Oriko Magica Chapter 7: To Protect My World

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

In the final chapter, Madoka breaks out of the protective barrier that Homura had formed around her and runs into Hitomi and Sayaka. Determined to save Homura, Madoka goes to find her, accompanied by Hitomi and Sayaka. At the scene of the battle between Oriko and Homura, Oriko reveals that she has forseen Madoka to become the most terrible witch mankind has ever encountered, she is determined to kill her. Her plan is to hit Madoka with all of her magic once Madoka reaches the battle site. Kyoko, Yuma and Mami also join the fight.

During a flashback to her past, Oriko remembers her wish. In the depths of her sadness with her father tarnishing her reputation, she met Kyuubey, and wished to learn the meaning of her life. Oriko is then shot by Homura and falls into a seemingly endless despair, but as a piece of Kirika's witch form falls towards her, she hurls it at Kyuubey with the last of her strength. The piece then knocks off Kyuubey's head, and Oriko dies. As Homura turns to tell her story to Mami, Kyoko and Yuma, she hears the screams of Hitomi and Sayaka. Passing by a distraught Yuma and Kyoko, Homura sees Madoka lying on the ground, already dead and unable to be saved by Yuma. Homura's hopes of this being her last timeline are dashed as she falls to the ground in shock, once more seeing her friend dead, and prepares to restart yet another timeline.

In what seems to be either some kind of afterlife or another timeline (because Kirika vaguely remembers Oriko or the previous events), Kirika is seen talking to a sad Oriko, sitting at the edge of a curb in a bus stop. Oriko confesses to have killed many people, and says to have saved more, but the burden is too heavy for her, and she can't stand up. Kirika, confused, can only comprehend that it means she has a big burden. Struck with an idea, she says that she'll take half the burden, they then take each others hands and walk off, smiling.