Minor Organizations

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This is a list of minor organizations featured in the Magia Record game, especially the Puella Historia arc.

Met Clan

A clan in Egypt that dedicated themselves to serve the pharaoh with fanatical zeal. It's not known for just how long they operated in the shadows, but they may predate Alexander the Great. With their secret headquarters in a remote village far from the big cities, nestled in a narrow ravine, the elders of Met clan helped raise many girls, including Ebony, to be obedient servants. One of the elders dies in the end of the event The Mirage of Alexandria. The name means lioness in Ancient Egyptian.

Taito Gang

A group that occupied the east side of Souma Province during the Warring States Period. At one point in time, they were on good terms with the noble Mizuna clan, but thanks in large part to the warrior monks of Suitoku, they fell from grace. The name is the source of Kamihama's Daito Ward.