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Time stops for everyone but me... ~ Mabayu Aki

'Mabayu Aki' had begun to be at the mercy of a series of unintended time stops. Since then, Mabayu has been searching for the cause of the time stops and has experienced the miraculous recovery of a cat (Amy) that had died, an explosion after time had stopped, and intruding into a barrier. After that, Mabayu chased after some people who could move during the time stop and saw her classmate 'Mami Tomoe'. There, Mami became involved in a fierce battle between 'Kyoko Sakura', 'Homura Akemi', and 'Madoka Kaname', and Mabayu came to know about the existence of witches and magical girls. Seeking the girls as the cause of the time stops, Mabayu entered a barrier again, only to be killed by a witch's familiars.


Day 1

Scene 1 (Homura)
Homura Akemi enters the current timeline. Homura is curious about the soul gem thing.
Scene 2 (Homura)
Homura having medical examinations.

The light shines in and burns into the backs of my eyelids and disappears. All that remains now is a faint touch I'm sure will be forgotten someday.

An alarm rings, waking up Mabayu Aki. She struggles to wake up before falling asleep again, unable to remember her dream but still remembering the vivid feelings of it as the sound of the alarm rings once more and forces her awake. She'd stayed up late the night before watching a movie and its sequel. She yawns as the alarm continues to ring and she gets ready for school.

At school, Mabayu laments the dull existence that is a student's life. Mami Tomoe walks up to her and asks about the book she borrowed. She isn't sure if Mami is one of her classmates since she spends all her time sleeping in class, but she does recognize her as a regular at the café she works at. Mabayu looks at her irritated and brushes her off; she has no friends or anyone she talks to at school so Mami must have been mistaken. Once in class, Mabayu settles into her desk and falls asleep. After some time, someone calls her name, causing Mabayu to jolt awake and stand upright. The teacher, surprised at her forwardness, calls upon her to answer the equation on the board.

As she walks home, Mabayu ponders the voice she heard. It certainly wasn't the same as the one she'd heard in her dream last night. Then again, the voice didn't sound like a real voice. Before she can remember what she was supposed to do, she hears the voice of her aunt Sakie calling to her. The café is swamped with customers and she needs Mabayu's help right away. After dressing into her uniform, Mabayu begins taking customer orders. She explains to one customer that the café also does custom latte art, so the young woman asks for a cat on her café macchiato. Mabayu overhears the woman and her friend calling her uniform and height cute. Inwardly, this upsets Mabayu who thinks to herself that the only reason she works here is because her aunt took her in (and she needs the allowance to rent more movies later). She goes to take the order from her aunt, who asks if Mabayu was admiring her latte art. She puffs with pride until Mabayu points out she drew a dog, not a cat, in the coffee. Sakie giggles and laughs it off.

It's the end of the day and Sakie hands Mabayu her allowance as payment for the help. She thanks her for always coming in to help her when they get a rush of customers, but Mabayu tells her not to always be counting on her and to hire a proper part-timer to help her at the café. Sakie giggles and laughs this off too. Since she still has to close up, she sends Mabayu on ahead.

Mabayu walks in the dark, on her way to the video rental store. Her aunt is a top-notch pastry chef but she can be rather helpless with everything else that entails running a café. However, she did take in Mabayu, pays her allowance, and even brings her leftover cake from the café so she can't be all bad. Still plagued with the feeling she's forgetting something, Mabayu shrugs it off and heads on her way.

Back home, Mabayu gleefully eyes her latest haul of movies. However, she also has a movie trilogy she'd already rented that's due tomorrow. Since she's already seen the movies (and has them practically memorized), she reasons it won't matter if she falls asleep while rewatching them. But then again, the action packed scenes will cause her to become too excited to sleep, and there's plenty of cake for a midnight snack. Before she can decide, her hand "accidentally" hits the play button.

Halfway through her movie, everything freezes. Mabayu thinks it may have something to do with the video, and laments that it had to happen during a good part. She hits the video player with her fist, causing the film to start up again. But it seems this was only momentary as the screen on the TV freezes once more. Upset that it's still broken, Mabayu pounds on the video player repeatedly, demanding the movie start up again. As she leans her hand on it, she realizes the movie begins to play again. Deciding it must be a faulty connection, she keeps her hand on the video player and finishes her movie. She then follows it up with the other 2 films in the trilogy before finally stopping.

She's pleased her video player started working normally again and she was able to finish the entire trilogy in one sitting, but finds it odd that only 5 hours have passed when it should have been 6. She thinks it may be her watch battery has died, but her cell phone is showing the same thing. She shrugs it off and decides to head to bed right away so she won't be too tired in the morning.

Scene 3 (Homura)
At night, Homura says the reason why she is fully recovered is unknown to the hospital so she can not immediately leave the hospital. Homura tries transformation and tries her magic. She didn’t know what her magic was and now she assumes it's the ability to stop time.

Day 2

Scene 4 (Homura)
Homura complains that she has to stay in the hospital before she can transfer to her school and she can’t communicate with Madoka. Kyubey comes. Homura describes what happened to her in the last timeline in detail to Kyubey.

It's morning and once more Mabayu has trouble getting up despite the repeated ringing of her alarm. This time, however, she got an extra hour of sleep despite staying up late again watching movies so she feels more refreshed than usual.

At school, the class is greeted with a pop quiz. Mabayu panics at first since she rarely studies, but because this is History class, she reasons her vast knowledge of movies might be able to save her this time. But she quickly learns how wrong she is when she realizes the quiz is on things like homesteading and not so much the Vietnam War. Figuring she can just sleep off what little time remains, her mind wanders to the voice she heard yesterday. It didn't seem to come from her dream, but maybe she'll hear it again and this time it'll tell her the answers to all the questions on the test. She closes her eyes tightly and wishes it were so, but alas nothing. As she sighs and opens her eyes, she realizes something is wrong. There are no sounds coming from anywhere when there should be the scribbling sounds of pencils all around. She accidentally knocks her own pencil from her desk, causing a noise that startles her. As she looks down, however, the pencil seems to suddenly freeze in midair. The clock on the wall also has stopped moving as the second hand stays in place. Time has stopped.

Back at the café, Mabayu wonders what could have caused time to freeze like that. Time resumed soon enough after she realized what was happening, giving her just enough time to cheat off her classmates and ace the quiz. Still, she can't explain what happened other than she must still be dreaming. With a dead serious expression, she asks her aunt Sakie to pinch her cheek. Sakie is more than happy to comply and immediately pinches her face once on each cheek. Mabayu begs her to stop as Sakie laughs and asks if maybe Mabayu has been staying up too late. Before Mabayu can answer, she's distracted by something just outside of the café.

She wonders aloud what it could be, since it's clearly not a cat. Sakie asks if she saw Amy, the local stray black cat, but Mabayu says it was white. The creature is gone when next she looks, causing Sakie to give her a worried look and reminding her not to stay up too late too often. She didn't see any sort of white cat anywhere, she says as she heads to the back of the café. Sakie isn't one to make up lies and the 'cat' was too conspicuous for her to have overlooked it. Maybe she is just more tired than she thought. At that moment a customer walks into the café and Mabayu greets her automatically before recognizing Mami.

Mabayu offers her the option of takeaway or dine-in, with Mami opting for takeaway. At first Mami doesn't seem to recognized her. Mabayu figures it's because she's such a loner who never socializes at school, but since it spares her the trouble of having to explain her presence there it's not such a bad thing. Mami stares at her intently for a moment before smiling once more and placing her order for a lemon cake and sachertorte.

Scene 5 (Mami)
Rainy. Mabayu is working in Récompence and Mami comes in to buy some cake. Kyubey comes and says that Mabayu is a magical girl and he has no idea of why she is. Kyubey says there is another “irregular”.

Mabayu is finally back at home after a long day of school and work. And after such a long day, she deserves to reward herself with a high-production romance flick. She just can't help herself! With the movie finally over, Mabayu is as tired as ever. She couldn't figure out how they were using the ring in the movie, then remembers she herself recently found a ring but she can't remember where it came from.

Day 3

It's been a perfectly normal, peaceful day all day as Mabayu finishes her shift at Café Récompense. No strange dreams, no odd voices, no time stopping, not even that strange white cat. It's been so peaceful it's almost boring as Mabayu wishes something would happen to her, like in the movies. She hears a meow and looks outside to find Amy strolling about. If she hadn't been at work, she would have loved to spend it playing with her instead. Suddenly, Mabayu's eyes flash and she can momentarily see a vision: a car will go out of control and run over Amy!

Before she can process what she's seen, she gets a shiver of déjà vu, as if this has already happened. Still, she's certain that something bad will happen to Amy if she doesn't do something right away. Her aunt, seeing her agitated, asks what's wrong. Mabayu explains what's about to happen but she knows she's too far to make it in time and stop what's about to happen. She begs for time to stop but it's too late. The car's tires screech as it hits Amy. Madoka Kaname appears from nearby, running over to where Amy is laying and crying over her. Sakie comforts her before introducing herself and asking for her name. Once Madoka has calmed down a bit, Sakie offers to drive Madoka and Amy to the vet while she leaves Mabayu in charge of the café.

Back at home, Mabayu frets over the ordeal. Sakie had told her the cat needed to undergo a very risky operation. Also, she can't believe she just yelled out "Time, stop!" like some sort of weirdo. It's then she remembers Madoka and wonders if she's also a classmate of hers since she too was wearing the Mitakihara school uniform. She'd sometimes catch her feeding Amy in the afternoons. Thinking of Amy causes Mabayu to tear up in worry.

She hears a knock at the door and opens it to find her aunt. Sakie informs Mabayu that Amy's operation had failed and her heart had stopped, causing the vet to declare her dead. As Sakie sat outside the clinic in grief, a miracle happened: Amy's heart started beating once more and she was saved! The veterinarian had never seen anything like it. Mabayu compares it to a movie she'd seen once, but she still can't believe this actually happened. Her aunt tells her to just be grateful for the good things and God will reward them for their efforts.

Day 6

Scene 7 (Kyoko)
Kyoko Sakura goes “hunting” here. Kyoko sights Madoka and Sayaka chatting. Both Kyoko and Sayaka make a joke about how boring the annual visit is.

It's nearing the end of the day and the class are on a field trip to an auto plant. At the moment they're on a restroom break as the class disperses. Mabayu sighs; they've visited the same old auto plant every year and it never changes. Still, it's better than sitting in class studying even if all of the walking is tiring. She looks around for a bench to sit on as she waits, when she's suddenly enveloped in an eerie darkness. She can feel some sort of presence on the other side, but before she can venture further she's bound tightly by a myriad of yellow ribbons.

Scene Scene 6 (Mami)
Mami sights Mabayu in danger. Mami hesitates a little bit but still goes up to help her.

She cries out in shock and surprise only to find herself back in broad daylight. Sayaka Miki asks if she's alright. Mabayu awkwardly affirms in the positive. Finding she's ok, Sayaka asks if maybe she's lost, before laughing and saying this is her second time getting lost too. Correctly identifying Mabayu as an older student from the same school, Sayaka introduces herself and refers to Mabayu as her senpai. Mabayu starts to fidget but immediately after the ground begins to shake. Sayaka pulls her to one side just as the factory's smokestack comes crashing down where they once stood.

Scene 8 (Madoka)
The Cow witch shows up. Madoka calls Mami to hurry up but Mami calls for more time. The Cow witch attacks Madoka. Kyoko saves Madoka.
Scene 9 (Kyoko)
Mami arrives when the fight has already ended. Kyoko complains about how Mami is putting Madoka in danger.

Day 8

Another day at the café. Mabayu spots Amy prowling outside the shop and giggles to herself. She'd been preparing for this day. She slyly idles up to Amy and offers her some dry cat food, tuna-flavored even. She smiles and tries to entice Amy closer with sweet words but Amy merely turns her back on it and walks away. Mabayu is devastated! Sakie notices her outside and asks if it was tuna-flavored, since Amy is picky and will only eat chicken-flavored foods. A chef should know their customers' preferred foods. Nevertheless, Sakie is pleased at how well Amy has recovered since her accident. Mabayu wonders if such a thing could really be a miracle, but Sakie redirects the conversation and asks for Mabayu's usual help at the café.

Thankfully, it was a quiet day with not too many customers. With a lull in the customers, Sakie takes the time to ask Mabayu about her field trip to the auto plant. She'd heard about how the smokestack had collapsed while the school was there, but Mabayu reassures her she was nowhere near the danger. She was actually at the point of impact, but since she's completely unharmed she sees no reason to worry her aunt any further. Sakie recalls something similar happening last year. She hopes the factory can get up to code since the schools often take field trips there. Not wanting to let her get distracted, Mabayu asks if Sakie has finished making all the pre-ordered cakes. Whoops! Sakie giggles as she realizes she's forgotten to make one of them. Mabayu sighs in exasperation: her aunt is always forgetting stuff like this. Her aunt asks her to read out the cake details. It's a cake to celebrate someone getting out of the hospital, but Mabayu doesn't know how to read the kanji for the person's last name. Her first name is in hiragana so she can read it just fine ("Homura"), but all she can make out are that the two kanjis in her last name mean "morning" and "beautiful". The customer wants the cake to read "Congratulations on your hospital discharge, Homura Akemi".

Day 9

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 9).

Scene 10 (Homura)
Homura demands to leave the hospital in an impatient way. The doctor says he can not completely agree, but is willing to compromise. The doctor suggests that Homura should go back to the hospital regularly to examine why on earth Homura is cured. And then he brings out the cake he ordered, and suggests they eat it together. Homura is happy.

Day 10

Scene 11 (Homura)
Homura introduces herself in an embarrassing way by saying she is a magical girl. (The same as in episode 10.
Scene 12 (Sayaka)
Homura calls out Madoka to go to the clinic. Sayaka thinks Homura is an otaku and Madoka is a secret cosplayer. Hitomi thinks it's odd that Homura already knows Madoka is the Nurse's Aide.
Scene 13 (Madoka)
A different “talking in the corridor”. Homura says she wants to be a magical girl alongside Madoka, but Madoka is kinda embarrassed about that and tells Homura not to say it too loud. Madoka is also confused about why Homura knows she is a magical girl, does Homura know it from Kyubey? Homura says, "I am from the future".
Scene 14 (Homura)
Homura realizes she should not talk about the magical girl thing in front of normal people. In the class, Homura successfully solves the equation.

Up on the roof, Mabayu is lazily dozing away as she plays hooky from P.E. class. She can hear the coach shouting at the students on the field far below. It's too beautiful a day to waste running around. Her bad grades won't matter so long as she passes the final exam and graduates from school. She definitely deserves a break after all of the weird stuff that keeps happening around her. First the accident at the auto plant, but before that there was Amy coming back to life. And the most inexplicable of all is the random time stops. What good are those to her if she can't control when they happen or for how 'long'. No, better to think of it positively. Even if she can't control when time stops, she can still do something while it happens. Cheating on the exam? That's no good, she's already done that and there's more she could be doing. Maybe she can steal things instead? Mabayu chides herself for only thinking of doing dumb things when time stops. She hears a shriek coming from the ground below followed by whimpers of pain. She then hears Madoka's voice asking if Homura wouldn't like to go to the Nurse's office. Mabayu figures she must have fallen off the landing mat when she attempted the high jump, but for her to fall off where she did means she must have jumped pretty far. If only Homura could share some of that excess energy with her.

Later that afternoon at a different café, Mabayu gleefully giggles to herself over her latest purchase: a monumental idol movie she bought at a trunk show. She then overhears some other students at the café. It's Sayaka, who is loudly and angrily complaining to Hitomi Shizuki about the new transfer student's showboating. Hitomi wonders if this is really Madoka's first time meeting the new transfer student. Sayaka agrees and cries about them both being abandoned by Madoka for the new transfer student once again while Hitomi tries to comfort her.

Mabayu recognizes Sayaka as the girl she met at the auto plant the other day, but fails to remember her name. She derides herself for never remembering anything so basic as that and figures she should probably go talk to her. She shyly approaches the table and thanks Sayaka for her help. When Sayaka remains sitting still with her eyes closed in dismay, Mabayu panics a little and starts describing how it is she knows her. Sayaka, however, continues to remain still as she ignores Mabayu. At first Mabayu believes it's because she has so little presence at school but that still doesn't excuse how blatantly Sayaka is ignoring her. It's then she realizes that time has stopped once more. She grins to herself; this is exactly the moment she's been waiting for. And what luck! This time it happened while she was at a shopping mall. There's a couple of movies she's been wanting to watch and it just so happens that now is about the time when the trailers for the movie should be starting. She rushes off to the movie theater and sits down just as time starts up once more.

Scene 15 (Mami)
Homura explains herself to Mami and Madoka. Mami thinks Homura is suspicious, asking whether she actually wished for Kyubey to lose all memory of contracting with her. Homura invites Mami and Madoka along to prove her innocence.
Scene 16 (Homura)
Madoka, Homura, and Mami (hereto "The Team") enters Izabel's labyrinth. Mami believes in Homura. Homura activates her power, then realizes other people will be stopped too.

After the movie, Mabayu is walking through the mall and reminiscing about the film she just saw. However, she's soon stopped by a security guard who points out the No Trespassing tape cordoning off part of the mall. It turns out there was a robbery just now while Mabayu was in the theater. She looks around and sees a person being carried out on a stretcher. If she hadn't snuck in to see the movie, that could have been her that was hurt.

Scene 17 (Homura)
Homura didn’t mention her magic being time stop. Mami asks if Homura has the magic of predicting the future? Homura answers it vaguely, while thinking 'it’s too shameful that I can only stop time and I stopped you two as well so we can’t fight together'. Then Madoka asks why Homura came back from the future, Homura explains all about Walpurgisnacht.

Day 11

Scene 18 (Homura)
Homura, Madoka, and Hitomi are on their way to school. Hitomi asks if Madoka knows what happened to Sayaka? Hitomi then says she met Sayaka’s mom yesterday who asked her why Sayaka is not back home yet. Hitomi also says that the last time she saw Sayaka was when she went to the CD shop yesterday by herself. Homura thinks that the same thing happened last time too.

Another evening working at the café. Mabayu wishes she knew more about the time stops, like what causes or triggers them and why the duration varies so much. Maybe if she knew more she could do something about it. Then again, why question a good thing when she can just keep taking advantage whenever it happens. As she remains lost in thought, her aunt asks if maybe there's something she's worried about. Mabayu emphatically denies this, but Sakie knows her better. Sure Mabayu likes to daydream a lot but even she can tell she's worried about something. Mabayu considers telling her about the time stops, but even she knows she'll just end up being committed if she tells her aunt what she's been experiencing. As she debates on what to do, time happens to stop once more. Now's her chance! Last time she was able to watch 6 hours worth of movies in only 5 hours because time had stopped. Also, her video player had kept playing as long as she was touching it. She wonders if this is a rule of the time stops when she spies Amy outside. She walks up to Amy and tries petting her. Finally she gets to pet and hold Amy all she wants. At the same time, Amy began to move once more and started mewling in fright. She leaps out of Mabayu's arms and begins to race down the sidewalk but almost immediately she freezes in place once more. This confirms Mabayu's hypothesis: so long as she is touching someone, they will unpause and move through frozen time.

She heads back inside where her aunt remains standing. If she touches her aunt, she'll move again and she can show her the time stops and then she won't be considered crazy. But even if she were to show her, there's nothing either of them can do about it. Mabayu decides against it and instead focuses her attention on her aunt. Just how old is she anyways? Mabayu knows she spent several years overseas training as a pastry chef, but what else does she even know about her? Who is she really? Time begins once again without Mabayu noticing. Outloud, Mabayu debates whether or not she should simply take a quick look at Sakie's driver's license and at least find out who old she is. Sakie smiles at her and asks what she wants her driver's license for. Mabayu stutters out something as she freaks out. That was a little too close.

Scene 19 (Homura)
The Team attacks Gertrud. Time stops. Homura uses a golf club to slam Gertrud, but finds out it will make Gertrud move as well. Homura has no way other than calling for help. Madoka is confused, asking whether it is teleportation magic.

Day 13

Since she saved some cash by sneaking into the theater during the time stop the other day, Mabayu decides to hit the cinema once more for a special screening of a classic masterpiece. Mabayu is almost teary-eyed at the prospect and is starting to get sleepy thanks to the comfortable chair and soothing acoustics. But no, she can't nap this time. Especially after she spent what little allowance she had left for a ticket. She wills herself to stay awake while she waits for the movie to begin, but nothing appears on the screen. She wonders if maybe the projecter isn't working until she realizes that time has stopped. This is the worst time for it to happen, but just as quickly as it stopped time starts again. Well, now she can finally concentrate on watching her movie but time stops once more. With this many interruptions, she better take advantage and decides to head to the restroom before the movie starts. No sooner does she stand to go, time starts up again. Annoyed, Mabayu wonders if maybe someone is messing with her. Time stops for a third time. Mabayu gives up and decides to just wait it out. Before she knows it, she falls asleep while waiting and awakens to find the movie is over. She's devastated at the loss of both her movie and her remaining allowance.

Scene 20 (Homura)
Mami’s training — Homura Chapter. Homura beating the drum from episode 10. Mami now knows Homura can stop time but Homura can’t fight well, so she gives Homura a book.
Scene 21 (Homura)
Homura follows Mami’s advice to make explosives. Homura thinks Mami is actually very radical for having the idea of making explosives.

Late that night, Mabayu is having trouble sleeping. She thinks maybe it was a bad idea to fall asleep in the theater during the daytime, and not only can't she sleep she has no movies to watch in the meantime. She settles on watching some TV until she notices that time has suddenly stopped. This time Mabayu decides to head outside, where she sees the world filled with suspended rain drops.

While she usually finds the rain to be annoying, she finds time-stopped rain to be even worse. Normally she can protect herself from above with an umbrella, but everytime she steps into a raindrop the water drop begins to run down her clothes, causing her to shiver. She looks around and finds a sort of tunnel where there are no raindrops, similar to the path she herself leaves behind as she steps through the rain. This must mean there is someone else out there who can move while time is frozen. She follows the path under to a place under an overpass where the trail disappears. She debates whether or not she should call out to this other person, but then decides against it when she realizes she'd have no way of calling out for help should things go poorly. Just then, time restarts once more and a loud explosion is heard nearby, causing dust and debris to rain down around Mabayu. Realizing she'll be the one to blame if she's found at the scene of the crime, she runs home as fast as she can.

Scene 22 (Homura)
Homura tests the explosives in the industrial complex.

Day 14

Scene 23 (Madoka)
Hitomi asks if Madoka and Homura heard about the explosion incident? Homura tells Madoka in telepathy that she did it.

Mabayu sneezes loudly as she sits in class. She shouldn't have gone out in the rain like that and can only blame herself for her runny nose. Two classmates begin to talk about the bombing incident. Student A asks if she was referring to the leaked gas at the factory but Student B says there was a different incident involving an explosion at an underpass. Apparently it was very close to her home since the explosion was loud enough to wake her up. Mabayu overhears the two girls and begins to think. There's been a lot of talk at the school about the explosion that was heard last night and Mabayu is certain it must have something to do with the person she was trailing last night. Considering the dangers, she better be more careful in the future.

Later that evening at the café, Sakie worries that Mabayu will be safe. There's been a lot of incidents going around lately, such as the gas leak, then the casualty with the store robbery at the mall. Now there are explosions going off at night. Sakie then asks what Mabayu was doing leaving the house so early in the morning while it was still dark out. Mabayu tries to explain that she couldn't sleep again so she decided to go for a walk, even if it was raining out. Knowing her excuse sounds feeble, she asks if Sakie is perhaps doubting her. Sakie smiles and nods her head emphatically. She knows Mabayu has a tendency to go overboard sometimes and as her guardian its her job to keep an eye on her. Mabayu once more explains that her night time walk was nothing more than a coincidence and that she had nothing to do with the bomb even if she herself agrees that the circumstances make her seem very suspicious. Sakie smiles and agrees that Mabayu is completely innocent, just like that, simply because she knows Mabayu and how crummy she is at lying. Mabayu might be lazy and a cheat, but she wouldn't do anything that would hurt others.

Time stops and Mabayu sighs. Now she feels bad for even considering taking a peek at Sakie's driver's license after her big speech about how trustworthy Mabayu is. Plus, not knowing how long the time stops will last for make it difficult for her to plan what to do when they happen. Since she has time now, she figures she can just practice her latte art in the meanwhile. The time stops aren't nearly long or frequent enough for her to do something like pick up the piano, but she can use the time to get better at something smaller like art. Despite the extra practice, though, her art is no better than before and now her stomach is starting to hurt from drinking all the failed lattes.

As she groans, time restarts and Sakie comes over to compliment her on her cute cat art. Mabayu makes a face so Sakie asks if it wasn't maybe a bear she had drawn. It was a hippopotamus. Sakie laughs it off and tells her she did a good job on it but inside Mabayu is crying. Maybe if she keeps this up she'll get better at it one day.

Scene 24 (Homura)
Mami asks about the explosion incident. Madoka says since the soul gems are reacting, it must be the witches. Patricia shows up. The Team defeats Patricia as in episode 10.

The day is at an end as night closes in around the city. Mabayu groans as she stumbles home. Thanks to all the coffee she drank earlier, not only is her stomach hurting but she won't be able to fall asleep again thanks to the caffeine. The world then grows darker as a witch's barrier envelopes itself around Mabayu. Due to the darkness of the night, Mabayu hasn't realized what's happened other than the fact that it's grown darker. She sees a shadow dart past and wonders if it was Amy. As she looks around, she sees a transformed Kyoko angrily chasing after something in an attempt to hurt it. Mabayu thinks she might be witnessing animal abuse until she realizes she's not at the park anymore. It's a place similar to the one she was whisked away to at the auto plant. Similar but different somehow. Just then, Kyoko cries out and lands the finishing blow, causing the labyrinth to disperse around them. Just as suddenly, she finds herself back at the park she was walking through. Kyoko tsks in irritation. All of these familiars aren't worth the time, trouble, or energy to take them down. She brings out a baumkuchen and happily munches on it as Mabayu looks on in envy at the delicious treat. More importantly, why was this girl swinging around such a dangerous object like a spear? As she ponders this, Kyoko asks herself if that one-eye-covered girl was able to escape properly. Mabayu realizes Kyoko is referring to her and that she's just been saved. Kyoko wonders if something might have happened to Mami since it's not like her to leave familiars wandering around. She shrugs and then vanishes in an instant by leaping away into the night, leaving Mabayu in surprise.

Day 15

Mabayu thinks over what she saw the night before as Mami begins classes for the day. True, the name Mami is a fairly common one and that doesn't necessarily mean it's the same Mami as the one from her class. As the class rises, bows, and takes a seat again, Mabayu notices that Mami is aware of her staring at her. They've never spoken before save for that one time, but Mabayu suddenly makes the connection that Mami not only goes to her school but is in her class. So it shouldn't be weird if she were to go up to her and start talking to her normally. In between classes, Mabayu nervously approaches Mami and, after stuttering for a bit, mentions to Mami that she saw a strange girl at the park the other night who mentioned her name. Mami isn't so sure so she asks for a description of the girl. Mabayu describes her as wearing weird red clothing, swinging a spear, and eating baumkuchen. She then realizes how weird she must seem so she cries out an apology and hurries back to her desk. She sits down and beats herself up mentally. Just asking if she's seen someone as weird as that would seem suspicious to others. Better to keep a low-profile and then head home quickly once classes end.

Before she can make good on her escape, she's stopped at the door by the teacher. There's an after-school make up exam and Mabayu is scheduled to take it. If she doesn't pass her grades will take a big hit, but there's no way she can pass an exam on historical figures when she hasn't studied at all. If only time could stop just now, she wishes. Just as she thinks this, time does stop. Grinning at her good luck, she can only be thankful that her daily hard work has finally been rewarded. She immediately gets to looking at the other student's answers, but time stopped too early as none of the students have had enough time to write down any of the answers. She'll just wait until time starts up again and then hope it stops once more. She sits there waiting for time to restart but after a long time, time is still frozen. Since it doesn't seem like it's going to restart anytime soon, Mabayu considers looking up the answers in her textbook instead, but decides not to risk being caught cheating were time to restart suddenly. She decides to continue sitting there patiently.

Time is still stopped and Mabayu is no closer to figuring out why. Maybe this time, time will stay frozen forever and never restart? No that can't be. She continues to sit but for how long she doesn't know. The clock on the wall is also frozen. But more importantly, she really has to go to the bathroom now. If time were to start up while she was heading to the bathroom, she would have to forfeit the test. Then again, if time were moving she could simply ask the teacher if she could head out to the bathroom. Time continues to pass for Mabayu as it remains frozen for everyone else, leaving Mabayu on the verge of tears as she continues to hold it in. She's at her absolute limit by now and she must decide between preserving her grades or preserving her dignity. Grades be damned, she's going to head to the restroom now no matter what. No sooner does she stand then time resumes and the teacher asks Mabayu what she wants. Mabayu tells, not asks, the teacher she's heading to the restroom. The teacher is a little confused but lets her go. Up until now Mabayu was content with the time stops happening whenever, but after this ordeal she's determined to find out what's causing the time stops.

Day 16

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 16).

Scene 25 (Kyoko)
A crowd is controlled by a witch. Kyoko attacks it, which is H.N.Elly. Kyoko complains about why Mami neglected it and let it grow into a witch.

Day 17

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 17).

Scene 26 (Madoka)
Kazuko Saotome tells Madoka that Hitomi was hospitalized due to the incident in Scene 25 (Day 16).
Scene 27 (Homura)
The Team knows it, and agrees that it was likely caused by a witch, and the witch is already dealt with. Homura proposes to invite the unknown magical girl to join their team, but Mami disagrees with this. Mami says if there aren’t enough grief seeds, magical girls will fight each other for them. Mami says she will protect them. Homura thinks the mood of Mami has changed from the last timeline and wonders if this is because of the extra burden of caring for two junior magical girls rather than just the one.
Scene 28 (Homura)
The Team finds Anja. Kyoko appears. Madoka wants to thank her, but Kyoko says the only reason she's here is for the grief seeds, and therefore she will neither let them fight that minion, nor will she fight them. Kyoko leaves. Mami says Kyoko was her teammate but not anymore.

Day 22

Mabayu sighs. It's another shift at the café and she hasn't made any progress at all on the time stops. They're too random, and about the only connection she can make is that they tend to happen in the evenings or at night. It's not enough to figure out if this is a natural phenomenon or someone causing it. There haven't even been any long time stops since that day when she had her exam, so about the only thing she's been able to do during the stops is work on her latte art.

Scene 29 (Madoka)
Madoka and Homura are in the industrial complex, but they can’t contact Mami due to the distance being too far and the signal connection is bad. They still entered the labyrinth but they got defeated quickly.

Mabayu cries in dismay as another time stop finishes. Sakie notices Mabayu and comes over to admire her practice art. This time it's a snake that's been mistaken for a giraffe.

Sakie laughs off her mistaken like usual while Mabayu's hopes are crushed. Time stops once more, so Mabayu gets to practicing one more time. Before she can get started, however, she hears two voices (Homura and Mami) from outside mentioning the old factory as they run past the café. Surprised to find someone else able to move, she runs outside and catches sight of a figure running in the distance. It seems there are least two others who can move during the time stops. She has to catch up to them!

Scene 30 (Homura)
Homura stops time and runs to where Mami is, and takes Mami to the industrial complex.

Out of breathe, she stops as she loses sight of the two girls inside the industrial complex. What should she do now? Even if she were to catch up to them, what could she possibly do. More importantly, what if they were terrorists using the power to stop time to plant bombs?! Before she can decide on what to do, time resumes once more and Mabayu is pulled into a witch's labyrinth. Mabayu recognizes the heavy atmosphere and knows she has to escape, but she can't find the exit. Nearby, Kyoko chides Mami for being late and for allowing a witch to continue existing for this long. Mabayu recognizes them as her classmate Mami and the girl Sakura-san from before. She can tell the atmosphere has become hostile between them, but she's more worried about the shadowy thing behind them. Elsa Maria calls up her familiars and attacks, striking at Madoka who then cries out in pain. Mabayu recognizes her as well, as the girl who went with Amy to the veterinarian.

Mami and Kyoko agree to drop it for now in favor of saving Madoka, especially since Mami won't drop the grief seed Kyoko wants even if she does defeat her. Mabayu watches in amazement as Kyoko's spear splits the familiars in half before taking a blow from the witch itself. Mami takes advantage of its distraction to finish it off with a Tiro Finale. Their moves were so coordinated, she wonders if maybe they weren't friends.

The labyrinth dissipates and both Madoka and Mami breathe a sigh of relief. Kyoko,however, aims her spear at Madoka and demands her share of the grief seed lest she take it by force. Mami doesn't want to budge but Kyoko points out how Madoka would have died had she not intervened and therefore she's earned her share. How could Mami bring along another inexperienced magical girl and then not even keep an eye on her? Has Mami lost her way?

Before the argument can continue, Homura intervenes. Madoka needs that grief seed and she's not going to let anyone else take it from her. She readies another bomb in her hand as she prepares to fight. Mami warns her to slow down as Madoka pleads with Homura, insisting she'll be fine. Kyoko rolls her eyes and asks if Mami is still bringing her friends along. Mami replies that's her way. If that's so, then Kyoko will just count this one as a grief seed owed and warns her the next time this happens she'll take the city from her. Kyoko takes her leave and the girls detransform. Mabayu has no idea what's happened. There were threats with spears and bombs and then suddenly there they are in school uniforms. Was this all just a dream?

Day 23

The usual morning alarm awakens Mabayu. Was everything last night just a dream? Girls from her school acting like magical girls while they fight other magical girls and witches was just too impossible to be true. Her aunt shows up and proceeds to scold her in a sing-song fashion for having snuck out at night and not come back before curfew. It seems the events of last night weren't a dream after all.

In class, the teacher calls on Mami to read out loud from the textbook. While Mami reads, Mabayu recalls following Mami home last night after the events, which caused her to miss her shift at the café which caused her aunt to give her a hard time. Still, she knows what she saw last night and if that's what's really happening, then she must be caught up in their time stopping powers! She's finally gotten one step closer to solving the mystery. But those girls were rather violent, almost like a yakuza movie with their bombs going off and threats. If she talks to them, they might turn on her. And if she reveals she knows their identities, they're sure to silence her! She'll have to be extra careful from here on out. The teacher calls on Mabayu to read next, startling Mabayu out of her reverie.

During lunchtime, Mabayu spies on Homura, Madoka, and Mami as they eat lunch together on the rooftop. It doesn't make sense, since the three girls have no connection outside of the school. They aren't in the same grade and none of them participate in the same school clubs. The only explanation is that they're a group of magical girls. However, they're too far for Mabayu to hear anything they're saying and she doesn't know lip-reading. Mami glances in her direction but Mabayu is certain she's too far to be distinguished. That and her lack of total presence should help her escape notice. Surely she wasn't noticed, right?

Scene 31 (Homura)
Both Mami and Madoka thank Homura. Mami gives them a grief seed and says she will be happy if they leave the Kyoko problem for Mami to handle.

It's finally the end of the school day and Mabayu has another shift at the café, but after what she saw last night there's just no way she can go work at the café today. She has to figure out what Mami is doing and if she has anything to do with the time stops. Can she be trusted? Mabayu quietly follows behind Mami only to find Mami going into a dark, abandoned building. Mami stops and turns around, demanding to know if she's going to run away. She knows she's been followed ever since she left the school, so she warns her not to follow her any further or she'll have to kill her. Mabayu is in a panic: did her classmate just threaten her life?! If she keeps getting involved, something is sure to happen. But too late, Mabayu has been dragged into another labyrinth where a familiar has set its eyes on her. Quivering, Mabayu screams for help as the familiar begins to strike at her. She cries out in terror and pain as the sound of a jewel breaks.

Scene 32 (Kyoko)
Kyoko complains about how what she just found is a familiar, not a witch. Mami is killed by the familiar. Mami hopes Kyoko will take care of Madoka and Homura moments before she dies.

Day 24

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 24).

Scene 33 (Madoka)
Madoka and Homura can not contact Mami, so they decide to go to her home after school.
Scene 34 (Kyoko)
Kyoko is investigating the Walpurgisnacht in Mami’s house. Madoka and Homura break into Mami’s house. Kyoko says it was a minion that killed Mami, not her. Madoka and Homura don’t believe this, as they mention that Mami said magical girls will fight each other for grief seeds and territory. Kyoko complains that if they are gonna kill Kyoko to avenge Mami, they should not be as weak as they are, then she knocks them down and leaves.

Day 25

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 25).

Scene 35 (Madoka)
Madoka’s training — Homura Chapter. Homura finds out they can move together if they keep touching.
Scene 36 (Homura)
Madoka and Homura defeat Uhrmann.

Day 32

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 32).

Scene 37 (Madoka)
Storms. Madoka and Homura are preparing to fight, and Kyoko arrives, saying even if they combine their power, they're still not strong enough to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Madoka says they are doing it for Mami, and Homura says they have a strategy. Kyoko says she will be a spectator. Madoka and Homura Connect, but they are still losing. Kyoko joins the fight, saying that it is Mami's will.
Scene 38 (Madoka)
Walpurginacht wins, Madoka and Homura lose. Madoka is thinking that Mami is dead, Kyoko is dead, Sayaka is likely dead (as Sayaka never reappears after Day 10), and since she didn’t protect them, she is useless. Madoka becomes Kriemheld Gretchen. Homura is very sad.

Key Points

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  • Day 02: Time stops around me. I notice a ring in my house that I don't remember buying.
  • Day 11: I notice that even while time is stopped, the time of the object I'm touching continues to move.
  • Day 13: I notice someone who can move while time is stopped.
  • Day 22: In the course of investigating the cause, I entered a mysterious space and learned of the existence of magical girls and witches.


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