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Cover of the first volume.

Puella Magi Suzune Magica (魔法少女すずね☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Suzune Magika) is the fifth spin-off manga in the Puella Magi franchise, written and illustrated by GAN. It is one of three spin-offs that have been released after Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, with the other two being Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer and Puella Magi Tart Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc".

Unusually for a manga series, Suzune Magica was initially released as a single volume, with all other chapters being serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward. Serialization started with chapter 5 on November 22, 2013 and finished a year later on November 22, 2014. Three collected volumes have been released in total for the installment.


Volume 1
Suzune Amano lives an extraordinarily normal life as a middle school student by day and... magical girl assassin by night?! When a group of four magical girls begins investigating the serial murders rampant in their city, they soon find themselves the next targets of Suzune! But what is the truth behind Suzune's motivations to hunt both witches and magical girls alike?
Volume 2
Suzune Amano is a hard-working middle school student, but her ever-smiling face conceals a dark secret — that she's a magical girl assassin. As the magical girls of the town are picked off one after another, the remaining few fall into despair. In their darkest hour, what path must these girls take...?
Volume 3
Suzune Amano is a hard-working middle school student, but her ever-smiling face conceals a dark secret — that she is a magical girl assassin. With the entrance of a new magical girl who stands in opposition to her, Suzune finds herself struggling for the first time. What final conclusion will Suzune's actions wreak...?


Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3


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Collected volume changes

Suzune Magica volume 1

Suzune Magica volume 1 has no serialized magazine material vs. collected volume differences, as Suzune Magica volume 1 was never serialized in a magazine beforehand.

Suzune Magica volume 2

  • A colour page featuring Tsubaki and Suzune is added at the beginning of the book.
  • Both colour pages in chapter 10 are turned black and white.
  • A two-page afterword by GAN is added after the end of chapter 10.

Suzune Magica volume 3

  • A colour page featuring Matsuri and Kagari is added at the beginning of the book.
  • Both colour pages in chapter 13 are turned black and white.
  • The chapter title for chapter 14 is added to page 69; this detail was missed in the serialized version of the chapter.
  • The word "Fin." is added to the very last panel of the last chapter.
  • An extra page featuring Suzune is added to the end of the book.


Language Publisher Country Release date Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
Japanese Houbunsha Japan November 12, 2013,
June 25, 2014,
December 12, 2014
Puella Magi Suzune Magica Vol 1 Cover.jpg Puella Magi Suzune Magica Vol 2 Cover.jpg SuzuneVol3.jpg
English Yen Press United States September 22, 2015,
December 15, 2015,
May 24, 2016
Suzune1eng.jpg Suzune2eng.jpg Suzune3eng.jpg
Chinese Tong-Li Publishing Co., Ltd Taiwan, Hong Kong April 1, 2015,
June 5, 2017
Suzune1chinesecover.jpg N/A N/A
Thai Siam Inter Comics Thailand 2015 Suzune Thai Vol.1 Cover.jpg N/A N/A


This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
  • "Hating someone so much you wanted to kill them" appears quite a bit in Suzune Magica.
    • Haruka wished for Kanata to be erased out of her jealousy.
    • Arisa hated Suzune for killing Chisato, and ended up challenging her to a duel to the death.
    • The whole story happened because Kagari hated Suzune for killing Tsubaki and crafted a gambit to make her life miserable, with Suzune's death to be the "climax".
  • Suzune Magica is similar to the original request that became Madoka Magica. The request asked for a bloody story where the girls dropped off one by one; Suzune Magica contains quite a bit of blood, and has all but one of the main characters die one by one over the course of the story.
  • The Hohzuki quartet all refer to each other by first name without any honorifics, which shows they all have a close bond with each other. Kyubey and Kagari also refer to the group as "仲間" nakama, which means a close circle of friends.
  • Matsuri and Kagari are very opposite to each other. They have opposing colour schemes (green and purple, which are also contrasting colours) and very opposing personalities (Matsuri is kind, forgiving, and genial; Kagari is sadistic, vengeful, and quick to anger). Matsuri used to be blind, whereas Kagari always had sight; but whereas Matsuri gained sight with her wish, Kagari became "blinded" by her desire for revenge on Suzune. Matsuri also likes Suzune whereas Kagari hates her.
  • Suzune Magica is the first major spin-off where Kyubey is not a main antagonist or agitator of the story, and is in fact a rather minor character who only serves to exposit at certain points of the story. While Kyubey is still responsible for the magical girl system, Suzune Magica is more driven by Suzune's and Kagari's actions made out of their own decisions, rather than being directly spurred on by Kyubey like other Puella Magi antagonists.
  • The art style for Suzune Magica starts off as stiff and not very fluid or dynamic in volume 1. However, by volume 3, the art has evolved to be much more fluid, and the movement of the characters is much more dynamic. One reason behind the art evolution might be that volumes 2 and 3, which have the better art, underwent serialization beforehand, whereas volume 1 did not.
  • A lot of Suzune Magica's conflict appears to take place in alleyways, in comparison with Madoka Magica where the conflicts take place in a variety of places. Notably, the majority of Suzune Magica volume 3 takes place in an alleyway.
  • All the magical girls, except for Tsubaki, wear some kind of collar on their necks.
  • Suzune Magica has two "decoy protagonists":
    • At first Suzune is set up as the main villain, but Kagari appears and turns out to be the main villain instead.
    • Arisa is set up as the main hero, but dies, with Matsuri turning out to be the main protagonist in her place, though this is due to the fact that Arisa was intended to be the main protagonist originally.


  • The manga's characters are all named after flowers.
    • Matsuri is named after the jasmine (茉莉花 marika).
    • Kagari is named after the cyclamen (篝火花 kagaribibana).
    • Tsubaki is named after the camellia (椿 tsubaki).
    • Chisato Shion is named after Aster tataricus (紫苑 shion)
  • All the characters' first names are spelt with katakana in the story, with kanji only appearing in the profiles at the end of the collected volumes. The only exceptions are Tsubaki, whose kanji name appears in a speech bubble in volume 3, and Kagari, whose kanji name was revealed in a tweet by GAN.
  • Chapter 14 is the only chapter without a title, magazine version only; the collected volume fixes this error.
  • Volume 1 has only four chapters, whereas volumes 2 and 3 have six chapters each.
  • Like some of the other Puella Magi spin-offs, Suzune Magica received mixed to negative reception. Some of this negative response is due to the story's use of too many of the series' basic cliches, too little original or distinguishing elements compared to other Puella Magi installments, general predictability of the story's direction, as well as the poor pacing and rather rushed ending.
  • According to results from a couple of unofficial polls (see the external links section below), Arisa and Matsuri are generally the most-liked characters of the cast, with Suzune and Kagari being generally the least-liked.


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