Oriko Magica Chapter 6: Someday Is Not Now

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

After the death of her father, Oriko is shunned and ostracized by her former friends and the people she counted on. Teachers refuse to speak to her, and students mock her. Oriko is in such despair that Kyubey appears to her, offering her a contract.

Mami, Kyoko, Yuma and Homura continue to attack, trying to defeat Kirika's witch form. The confusion they feel from the knowledge that magical girls become witches hinders their battle skills. Homura decides to fight alone when she sees their state. Oriko comments that it would be great if Homura was on her side. They begin to battle for the fate of Madoka.

Sayaka and Hitomi are running through the barrier, fighting familiars on their way. When Hitomi sees a corpse of one of their schoolmates, she breaks down and says she's rather be dead than remember that. An elevator suddenly appears, and takes the pair to Madoka.

Oriko and Homura figure out one another's specialty magic (prescience and time manipulation, respectively). With this knowledge, Oriko also figures out Homura's other magical ability: to turn back time and start new, alternate timelines. Oriko claims that because Homura keeps running away to new timelines, she cannot defeat the white magical girl.

Mami and Kyoko are injured by Kirika, and when Yuma tries to heal them, they tell her to leave. They would rather die than turn into witches. As Kirika and Oriko attempt to give them a final blow, Yuma knocks Kirika away and heals her friends at the same time. Yuma says that even though being with her mother made her want to die, being faced with the witch that killed her made her desperately want to live. Everyone dies someday, and she asks if Kyoko and Mami are really ready to give up and die that day. Kyoko and Mami get up and together, the three defeat Kirika.

Oriko quickly becomes enraged, and tries to attack again. Homura comments that if she continues, Oriko will run out of magic. Kyubey appears, revealing all of Oriko's plan to distract him with the murders and Yuma, and that it failed. He has found Madoka.