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Mabayu returns to life thanks to Homura's time travel. Even though she supported Homura with her "future vision," which allows her to see the best possible future that cannot be changed, Madoka ended up making a contract with Kyubey. Nagisa Momoe was born with from the wish to '(not let) that witch to fall into despair anymore', but when she learned of the circumstances of Mami's death, she became convinced that she was the one who had killed Mami. She also became tormented by her guilt for subsequently killing Kyoko. Mabayu recalls her past with her mother, a fortune teller. She also recalled her power to "cut the film of memory," which she used to save Nagisa's heart. They all then went to battle together in the challenge against Walpurgisnacht.


Day 1

I'll be pierced, torn, and my consciousness will disappear.

An alarm rings, causing Mabayu to wake up with a scream as the memories of being pierced swim through her mind. Was it all a dream? No, she knows better than that. Everything that had just happened was real, and she had died. But the fact that she woke up today means she made the right judgement call at the time.

As she walks to school, Mabayu ponders the vision she had had in the previous loop. No doubt that must have been her personal magic. How amazing it was, the ability to see the future in the eyes of others. Time manipulation was a pretty big deal on its own, but combined with her future sight the possibilities seemed endless. Perhaps now she can actually help Homura out, or stop Madoka from contracting on her own. As she's lost in her own thoughts, she's interrupted by Mami Tomoe. She wants to talk to her about the book she borrowed yesterday. Despite Mabayu's restlessness, everyone else seems to be having the same morning as usual. She's still a little scared, but she resolves to try her best.

Mabayu nervously walks into Homura's hospital room and greets her. Homura isn't surprised to see her. Mabayu thought it best to come and talk to her as soon as possible, but Homura calls her careless instead. She plans to make this the final time loop, so Mabayu will probably get in trouble later if she keeps skipping school whenever she pleases. Homura thinks it's best if she keeps living her normal daily life to avoid further disruption later in the future. Mabayu promises to be more careful from now on and an uncomfortable silence fills the room. After a moment, Homura breaks the silence by thanking Mabayu for her actions in the previous time loop. If she hadn't jumped in, Homura would have died so she's grateful to Mabayu. Surprised, Mabayu asks if this means she's been forgiven by Homura, but Homura makes an angry face at first before telling Mabayu to never reveal anything she might have spied. Mabayu happily promises to not tell anyone about all the things Homura kept mumbling to herself about Madoka. Homura's face turns beet-red as she tells Mabayu to immediately forget any of that. Inside, Mabayu is all a flutter. Despite Homura being younger than her, she's not treating Mabayu like a senpai. She'll have to show her she too can be a reliable ally. She puts on a brave front and tells Homura she can rely on her. Thanks to her newly awakened future sight, they'll be able to handle Kyubey with ease. If they follow her lead, they'll be sure to get the jump on Kyubey and give him a big surprise! However, Homura doesn't believe it'll go that well so easily. If Mabayu could truly change the future, and not just see it, then she wouldn't have had to sacrifice herself in the last time loop. Mabayu says that's different, since she thought it was the best course of action given the fact Homura can rewind time so long as she survives. It would be different if Mabayu had survived and Homura was the one to end up dying. Homura agrees it was the best decision she could have made at the time.

Mabayu tries to think it through: if she sees the future where she predicts the future, and then lives through the future until she sees the prediction she saw in the future, then the future she predicted that saw in her prediction...? Mabayu gives up as the conundrum gives her a headache. Homura tells her to just look at it like this: the future she saw is the future that will happen. If that's the case, is there any point in looking at the future then? Homura believes it's still worth a look. If there's any room for improvement, then the future will change. Thus the futures she sees are the best possible future she can achieve. Mabayu still doesn't quite get it. How can Homura guess so much on so little information? Homura says it's thanks to her experience with manipulating time, but regardless she needs her help so she'll be counting on her. Mabayu brightens up and promises to do her best. She attempts to call Homura by her first name, but falters and calls her the usual Akemi-san instead. Homura doesn't remark on this, instead changing the subject. She asks Mabayu about Mami Tomoe. Mabayu recognizes her as her classmate, and a magical girl. But she also once threatened her not to get close to her, but she never understood why. Homura explains it's because magical girls have to compete for the limited supply of grief seeds that are available. She asks if this happened in the time loop before last, then points out how distraught she was at the train station. Did Mabayu see that as well? Mabayu asks if that was when Sayaka had turned into a witch. She recalls Mami's tear-filled eyes as she turned her musket on Kyoko before killing her after learning the truth about witches. Homura believes if they were to tell her the truth once more, then that same incident may repeat itself. It's best if they keep as much distance from her as possible. The closer they are, then the heavier the despair and tragedy will be were something to occur. Mabayu nods in understanding.

Day 2

Scene 1 (Homura)
Homura awakens in the hospital. Rewriting the lab result numbers is surprisingly difficult, but she can't really help it. Having done that, she turns her attention to the future. She transforms, then freezes time. She recalls the events of the previous loops, and right on cue Kyubey appears. This time she refuses to even entertain his presence and leaves without a word.

It's late at night as Mabayu once more finds herself walking through a dark surburban area just outside of Madoka's house. It seems her collaboration with Homura has finally begun! She thinks about how amazing Homura is, and her ability to clearly see the nature of Mabayu's magic with just one look. Mabayu has some confidence in her mental abilities, but regardless she can't lose her edge. Somehow she has to become a support for Homura, and in order to do that... Mabayu looks around and quickly spots Kyubey lurking around. However, Homura calls out Mabayu's name telepathically first. She asks if Mabayu came down to see for herself, then tells her not to worry.

She transforms into her magical girl state then freezes time. She approaches Kyubey and promises him he won't be making any more contracts. She'll protect Madoka no matter what and fires several bullets into Kyubey's inanimate body. She unfreezes time and they watch as Kyubey's body is mutilated. Even now she can't get used to the grotesque sight. Homura promises this is nothing to him then urges her to go home and continue with her mission. She'll stay here and continue to protectively watch over Madoka. Mabayu agrees and takes off.

Back home, Mabayu watches her late night movie intently. She's seen it before of course, but there's so many little details you miss until you rewatch it. When she praises the actor's performance, Kyubey asks if she likes the movie. Mabayu jumps up in alarm. She looks at Kyubey with surprise and asks if she's some kind of cat, rat, or bear. Somehow this thing is talking to her without talking to her! Kyubey introduces himself before explaining he speaks using telepathy. If he's using telepathy to talk, then this is just as God had predicted! Kyubey is confused as Mabayu explains she had a dream the night before that a messenger of God would appear before her soon. This messenger will want her help to get closer to the devil, but if he tries to get closer then his life will be lost. Kyubey finds this rather interesting and asks if she recognizes herself as a magical girl serving God. Confused, Mabayu asks him what a magical girl is. It seems Kyubey has a lot of explaining to do.

Scene 2 (Mami)

Mami waits alone in the park at night. She hears a voice from nearby commenting on how tired she looks. Homura approaches her and Mami asks who she is. Homura introduces herself, and lets her know she too is a magical girl. She'd never heard of her before, then realizes this must be the other irregular Kyubey had told her about. Homura asks what she was thinking about, and if she's become lonely after being alone so long. Mami narrows her eyes and asks her what she knows and what that strange comment has to do with anything, but Homura sees no reason to answer her. Mami transforms, ready to make her answer but suddenly Homura isn't where she was. Instead she somehow manages to appear behind Mami.

Homura understands her panic, but she assures her she's not here to fight. Instead she offers a truce: since Homura is going to be active in this city from now on, she'd rather cooperate with Mami by telling her the time and location of each witch. There should be more than enough grief seeds for the both of them, but in exchange she has one condition: she wants Mami to not recruit anymore magical girls for awhile or else there won't be enough grief seeds for them all. Mami asks if she can predict the future, but Homura merely shrugs. Incensed by her attitude, Mami strikes at Homura, but Homura has vanished. Homura's voice calls out from the darkness, offering her one last piece of advice before she goes. She informs Mami her intuition is correct, and that it would be better not to tell Kyubey the truth. Mami's face burns red from the humiliation. It's like that girl could see right through her heart.

Day 3

Scene 3 (Homura)

Madoka greets Sayaka Miki and Hitomi Shizuki as they make their way to school. Madoka went to bed a bit late last night, so she's running a little behind today. Sayaka jokes around, saying it must be because she was so worried about today's math test. Homura, who had been secretly watching them, freezes time. There, hiding nearby, sits Kyubey. Homura approaches the creature. She knew she could never let her guard down so long as Madoka can still be saved, so she won't let Kyubey get any closer than he already has. She releases time, pumps Kyubey full of bullets, then refreezes time and makes her escape.

Madoka looks around confusedly. She swears she heard some kind of noise just now. Sayaka figures it must be some kid from around the neighborhood throwing a tantrum. But neither Hitomi nor Madoka know what a tantrum is, much to Sayaka's surprise.

Madoka bids farewell to Hitomi, who has to leave for her Japanese dance lessons. Sayaka also apologizes for having to leave so soon since she also has something she needs to do. Madoka tells her not to worry since they didn't have anything special planned anyways. The three of them bid their goodbyes and split up, leaving Madoka alone as she sighs. Mabayu and Homura watch them from nearby. The three of them had split up here in exactly the same way as in the previous time loops. Mabayu asks about Kyubey, but it seems he's only shown up once so far at which point he got his usual dose of bullets. He hasn't gone near Madoka since, especially not after Mabayu's "dream prediction" the other day. Thankfully, Kyubeys operate on a different kind of logic than humans, so he took the bait despite Mabayu's poor lying skills. Hopefully he leaves Madoka alone for now, but they still don't know what he's up to. Either way, they have other things to get to.

Mabayu and Homura meet up in a dark alleyway. Mabayu transforms, then asks Homura if she's ready. Homura nods, and they commence.

Mabayu stares into Homura's eyes for a moment. It worked, and Mabayu was able to see the future clearly. It turns out Amy's car accident wasn't purely an accident, but rather it was caused by a witch.

Mabayu and Homura set off and head to the shopping district near where café Récompense is located. Sure enough, there is a witch's barrier nearby. Unfortunately it's only a familiar, so Homura urges Mabayu to take care of it quickly so as not to waste magic. But not to worry, Mabayu has already seen how this will play out so there's no need for Homura to waste magic by stopping time. The two girls enter the barrier where they're faced with Coco.

Mabayu calls out directions with Homura dodging as instructed. The familiar takes off into the air, but Mabayu had already directed Homura to look overhead. She takes aim and fires several bullets into the familiar, destroying it. The barrier dissipates and Mabayu gives out a little cheer. Admittedly, Homura is impressed with her ability to help take down the familiar without wasting any magic. She tells Mabayu she did a good job, and Mabayu beams happily. She says it was no big deal, but she thanks her all the same for the praise. But now's not the time to take it easy, as they never know when Kyubey might appear next. She tells Mabayu to hurry and get back to Madoka.

Outside the café, Madoka is attempting to lure Amy nearer by offering her her favorite chicken-flavored dry cat food. Amy cautiously approaches before eating up the food. Madoka is happy that Amy is starting to open up to her as she reaches down and pets the cat. Mabayu watches from nearby. Thus far there's been no sign of Kyubey nor has Madoka signed a contract already. It seems like her fate has been changed for good. Nearby, she spots Homura also watching from a distance. She begins to smile to herself as she watches Madoka happily pet and play with the little black cat. Mabayu flashes a smile to Homura and telepathically tells her everything is good to go. Homura unknowingly repeats the same thing Mabayu was just saying to herself, about the lack of Kyubey and the lack of contracts. It seems they've managed to change Madoka's fate for the better. Mabayu makes a crestfallen face; it's exactly what she just finished saying, which proves Homura was too focused on Madoka to notice anything else. But Homura believes they shouldn't let their guard down just yet. She doubts Kyubey will give up on trying to get Madoka to contract. Mabayu giggles and tells her not to worry about a thing. With her future vision she can see the optimal solution to any problem. Homura warns her that won't always work, then points out the darkening color of Mabayu's soul gem. Homura hands her a spare grief seed to use. Mabayu quietly thanks her and purifies her soul gem. Because future vision uses up magic power, she won't be able to use it to predict every moment in the future, so she'll have to be more judicious in when she chooses to use it. Homura would prefer not to have to reset this time loop to prevent Mabayu from turning into a witch so they'll both have to think carefully about when to use this power.

Day 4

Mabayu sits in class as Kyubey talks with her telepathically. He confirms that what she had told him was true, and there is a magical girl candidate by the name of Madoka Kaname in this town. But everytime he tries to approach her, someone gets in the way. Mabayu pretends to be confused by this, so Kyubey informs her that he believes it's a bullet, or at least a bullet-shaped object, but the problem is it seems to suddenly appear from some kind of void and attacks him. Mabayu pretends to freak out and call this a sign from God. Any who touch the devil shall be cursed! Considering Mabayu can't use magic, Kyubey thinks this dream of hers might be a type of magic. The type of wish a magical girl makes when she contracts affects the type of magic they can use. Mabayu ponders this bit of information. Maybe her magic has something to do with her mother?

Day 6

It's nearing the end of the day and the class are on a field trip to an auto plant. At the moment they're on a restroom break as the class disperses. Mabayu remembers this day, but this time she's a different person than she was in the previous time loops. Nearby, Madoka calls out for Sayaka as she wanders the entrance to the witch's barrier. She continues to call out her friend's name and soon finds her wandering in the same gray barrier. Sayaka is relieved to see her and admits she gets lost all the time. Madoka assures her she was lost in this same area last year. Sayaka asks her which way is the exit, but Madoka isn't so sure anymore. Sayaka can't believe what she's hearing; this is the same thing that happened last time too. Madoka looks down at the ground in embarrassment then apologizes. Sayaka tries to cheer her up by telling her not to worry. If this is the same thing as last year, then surely some kind person will show up. Right on cue, Mabayu finds them in the barrier's entrance and asks if they got lost. Sayaka is surprised to find her words came true so suddenly, while Madoka asks if she's also a student at Mitakihara. Mabayu smiles and nods, assuring them people get lost in this area all the time. She points them to the barrier's exit and warns them the bus will be leaving soon so they better hurry. The two girls thank her and hurry on their way. Mabayu is pleased that things have gone well so far, so there's only one other thing left to do and this time she won't.

The Cow witch swings it's axe at Mabayu, who shrieks and manages to barely dodge the attack. Despite her earlier bravado, she is clearly in over her head. She thought it would be an easy win after running a ton of scenarios in her head but clearly that's not the way reality works. She desperately cries out for help and in that moment time stops. Homura catches up with her, slightly out of breath. Mabayu had said she could do it on her own which is why Homura had left her, but clearly that wasn't happening. Mabayu apologizes; she thought she would be able to take it down on her own since she knew it's attack patterns but she didn't have enough power to begin with. Homura isn't too upset, however, and tells her she was on the right track by trying to conserve as many grief seeds as they can for the upcoming battle against Walpurgisnacht. Knowing this, Mabayu is more than willing to lend her power to Homura so that the fight won't go the same way as it did last time. After moment of consideration, Homura relents and allows Mabayu to stare into her eyes.

Having seen the future, she informs Homura the fight will go almost the same way as last time. So long as she keeps her distance, she should be ok. At the end of the battle, part of its body will jump at her at which point Mabayu will step in and cut the witch down. Homura asks if this will ensure she lives this time, but Mabayu is absolutely certain. Homura nods, then restarts time. The witch swings its axe at them in a different way than the last time loop, but the two girls had already anticipated the attack. Although their teamwork isn't nearly as synchronized as Homura and Madoka's were, she too can contribute in a fight. Afterall, she's a magical girl too! It's nearing the end of the fight, so Homura freezes time just long enough to throw a bomb at the cow witch's face. The bomb goes off, enraging the witch and causing it to reach out with black tendrils. This time, however, its tendrils wrap around nothing as Mabayu leaps in and slices the witch up.

The witch groans in agony as it dies and the barrier dissipates. Mabayu gives a cheer of victory! With their powers of time manipulation and future prediction, it's almost like they're using a cheat code. With Homura by her side, things won't be so scary for Mabayu. Hearing the word "scary" triggers Homura's memories and she tells Mabayu to hurry and go back to Madoka.

Scene 4 (Madoka)
Sayaka and Madoka stand in the barrier. Madoka hopes they get back to the bus soon or they'll keep everyone waiting. Thankfully Sayaka believes she's spotted the exit. The two girls manage to make it back outside where they see Kyubey sitting on the ground in front of them. The girls think it's some strange squirrel or rabbit, but Kyubey instead says he's glad he finally got to meet Madoka. The two girls are startled at first, but he explains he speaks by telepathy. The two of them have the qualities to become a magical girl, but the two are still confused by what's going on. Homura suddenly appears and warns Madoka to get away. Kyubey recognizes Homura and asks if she's the one who's been getting in his way.

Madoka and Sayaka stare down at Kyubey. The girls think it's some strange squirrel or rabbit, but Kyubey seems to sit silently. The two girls are startled at first, as they continue to stare at the white creature. It must be speaking with telepathy, but what is a 'magical girl'? Homura suddenly appears and warns Madoka to get away. Kyubey recognizes Homura and asks if she's the one who's been getting in his way. She warns Madoka not to believe any of his words, but Madoka isn't sure she's ever met Homura before. Kyubey recognizes Mabayu, who is standing behind Homura. During their battle with the witch, Kyubey had called out to her. Does this mean they've been teaming up to get in his way? Telepathically, a panicking Mabayu asks Homura what they should do now that Kyubey has figured out their deceit. In response, Homura turns to Madoka and warns her Kyubey will be telling her terrible things from now on. In exchange for granting one wish, he'll make her pay an irreparable price. Magical girls are beings who fight for their lives against witches, so does she really have a wish she wants fulfilled even at such a terrible risk? She warns her not to make the people who care about her sad.

Back in Homura's pendulum room, Homura and Mabayu discuss the day's events. Even though Mabayu had thought she was being cautious, Kyubey still managed to take advantage of their weakness. But they still had to defeat the witch regardless, and now that Madoka has been made aware of the existence of magical girls there's no point in murdering Kyubey in front of her. That would only make her distrust them. Madoka tends to be naive and trust in other people too much, so of course she'll naturally take Kyubey's side at first since he looks like nothing more than some cute mascot character. At least now they know what they must do next. First, they must make Madoka believe their words. If she doubts what Kyubey has to say, then she won't make a contract. Secondly, they have to make sure Madoka doesn't just wish for whatever strange thing. She's the kind of person that was willing to use her one wish on a cat that wasn't even hers, so they'll have to continue to keep a close eye on her. So it's important they keep exterminating witches to prevent her from making strange wishes. Homura will need Mabayu's help, so she's counting on her. Mabayu is a little taken aback, but promises she'll do her best.

Day 7

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 7).

Scene 5 (Mami)
Mami meets with Kyubey on the school's roof. Kyubey has come across two humans who possess the qualifications to be magical girls, so he was hoping Mami could take them under her wing and teach them to become magical girls. But Mami seems to hesitate, so Kyubey asks what's wrong. She remembers Homura's warning about not trusting Kyubey as well as her condition that she not help create more magical girls for a while. So she asks Kyubey if they haven't contracted yet. It may be that her previous invitations to partner up may have come off a bit strong, and not to mention there's an unknown magical girl who recently appeared. Perhaps it would be best not to solicit new magical girls for a while. Kyubey thinks it's a shame, especially since the new girls could have helped Mami out. Mami simply says she's sorry.

Day 10

Scene 6 (Sayaka)
It's the start of class and Ms. Saotome is announcing the arrival of a new transfer student to the class. As Homura makes her introduction, both Sayaka and Madoka recognize her as the girl that approached them during their field trip to the car factory. She can't believe the arrogant way she had told them not to believe in Kyubey's words. Madoka confirms with Kyubey that Homura is indeed a magical girl. This means she must have made a wish when she contracted. Sayaka figures it must have been some hopeless wish or something. Or maybe she's trying to keep Kyubey away from Madoka because she wants all the wishes for herself. Madoka wonders if this could really be true.
Scene 7 (Mami)
Mami is speaking with Homura on the school's roof. She's surprised to learn Homura is enrolled in her same school, then asks why she called her up here. Homura wants to fulfill her end of the bargain, so she informs her a witch will appear this evening as you cross the southern bridge. She wants Mami to be the one to take care of it, because she knows Mami is going to be needing a grief seed soon. Mami admits witches have been a bit scarce lately, then asks if the reason is because Homura has been getting ahead of her and killing them off herself. Instead, Homura tells her there's no need to look into it so much. All she wants is for Mami to protect the peace of this city, for which she'll need enough grief seeds to replenish her magic. What more could she want? It's also for the best if she keep her distance from Kyubey. With those final words, Homura leaves. Mami stands alone now, pondering her words. It's true she'd like nothing more than to defeat witches and maintain the peace of the city, but is that really all she wants?

Later that afternoon at a different café, Mabayu sighs heavily to herself. She's tired out from fighting all the witches that have appeared in places she hadn't even noticed, and she can't very well miss all of her classes to help out all the time. It seems like she'll need to copy herself in order to keep up. She sighs once more. The first time she saw this rare video, her heart was pounding with excitement. But now that she's done this several times, the excitement has faded and it just feels like another task or chore to take care of. Homura finds Mabayu and the two leave the café.

As they walk the mall, Mabayu asks if Homura will start going to school from today on. Homura nods, explaining she's in the same class as Madoka so Mabayu wishes her luck on getting along with her. She then remembers there was supposed to be a witch on their school route today, but Homura has already left that task to Mami so they can focus on the witch that's here. Together they make their way to the witch's barrier and enter.

Inside the barrier, the various Anthonies begin to swarm in large numbers around their new visitors. Homura warns Mabayu not to be fooled, as the witch's main body is still at the back of the labyrinth. Mabayu transforms. She knows it would be the most magic-efficient if they're able to kill both the witch and the familiars at the same time. Homura transforms and the two of them combine their attacks, destroying the swarm of familiars around them. As they fight, Homura reminds Mabayu not to overdo it, but Mabayu isn't worried. She has a personal policy of doing things as efficiently as possible.

The two magical girls head straight for the deepest part of the barrier. There they're surprised to find Madoka and Sayaka, confused and lost. Homura isn't pleased by this turn of events and immediatley stops time. Madoka has never made it this far in the timeline without having contracted first, so Mabayu worries they'll be able to defeat the witch and protect the two of them at the same time. They don't have much time, so Homura asks Mabayu to look into the future.

At first, Mabayu can't believe what she 'saw'. Is this future truly unavoidable? Mabayu is distraught as Homura tries to get her attention. Mabayu mutters to herself out loud; if they were to let the witch escape now, then other people will be in danger. She makes her decision and tells Homura to aim for a specific spot on the witch's body. She needs to shoot as many bullets as she can into the one spot, then throw a bomb to finish it off. In the meantime, Mabayu will take care of protecting Madoka and Sayaka. If it's just familiars, she can handle it. Homura leaves the two girls in her hands as she focuses on shooting at the witch. She throws her bomb then restarts time. Madoka and Sayaka are surprised to see Mabayu here, but she warns them there's no time for questions. It's better if they stay quiet and stand back out of harm's way. With the witch distracted, more of the Anthonies approach the girls but Mabayu is prepared for them. She slashes at a few of them with her scissors as Homura stops time once more. Having seen the future, Mabayu knows her next move is to move to the other side. Time restarts once more and Mabayu stabs the familiars from behind. But soon more of the creatures appear as Madoka cries out in alarm. Mabayu steadies herself, telling herself repeatedly it'll be ok. She was able to do it properly in her prediction, so there's no reason she won't be able to pull it off now. She can and will save lives on her own. She yells out as she swings her scissors from side to side, slashing and piercing familiar after familiar as the waves keep coming. Nearby, Homura throws a bomb at Gertrud after emptying her guns into it. The bomb explodes and the witch is destroyed, its barrier dissipating as the mall reappears around them.

Homura rushes to Madoka's side asking if she's hurt. Sayaka cries out in pain. When Madoka asks if she's ok, Sayaka tells her she's not. She's in a lot of pain and believes she may have broken a bone during the conflict. Mabayu cautiously approaches Sayaka and apologizes. She had tried her best, but Sayaka was the only one she couldn't completely protect. Telepathically, Mabayu apologizes to Homura as well, but Homura knows it couldn't be helped. No doubt this was the best possible outcome she could see. Homura turns to Madoka once more, and reminds her that being a magical girl isn't for fun. Exterminating witches is a matter of life or death, so she better throw away any naive ideas she may have about making a wish if she isn't willing to give up her life for it. Madoka whimpers to herself.

Back in Homura's pendulum room, Mabayu wonders if that was really the best course of action. Considering the only bad thing to come of it was a single broken bone and a short hospital stay, Homura believes it's nothing to worry about. As a result, Sayaka is more likely not to contract and this will also serve to give Madoka an experience of the dangers of magical girls. This should help to keep the two of them away from barriers. But Mabayu is still upset about Sayaka being hurt because of them. Homura asks if she would do anything differently if she could redo that moment. True, they could have better protected Sayaka but it would have been at the cost of putting Madoka in danger. Mabayu admits this is true. She can't change the future she's seen and she can't take that kind of risk even if she were to try again hundreds of times. Mabayu thinks to herself and considers the possibility her magic consists of unchangeable fate.

Day 11

(There are no scenes in the main story for Day 11).

Scene 8 (Madoka)
Madoka is visiting Sayaka in the hospital, and immediately rushes to her side asking if she's ok. Sayaka tells her not to worry, since it was a simple procedure. In fact, she has so much energy she's having trouble staying still in bed. Although she also sees this more as a tragedy-turned-miracle since Madoka is skipping school to come visit her. As they are talking, Madoka notices the CD player on her bed. It's the same one Kyosuke uses, so this must be the same hospital he's staying in. Still, Sayaka finds it hard to believe that witches could be so dangerous. She's glad she didn't listen and sign a contract with Kyubey, or else she'd be forced to fight those things all the time. Madoka nods in agreement, but she seems distracted. Sayaka asks her what she's thinking, so Madoka replies honestly. She was thinking about the fact that Homura has to fight creatures like that, risking her own life to protect the peace of this town. Sayaka thinks she's being stupid, since Homura received a miracle that was worth the risk in exchange. Doesn't Madoka have a wish she'd do anything to make come true?

Day 13

Mabayu is practicing her fighting skills on everyone's favorite blue drum. At first it takes minimal damage until Mabayu slices it in half with her scissors. She de-transforms and, with a pleased look on her face, asks how she did. Homura says it was terrible. She needs to become stronger so she can kill witches more efficiently. This is what Homura expects of her and when Mabayu says she understands, Homura tells her she doesn't get it. She still hasn't even mastered her scissors yet, so she still has a lot of growing to do. Mabayu is defeated as she acquiesces to her Spartan teacher's commands.

At that point, Madoka appears and cautiously approaches them. Mabayu is surprised to see her here. Homura asks what she wants, so Madoka says she came here for advise. She'd been thinking long and hard about a lot of things since they last met. Magical girls risk their lives fighting witches in places no one knows about, trying their best to keep the townspeople safe. If it weren't for magical girls, neither her nor Sayaka would be alive now. Homura agrees, as this is all the more reason for her to stay out of it. But instead Madoka asks if she'd be able to help Homura by becoming a magical girl herself. At first she believed she would never amount to anything because she has no special talents or abilities. She'd continue to live as a burden to others, but when she was helped by Homura and the others, Kyubey told her she could do the same if she wanted to. If she became a magical girl and became Homura's power.... Homura interrupts her mid-sentence with a firm rejection. She calls Madoka a burden, one she can't take care of on top of the burden she's already keeping an eye on. Madoka attempts to protest but Homura stands firm. Even if she were to become a magical girl, all she'll be doing is making everyone sad. Madoka apologizes and runs away.

Homura sighs and quietly apologizes to Madoka once she's safely out of sight. It's hard, but they both knew how kind Madoka can be. Too kind. Mabayu isn't so sure she likes being treated as a burden with a stray bullet, but Homura assures her she spoke nothing more than the truth. Mabayu shakes her head at this harsh truth. She wonders what ever happened to the cute Homura with braids and glasses. Homura stares at her and asks if she wants a hole in her head. Mabayu grins and tells her it was just a joke. She proposes they get back to their special training. Homura agrees as Mabayu sighs a sigh of relief. Homura always has too much on her plate, so Mabayu hopes the least she can do is make her feel a little better.

Day 15

Scene 9 (Mami)
Mami and Homura meet up on the school's roof once more. Homura knows it's about time for them to need another grief seed, but Mami changes the subject, asking her about her injured classmate. She had noticed traces of magic at the scene where she was injured, so there must have been a witch fight involved. If this girl has the qualifications necessary for a magical girl, wouldn't it make more sense to have her contract rather than have her risk putting her life in danger? Homura has no response, so Mami continues to push. If Homura really does have the ability to predict the future, than there should be more than enough grief seeds for the three of them, so what is she really planning? Homura warns her once more, reminding her curiosity killed the cat. She vanishes as Mami calls out for her to wait. The bell rings, signaling the end of the period. Homura knows something Mami doesn't, and Mami can't afford to ignore something like that. She'll have to follow her and find out her true identity.

Mabayu and Homura are standing in the hospital's lobby as the setting sun's light streams in. She cautiously asks Homura if Madoka gave up on becoming a magical girl. Homura sighs; Kyubey has also been saying similar things since Madoka still seems confused. Mabayu warns her this is a dangerous situation to be in. If she keeps emphasizing the danger to Madoka, it's only going to make her worry about Homura more and probably backfire. Mabayu suggests they take a different approach, and rather than emphasize the danger to her they should emphasize the fact she'll have to give up being human in order to become a magical girl. Homura wonders if Madoka really would give up on contracting if she were told the truth. Not only is the truth a dangerous thing, once learned she could never forget it. She contemplates a moment, then agrees. Perhaps now is not the time to hesitate anymore.

They hear a familiar voice nearby and look around. Over on the other side of the lobby, Madoka can be seen talking to Kyubey although their words are indiscernible from that distance. Wide-eyed, Homura wonders outloud at the reason Madoka could have for being here. Mabayu informs her she did the same thing in the previous time loop, although of course she had already contracted by then. It would make sense if she came here with Mami in search of a witch, but why is she here alone this time? Homura has no doubts, however. It's clear Kyubey is luring Madoka into a witch's barrier.

Scene 10 (Sayaka)
Sayaka giggles to herself as she waits in the hospital's lobby. Now is about the time for Madoka to stop by for a visit, and Sayaka has gotten tea and Kyosuke's favorite baumkuchen ready. She hears a familiar voice and looks around. It seems Madoka has already arrived and is talking with Kyubey. She looks distressed, then tells Kyubey to wait. But Kyubey has already seemingly vanished. If Kyubey is involved, then....She soon spots it, the entrance to a witch's barrier. She gets a queasy feeling just looking at it, but jumps right in.

She wanders the bizarre candy-laden landscape, calling out for Madoka. There's no way Madoka can fight a witch alone, so why is she going out of her way to put herself in danger like this. She soon gets lost and stumbles across a group of Pytor, who immediately set their sights on her and attack. This is bad, and if this keeps up she may have to make a wish. She hears a voice and is soon found by Mami. Mami tells her she's just a magical girl passing by, then points her to the exit. She'll take care of the witch so it's better if Sayaka runs away now. Sayaka thanks her and immediately takes off running. Mami hadn't seen that one coming, but it's been awhile since she had her arms around one of these!

Mabayu and Homura hurriedly look around but it's too late, they've lost track of Madoka. They hear an odd sound and Mabayu wonders if it's the witch. Homura panics and insist they find Madoka as quickly as possible. She takes off running as Mabayu tries to catch up to her, calling out for Homura to wait. Thankfully they soon manage to find Madoka, who is shaking with fear. Madoka is so thankful to see the both of them, as she was afraid she'd have to contract and then fight to survive. Homura doesn't respond to her but glares at Kyubey instead, accusing him of deceiving her. Kyubey says he did no such thing, he only told her the truth when he said there was a witch's barrier appearing in the hospital which could negatively affect all those ill people. Mabayu prepares to intervene but somehow Homura keeps her composure despite her clear signs of anger. She knows it would be a waste of time to dispose of the creature now. Madoka tries to speak up, but once more Homura ignores her in favor of Kyubey. She asks him to clearly answer where witches come from and how they are born, however Kyubey remains silent. Homura asks why he's silent this time, but Kyubey says it was only because he was thinking over the order of information he's given. He realizes he's never told her, so he immediately tells Madoka witches are born from magical girls when their soul gems become completely clouded. Madoka is distraught as Homura explains that she will no longer be human should she contract. No matter how much hope a magical girl may have, it is inevitable they will one day despair and become a witch. Homura asks her if she's prepared to accept such a fate of despair in order to temporarily make her hope come true. Once more she tells her to throw away any naive thoughts she may have as she points the way to the exit. She says goodbye then turns her back on Madoka and rejoins Mabayu. Mabayu is in a bit of a dismay as she realizes Homura pulled out her trump card afterall. Homura hopes this will finally be enough to dissuade her, but Mabayu is concerned about Madoka, who is on the other side, as well as a sound echoing from the center of the barrier. Homura says they don't have time for that as they have to hurry to where the witch is residing. Mabayu offers to use her future vision but Homura is certain she doesn't need it.

At the deepest part of the barrier, Homura fires multiple rounds into Charlotte before freezing time. She fires more bullets into it confidently, having fought this witch enough times to have all of its moves memorized. Mabayu watches her in amazement as she unfreezes time and the bullets tear through the witch before a final bomb goes off, causing Charlotte to transform into its second stage. Alarmed, Mabayu calls out a warning but Homura is as calm as ever. She prepares to finish off the witch, but pauses before she can freeze time once more. Something strange is happening to the witch....

An unknown magical girl appears before them, yelping in pain. Homura is confused by this turn of events, as something like this has never happened in any of the previous time loops. Mabayu calls out her name in warning once more, causing Homura to shake it off. She knows she still has a job to do so she aims her gun at Charlotte and fires it several times, effectively killing it and dissipating the barrier.

Back in the hospital lobby, Homura turns to the unknown girl and asks her name. However, the girl says it's polite to introduce yourself first but Homura doesn't care and demands her name once more. Mabayu steps in between the two and tries to calm Homura down. She then introduces herself and politely asks for the girl's name once more. The girl introduces herself as Nagisa. When Mabayu asks where she came from, a transformed Madoka cautiously approaches the trio. Homura's eyes widen in both disbelief and horror. Madoka detransforms then apologizes for having contracted with Kyubey. Homura nearly breaks down into tears as she asks her how she could do such a thing even after all of her warnings. Kyubey chimes in and said it was her wish. Nagisa is just confused by all of this, so Madoka asks if they can talk about this somewhere else. Homura agrees so long as Kyubey isn't involved in the conversation.

The girls meet up at café Récompense. The atmosphere is tense, in particular around Homura. Nagisa asks if Homura is angry but Homura angrily responds in the negative. Despite this, Nagisa can tell she's angry so she asks if it's her fault but Homura doesn't respond. Sakie warmly welcomes the group, happy to see Mabayu bringing friends over for once and oblivious to the tension between them all. While Nagisa wonders if they are all friends, Sakie brings them her 'proud cake'. Madoka begins to thank her automatically before stopping mid-sentence as she looks at the cake in astonishment. Nagisa is greatly impressed too by this delicious looking fruit tart. Mabayu realizes Sakie must be excited to the max to have brought out this particular dessert for everyone. Nagisa politely asks if she can have some, to which Sakie gladly offers her a slice. Nagisa munches it down before declaring it absolutely delicious! Sakie giggles at the compliment. Mabayu notes that Sakie must be so pleased that she doesn't even notice Nagisa's strange outfit, although her aunt's presence turned out to be a blessing since it caused the atmosphere around them to ease up. Homura refuses to touch it, and after a few minutes, she asks Madoka to tell her who that girl is and what she has to do with her wish. Madoka admits it was due in part to the fact Homura had revealed that witches come from magical girls. She thought it was too sad that the hope that magical girls once carried will turn to despair, and subsequently they'll turn into witches. If Homura had gone ahead and killed the witch, it would have died with despair forever in its heart. Therefore her wish was "I don't want that witch to fall into despair anymore." She wanted to relieve her regret and free her from her remorse.

Nagisa breaks the conversation by asking if the others aren't going to eat the fruit tart as well, and if she can eat the rest. Mabayu asks if Nagisa is the witch returned to her human form, but Madoka says that's not quite true. According to Kyubey, this Nagisa is the personification of her remorse cut from the main body of the witch. Mabayu thinks this would explain the fact that Nagisa is permanently dressed as a magical girl and has no soul gem. Madoka apologizes to Homura once more. She knows she shouldn't have made a contract, but she still believes she did the right thing. Homura tells her not to apologize since this is clearly her own fault despite knowing what Madoka's personality is like. The regret on her face is all too clear. Nagisa innocently asks Homura if she isn't hungry, since she tends to get irritated and feel fuzzy when she gets hungry. When that happens, she thinks the best cure is to find something delicious to eat. Homura reiterates she's not hungry, and when Nagisa encourages her to eat together with them, Homura staunchly refuses. Nagisa flinches and looks like she's about to cry, so Homura relents and says she'll eat. Childlike, Nagisa asks if she really will eat and when Homura takes a bite, she asks if it was delicious and what parts she thought were tasty. Homura admits she rather likes the contrasting textures and flavors, especially on the crisp tart. With a smile finally on her face, Homura tells Nagisa it was delicious. Nagisa perks up immediately and agrees, announcing Sakie's cakes as the best in the world. Mabayu thinks that's a bit of an exaggeration, but Madoka also agrees it's quite good. Sakie drinks in the praise and happily offers the girls more fruit tart if they like. She then turns to Nagisa and asks where her home is since it's getting late at night, but Nagisa doesn't know how to respond. When Sakie offers to call her home for her, Madoka telepathically asks Homura what she should do since Nagisa probably doesn't have anywhere to go home to. Homura says they have no choice but to turn her over to the police for now, but Madoka doesn't want to since Nagisa's wish won't come true if they do that. Mabayu pipes up and asks Sakie if it's ok for her to take care of Nagisa for a little while by letting her stay with them. Sakie immediately says yes, which causes all of them to be surprised by how readily she agreed to the idea. But in return, Sakie has one favor to ask of them.

Back at home, Nagisa looks around Mabayu's room before calling it completely messy. Mabayu tells her she better get used to it since she'll be living here from now on, but Nagisa doesn't mind at all since there's a kotatsu. Mabayu brightens up when she hears this, but Sakie warns them they better put a futon out and sleep there (and not at the kotatsu). She also warns them not to stay up late, but it seems Nagisa has already fallen asleep. Despite her manners like a perfect little lady, it seems she's still just a baby on the inside. Sakie and Mabayu watch her for a moment, thinking to themselves how cute she looks. Mabayu thanks Sakie for letting Nagisa stay with them. Sakie says it's no problem, especially since it was Mabayu that had asked her so she must have had a good reason. She's her guardian, so of course she believes in Mabayu. At first Mabayu is astounded at this complete trust, so in contrast to others, until Sakie says she's also glad because now she has even more part time helpers for the café!

Day 16

The bell rings as another customer enters the café. Mabayu welcomes them as both Madoka and Homura also welcome them. Mabayu tells Homura she needs to speak up more loudly, but at this point Homura is fed up and wants to go home. Mabayu tells her to wait, since this was Sakie's condition for allowing Nagisa to stay with them. Homura sees no reason to help the witch, but Mabayu says they can't just leave her like that. Madoka agrees, plus she's always wanted to try working at a cake shop at least once. She asks if the maid uniform looks good on her, with Homura immediately agreeing. Madoka giggles before calling Homura cute as well, causing Homura to blush profusely. When Madoka asks if they should do their best to help out together, Homura has no choice but to say yes if Madoka is the one asking. As the bell on the door rings with another customer, Mabayu is thankful for Madoka's intervention. Thanks to her, Homura is cooperating completely which makes it much easier for Mabayu. Since they seem to have the front of house taken care of, Mabayu heads to the kitchen where she finds Nagisa staring in awe as Sakie makes one delicious-looking cake after another. Nagisa wonders if Sakie is in fact a witch. Sakie chuckles and tells her she’s actually a magical girl that transforms with a secret compact mirror. Mabayu questions her use of the word “girl”, but when prompted by Sakie she denies she has any problem with it (although she doesn’t understand the whole “transform with a compact” thing). Rather than answer her, Sakie asks if Madoka and Homura will be alright by themselves, but Mabayu assures her their handling it just fine. Sakie is pleased to have such cute maids working for her and decides to reward them with cake later. She asks her niece what kind they like best, but when she’s told they like all the cakes she makes, Sakie admits that makes it harder for her. She turns and instead asks Nagisa what she would like to eat. Nagisa happily announces she would like a cheesecake, the most delicious one in the world! Hearing this, Sakie gets a look in her eyes as she thinks about Nagisa’s request. She giggles to herself and wanders back into the kitchen. Nagisa gets worried at the sudden change in Sakie’s demeanor, but Mabayu assures her that’s just how she gets sometimes. When her pastry instincts awaken, she becomes a veritable cake-making demon. Nagisa wonders if all magical girls turn into demons but is interrupted when Sakie announces she’ll need a week to create a true cheesecake. She giggles to herself once more as she ponders her task.

At an abandoned building, Mabayu catches up Madoka on the exchange between Nagisa and Sakie. Madoka gets excited about the “world’s greatest cheesecake” and looks forward to seeing what Sakie can pull off when she gets serious. Mabayu is sure this upcoming cheesecake will end up becoming Récompense’s newest specialty. Homura reminds the two carefree girls that a witch will be appearing soon. Kyubey appears and was about to say something, much to Homura’s chagrin. She cuts him off as she asks him how he could dare to contract with Madoka after being told not to. Kyubey says it’s not his fault Madoka approached him with her wish, he just granted it. Madoka apologizes to Homura, but Homura tells her it’s not her fault since she was a victim of a deception. Mabayu asks what he was about to say concerning Nagisa’s favorite food. Kyubey asks Madoka what her wish was. When she repeats it, he informs her that Nagisa has taken on an appropriate form for this to happen, but it’s up to her to make Nagisa’s wish come true. Saddened, Madoka asks if she still has her regrets. Mabayu believes her regret is the world’s greatest cheesecake, although Homura thinks that can’t possibly be it. Madoka points out Nagisa’s personality, which makes her desire for cheesecake seem likely to be her regret. However, the three girls pick up the magic signature of a witch at the same time and decide to shelve the conversation for later. Kyubey is surprised at how a witch’s barrier happen to materialize only a few feet away from where the girls had gathered, almost as if they all knew the future. Homura says nothing, ignoring him and prompting Mabayu and Madoka to follow.

Inside the barrier, Mabayu asks Homura if she wants her to predict the future. Homura nods as some familiars begin to approach the girls. Madoka looks scared and asks if they aren’t also witches. Considering this is Madoka’s first battle as a full-fledge magical girl, Homura doesn’t want to take any chances and, after freezing time, asks Mabayu to go ahead and read the future. Mabayu stares into Homura’s eyes and views the future.

Mabayu doesn’t seem concerned with the prediction and advises Homura it would be for the best if she were to simply fight as hard as she can. Homura asks her what she means by that, but Mabayu thinks it’s better if she doesn’t tell her or else the future will change. Homura trusts her and unfreezes time. She tells Madoka to join her and the two leap into battle, with Homura supervising and advising her. Mabayu watches, astonished at how amazing Madoka is doing. Despite this being her first battle, she’s fighting like a pro. Much better than Mabayu at her current state. Is it possible Madoka’s magic power has grown somewhat? Not to be outdone, Mabayu also leaps into the fray and slices down some of the familiars. Now that the swarms of familiars have been cut down to size, the witch herself has appeared before them. Homura is about to attack, but Madoka stops her. She knows that the witch was once a magical girl like them, so surely she didn’t want to transform into the creature she is now. She begs Homura for a single chance to talk to the witch in the hopes she returns to her original form. Homura doesn’t want to take the risk, but Madoka begs her once more. She finds the fate of hope-filled girls turned into creatures of eternal despair too terrible to stand. Taking advantage of the lapse, the witch lashes out at them. Nagisa appears from out of nowhere and tells Madoka that’s no good. If their wishes didn’t come true, then it’s their responsibility as magical girls to put them out of their misery so they can move on and become happy. Nagisa jumps forward and attacks Elly, effectively destroying her as the barrier dissipates around them.

Once more the girls find themselves in the abandoned building. Nagisa warns Madoka that they shouldn’t sympathize with witches, since a witch is just a witch. If Madoka were to die, then Nagisa would become sad and she doesn’t want to be sad anymore. Madoka apologizes to Nagisa, since she never thought of it in that way anymore. Homura telepathically asks Mabayu if this is the future she saw. Mabayu responds in the affirmative, causing Homura to ask her why this is playing out the way it is. Mabayu explains that Nagisa’s word is more convincing than Homura’s. Homura looks saddened, so Mabayu asks if maybe she’s jealous just because Nagisa was more effective in convincing Madoka than her. Homura gets serious once more and tells her not to be ridiculous. How could she possibly be jealous of some witch?

Back at home, Mabayu ponders the interaction after the witch’s defeat as Nagisa watches the movie on TV. Despite what she may say, Homura has been very conscious of Nagisa since she is the product of Madoka’s wish. But even if she holds a grudge against Nagisa, nothing will come of it. Mabayu asks Nagisa if there’s anything she wants to do. Nagisa misinterprets and calls Mabayu disgusting, but Mabayu clarifies she meant if there were any dreams Nagisa had, or things she’d like to do at least once in her life. Nagisa doesn’t quite understand the question, so she asks if Mabayu has anything like that. Mabayu isn’t so sure herself, although considering she’s a magical girl there must have been some kind of wish she wanted granted. Nagisa replies she doesn’t have any wishes outside of wanting to live a normal life. Mabayu thinks on theses words.

Scene 11 (Kyoko)

Kyoko is in Mami's apartment. She calls out for her but there's no response. There's been no sign of her return since yesterday. Kyoko had heard that things in Mitakihara have been odd and the whole situation gives her a bad vibe. Was it the result of a witch attack? No, Mami was too good to lose to something like that. But if Mami has really been killed...

Day 17

As the teacher takes attendance, Mabayu considers what Nagisa had said. While it’s true an ordinary day may be the happiest, that’s not going to help make Madoka’s wish come true. She then wonders what will happen to Nagisa should she be absolved of her regrets. Would she simply disappear into thin air? As the teacher goes down the list, he calls out Mami’s name but there’s no answer. Mami is absent from school today as well. Mabayu wonders if she was supposed to be off as well, and notes this didn’t happen in any of the previous time loops. Could it be some kind of butterfly effect?

At café Récompense, Madoka, Sayaka, and Hitomi are celebrating Sayaka’s discharge from the hospital. Sayaka knocks back her cup of coffee and gives a satisfied sigh at the taste of something that isn’t hospital food. Mabayu serves the girls some Charlotte. The girls are astounded at what a beautiful looking cake it is, with Sayaka remarking it’s resemblance to a crown. Sakie appears and congratulates Sayaka on her astute observation. According to Sakie, Charlotte is made to look like a woman’s hat. Sayaka thinks it would be a waste to eat something so beautiful, but Sakie is happy so long as Madoka’s friends enjoy it. The three girls decide to dig in to the equally delicious cake. Hitomi’s eyes widen: she recognizes that the biscuits were baked at a temperature higher than a home oven would be capable of, and the apricot puree was strained to a smooth finish. Such a combination makes a fateful marriage of textures in her mouth. Madoka chuckles while Sayaka asks Hitomi if she’s some kind of gourmet. Sakie glows with happiness at the praise and encourages the girls to take their time eating the cake. Mabayu and Homura (in her maid uniform) watch as Madoka enjoys herself. Mabayu is glad Sayaka was able to get out of the hospital finally. Nagisa asks what happened, so Mabayu explains Sayaka had broken a bone and needed surgery to repair it. She’s been discharged for now, but she’ll still need at least another month before she’s completely healed. Madoka approaches them somewhat shyly. At first Homura believes she’s feeling awkward, so she tells her not to worry about helping out since she’s just a customer today. However, Madoka explains her friends want to see her dressed up in her maid uniform. Her friends also requested to see some of Mabayu’s latte art since they heard it was the shop’s specialty. Mabayu makes a worried expression as she promises to do her best. Madoka thanks her then goes to the back to get changed. Nagisa asks what latte art is, and after hearing Mabayu’s explanation, then asks if she can do it as well. Homura tells her she shouldn’t do it since they wouldn’t be able to serve childish scribbles to customers. Nagisa frowns and replies she’s not a child and is rather good at drawing. When Homura doubts her, Nagisa demands Mabayu hand over the coffee and milk. Homura once more tells her she’ll fail if she tries. Mabayu is in a bit of a pinch now, since the two of them are getting more heated as the exchange continues. If they keep this up, she won’t be able to complete the order. That’s when she comes up with an idea.

Madoka comes back out in her maid uniform to find a scowling Homura and equally scowling Nagisa. She sees three cups of coffee with latte art and takes a guess at the drawing. For the first cup, she guesses it’s a frog which causes Homura to frown and look down. For the second cup, she guesses it’s a snail which causes Nagisa to look downcast. And for the final cup, she guesses it’s Amy the cat. Mabayu smiles and tells her only her third guess was correct. Since hers was the only one that passed muster, it seems only her latte art will be served to the customers. Homura and Nagisa both agree with her verdict, although neither looks very happy about it. Mabayu points to the first cup and explains it was Homura’s attempt at a bear. Nagisa asks which part was supposed to be a bear, but Homura defends herself saying it’s her first time so of course she’s not going to be good at it. Nagisa grins and calls it a childish scribble which makes Homura glare. Mabayu then explains the second cup was supposed to be a fox. Homura asks how that’s supposed to look like a fox, so Nagisa tells her children wouldn’t understand art. Homura retorts there’s nothing artistic about it. Madoka warns the two of them not to be fighting like that. Since there’s too many for her to carry alone, she asks Homura with her help in serving the order. Homura relents and goes to help. Mabayu watches and notes how Homura just can’t keep her cool around Nagisa. If this keeps up, will they still be able to exterminate witches?

Scene 12 (Madoka)
Outside the cafe, Hitomi bids her friends goodbye as she prepares to leave first. Madoka says her farewells while Sayaka thanks her once more for celebrating her discharge from the hospital. She turns and thanks Madoka as well. Madoka was more than happy, although she's sorry she was a bit late to the celebration. Now that Hitomi has left, Sayaka asks Madoka if the other girl who served them was a magical girl too. When Madoka nods, Sayaka then asks if she contracted as well? Madoka admits she didn't mean to hide it from her, it's just that she never had a good chance to bring it up. She apologizes to Sayaka, since she had been against it for the longest time. Sayaka tells her it's ok, since it's kind of her fault for making it so difficult to approach her with this kind of news, but she's not against it at all anymore. When she was still at the hospital, she ended up accidentally entering a witch's barrier. At the time, a magical girl she didn't know ended up helping her. But Sayaka didn't have enough time to thank her as she made her escape. She herself didn't have the courage to fight, but she couldn't well have argued with her since she was the one being rescued. But, it's not like Madoka has to fight alone at least. Madoka brightens up. She assures Sayaka she has nothing to worry about with Homura and Mabayu by her side. Well, if that's the case then Mitakihara is in good hands.

Sayaka suddenly remembers the other half to the contract and asks Madoka what she ended up wishing for. Madoka tries to find the right words for a moment, then tells Sayaka she wished to give hope to people who are in despair. Sayaka is taken aback by this, as this makes Madoka sounds like some kind of saint. She thanks her in mock reverence, causing Madoka to tell her to stop teasing. Maybe her broken bone was healed as a blessing by this new benevolent deity?

Anja flies around menacingly as the girls track its movements in the mini-barrier it's created. Homura directs them to start the attack, but not wanting to be outdone Nagisa rushes in first. Madoka tries to get them to cooperate while Mabayu offers use of her future vision, but neither Homura nor Nagisa take any heed. As they both attempt to take down the familiar first, they keep butting heads and arguing with each other as they fight. Despite the arguing, the two were able to successfully coordinate their attacks and take down Anja with ease. The barrier dissipates in record time, but when Nagisa takes the credit for the quick kill Homura instantly begins to takes jabs at her. Madoka tries once more to placate the two while Mabayu considers their options. With how fast they were able to take down that familiar, the 4 of them should have an easier time with Walpurgisnacht.

Her thoughts are broken as a voice questions what they're doing by taking on such "small fry". Kyoko makes her appearance. When Madoka attempts to ask who she is, she's cut off by Kyoko demanding to know the same. This is supposed to be Mami's territory, so what are they doing here? Homura tells her it has nothing to do with them, but Kyoko suspects and accuses them of being murderers. Mabayu can't believe what she's hearing as Homura asks to see proof. Kyoko doesn't have any proof, but even she can see there's too many magical girls in one place. If the herd isn't thinned out they'll all starve together. Madoka says that's no reason they would ever kill Mami. Homura warns Kyoko they'll deal with her themselves if she keeps making strange accusations. Upon hearing her name, Kyoko glares at her and asks if they've met somewhere before but Homura plays it off coolly like always. Kyoko doesn't like her attitude but she'll leave them be for now. She promises to return and get her revenge should she ever find out they were the ones responsible however, then leaves. Madoka asks who that is, having never seen her before. Homura explains Kyoko is a magical girl from a neighboring town and knew Mami because this town had been her territory for a long time. Noting the confused look on her face, Mabayu tells her Mami was a classmate and acquaintance of hers who had been absent from school since yesterday. While Madoka ponders the existence of magical girls outside of their little group, Homura figures Kyoko must be in the city to poach grief seeds, so she urges the group to be efficient in their witch killings. As they're leaving, Mabayu notices Nagisa and how depressed she suddenly seemed.

Day 18

Mabayu announces today's contest theme as "hippopotamus"! Homura thinks through the kanji spelling and it's name in english as she attempts to draw one in the cup of coffee. She has quite a bit of difficulty though, as she tries to remember where it's different features go like the ears or nose. Once she's done, she presents her art to Mabayu, who can't figure out any part of it. She asks if Homura maybe just isn't good at this sort of thing, so Homura gets a little defensive and attributes it to nerves. When Mabayu asks Nagisa what she thinks, Nagisa just stares forward quietly. Mabayu tries to cheer her up by telling her she's sure to be better at this one than Homura, but Nagisa politely tells her she's not interested in drawing then runs away. Madoka is a little worried since Nagisa has been acting different than usual ever since they met Kyoko the other day. Mabayu agrees, describing the way she just sat there quietly all night. She had been hoping a little competition with Homura would get her pumped up again but it didn't seem to have done the trick. Homura also believes she's been behaving oddly. At this point, Madoka notices Homura's attempts at latte art and compliments her on the cute alligator she drew. Homura doesn't correct her as she thanks her then pretends she meant to draw it in super deformed style. Mabayu wonders how anyone could have confused any of that mess for an alligator. Back to the topic on hand, Madoka considers what they can do to cheer up Nagisa and make her happy again. Since this would serve to make Madoka's wish come true as well, they try to brainstorm. Homura suggests they just randomly offer her some cake, but Mabayu retorts such a childish trick won't work on her. That is, until Madoka reminds her Nagisa IS a child. She suggests they hand make a cake rather than buying her one from Récompense. Once she sees all the heart they put into it and tastes how delicious it is she won't be able to stay depressed. Mabayu thinks it's a great idea. Madoka asks if Homura won't join them in making the cake since she believes it woudl mean more if all of them had a hand in making it. Homura tries to wiggle out of the situation by saying she doesn't know the first thing about making cakes, but when Madoka begs her to do it, she just can't say no and relents. Mabayu knows she might seem to hate the idea on the outside, but inside she's probably not that against making a cake with Madoka by her side.

Scene 13 (Sayaka)
Sayaka winces in pain as she stands in the park alone at night. Although she's been discharged from the hospital, her wounds haven't completely healed just yet. It's a good thing she doesn't mind going to the hospital so much. Kyoko approaches her, asking if she's ever seen this person. She hands Sayaka a photograph, and Sayaka immediately recognizes the person in it. She doesn't know her name, but she knows the face. Kyoko informs her the girl's name is Mami Tomoe. She too is a magical girl, and her and Mami go way back. But she's recently disappeared, so Kyoko traced her footsteps and managed to find her at the hospital. She snuck in and checked out the surveillance footage, but the people who entered and left the barrier don't match up. In other words, Mami never exited the barrier after going in. Sayaka's mood grows dark for a moment as she realizes she was probably the last person to have seen her alive. Kyoko stares at her and asks if she's a magical girl too, but Sayaka immediately refutes this. She hasn't signed a contract yet. She doesn't have the kind of courage Madoka has. Upon hearing the name, Kyoko asks if she's contracted with Kyubey yet.

Back at home, Mabayu watches as Nagisa stares quietly at the TV screen. She'd been doing that from the moment they got home and seemed almost like a different person. Baking her a cake was a great idea but now it was starting to look like it might not be enough to cheer her up. She calls Nagisa's name twice before Nagisa takes notice. She asks if maybe she would like to talk, but Nagisa flat out rejects her by saying she doesn't have to. Mabayu deflates and admits a movie about World War III is loads more interesting than talking to someone like her. She continues to silently watch Nagisa before finally having enough. It's bad enough she let yesterday night go to waste by not saying or doing anything so she's not going to let it happen again today. No, today she'll use her secret weapon to get her attention. As Nagisa watches the screen, she soon catches the whiff of something delicious. Mabayu slyly asks if she noticed her adult snack: Cheetara! Cheesy crunchy puffs with a bright orange color and since she doesn't want to pause the movie she'll just have to eat them all by herself over on the side. Nagisa immediately pauses the movie and begins to jump up and down, demanding some Cheetara for herself. Mabayu grins then snakes out a bottle of soda she snuck from the fridge earlier. It's ice cold and perfect for her snack. Nagisa calls her a bad girl, so Mabayu asks if she always wants to just be a good girl. Nagisa fidgets for a bit. She wants to be a good girl, but... Mabayu tells Nagisa to open her mouth, then pops a Cheetara in. Nagisa chews it thoughtfully, then gleefully calls it delicious. Mabayu says it's not her fault that she was seduced by her terrible ways. She pours them both some soda and Nagisa gulps some down happily. They're going to have a carefree little party all their own and forget their daily frustrations. She has Nagisa eat more of the cheesy snack and even offers her some four-cheese potatoes as well. There's no way she can resist such a feast!

Having stuffed themselves full of cheesy goodness, the two breath a long satisfied sigh. All that food has left Nagisa feeling sleepy. Mabayu tries to warn her not to sleep so soon after eating so much, otherwise she'll turn into a cow. Nagisa doesn't think this is so bad, since cheese is made from cow's milk then begins to drift off. Worried she overdid it with the food, Mabayu keeps her awake by asking why she's been so low on energy lately. Nagisa answers there's no particular reason, although she has been having nightmares at night. She asks if Mabayu has ever had a scary dream she knew was something that really happened. Could such a thing ever be changed? It reminds Mabayu of her mother, who was famous as a fortune teller whose predictions were very accurate. This would explain Mabayu's ability to see the future in someone's eyes, an ability that's just like her mother's. Did this mean her wish had something to do with fortune telling? She happily thanks Nagisa for the next clue in her hunt to uncover her wish, but Nagisa has long since fallen asleep at last. Mabayu had wanted to listen to Nagisa talk more, but this will have to do for now. She turns off the lights and hopes tonight at least she has some sweet dreams.

Day 20

Mabayu, Madoka, and Homura have arrived at the café. They thank her for allowing them use of the kitchen, but Sakie doesn't mind at all since there aren't too many orders today. That, and she'll be busy working on the world's greatest cheesecake since Nagisa seems to be feeling down lately. Hopefully the cakes she and the girls make for her will cheer her up. They get dressed in their maid uniforms and get ready to work. Despite how absent-minded Sakie may seem, she's pretty sharp and observant and has taken notice of Nagisa's moods. Madoka is starting to get worried and hopes their cake is enough to lift her mood, but surprisingly Homura tells them not to worry. If Nagisa really wanted to lift herself out of her despair, there's no way she'd allow her to ignore their help. The girls resolve to do their best and start on the recipe.

Immediately there's trouble as Mabayu has no idea what sifting flour means. Madoka shows her how to sift the flour so no lumps remain, resulting in a softer and more uniform cake sponge. Next they need to mix eggs, granulated sugar and honey, then cook it in hot water. Homura offers to step in and brings out an industrial-sized mixer. In her mind, the bigger the better and she assures Madoka she knows what she's doing. She gets to mixing but the mixer quickly goes out of control and makes a mess. For the next step, they add the flour to the dough and mix it in, then add unsalted butter. Homura promises she won't make the same mistake twice and brings out a smaller hand mixer. She mixes the batter properly then prepares to pour it into the mold. Madoka warns her to be gentle so as not to collapse the air bubbles in the batter. She asks if she can take over and shows her how to gently scrape the batter out with a spatula, taking care to move the batter as few times as possible. She then drops the batter-filled mold a few times on the counter to get rid of the bigger air bubbles and the cake is now ready for the oven. Mabayu pops it in as they hope for a light, fluffy sponge cake. Meanwhile, they get the toppings ready. Mabayu has Madoka chop up strawberries while Homura mixes the sugar with fresh cream and whips it. This leaves Mabayu with the important task of creating a chocolate plate for the cake to sit on. Madoka tells her it should be easy thanks to her latte art skills, but chocolate is a very different skill set. Homura offers to do that instead, but Madoka insists she work on the fresh cream so Homura acquiesces. Mabayu ponders what to draw on the chocolate and tries to think of something Nagisa would like. At first she considers a cheesecake, but a drawing of a cheesecake on a layer cake is just silly. Madoka offers to help come up with something while Homura tells her it doesn't matter since it's all going to get eaten anyways. This only cements her one-minded obsession with Madoka as far as Mabayu is concerned. That's when she gets a great idea and calls for Sakie, asking if they have any white chocolate left.

It's time for the final stage as they assemble the cake. Homura slices the sponge cake into slices while Madoka puts a layer of strawberries and cream. They repeat the process to make the base then cover the whole thing with cream. Homura puts some decorative whip cream swirls while Madoka covers the top with even more strawberries. Finally, Mabayu places the chocolate plate on top and it's done! Madoka thinks it looks amazing while Homura asks if she can put a knife to the cake right already since the face on the chocolate plate really gets under her skin. Mabayu begs her to be a patient for just a little longer. Madoka praises Mabayu's art skills and says her drawing looks just like Kyubey! Now all they have to do is wait for Nagisa to arrive.

They don't have to wait long before the bell on the door rings and Nagisa enters the café, looking as depressed as ever. Homura suggests they cut the cake as soon as possible to get her smile back (but mostly she just wants to hurry and cut up the chocolate Kyubey drawing). She approaches Nagisa and explains Madoka had made a cake for her with all her heart and wants to eat it with her. But Nagisa says she doesn't need it. Madoka tries her best to encourage her, showing off the cake and saying it would be better for all them to eat it while it's fresh so there's no leftover, but once more Nagisa says she doesn't need a cake. She says Sakie already makes delicious cakes so she has no need for Madoka's cake. Homura has had enough. She slices the cake (and chocolate Kyubey) cleanly in half then leaves immediately with Madoka following after her. Mabayu asks Nagisa what happened, and reminds her people will get angry with her if she keeps it up, but Nagisa replies she's a bad girl who only does bad things after all. Mabayu thinks they'll have to do something serious about Nagisa, but for now she suggests to Nagisa to apologize sooner rather than later so she can stop being bad. She nudges Nagisa outside and calls out to Homura. Homura is talking with Madoka, telling her she's had enough. Madoka reminds her Nagisa is just a little kid, but Homura angrily retorts she's not a child but a witch. Almost immediately she notices Nagisa has approached them and clearly overheard what she just said. Nagisa asks if she really is a witch, just like in her dreams. She cries out not to go near her then runs away crying as Madoka calls out to her. The three girls chase after Nagisa.

They look through the city calling out Nagisa's name, but it seems they've lost track of her. Homura apologizes, saying it's her fault Nagisa ran off because of what she said. Madoka tries to tell her it's not her fault while Mabayu points out that Nagisa has been having nightmares. Maybe they're memories from when she was a witch? Homura suggests they split up and continue to look for her.

At the park, Mabayu calls out Nagisa's name, offering her a bag of her favorite Cheetara as she does so. But to no one's surprise, Nagisa doesn't appear. How is she going to cheer her up about the fact she was a witch? Homura calls her telepathically, asking if Nagisa has been found yet. But neither her nor Madoka have seen her anywhere. Homura suggests they try a different direction.

Near the overpass, Mabayu calls out Nagisa's name until she suddenly hears a very familiar sound. She looks around and finally spots Nagisa but she's not alone. Mabayu rushes over and leaps in, just in time to cover an attack aimed at her from Kyoko. Kyoko recognizes her as the same girl from the other day. Kyoko points her spear at Mabayu next, then asks if she's in league with "that witch" or simply being fooled by her. Mabayu feigns ignorance and says there's no witch here but Kyoko isn't so easily fooled. She knows there was a witch at the hospital where Mami was last seen. If they had truly defeated it, they should have it's grief seed as proof. When Mabayu doesn't respond, Kyoko warns her not to make this harder than it has to be. She even went to the trouble of checking the security footage. The only people that were there were Homura, Madoka, Mabayu, and Mami. Mabayu is surprised to hear Mami was there, but Kyoko assures her a girl named Sayaka had gotten lost in the barrier only for Mami to show her the way out. Mabayu recalls the sound they heard when they were looking for Madoka before they ignored it and went for the witch instead. It had sounded like someone fighting the witch. With a dark look in her eyes, Nagisa says she's the one that ate her up. She had always assumed it was just part of the dream, but it turned out to be true. Nagisa isn't a good girl at all, but a very bad girl and a witch as well. Mabayu attempts to say something, but Kyoko cuts her off. She knows she's about to tell her "it's not true" or "it was just a dream" but from where Kyoko is standing the truth is very obvious: Nagisa killed her old friend Mami. She may not owe Mami any favors, but killing witches is the duty of all magical girls and she's prepared to take her life. She strikes at Nagisa, who cries out in pain begging her to stop. Kyoko doesn't know what kind of magic the witch used or is using, but she killed Mami and now she's trying to imitate humans. She strikes at Nagisa again, but this time Mabayu (fully transformed) steps in and blocks the attack. It's true Nagisa was a witch before, but now she's their precious companion. She pushes away Kyoko's spear, causing her to laugh derisively and accusing Mabayu of being seduced by the witch. Mabayu insists once more Nagisa isn't a witch, but is quickly and easily knocked to one side by Kyoko. This territory is too good for a weak, half-baked magical girl like Mabayu so maybe Kyoko will have to take this territory for her own. Nagisa promises to never forgive her. Since she's actually bad girl and an evil witch, then she can jsut destroy anything she doesn't like. She attacks Kyoko and manages to land the blow. She warns Kyoko not to underestimate her as a magical girl as she continues her barrage of assaults. Since she's just a witch, then she doesn't have to show mercy as she continues to attack Kyoko, who cries out in pain. Mabayu tries to call out to her to stop but Nagisa doesn't listen. If she really wants to, even she can defeat magical girls.

Mabayu looks down in shock at the still body of a no longer transformed Kyoko. Somehow, Nagisa had managed to shatter her soul gem, killing her in the process. As Nagisa breathes heavily, Mabayu thanks her since she knows she only did it to save her. But Nagisa only yells at her, half crying as she tells her to stay away and not come near her anymore because she's just an evil, evil witch. With that she runs away once more. Just then, Homura and Madoka manage to catch up to her. Homura recognizes the body laying on the ground. Mabayu explains she's already dead and it was Nagisa that did it. Kyoko had kept coming at her and accusing her of being a witch, whereas Nagisa was convinced that the dream she kept having was real and she was the cause of Mami's death. Madoka asks if she knows where Nagisa went, but Nagisa had warned her not to come near her. Madoka's eyes well up with tears as she says this is all her fault. Wanting to save someone was just her own selfishness, and all it did was cause Nagisa to suffer more. All of this was her fault for making that wish. Mabayu telepathically asks Homura if she's going to rewind time on this time loop since there's no way to change Mami's fate now no matter how hard they try. There's no way there can be a happy ending after this. Instead, Homura turns to Madoka and admits she was wrong, then suggests they try to save Nagisa from her suffering.

Day 21

Mabayu and Homura welcome a customer to the café. As they seat the customer, Mabayu mentions she never thought Homura was going to say that. She could have swore Homura was going to give her farewell speech and reset time already. Homura reminds her Mabayu was the one that told her not to become too insensitive to partings. Even if they reset time, there's no guarantee this time loop won't just keep going. So even if it's too late to save Madoka from her fate as a magical girl, the least she can do is make her happy. Mabayu says she's sorry for suggesting something so stupid, but Homura believes if she has time to apologize then she has time to help. The important thing is they don't know where Nagisa can be. Homura wants to find her as soon as possible, but the two are interrupted by Sakie. She calls Mabayu over to one side for a minute, then asks if she's heard from Nagisa yet. Sakie is getting concerned and worries she may have been kidnapped. Mabayu assures her there's no way that's happened (although inwardly it's because she knows no one would be able to physically kidnap a magical girl like Nagisa, but an adult wouldn't understand something like that). If that's the case, Sakie wonders if maybe she's run away from home which would explain why she's been so depressed lately. If Mabayu needs help with Nagisa, Sakie wants to be told right away. She'll always be Mabayu's help. Mabayu smiles and tells her not to worry. She promises she'll never disappoint her expectations. Sakie smiles warmly, so Mabayu asks if she's making progress on her world's greatest cheesecake. Sakie tells her she really is, and the cheese she ordered from Poland should be arriving tonight so it should be ready the day after tomorrow. Mabayu is pleased and tells her to do her best so they can all enjoy it together. This causes Sakie to smile wistully at her and tell her she's really grown. When she first arrived at Sakie's house, she had a completely different personality. Mabayu admits it was in part due to the fact her mother had just died, but it does no good to stay depressed forever. Sakie agrees, and says sometimes it's best to forget.

Scene 14 (Homura)
Homura stands alone on the city bridge at night. During the last loop, a familiar had appeared around this area at about this time. Both Madoka and Mabayu have gone to look for Nagisa, so she'll be on her own. Right on cue, the entrance to a witch's barrier appears. However, just as quickly as it appeared it vanished, and Nagisa appears on the scene breathing heavily. Homura asks what she's doing here, but Nagisa yells at her that it doesn't matter. She's not going to listen to a thing she has to say because she's a bad girl! With that, Nagisa turns and bolts away. Homura calls out to her, but to no avail. She must have been fighting the witch all by herself.

Day 22

Little Mabayu asks her mom if it's true she can see into the future. Her mom says yes, it's true. It's an ability God gave her and she can use it when things go well. Thanks to her ability, she's able to help people however if she lost it, she'd probably be in trouble. Mabayu thinks it's amazing and asks what would happen if she were to change the future, but her mom shakes her head. The future won't change no matter how hard they might try, although she doesn't know why. Perhaps their fates are decided from the beginning. Since her mom tells fortunes, little Mabayu asks what she would do if she saw a bad future and couldn't change it. Wouldn't the knowledge of such a thing just make her feel bad? Mabayu's mom tells her that's right, so when that happens she keeps it inside her heart. She only shares the good things, which makes both her and the receiver happy. If that's the case, doesn't it hurt her to be full of unhappiness and no one to talk to about it? Mabayu's mom explains that being in charge of someone's future is a very painful and responsible thing to do, so she admits it can be hard at times. But she's proud of the work she does as well. Her ability to see the future is her life and she's grateful Mabayu is worried about her. She's happy to have such a kind daughter. As Mabayu's mother looks into her eyes, she suddenly grows worried and scared. Mabayu asks her what's wrong but her mom only screams at her to not come near. She saw it, she saw the future! Mabayu awakens from her dream with a distressed look. That was no dream, but long-buried memories of her mother.

Later that evening, Mabayu meets up with Homura and Madoka at the abandoned factory. Homura is certain Nagisa will appear here because she's been fighting witches alone all this time and a witch is supposed to appear here at this hour. Mabayu recalls the previous time loops and asks if it's the same witch Sayaka had fought despite being covered in scars. When Homura answers in the affirmative, Madoka asks what happened to Sayaka. Mabayu hurriedly tells her it's nothing. Although they've disclosed their ability to manipulate time to Madoka, they hadn't told her the part about Sayaka becoming a witch in the previous timeline. Even if she were to tell her, it wouldn't' do any good. Better to keep it "inside her heart" for now. But first Homura has something she needs to talk about first. She doesn't know what mechanism gives Nagisa her vitality, but if she's anything like them and is also drained by the use of magic, she must be getting close to her limit which means she may turn back into a witch. They'll have to avoid that outcome at all costs. She turns to Mabayu and asks her to look into her future. Mabayu nods, but inside she's worried. If the future she sees is bad, will they be able to change their fate? Mabayu shakes off her doubts and resolves to do her best as she looks into Homura's eyes.

She nods as she takes a moment to process what she saw. She turns and tells Homura and Madoka to both share their current feelings with all of their might. They nod and Homura thanks her. Inwardly, Mabayu apologizes to the two of them but she had no other choice.

Inside the barrier, Nagisa cautiously approaches Elsa Maria. She asks if the witch is coming, then explains she too is an evil, evil witch. When Elsa Maria attempts to defend itself, Nagisa strikes back. She explains that although she is a witch, she is going to kill other witches because she's a bad girl and bad girls only do things they shouldn't do. Like fighting other magical girls despite being a magical girl. Nagisa keeps attacking Elsa Maria as she yells out her explanation. Even though she loves it, she pretends to hate it. The witch retaliates and attacks Nagisa, causing Nagisa to cry out. Madoka quickly hurries to Nagisa's side while Homura cautions her to stay back since she must be at her limit. At first Nagisa is surprised to see them, but she soon shakes her head and tells her she won't listen to anyone anymore because she's a bad girl. And because she's a witch, she can't be happy from the beginning. Madoka tells her she's wrong. She is a good girl and she's been collecting grief seeds for them to use, not for herself. But there's no point in that if they lose Nagisa in the process. Nagisa calls Madoka gullible, and accuses her of always interpreting things in a way that suits her. One of these days Madoka is going to get fooled for being such a good girl. Homura telsl her she's right, Madoka is a good girl. Despite the number of times she's been betrayed or suffered, Madoka still believes in Nagisa and wants her to be happy. Nagisa claims she'll never be happy. Homura replies that she never had the kindness Madoka does, so she could never face her straight like Madoka does. She was just afraid of getting close because she knew that one day she would lose her. When Nagisa tells her she's right so it's better if they stay away from her, Homura tells her she's wrong about that. She was just afraid to love what she would one day lose. But there are some things she loves simply for the fact that she would eventually lose them. Nagisa is the hope created by Madoka's wish, so there's no way she can abandon it. Homura is sorry she was ever rude to Nagisa, and tells her she's an important person to the both of them. So she wants her to be her friend.

Nagisa can't believe what she's hearing. She's such a bad girl, so why is everyone being nice to her? Nagisa will never be happy. As they talk, the witch takes advantage of the distraction and attacks at Nagisa once more. Mdoka shoots the witch with her arrow, driving it back. She knows Nagisa can be happy again because that is the miracle of magical girls. Homura shoots at the witch with her gun, and agrees with Madoka. Nagisa came to this world to be happy, so both Madoka and Homura want her to come back with them so they can eat the world's greatest cheesecake together. She thanks the two girls just as they finish killing off the witch and the barrier dissipates.

Back in the abandoned factory, Nagisa falls to the ground in pain. Madoka urges her to hurry and use a grief seed before she turns back into the witch she was, but Nagisa warns them not to come near her. Although she's glad everyone's being nice to her, the nicer they are the harder it is for Nagisa because she's actually a witch who killed Mami and Kyoko. Even if everyone is kind to her, and she tries to be a good girl, her heart is only filled with more pain. She can see how quickly her heart becomes clouded, so if they really are her friends then they'll put an end to her and send Nagisa the murderer to heaven. Both Homura and Madoka are heartbroken to hear this plea, but Mabayu calmly steps forward. She looks into Nagisa's memories and, like frames from a reel of film, sees the moment when Charlotte transformed into its second stage and killed Mami. She also sees the moment when she attacked Kyoko with all her might and shattered her soul gem. She bids goodbye to the evil Nagisa that killed Mami and Kyoko and snips the film.

Day 23

The alarm rings as a sleepy Mabayu wakes up. She wonders if it was all a dream but a happy Nagisa assures her it wasn't. She pulls off the kotatsu blanket from Mabayu, causing her to wake up from the shivering. Nagisa tells her to hurry, because today's the day she's been waiting for.

Nagisa happily munches on the world's greatest cheesecake alongside all her friends. Sakie asks her how she likes it, but Nagisa can only make happy murmuring sounds as she attempts to chew big mouthfuls of the cheesecake. She's happy to hear she likes it and encourages everyone to dig in to her pride and joy. Homura takes a bite and her eyes widen. She's never had something so delicious. Madoka compares it to cheese melting on the tongue while Mabayu says it's like her brain is turning into cheese and melting. Nagisa calls it the absolutely, positively best cheesecake in the entire world! As Sakie giggles appreciatively, Homura can't seem to get her fork to stop shoveling cheesecake into her mouth. Madoka agrees, and feels like she could keep eating this forever. Mabayu asks if Sakie didn't put something dangerous in the cake to make it so delicious, causing Sakie to get a glint in her eye. She's surprised they noticed, as there are many ways to make food delicious but there are three universally agreed upon components: sugar, salt, and fat. Individually each of those is dangerous which is why they're found in all junk food nowadays, but cheesecake is a combination of those three things together. She poured her heart and soul into harmonizing those three elements and balancing them into a pure harmony that gives your brain blissful pleasure. In other words, the world's greatest cheesecake. Nagisa calls Sakie the world's greatest pastry chef, much to Sakie's delight. Mabayu worries they created a monster dessert when they encouraged Sakie to make it, but both Madoka and Homura point out how happy it made Nagisa. Nagisa asks for a second cheesecake, to which Sakie happily complies. At first Madoka was worried they were doing the right thing, but seeing how happy she is now she knows it was. Telepathically, Mabayu apologizes for not telling them sooner, but she worried if they knew what the strategy was they might have hesitated to persuade her. Manipulating memories isn't a laudable ability as far as she's concerned. Homura asks her if it was really necessary to push her so hard if she was just going to erase her memories anyways. Mabayu explains that's what made it so difficult, since it's more like cutting a film than erasing a memory. In order to cut the film of memory, the film has to be playing. So in order to cut out Nagisa's bad memories, Nagisa had to remember the bad stuff. Homura then asks when she realized the full extent of her magic ability. Mabayu explains she saw herself using magic from Homura's field of vision and it was then she remembered she could use that kind of magic. Madoka asks her a question: if Mabayu remembered her magic when she saw herself using the magic, then who reminded her first and what could have caused it? Mabayu isn't sure, but she did have one clue prior to this. She informs them her mother used to be a fortune teller and had the power to predict the future, much like her own ability. And just like Mabayu's ability, neither she nor her mother can change the future once predicted. However, one day her mother predicted she would die soon from an illness and ever since that day she became a completely different person.

Mabayu recalls the way her mother reacted after looking into Mabayu's eyes. She was a nervous wreck, distraught as she lamented her impending death and a fate that can never change. She couldn't understand why anyone would bother being nice to her, so she would angrily tell them she didn't want to see their faces anymore and to leave her alone. Day after day, she feared the end of her life was drawing near and so she started to attack Mabayu and Sakie. Mabayu couldn't bear the fact her once kind mother had changed. When she finally passed, it seemed she was completely at peace and like her own kind mother had returned, no longer afraid of her own death. For some reason, Mabayu can't remember but it's possible she made her contract around this time. Homura deduces that Mabayu must have wished to erase the memory of her mother's future vision and now that ability has reflected within Mabayu. Madoka feels like erasing a memory and forgetting the pain must be lonely. As Nagisa gives a satisfied sigh and says how happy she is to be alive, Homura motions to her. Although she agrees with Madoka's sentiment, Homura feels there's nothing that can replace Nagisa's happy smile. Madoka agrees and the three of them look on happily at Nagisa. Nagisa notices them watching her and asks if they aren't going to finish eating their cheesecake. Mabayu asks her if she isn't going to just disappear on them, but when Nagisa gives them a confused look, Homura smiles and brushes it off by telling her it was all in their heads. Nagisa doesn't get it, but she does know they better hurry if they want to get to work on time. They have to defeat a bunch of witches so their magic can become much stronger and then she's going to help them defeat Walpurgisnacht! The three girls smile once more, telling Nagisa they're counting on her as they all give a big cheer to defeating Walpurgisnacht!

Day 32

Mabayu and Homura stand in Homura's pendulum room. In the end, it seems only the four of them were able to make it this far, although Mabayu credits Homura for that. In the end, they weren't able to make Nagisa's wish come true. She worries her wish will remain unfulfilled even if they were to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Mabayu isn't worried however, since Nagisa is the result of Madoka's wish so there's no way she will go unreciprocated. Homura asks Mabayu to look into her future once more.

Madoka stands during the battle with Walpurgisnacht. Now is their last chance as Madoka encourages them to join forces as they give it everything they've got. Despite the barrage of bullets, bombs, arrows, bubbles, and scissor cuts Walpurgisnacht remains undefeated. She strikes back at the magical girls, knocking them away easily as they cry out in pain. It's the same scenario she saw in her vision of the future. They're unable to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Nagisa shakes her head. She's determined to do whatever she can to be of use to Madoka and the others, but Mabayu tells her it's ok. They're just glad she was with them. Homura agrees, and tells her the memories they have of living with her are treasures to them. Madoka thanks her as well. Nagisa asks if this is really ok, even if they can't defeat Walpurgisnacht. Is it really ok if she's unable to help everyone? Madoka assures her it is, because in the end Nagisa is Nagisa. Mabayu realizes the regret Nagisa had was her disappointment in herself. She believed no one would ever forgive her, so she tried to prove her worth by defeating witches. Having finally accepted herself for who she is, Nagisa smiles as she thanks Mabayu, Madoka and Homura then says goodbye. The three girls bid goodbye to Nagisa, who proceeds to disappear in a flash of pink light. Her curse had been lifted thanks to Madoka's wish.

As they silently weep for their friend, Madoka thanks Homura for being there with her until the end, but she's good here. She turns to Mabayu and asks her to take good care of Homura, and Mabayu promises she will. Madoka promises Homura she won't be stained by despair because she was able to fulfill Nagisa's wish in the end. Even though she wasn't able to do anything, she had a purpose in this world. Mabayu reminds Homura it's almost time, so Madoka thanks Homura once more as Homura bids her goodbye, then resets time.

Key Points

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  • Day 1: It turns out that, even if I die, I can come back through Homura's time travel.
  • Day 15: Nagisa is born as per Madoka's wish and lives in Récompense.
  • Day 18: I saw my mother, a fortune teller, in my dream.
  • Day 23: I save Nagisa's heart with the power to cut out memories.


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