some co-workers.
  • She is quite close to Madoka's teacher Kazuko, often meeting over a drink.
  • The anime doesn't explicitly state what Junko's occupation is. One clue indicates that Junko was reviewing past currency trades and it may be related to her work.


  • The characters in her first name mean "詢" (to consult with) and "子" (child) respectively.


  • In the Drama CD "Sunny Day Life", Junko admits to Madoka that she was a poor student and spent most of her time doing naughty things.
    • According to Shinbo, Junko may have been a delinquent in her younger days.


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