Magia Record Story Bye Bye, See You Tomorrow ~Memories of the Kamihama Large Residential Complex~ Part 2

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Mito’s Story Ep. 12

Mito looks down heavily as she continues to search for a four-leaf clover the next morning. She’s so focused on what she’s doing and remembering everything that happened on the rooftop the night before that she doesn’t notice when one of the elderly neighbors greets her. After getting her attention finally, the older lady asks if she’s still looking for four-leaf clovers. Mito says she was but hasn’t found any. She gets up and leaves. Leila had explained everything to Mito, including things about Magical Girls and Witches. Seika hadn’t given her side of the story, but from everything that Leila had told her, Mito was able to piece together the rest. A Witch had taken control of Leila and made her jump off the roof, so Seika had made a wish to save her but she didn’t want Leila to remember any of that. Seika had tried to shoulder the burden all by herself so she was still angry the next day.

Seika’s Story Ep. 12

On that fateful day, Seika had had a meeting with the library committee so she didn’t leave school until late. Mito had caught a cold and was resting at home for once while Leila had left school before Seika did. Seika was a little sad that she couldn’t walk home with Leila, but she was excited she could still make it home in time for the rerun of “Teacher Wars”. Seika thinks it’s an intense show and considers it a masterpiece, especially since she could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. She noticed Leila up on the roof and had called out to her but Leila didn’t seem to hear her. Seika then went up to the rooftop to talk with her friend. When she asked Leila what she was doing up there, Leila didn’t answer. Leila then began to climb over the railing so Seika had begged her to stop before she got hurt. But Leila still didn’t answer and instead jumped off the roof down to her death with Seika screaming out her name. Seika couldn’t understand what was happening, all she could do was cry until Kyubey appeared. Nothing he said made any sense to her except the part about wishes. Seika decided to make her wish, “Then I want to make it like Leila never jumped! Like this never happened! Bring her back… Bring Leila back to life!” She then became a Magical Girl and finally understood about Witches, and Familiars. Leila forgot everything that happened and of course Mito never knew about it. Seika was terrified that these Witches would go after Leila again or maybe Mito next time, so she vowed to never let her friends get dragged into this since they meant the world to her. If they hadn’t approached her and said hello to her on that day, then Seika would still be suffering completely alone. That’s why Seika had worked so hard to prevent them from learning the truth.

As Seika walks to school, her mind focused on everything that had happened between her and her friends, one of the neighbors greets her. He asks if she isn’t glad that the whole thing with the suspicious person was resolved. He’s happy they can finally take down those ominous wanted posters. Seika is outwardly glad, but inside she knows the problem hasn’t been resolved yet. The neighbor knows that Seika is close to Mito and asks when their moving day is going to be. Since Mito’s mother has done so much for the council over the years, he wants to give them a proper send-off. Seika is reminded that Mito is indeed moving away, causing her to become sadder.

Leila’s Story Ep. 14

After Mito had found them on the rooftop, she had blurted out how her mom was making them move away because of all the disappearances and other events that have happened lately. Not only did her mom want them to move, she also wanted Mito to transfer to a new school since her current one will be too far away. Her mother sees it as a fresh start for Mito so she can make new friends, but Mito had refused. This was the last thing that Mito had wanted and now when she went to find her friends she finds them arguing instead. Mito asked what they were even fighting about so Leila had explained everything to her. But Seika hadn’t uttered a word during the whole conversation. Instead she just stared at them and left without saying a word.

The next day Leila was looking for them so they could walk to school but Mito and Seika were nowhere to be found. Leila blames herself for the way things were going between her and her friends. Leila gets so worked up about how she can’t take any of this that one of the neighbors notices the expression on her face and asks what’s wrong. Leila just smiles and says it’s nothing before taking off in a hurry. Leila wonders what’s going to happen to them.

Leila’s Story Ep. 15

Leila’s two classmates notice that Leila has been staring out the window again. They point this out to her and then remind her their next class period is study hall. Leila half-heartedly says that’s nice. Classmate B says that their teacher isn’t feeling well and took today off but is surprised at the weak response from Leila at the good news that one of their classes has been canceled. Leila says she’s just feeling tired so her friends advise her to put her head back in the clouds like always and head out. Leila’s mind is just filled with too much for her to handle. First it was the thing with Seika, then she found out Mito is moving away. Not only that, all the things she saw when she got her memories back. She figures they must be the memories of everything she saw and did while under the control of the Witch, but there’s something she saw that isn’t clicking. On top of all this, she still hasn’t seen Kyubey since the day she made her contract. She doesn’t know why but everything has really been bothering her. Either way, she knows she has to fix things with Seika and Mito, plus she has to go and fight as a Magical Girl. She can’t let Seika fight all by herself, not anymore.

Seika’s Story Ep. 13

Seika sits in her class with an exceptionally angry scowl on her face. Her two classmates are watching her, noticing she has an even darker aura than usual. They wonder if maybe something happened to her. Seika sits, wondering what she should do. She wants everything to be normal with Leila, but there’s some part of her that just can’t accept the fact that Leila has made a contract. She can understand what Leila must have felt when she made her decision, but that’s the reason why she had tried to prevent her from learning the truth. She knew that this would end up happening if that were the case. Leila is the kind of person who always puts others before herself, but that kindness is the exact reason she wanted to keep her out of this. Kyubey had suggested they team up to fight Witches together, but Seika doesn’t know how to do that when she’s feeling like this. But if she doesn’t clear things up with Leila, then their fighting will continue to affect Mito. Seika sighs, causing her classmate to jump up and apologize. Seika doesn’t know what she’s apologizing for but it seems she just happened to be startled. Either way, Seika knows now what she must do.

Mito’s Story Ep. 13

With lunchtime about to begin, Mito wracks her brains to try to come up with a way to get her friends to reconcile before she moves away. She decides to go talk to Leila first, then Seika. Mito makes her way to the classroom door, but not before her classmates ask if she’s going to go have lunch with her weirdo friends again. She reminds Mito that they had asked to meet her supposed friends to see if they were as weird as she is. Mito remembers what Seika had said before, that weird just means someone is different so she faces to her classmate and raises her voice, demanding to know what’s so bad about being weird. She tells them to stop picking on people just because she doesn’t know what the word weird really means and warns them to never talk about her friends like that ever again. Mito storms out of the classroom, leaving her two classmates wondering what she got so worked up over.

Leila’s Story Ep. 16

Leila had received a message from Mito asking if they could walk home together after school, but Leila told her she had something to do and turned her down. She had felt bad about turning her down, but that was only because Leila was wracked with guilt over how Seika and her were making her feel. They were putting all this extra stress on her when she was already so worried about moving away. The short time they had to spend together at the apartments was slipping away and Leila didn’t even know what she was doing anymore. Still feeling weird about everything, Leila finally made her way home. As she neared the apartment complex, Leila jumped in surprise. Her Soul Gem was reacting to something! Leila knows she has to go and fight a Witch, hanging her already burdened head since being a Magical Girl had only added to her problems. Still, she knows that up until now Seika had been fighting them alone and she was determined to help out. She tracks the signal to the inside of the shopping center, where the suspicious stranger was apprehended. She realizes that the reason she had seen Seika at the shopping center that night must have been because Seika was tracking a Witch. As she nears the signal, she bumps into Seika, who was also tracking down the same Witch.

Seika’s Story Ep. 14

Mito had sent a message to Seika, but Seika didn’t reply because she couldn’t think of what to say to her. Seika didn’t know what to tell her since she didn’t want to be the one to tell Mito about Witches and Magical Girls, but at the same time she knew that not talking to Mito would only cause her to worry more. But if she does tell her, then Mito is sure to get involved and she doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Seika wants to reach out to her friends the way they reached out to her the first time they met, but she’s too scared to do it. She knows she’s being a coward but she can’t help feeling scared when it comes to talking to others, so Seika just ended up going home alone that day. However, just because she was feeling down didn’t mean the Witches and Familiars stopped doing their evil work. As Seika sat in her room, her Soul Gem began to react and Seika knew she had to get to work. When she arrived at the place the signal was coming from, Leila was already there. Leila explains she had sensed it and Seika nodded in response. The two friends stood there awkwardly in silence for a long moment. Eventually, just as Leila was about to speak up, the two were engulfed by the Witch’s barrier and found themselves face to face with a Familiar. Seika transforms, instructing Leila to do the same. Seika wonders what her next move should be since she didn’t want to team up with Leila to fight it despite Kyubey’s suggestion. But if she doesn’t get rid of the Familiar, then something bad might happen.

Route Split

Fight with Leila: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 15
Take it on alone: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 16

Seika’s Story Ep. 15 (End No. 4)

Seika knows she has to focus on the enemy ahead and realizes she has no choice but to team up with Leila. Seika turns to Leila and says they should work together. She says she’ll start things off while Leila backs her up and then afterwards they’ll move in sync to take down the Familiar. Leila agrees and the two work perfectly in harmony to defeat the Familiar. Their teamwork was smooth and flawless thanks to years of being friends so the Familiar had no chance against them. Leila cheers their victory over the Familiar but Seika is less than happy. Even though they had beaten the Familiar, this isn’t what Seika had wanted at all. Because Seika had gone against her nature, it had only made the distance between them feel permanent. She had tried to fight decisively, but all it did was reveal how indecisive she really felt, so the split between her and her friends would never close again.

The End

Seika’s Story Ep. 16

Seika instructs Leila to hang back while she takes on the Familiar alone. Leila tries to argue but Seika is firm in her decision. Seika strikes at the Familiar but Leila insists she can help and wants to fight it together. Seika tells her to stop it, but the Familiar takes advantage of their distracted state and attacks Leila. Leila had managed to defend herself against the Familiar’s attack, but the force of the blow had broken her defending arm. Leila weakly calls out Seika’s name as Seika begins to cry and turns her attention back to the Familiar. In a desperate rage, Seika defeats the Familiar and goes to check on Leila. Leila manages to sit up and finds her arm is ok much to both of their surprise. Kyubey appeared shortly after the battle was over and they questioned him on what had happened. This is how they learned the truth about Soul Gems and that neither of them was really human anymore.

Mito’s Story Ep. 14

Mito had gone to the AV room thinking she could talk to Seika but she wasn’t there. She had even sent her a text but Seika never replied. Mito then messaged Leila hoping they could walk home together but Leila turned her down, saying she had something to do after school so Mito ended up walking home alone, her heart heavy. She wasn’t able to talk to either of her friends and she wondered if this is how it was going to be from then on. Mito sat alone at the apartment’s park, crying as she thought of how close she and her friends used to be just a little while ago but now she can’t even talk to them. She then remembered Kyubey and realized that she could talk to them after all. Since Kyubey seemed to know lots of things, maybe he would know of a way she could fix all of this.

Mito’s Story Ep. 15

Kyubey appeared almost immediately after Mito had called out for him. He told Mito about a lot of things, including everything about Magical Girls and Witches. She learned that Seika had been fighting as a Magical Girl for a long time while she and Leila had no clue, and only recently Leila had decided to fight as a Magical Girl as well. After hearing all of this, Mito decided she wanted things to back to how they were between Leila and Seika. When she said this, she realized that wasn’t exactly what she wanted. What she really wanted was to make it so they weren’t fighting anymore but she doesn’t know how to do that. Kyubey suggested she should think about becoming a Magical Girl. Mito considered the possibility of having any wish granted, but she saw what contracting had done to Leila. It had only made things worse between her and Seika. There was something about this contract business that made Mito hesitant to go through with it. While she didn’t want to just rush into this, she knew she definitely couldn’t do anything about this on her own either. Plus, if she went ahead with the contract then that would make Seika furious. Mito knew she had to do something for Leila and Seika’s sake, and that’s when she had her brilliant idea. She knew she had to do something to help Leila and Seika get along, and she couldn’t very well let them do all that really tough fighting as a Magical Girl on their own. Mito then decided she was going to contract for their sakes, even if they get mad at her. But she knew she had to be careful with what she wished for. Mito had the feeling that it wasn’t Witches that was causing all the problems between them. So Mito thought long and hard about what she should wish for until she came up with the perfect solution. She told Kyubey she had decided to make a contract and told Kyubey her wish.

Leila’s Story Ep. 17

Kyubey had told Leila and Seika the truth: their souls are inside their Soul Gems. Even if their bodies are injured, as long as their Soul Gems are safe they can regenerate with magic. If their Soul Gems are taken too far away from their bodies, then they’ll become unable to move, and if their Soul Gem break then they’ll die. They were no longer human. Just becoming a Magical Girl and learning about this world was a lot for Leila to take in, but learning this truth was almost more than Leila could bear. Leila turns to look at Seika, whose eyes were welling up in tears. Seika almost couldn’t bear the truth either and knowing the same thing had happened to Leila was too much. Between sobs Seika apologized to Leila before running off. Even though Leila had really wanted to talk to Seika, the knowledge she had just gained caused her brain to freeze with the realization of what had become of her. Leila was horrified that she had done something with such irreversible consequences.

Leila’s Story Ep. 18

Leila went home after learning the horrible truth, her knees shaking the whole way. Thankfully her mother wasn’t home or else Leila would have just burst into tears. She remembered how strongly Seika had reacted when she learned that Leila had contracted as well, yelling all the while about how much she had been trying to protect her two friends and keep them away from all of it. Leila realized what an idiot she was and mentally apologized to Seika. Even though Seika had saved her life, this is what Leila had done with that gift. Leila couldn’t stop crying with the guilt she felt at what she had done with the life both her mother and her friend had given to her. She had treated Seika so poorly despite not knowing how her friend was really feeling. Moreover she was terrified of Kyubey and the devil’s contract she had made with him. All of these feelings had mingled together and kept gushing out of her in the form of her tears. After some time crying, Leila’s phone began to ring. It was Mito. She wasn’t in the best mood to answer it, but she felt it would be cruel not to.

Route Split

Don’t answer Mito’s phone call: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 19
Answer Mito’s phone call: Go to Mito’s Story Episode 16

Leila’s Story Ep. 19 (End No. 5)

Leila decides she just can’t answer Mito’s phone call right now. Leila decides to give up on not just phone calls but seeing Mito again altogether. She knows that Mito will have a whole new life waiting for her when she moves out and if she gets mixed up in this sort of thing then there will be no way of ever undoing it. Leila apologizes to Mito, but she’s made up her mind to spare her from this kind of grief. The only path left for her now is to forge ahead and fight Witches. She can’t let anyone else she knows get involved ever, for the rest of her life.

The End

Seika’s Story Ep. 17

With tears in her eyes, Seika apologizes to Leila before running off. She just couldn’t look Leila in the eyes anymore. Seika had thought she was prepared when she first became a Magical Girl, but learning she was no longer human had left her trembling with fear. Seika ran home and went up to her room. It wasn’t the fact that it had happened to her that had her so fearful and worried, but the fact that it had happened to Leila. Seika thought she had saved her friend, but instead she had led her friend to a fate even worse than death. Seika believed she should have been more careful so Leila wouldn’t notice her fighting. Seika beats herself up over everything, telling herself she should have been more aware of her surroundings and given different answers when Leila questioned her about it. Seika can’t help but blame herself and once more apologizes to Leila outloud. Seika cries hard, apologizing to Leila over and over between her sobs. Eventually, Seika’s phone begins to ring. It’s Mito calling her. Seika needs to talk to Mito, but at the same time she believes she shouldn’t see Mito anymore. She doesn’t want to get Mito any closer to all of this than she already has. Seika decides to call Mito back once she’s calmed down a little.

Route Split

Stay in your room: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 18
Go to the roof: Go to Mito’s Story Episode 16

Seika’s Story Ep. 18 (End No. 6)

Seika decides to stay in her room for a while and let some time pass while she tries to calm herself down. But all she could do was think of the awful things that were happening to Leila and Mito. Despite a long time passing, she still didn’t feel any desire to call Mito back. She felt helpless and too afraid to do anything, so she just stayed huddled in her room, hugging her knees. Eventually she gave up on even trying to interact with Leila and Mito and decided to stop trying to get involved with other people entirely. Instead she will just keep fighting Witches by herself. What little life she has left in her Soul Gem is good for nothing more than fighting Witches.

The End

Mito’s Story Ep. 16

Seika headed up to the roof in the hopes that it would help calm her nerves. When she got to the roof, she was surprised to find that Leila was up there. Leila asked what she was doing up there but Seika had the same question. Leila said she was meeting Mito up there just as Mito arrived. Mito was glad to see Seika but told her she should answer her phone next time. Either way Mito was glad to see Seika in the right place. Mito told Leila she had been trying to get ahold of Seika also so she could talk to them both. Mito hadn’t seen both of them since the last time they were all on the roof. Seika says she has something she wants to tell Mito as well but Mito wants to show them her news first. Mito grins and transforms into a Magical Girl. Leila’s eyes widen in surprise while Seika can only groan.

Mito’s Story Ep. 17

Mito grins as she explains that she’s decided to become a Magical Girl. Seika asks her why while Leila tries to tell her that making a contract is a really, really bad thing to do. Mito knew they would be mad once they learned what she had done, and asks if the reason is because she’s not normal anymore. Mito explains she knows that Soul Gems contain their actual soul and that she should be fine no matter how often she’s hurt so long as she has some magic. Seika is surprised to hear that Mito has already learned this truth, while Mito explains she didn’t learn the truth on purpose. Still, it was a big shock for her too when she learned this truth. But she knew her friends were going through the same ordeal. Leila tells her that’s the reason they didn’t want her to get involved. Mito asks if it’s ok for them to go through all of this and not her as well before realizing she went over the line a bit and apologizes to them both. She knows they’re only saying these things because they care about her. Still, she felt she needed to do something about the two of them since she was moving away. They were still her friends and she loved them and they were fighting over something she didn’t even know about. They were so busy arguing over it that it made Mito feel like they didn’t even care that she was moving away. Both Leila and Seika asked her how she could say something like that, but Mito realized that what she had sounded was kind of mean. But Mito couldn’t deal with things staying the way they were and now knew that the stuff that was going on between them had to do with Magical Girls and Witches and that there was nothing she could do to help. Leila asked if that was the reason Mito had made a contract, while Seika could only blame herself. Mito tells her not to think that way as she believes that it was all fated. She knew someone had to do something. Mito asked Leila and Seika to take her hand so she can show them the power her wish had given her. Leila asked Mito what she had wished for. Mito says she wished for the power to connect people’s hearts.

Leila’s Story Ep. 20

Both Leila and Seika are a bit hesitant, but they eventually take hold of Mito’s hands. Mito activates her power, transporting them to the world of Seika’s heart. It appeared like they were standing in the park attached to the complex. Mito says she wished for this power because she was sure that her friends would make up if they could only connect. Mito could tell they both kept missing the point of what the other was saying since she’d known the both of them for so long. As Leila is wrapped in emotions, Mito explains that this is the feelings that Seika has for Leila. She then points to where Seika is standing a few feet away. Seika explains that she was really nervous when she first moved into this apartment complex. All her life she’d been too afraid to talk to others so she’d always end up alone, so when she ended up moving into the apartment complex, she wondered what her life would be like in her new home. Then Leila and Mito approached her and became her friends. Thanks to them, she was brought out of her loneliness and was saved from suffering alone. That’s why Seika didn’t hesitate for a second when she was given a chance to save Leila if she contracted. It didn’t matter what happened to her so long as her friends were safe and sound because her own life had already been saved by them back on that day. Seika is sorry for all the pain she caused them, but she only did it to protect them from the world of Magical Girls when she realized just how dangerous that world could be. She just wanted to protect Leila, because she’s precious to her.

Seika’s Story Ep. 19

Just as Leila was within Seika’s heart, so too was Seika within Leila’s. Mito points out to Seika that the inside of Leila’s heart is also the park attached to the complex. Leila approaches Seika and tells her how worried she was about her. Leila was worried that something had happened to her, or that she had gotten herself into a situation and didn’t know what to do. She wanted to help and thought that there was something she could do because Seika is her friend and she wants to be there for her. But she doesn’t blame Seika for not telling her what was going on, especially since it would involve telling Leila she had already died once. Leila now realizes she was an idiot for relying on a wish to fix everything when she should have just talked to her. If she had simply opened up to her, then the life she saved wouldn’t have been thrown away like that. Seika responds that she should have been the one to open up, otherwise Leila wouldn’t have felt so trapped in her situation. Leila says she just wanted to help, because Seika is precious to her.

Mito’s Story Ep. 18

Leila and Seika open their eyes to find they’re still standing on the complex’s roof. Mito asks if they’re feeling ok and they both respond in the affirmative. Leila turns to Seika and apologizes then thanks her for everything. Seika too apologizes to Leila before thanking her as well. Mito asks if the air has been cleared between them and they both thank Mito by hugging her tightly, leaving Mito gasping for air. The two of them are a bit saddened by the fact that Mito has made a contract, but Mito isn’t afraid of anything as long as she has her two best friends by her side. She always has a blast when they’re all together because she loves them. Leila and Seika say they love her too before crushing her in another hug. Mito remembers something else she was going to tell them.

The Trio’s Story Ep. 4

Immediately after Mito made her contract, she decided to try using her new power. So she grabbed Kyubey and thunked their heads together to see what would happen. And it worked, they ended up connecting (or at least that’s what Mito was sure happened). When she entered Kyubey’s heart, all she could see was utter pitch-black darkness. She couldn’t see ANYTHING. She was hoping to enter Kyubey’s heart to see what was happening with her friends, since she was sure a Witch wasn’t the only cause for the problems between her friends and Mito wanted to see if Kyubey was involved as well. It was when she was thinking of a way to see if Kyubey was involved that she got the inspiration for her wish. She figured this way would help her friends reconcile. However, when she had gone into Kyubey’s heart all she could see was pure darkness. She could feel her magic working so she knew this is where she was. Leila realizes this means that the inside of Kyubey’s heart really is pitch-black. Because she couldn’t see anything, this made Mito get really frustrated so she just began to flat-out ask questions and was surprised to find that Kyubey was willing to answer all of them. One of the questions she had asked was what a Soul Gem is, which is why Mito knows the truth as well. She even asked him where the Witch was, but it seemed Kyubey didn’t know the answer to that. Seika wonders if they can really trust Kyubey, but Mito says that according to Kyubey, Leila knows where the Witch is. Leila blinks in surprise as she has no idea where it could be. Mito relays what Kyubey said “He thought you would find it if you looked back on all the things you’ve seen.” Seika thinks over the words and asks if he meant the things Leila saw when she was being controlled by the Witch. Seika asks if he said anything else but it seems Kyubey took off while Mito was trying to come up with another question to ask him. Leila thinks about what Kyubey said and realizes he may be right. Leila admits there’s something she still can’t remember completely ever since she regained her memories, like something is blocking her. She asks Mito if she can connect with her heart one more time and find whatever is blocking her. Mito agrees and activates her power once more. Leila can feel where her memory is blocked and heads towards that scene. In it, Leila is walking towards Building 12. She begins to climb some stairs and heads towards apartment 516. She opens her eyes as the memory ends and relays the information to the others. Seika says that’s impossible because each building only has fifteen apartments per floor, meaning a number 516 shouldn’t exist. Leila and Mito are sure of what they saw however, so Seika agrees that only a Witch could be behind such an occurrence. Leila says she doesn’t want anyone else from their complex to get controlled like she was and vows to stop this Witch themselves as Magical Girls. Mito says the three of them being together must be fate so Seika agrees.

Leila’s Story Ep. 21

The next day, they began searching for Apartment 516 to find the Witch. The trio begins by heading towards the fifth floor of Building 12 but the floor map confirms there is no 516. Seika suggests they head up to the roof since they’re dealing with a Witch so what they’re looking for doesn’t exist physically. Since Familiars have been appearing on the roofs of the other buildings, the roof of Building 12 would be the best place to start looking for a clue. Leila asks Mito wha’ts wrong since Mito is standing there with a grim expression on her face. Mito says she was getting a strange feeling from being there. She tries to play it off like maybe she’s overthinking things. Leila thinks things over and decides on a course of action.

Route Split

Go with Seika’s suggestion: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 23
Leila thinks they should check out the roof first since they can always come back and look around here. Mito agrees and they head up to the roof.

Go with Mito’s suggestion: Go to Leila’s Story Episode 22
Leila thinks they should start their search there since Mito has a feeling that something is off. Seika agrees and they have a look around.

Leila’s Story Ep. 23 (End No. 7)

The trio decides to head up to the roof first. The trio splits up and they search the rooftop thoroughly but are unable to find anything out of the ordinary. They decide to check everything one more time just in case but again they find nothing. The day began to grow dark so they agree to come back and search again tomorrow. Even though they searched many times, they never found anything that could lead them to the Witch.

The End

Leila’s Story Ep. 22

The trio decides to search the 5th floor first. At first none of the girls found anything strange, so Seika asks Mito what it was that seemed weird. Mito wracks her brains really hard to try to remember what it was that seemed off to her until she finally remembers. She points to a small x doodled on the wall. Leila ask sif she wants to head up to the roof to check it out but Seika notices that there is more than one little x doodled on the wall. She points to another one a few feet away. Mito says the small x’s are all over the place before realizing they’ve begun to multiply. The girls are soon engulfed in a Witch’s labyrinth.

Seika’s Story Ep. 20

The trio finds themselves standing in the shopping center. Leila wonders if they were just transported there but Seika thinks they may already be inside the labyrinth. When Mito looks confused, Seika explains that a labyrinth is where Witches live. Leila asks what the plan is now while Seika tries to think. Mito suggests they try to head back to Building 12. Even though she’s not really sure how all of this works, Mito argues if they’re able to get back to where they were like usual then it can’t be a labyrinth. Seika considers the idea until she notices the look on Leila’s face and asks her what’s wrong. Leila remembers that her and Seika fought a Familiar here once. Seika mentions fighting Famliars here multiple times and reminds them she found that strange person here too. Leila asks if they want to look around in the shopping center some more before trying to head back to Building 12. Seika thinks things over and decides on a course of action.

Go with Mito’s suggestion: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 22
Seika thinks it’ll help if they can confirm this is a labyrinth. Since Building 12 was so odd, she susggests they go back and check it again. Mito and Leila agree and the trio heads out.

Go with Leila’s suggestion: Go to Seika’s Story Episode 21
Seika agrees that something about this place is bothering her too. Mito says she’ll go with whatever Seika and Leila think is best since they have more experience than her at being a Magical Girl, although Leila points out she hasn’t been at it for very long either.

Seika’s Story Ep. 22 (End No.8)

The three girls decided to retrace their steps back to Building 12. So they left the shopping center and were able to successfully make it back to where they were before. They decided to look all over Building 12 again, but they couldn’t find any trace of the “x” marks on the walls. Everyday they went back to look but they never saw the same phenomenon again. Maybe they let their one opportunity slip away.

The End

Seika’s Story Ep. 21

The three girls decided to look around the shopping center some more. Leila asks Seika where it was she spotted the stranger that was acting oddly. She points to a corner of the shopping center and explains she followed him after he walked off. She shows them the direction the stranger walked towards and, when they turn the corner, Seika finds more of the “x” marks all over the walls here as well. Leila wonders if they’re going to get transported again but Seika doesn’t think it feels like it. Seika does get an odd feeling that she recognizes and warns the other two it’s coming. Suddenly, a barrier entrance appears before them and a Familiar pops out growling menacingly. The trio transforms into Magical Girls just as the Familiar attempts to swipe at Seika.

Mito’s Story Ep. 19

The three friends work together to take down the Familiars, beating them easily. Leila and Mito cheer while Seika is surprised at how easily they were able to beat it together as a team. Leila had no doubt they could win while Mito calls it perfect teamwork. Seika agrees and says that feeling of togetherness is just like the teen dramas she watches. Mito suddenly notices something and points out how the “x” marks have begun multiplying again like before. The trio is teleported once more only this time they find themselves on the rooftop of a building, although they’re not sure which one. Leila thinks they should look around here too and suggests checking out the water tower first since it stands out so much. Seika sighs and Leila asks what’s wrong. Seika says the way the man was being controlled by the Witch and the fact they’re on a roof again reminds her of what had happened to Leila. Seika figures that must be why she feels so strange about the edge of the roof. Mito thinks things over and decides on a course of action.

Route Split

Go with Leila’s suggestion: Go to Mito’s Story Episode 21
Mito feels the water tower is suspicious and thinks they should check it out. Seika and Leila agree so they go to check out the water tower.

Go with Seika’s suggestion: Go to Mito’s Story Episode 20
Mito thinks she and Seika should check out the edge of the roof and says Leila can hang back if she wants to. Leila insists she’s fine and goes to check the edge of the roof together with everyone.

Mito’s Story Ep. 21 (End No. 9)

Since the big water tower is the first thing you see on the roof, the trio goes to investigate it. They find a big “X” on the back of the tower and realize they’re going to get transported again. Once more the trio finds themselves standing on the fifth floor of Building 12. Leila says they’ll just have to find more of those “x” marks, but all the ones they had found before had already disappeared. Even when they looked in different places they couldn’t find any anywhere. Did they mess up somehow?

The End

Mito’s Story Ep. 20

The trio decides to check out the perimeter of the roof. As they’re searching, Seika asks Leila if she’s holding up ok. Leila thinks she’s ok. Even if it does remind her of that horrible day thankfully her memory isn’t that clear so she’s doing better than expected. Seika’s glad to hear it and they get to searching for more of those “x” marks. While they consider where to start searching, Mito says they must be on the roof of Building 12 since the building next to them has the number eleven written on the side. Since that’s where they are, the park that’s attached must be right below them. Mito looks down and sees something, pointing it out to her friends. Down on the park a huge “x” mark has been written across the ground. The trio begins to be pulled in and they soon start screaming as they fall down towards it.

The Trio’s Story Ep. 5

After falling through darkness for a moment, the trio land roughly on the fifth floor of Building 12 in front of Apartment 514. Leila is letdown that they ended up back where they first started from. Leila suggests they try searching again, thinking they might have made a mistake along the way. Seika suddenly realizes something and points to the apartment door next to it, which is Apartment 515. Leila doesn’t get it until Seika points to the door next to that which is Apartment 516. Mito suddenly realizes there’s an extra apartment door that shouldn’t be there. It seems the girls are on the right track after all.

The Trio’s Story Ep. 6

At long last they had found Apartment 516. Leila is ready to enter the apartment, even if a Witch is inside. Seika is getting nervous and Mito asks if they’re just going to barge right in. Leila asks if she’s really that worried about trespassing while Seika wonders if they’re really going to let something like that stop them when they’ve come so far already. Mtio suggests ringing the doorbell first but Seika is pretty sure this is the labyrinth anyways. Mito giggles and Leila giggles as well. Mito apologizes for her joke but Seika says it’s fine since it broke some of the tension. Leila opens the door and the three of them walk in. They find a furnished apartment inside and they call out but no one answers. Mito notices that the apartment has the same floor plan as any of the other apartments in the complex. Even so, Seika knows that this place is really a labyrinth and that a Witch could be inside. Mito thinks it’s weird since it really feels like someone is living there, even if it is really dilapidated. Leila gets lost in thought for a moment, remembering how she had wandered towards Building 12 when she was controlled by the Witch. Seika gets Leila’s attention and says they should try going further in. Mito doesn’t like the feeling she’s getting from being in there and Leila agrees that there’s a bad vibe, like they’re being smothered. Seika says it’s the same feeling she gets when the Familiars come out, but this feeling is much heavier. Mito looks down and then points in surprise: the “x” marks have returned and have begun to multiply again. Seika wonders if the Witch is approaching while Leila warns them to watch out. Seika yells out, “If we combine our powers, we can overcome any obstacle!” Mito and Leila stare at her before asking her what that was. Seika says it’s a line from one of her favorite teen dramas. She had remembered what Mito had said earlier about fate and Leila agrees. If they’re together they can do this!

The Trio’s Story Ep. 7 (Real Ending)

The three Magical Girls find the Witch and begin their battle. Soon, they’re able to overcome the Witch’s power and defeat it. The barrier dissipates and the trio find themselves standing on the fifth floor of Building 12, in front of Apartment 515 once more. Mito points to the side and they can all see that Apartment 516 has disappeared. The labyrinth had vanished and they really did defeat the Witch at last. The three girls cheer their hard-earned victory as Seika thanks her friends for everything. Even Mito has a few tears in her eyes from the sheer relief that their ordeal was at long last over. However, Leila notices something and tells Seika to look down. They had managed to defeat the Witch and then Kyubey appeared. Kyubey explained that the thing they had found on the ground was a Grief Seed. They can earn them be defeating Witches, and they can be used to restore their magic. Seika uses the Grief Seed on her Soul Gem first and is surprised at how spotless her Soul Gem had become. Kyubey had told her about Grief Seeds before but this was the first time she ever got to see and use one. Seika was still new as a Magical Girl and, although she knew about a fair number of things, there were still some things she didn’t know about and hadn’t experienced yet. Leila was going to ask Kyubey a question only to find he had already disappeared. Even though Leila had a lot of questions she still wanted to ask him, Seika was sure he’d pop up again one day. Leila really wanted to know more about Building 12, especially since that’s where the missing family had lived. Leila could only remember what she had heard on the news, but when she asked her mother about it, her mother said the family that had disappeared had lived in Apartment 515 in Building 12. The next day, Leila relayed this news to her friends who were astonished to learn that the missing family was in the apartment next to the Witch’s labyrinth. Leila says that after she learned the truth, she had gone to Apartment 515. When she arrived there, she noticed something she hadn’t before: the paint on their mailbox was peeling off in the shape of an “x”. Seika asks if she believes that their disappearance and the Witch are related. Leila thinks it’s possible although she doesn’t have any proof since the mailbox could just be a coincidence. Seika points out that the suspicious man also lived in the complex. As Leila and Seika hang their heads, Mito says that Magical Girls need to stop Witches. Leila agrees, since this is something that only Magical Girls can do. Seika tries to find her words but Mito tells her she doesn’t have to apologize anymore since they’re the fated trio. Leila says she’s right as Seika smiles gratefully and thanks her friends. There was one other thing that Leila had mentioned to them. The Daito Apartment Complex has a simple website that hadn’t been updated in a while, but there was a video posted on the site where you could see the child of the family that disappeared. That same video was used in a lot of the news reports back when it happened and was uploaded to the internet. In the video, it shows the start of a festival being held at the complex. The child was greeting the crowd on behalf of all the kids. She was a girl about their age and was smiling the whole time. The video was pretty noisy and she was hard to hear, but it seemed she said something like, “I really love these apartments. It’s so fun talking with friends in the park. In the evening you can smell dinner being cooked by the neighbors. And the view from the roof is amazing. This is my home. It’s the most important place in my life. That’s why…I…” Towards the end, people started clapping and drowned her voice out. Leila wonders what the girl had said at the very end. Mito says if that were her, she’d say something like “I wanna keep livin’ here forever!” and begins to laugh as her friends hang their heads sadly. They were reminded of the fact that their friend Mito was moving away soon.

That day came soon enough and the three friends were standing in front of the apartment complex together. The three of them stood sadly and quietly until Leila cheered up and reminded Mito that her new house was still in Kamihama City so she should visit them often. Mito cheers up and says she will, even if they’re now a tiiiny bit farther apart then before. Even knowing this Seika was still sad and tears began to stream down her face. Mito finally let her sadness overtake her and began to cry a little as well. Even so, Mito is still happy that the three of them are close again. Mito begins to call out their names as she begins to cry some more until she suddenly opens her eyes wide and yells their name out again. Leila asks what is it and Mito points to the ground: it’s a four-leaf clover. Mito was overjoyed at finally having found one after searching for so long. Now she knows that everything is going to turn out just fine. Leila smiles and says that it doesn’t matter if they’re apart because their hearts will always be together because she helped connect them. Seika agrees, saying nothing will ever change between them. Mito sadly says she has to get getting, causing the three of them to begin to cry again as they say their goodbyes for now. It was the same goodbyes they had always said, but this time they didn’t say the same thing that comes after.

The next day, Seika and Leila in their Magical Girl outfits are waiting in an alley for Mito to arrive, although it’s begun to get late. They soon hear her voice calling out to them and Mito arrives to greet them. Leila said that it was kind of weird what happened yesterday. Mito had used her powers to say “See you tomorrow” with her heart. Seika said she was surprised when she heard it and asked Mito why she didn’t say it outloud. Mito says she just wanted to do a cool Magical Girl thing. Leila smiles and says that will have to be their new thing from now on. Just then, Seika senses something so the three of them prepare to hunt down a Witch. Tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that… they’ll still be together. Because they’re Magical Girls tied together by fate. They’re friends whose hearts are linked. Even though their way of saying it has changed, the words are the same as always: See you tomorrow!

Real Ending

The Trio’s Story – Epilogue

The trio try following the magical signal they feel down the alley but soon hear someone demanding to know who they are. Hazuki Yusa appears and says not to be so rude since they’re clearly Magical Girls so they should introduce themselves. Hazuki says hello as she urges her sister Konoha Shizumi to do the same. Seika and Leila say hi to the two new girls While Mito jumps excitedly at having met other Magical Girls. Hazuki tells her other sister Ayame Mikuri to come over and introduce herself as well. Ayame steps forward, making a face while grumpily saying hi. Leila asks if it’s possible they were chasing after the same traces of magic they were. Leila asks what they should do when something like this happens since they’re so new at this. Ayame proudly declares that winner takes all but Hazuki tells her to cool it. Mito asks if it’s ok if they all fight together but Seika can’t believe that Mito would be serious about fighting side by side with people they just met. Hazuki thinks it’s a great idea and says Mito took the words right out of her mouth. Hazuki believes that having more connections is always a good thing and asks Konoha if she agrees. Konoha smiles and asks if it’s ok with Mito’s friends. Leila is glad for the help and turns to Seika, who is so nervous she can barely stutter. Leila explains that Seika is just really shy and that she’s trying to say “Nice to meet you”. Seika nods so Hazuki says that settles it. All the girls introduce themselves to one another with Leila introducing Seika for her. The group decides to head in search of the Witch, with Ayame dashing ahead and Mito running to catch up with her, thinking Ayame wants to have a race. Hazuki and Leila chase after them, leaving Konoha behind with Seika. Noticing how tense and nervous Seika is, Konoha suggests they stop and take a deep breath so they can release some of that tension. If Seika is all tense, then she can’t bring out her true potential. Seika takes a deep breath before slowly exhaling. Konoha asks if she feels any better and this time Seika is able to respond. The two then hurry to catch up with the others. It’s another day, and another new friendship in Kamihama.

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