Oriko Magica Chapter 5: That Is Why I Am Here

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This section may contain major spoilers for the Oriko Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.

Oriko's past begins to be revealed: Hisaomi Mikuni had become a rather well-known politician in Mitakihara Town. She was a well-liked and popular girl with a good reputation who fully believed in her father. She had no idea that he had embezzled money from the government, and when he was discovered, he committed suicide before he could be tried for it.

Mami, at school, remembers speaking to Kyubey about the murders of magical girls. He claims he had suspicions as to who had done it, but no proof, so he never brought it up. Just then, Oriko and Kirika take over the Mitakihara Middle School's broadcasting room. As Madoka and Sayaka speculate on it, Homura tells them not to worry. Kyubey realizes what Oriko is really up to, and vows to get rid of her. Oriko begins to make a speech, saying, "I wonder if each of you has someone that you love." She claims that the world is in danger, that a monster will descend upon it and destroy it. She seems to look straight at Madoka as she says, "I will fight it!" and shuts the camera off.

Suddenly, a witch's barrier forms over the school, and Madoka's classmates being to panic when Kazuko Saotome, their teacher, is eaten by familiars before their eyes. They stampede away, pushing Madoka to the side. She's quickly surrounded by familiars, but Homura saves her. Mami attempts to do the same for the other students, but realizes that defeating the witch is the only way. She tries to make it to the center of the barrier, but is quickly captured. Kyoko and Yuma arrive just in time to save her. Kyubey had called on them to help, because Oriko was getting out of control. They start moving to the center of the barrier.

Homura continues to protect Madoka, but Madoka is not satisfied with that. She asks Homura why she only protects her, and not any of their other friends or classmates. She doesn't want to be saved at the cost of everyone else's lives. Homura says that even if she can't save everyone, she wants to protect Madoka, and puts her in a protective barrier, saying she'll go on alone. Madoka apologizes for her words, and says, "Let's go home together." In response, Homura agrees, and says, "That is why I am here."

Homura reaches the center of the barrier, where Oriko and Kirika are waiting. Homura demands they take it down, but when they play innocent, Homura attacks. Oriko and Kirika's combined abilities (foresight and speed slowing) allow them to dodge Homura's attack. Oriko then reveals that she's seen Homura in her vision of the end of the world. Oriko plans to kill Madoka to prevent her from contracting, and eventually becoming Kriemhild Gretchen, a witch with the power to destroy their planet, which Homura refuses to allow.

Kyoko, Mami and Yuma then reach the center. Mami comments that there isn't a witch there, but Kyoko just wants to take Oriko down. The white magical girl begins to cry, and says she feels pity for them in their ignorant state. Kirika realizes she's outmatched, and transforms into a witch.