Oriko Magica Chapter 4: I Do Not Forgive You

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

The chapter begins with a flashback to Kirika's past. It reveals that she was a quiet loner who looked down on people with friends and was apathetic to the world.

Mami and Kirika's fight continues. Kirika wounds Mami on her leg, making it difficult for her to move. Mami still manages an escape, however, and realizes that Kirika must have cast a spell to slow down enemies, giving Kirika the illusion of great agility and speed. Mami takes advantage of this, setting up a trap for Kirika. In the meantime, Kirika is searching through the barrier for Mami, knowing that it is starting to fall apart and that she needs to end the fight quickly. Kirika has a flashback to when she first met Oriko. While Kirika was trying to pick up her things that had fallen on the ground, Oriko is the only one to stop and help her gather them. Kirika is charmed by Oriko, who is seen in the present baking sweets, thinking that Kirika will return hungry.

Back in the barrier, Kirika finally finds Mami, who summons her large gun to perform her signature attack, Tiro Finale. Kirika slows speed again in order to dodge the blast, but this causes it to go off behind her and wound her back, which is where her Soul Gem is located. Oriko, who is some distance away, sees some kind of vision about Kirika and falls to the ground.

As Kirika falls to the ground as well, Mami asks for an explanation for the murders, mentioning that Kirika needs to heal soon or she'll die of blood loss, but Kirika refuses to answer. Mami then holds up a gun to Kirika's head and prepares to shoot, but is interrupted by Oriko, who causes a huge explosion. In the confusion, Oriko takes Kirika back and comments that Mami and the pair will probably meet again and that Mami will hopefully have realized her foolishness by that time. As Oriko vanishes and the barrier finally crumbles, Mami falls to her knees, relieved to finally be away from the terrifying strength Oriko displayed.

At Oriko's house, Kirika confesses something to Oriko, which is revealed in another flashback. Kirika tried to track Oriko down after their first meeting, but when she finally does, she's too nervous to call out to her. She thinks that no one would pay attention to her and that there's no way Oriko will remember her. Her apathetic personality was fake and that she really did care about things like friends. She was jealous, and thinks, "I wanted to change into a different me..." This is the wish Kyubey grants for her. The Kirika Oriko knows is a result of that wish. Kirika apologizes for the deception, but Oriko responds that what she's done is unforgivable. She demands that Kirika make it up to her, which the bed-ridden girl agrees to while we see a shot of Kirika's cracked Soul Gem.

The final page of this chapter shows Homura, Sayaka, Hitomi and Madoka going out for snacks after school.